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Mini DeLites: Beauty Junkie Week

Updated: March 21, 2017


{ Caboodles life }


{ favorite chapsticks because they’re pink tinted }

Switching it up over here & for one straight week, all day, everyday we are going to do #beautyjunkieweek. Make sure you’re following along on Snapchat ( BEAUTY GIVEAWAYS ) AND Instagram ( going to do INSTA LIVE + mini Insta blog entries ). All the content will be beauty, beauty, beauty…& nothing is sponsored. Of course I’ll go in-depth! After some intense Twitter polls, I saw that you guys want a lot of beauty content. SO I want to make sure I answer any & all your questions. Obviously I need more than a week but I’m kind of loving a themed week here?

Ok so on another note: what is new?

Nothing much here. On Friday I had dinner with a friend ( chopped salads & rosé ) and then on Saturday we woke up, worked out on the beach, ate brunch, podcasted, & then celebrated my brother, Myles’ birthday with chips, salsa, margaritas, etc. Yesterday was spent off social media, in bed, reading, & watching Hand of God ( a new show on Amazon that’s just insannnnnnne ). Pretty mellow weekend.

What else? Oh, Michael & I did 15 days sober so the rosé on Friday was festive. We cut out red meat, dairy, & coffee so we’ve been feeling GREAT. It actually was surprisingly easy. Dairy really slows me down, man. Anyone else? Also I have been stepping my workouts up a lot. You know, you go through phases I feel like. Anyway, I feel much stronger thanks to the right vitamin medley ( post? ).

Just trying to be super healthy over here…as I stuff my face with a green banana chocolate chip muffin. LOL, it’s a healthy one from the new TSC Meal Plan at least !!! And it’s dairy-free, sugar-free ( sweetened with organic maple syrup ! ), & gluten-free ( oat flour ). I am addicted. Michael ate ten so he is too- HA.



Ok let’s get to the beauty details here.

As you know I kicked off #beautyjunkieweek with my make-up organization tips ( helllllo men’s shoe boxes ), so today since it’s ‘Mini DeLites’ I’m just showing you a couple of products I liked this month.

The standout star here is DEFINITELY the sparkly It Cosmetics brush set– I’ve been testing them out & I LOVE. I just love It Cosmetics always- they get it right. The set has: a powder brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, liner/brow brush, & comes in this cute shimmering case that holds each brush securely. It’s very efficient.

{ BYE BYE Under Eye, Great Lash, FROWNIES, perfume roller }

ANOTHER HIGHLIGHT: disposable eyebrow/mascara brushes. If you don’t own some- get on board. Here’s the thing…they make SUCH a difference for the brows. It’s an odd obsession, I know. But trust me- when you fill in your brows NOTHING is better than a few brushes up with a disposable brush. I bought a 100 pack & I use them all the time, everyday, after a brow tint or after I fill in my brows. They make the brows look natural. Plus I’m a huge fan of brushing upward because it lifts the face…AKA instant facelift.

Do yourself a favor & keep one in every purse you own. Also feel free to brush your BF’s eyebrows too. In fact, I encourage it. Downward hairs bring the face down!

The hot pink brush is fun too.


{ brush up! }

And can we get nostalgic & talk about Caboodles? Remember a million years ago when I filmed a video on WHAT’S IN MY CABOODLE? I love a Caboodle. It really brings me back to the Saved By The Bell, Lisa Frank, Trapper Keeper days. Right though?! I found this vintage one on eBay.

Ok with that: what kind of posts do YOU want to see this week? Hit me with everything & anything beauty related. Off to read…& eat another muffin.

lauryn x

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast episode because it’s all about E-MAIL ETIQUETTE. Which is VERY MUCH a thing, right?


{ going to try Lancôme’s latest colors for you guys }


{ some recommendations ^^^ }


FINANCIAL WORKSHEET 5b | by the skinny confidential


Updated: March 19, 2017

FINANCIAL WORKSHEET 5c | by the skinny confidentialFINANCIAL WORKSHEET 3 | by the skinny confidential

I feel like we haven’t talked about finances a lot.

Which is weird because we’ve talked about everything else.


But really managing finances.

You gotta take charge of it you know.

To be honest here I’ve had to work really, really hard at this.

When I first had a little success I overspent.

I mean, never in my life had I had a credit card.

Crazyyyyy but true.

Once I got that credit card, I was using it like a gift card- HORRIFIC.

FINANCIAL WORKSHEET 4b | by the skinny confidential

I was buying the most random, useless shit.

IT TOOK ME A LOT OF ups & downs to really learn how to use a credit card. In fact, I’m still learning.

So ya, I’m not the best with numbers- it’s just not my thing. BUT 2016 was all about recognizing the importance of really sitting down & looking at spending. “Looking” sounds easy…but it’s also overwhelming. Now I sit down each month & go through every little charge even if it’s a $3 dollar latte.

Point: I want to have a handle on my finances.

Not only do I want to, I need to run a successful business.

FINANCIAL WORKSHEET 9 | by the skinny confidential FINANCIAL WORKSHEET 8 | by the skinny confidential

Michael is real into numbers ( THANK GOD ). So I figured I’d share some of his tips that have really helped my relationship with money.

A couple of money tips for ya:

Set 10% of your income aside for savings & put it in a savings account that you don’t EVEN LOOK AT. I do this every month- it comes right out of my salary & goes right into a savings account. No sweat- because I act like I never had the amount to begin with. Over the past two years this saving nugget is growing slowly & steady…and something I’m really proud of.

Invest in yourself instead of material things. This means invest in bettering yourself. Invest in books, courses, experiences, healthy foods, a gym. Material things are fleeting. Of course moderation is key here- sometimes you gift yourself a nude handbag……..shhh don’t tell Michael.

Live below your means. If you have a business take some of that money & put it into building your business. This is huge for me. I invest most of my money back into The Skinny Confidential. When I was a broke-ass ( like BROKE-ASS ) bartender I invested all my tips into my business- every single day. I remember literally waking up every morning & going to the bank to deposit my cash tips into The Skinny Confidential INC. If you don’t have a business, invest in yourself to put yourself in the best position for success.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Also, sometimes women feel they have to buy material things for status- I get it, I’ve been there.

Listen I like nice things but I limit myself A LOT. Especially lately- I’d much rather have financial security & a thriving business, than a $900 pair of shoes that get dirty after two wears.

Pretty much, I do my BEST to manage my money in the most efficient way possible.
Sixty percent of women say they feel empowered when they are comfortable with their financial situation according to Northwestern Mutual.

They have this ‘Financial Fitness Worksheet’ that I highly recommend. Basically it’s a simple interactive worksheet so money/finances/budgeting doesn’t seem so…HORRIFIC. All you do is take a quiz & score yourself based on the answer. AND THEN VOILA: the tips on the second page will give you key takeaways to set financial goals.

FINANCIAL WORKSHEET 1 | by the skinny confidentialFINANCIAL WORKSHEET 7b | by the skinny confidential

Honestly I LOVED what my key takeaways were so much I taped them ( in pink Washi tape ) to my whiteboard. ( & ya, I have a whiteboard and if you’re wondering, it’s amazing for to-do lists ). My score was a 6 which says I’m “on the right path to being ‘Financially Fit.’” A couple things I need to research more? Retirement funds & life insurance. These are two things I mayyyyy need some guidance with. Good to know on my end. Especially since women on average are known to live longer than men…gotta set up that retirement plan! My main goal out of the worksheet though? To write-up a financial plan. I want to create a strategic financial future FOR SURE.

Anyway, you can check out the ‘Financial Fitness Worksheet’ here to help set your own financial goals.

You work on your abs, you work on your career, you work on your relationships…why not work on your finances too? Kind of a win/win.

If you like this post, LMK & I’ll have Michael come do a post takeover on finances?

Happy weekend guys- don’t online shop too much ; ).

X lauryn

+ this post is in collaboration with Northwestern Mutual. As always all opinions are my own.

++ more business posts | another finance post

{ photos }

SHOP IT: mesh top | fake glasses ( LOL ) | bra | jeans | notebook | cell case | pinky ring

FINANCIAL WORKSHEET 13 | by the skinny confidential




Updated: March 18, 2017

TECH-NECK-by-the-skinny-confidential-4c TECH NECK | by the skinny confidential 7

Oh me, oh my. If you’re like me you have a little something called TECH NECK.

Never heard of it? Well, it’s real. And the struggle is REAL, real.

So many women forget that the first place we age is the neck. And guess what? The cell phone sitch is REALLY not helping. I mean it’s making it so much worse than it has to be, you know? Now instead of being hunched over the computer like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, we’re crouched over our cell phones. All of us.

Like SELF Magazine says, “carpal tunnel is SO five years ago.”

So ya, now TECH NECK is everywhere.

What exactly is it?

According to Florida chiropractor Dean L. Fishman, D.C.: “it’s an overuse syndrome or a repetitive stress injury, where you have your head hung forward and down looking at your mobile device for extended periods of time,” he explains. “Don’t get me wrong: I love technology, but this is a global epidemic not just from texting, but from using all sorts of wireless media.”

Well, UGH. Another day, another discovery.

Sometimes TECH NECK will give headaches, shoulder/neck pain, & increased curvature in the spine.

But good news: I feel like I’m ahead of the curve here. Only because I am CONSTANTLY on my phone for work though. I noticed little lines on my neck a while ago & recognized the importance of fixing this QUICKLY.

TECH NECK | by the skinny confidential 8

Here are 3 easy tips anyone & everyone can do. Ready? K:

1.) Exercises. That’s right. I’ve actually been talking about neck exercises since 2012…remember this post on “how to get rid of your turkey hanger?” We talked about how important it is to stretch your neck.

The best one in my opinion is BABY COBRA. Try it now, you can do it anywhere:

1. Begin by lying face down on the floor with your legs extended behind you. Keep your legs down and position your hands directly under your shoulders.

2. Keep your chin tucked, looking down on the floor, then slowly take your hands off the ground and squeeze your shoulder blades together.

3. Lower your upper body while staying in that position, then raise up and contract your glutes. Do this motion 10 times.

I’ve been so into yoga lately & I feel like it’s REALLY helping with my tech neck. Yoga has opened me up ( literally & figuratively ). Seriously I cannot say enough good things about the practice. I like non-heated yoga because I find a heated room VERY distracting. Yoga flow is more my style. Recently I’ve noticed my posture improving from taking my bi-weekly yoga class.

If you can, I love a good chiropractor too. He’s constantly stretching my back & it relieves a lot of neck pain. My chiropractor loves giving me at-home exercises to open up and prevent that hunched over look.

2.) Tip two is one I discovered recently. As you guys know I try a lot, a lot of products. Constantly the human guinea pig because I’m on the hunt to discover the best of best. This new skincare brand, NIA, sent me some of their products to try. First off, I immediately liked their branding…why? Well NIA stands for NOT INTO AGING. Yes plz.

Secondly the product is created for millennials, by millennials for millennial skin. ANOTHER YES PLZ.

The goal of the brand is focus on situational issues…AKA tech neck.

TECH NECK | by the skinny confidential 5

They get it. Our lifestyle involves the phone. So instead of telling us to get off the phone, they have a little solution: TECH NECK LINE SMOOTHER.

This is a perfect serum ( I love a serum ) packaged in an on-the-go massage roller ( I also love a roller ). Basically you just roll it on your neck to firm & smooth the skin. It helps get rid of those pesky tech neck lines we’re all trying to avoid.

For the record I also tried their serum for the face & really liked it too. It was great for hydration & to smooth lines. Another fave ( if you’re on the market for a new mask ) was their whipped clay peel-off mask. Very into it because it’s a FOAM mask. It comes out of the bottle as this mousse ( like hair mousse consistency ) & you rub it on your face to draw dirt out of the skin. Here’s what I did the other day: I put the mask all over my face AND NECK & then after I washed it off, I used the tech neck serum. Using a mask on your neck is normal right? If not, I’m on a mission to make it cool.

Don’t forget about your neck!

You can find all these products at Ulta Beauty…be careful though there are SO many good finds at Ulta you may…hate me?

3.) Lastly, you know what I’m going to say here: sunscreen & a hat! Here’s the thing: prevention is KEY. If you have the option to keep your neck out of the sun- DO IT. I feel like the sun only makes my tech neck horizontal lines worse so I make it my MISSION daily to avoid the sun by using caffeinated sunscreen & rocking a hat…every single day. Kind of absurd, but so important.
Doing this makes all the difference & it’s so anti-aging in general.

Is anyone else with me here?

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡

TECH NECK | by the skinny confidential 2


With that, I’m off to rub some neck serum on my neck & chest and watch the latest episode of Real Housewives Beverly Hills ( living for Dorit’s outfits this season ).

Are you guys into taking care of your neck? The sooner, the BETTER. You know how I love prevention…; )

Happy Tuesday!

X lauryn

+ DEFINITELY listen to the latest episode of TSC Podcast. LadyGang is on…we talk laser, vaginas, spray tans, fake hair, skincare, etc. 

++ palm print PJ’s ( << similar ).

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TECH NECK | by the skinny confidential 3


cover meal plan with outline


Updated: March 20, 2017

cover meal plan with outlineBYE, BLOAT MEAL PLAN 4b | by the skinny confidential

FINALLY. The latest installment of the new MEAL PLAN HAS DROPPED.

Super jazzed about this one because the whole seven days are about eliminating bloat. So, so many recipes that are so quick, easy, AND anti-inflammatory.

Because remember this quote? It’s an oldie but goodie:


If you follow along on Snapchat you know we’ve busting ass for this one. It had to be just right. I’ve taste-tested all of these 5 second recipes a gazillion times & been taking notes like a psycho for the past months…notes on all my HACKS.

HACKS are what it’s really all about, right?

Easy, quick, efficient.

Ahhhh, I just love those words..

This one’s straight & to the point. I’m a creature of habit and eat a lot of the same things day after day so this MEAL PLAN is nothing fancy, k? In fact, IT’S ALMOST TOO SIMPLE.

shredding for the wedding 7 day meal plan by the skinny confidential. How to lose weight before your wedding!

Like I’ve said before: This is a PLAN that works for me.

I am not a doctor.

I am not a scientist.

I am not a body builder.

I’m just a regular girl who’s VERY interested in wellness.

I make mistakes.



And really there’s nothing better than a fresh margarita…with a half rim of salt.

BYE, BLOAT MEAL PLAN 1 | by the skinny confidential

You should know though, fitness & wellness have always played a huge role in my life. I taught Pure Barre & Proformer Pilates for years & years until I began blogging full-time. Also through ISSA, I attained a nutrition certification.

Nothing too intense there but the point is, I’ve always been invested in a healthy lifestyle — a big part of why The Skinny Confidential exists in the first place.

About two years ago I created TSC Bombshell Body Guide with a celebrity trainer to showcase some of my favorite workouts in 27 minutes. We also created a nutrition guide with a bunch of my favorite skinny recipes… AND then of course, we launched THE SHREDDING FOR THE WEDDING MEAL PLAN which included all my pre-wedding food picks.

But we’re changing it up kind of on this one…

Because today this updated plan is all about BLOAT.

BYE, BLOAT MEAL PLAN 9 | by the skinny confidential

TO GET SPECIFIC, I had horrific jaw surgery that left me swollen for two years. Literally though. Two years. Finally I am feeling very much less swollen because I’ve really, REALLY paid attention to the foods I’m eating. This plan is jammed packed of the foods I’ve been eating to rid the bloat.

It’s so funny how life works. Because of my jaw surgery I’ve discovered SO many tips/tricks for swelling ( ICE ROLLING ANYONE? ) that I would have never found if it hadn’t been for the surgery. Really though, I’ve learned so much about food & drinks that help with bloat too. CRAZY. Just call me a swelling expert.

Some gems in the guide? Cauliflower turkey bacon rice ( YES YES YES ), A WHAT THE FUCK TO DO IF YOU LOVE CARBS GUIDE, alcohol hacks- rosé ice cubes anyone?, pesto spaghetti squash, herb-filled strawberry beauty ice cream, portion control ideas, almond cookies, green muffins, AND turmeric healing soup.

All of these are things I implement on a daily basis wrapped into one pretty booklet with a lot of pictures!

So yes, my food diary- you can take what you like from it & modify it to fit your needs. If you’re vegetarian you can just leave out the meat & sub tofu or extra veg!

BYE, BLOAT MEAL PLAN 2 | by the skinny confidential


A little letter from me to YOU
A full-on grocery list ( with all my favorite brands )
7 full days of my exact food diary
…AND all my alcohol skinny tips/tricks ( HAHA- there are some good ones )


Full access to all my favorite 27 minute workouts via TSC Bombshell Body Guide

Price: $49.99 + monthly $9.99 for membership. Your first 30 days of membership are free!

BYE, BLOAT MEAL PLAN 5 | by the skinny confidentialBYE, BLOAT MEAL PLAN 22b | by the skinny confidential

Why charge? Well, there’s a lot of out-of-pocket expenses like a web developer, graphic designer, editor, photos, time/labor to run the program. I made it as affordable as possible filled with tons of value.

You can access the plan on your phone, computer, &/or print it out ( I always like to print mine in high-res & bound it spirally for $13.99 at Kinko’s ).

If you have already purchased the FULL 28 week Bombshell Body Guide AND you’re currently still a Bombshell Body Member, you get access to the latest 7 DAY MEAL PLAN — completely free!

Simply log in to your account to stalk the latest. It’s located under “Bombshell Body Plans” on the main menu bar…happy reading.

If you purchased any other plan, you can always upgrade your account to gain access to the meal plan. Simply log in to your account & click the pink UPGRADE ACCOUNT button, OR click “Upgrade My Account” under “Bombshell Body Plans” on the main menu bar.


BYE, BLOAT MEAL PLAN 13 | by the skinny confidential BYE, BLOAT MEAL PLAN 12 | by the skinny confidential

Ok, ok do you guys have questions? Happy to answer ALL of them below! Also, I’ll be hosting a HUGE giveaway on Snapchat tomorrow: @laurynevarts. In the meantime, check out TSC BYE, BLOAT MEAL PLAN here.

I am going to bed. I organized my entire house today while getting all the details in order for tonight so I feel…just slightly exhausted. & shit, it’s 1:06 AM- time for bed!

See you tomorrow- hope you LOVE the meal plan, lauryn x

shredding for the wedding 7 day meal plan by the skinny confidential. How to lose weight before your wedding!

WEARING: pink sports bra ( << go up a size ) | navy leggings | shoes ( similar ) | sweater

photos }

BYE, BLOAT MEAL PLAN 3b | by the skinny confidentialBYE, BLOAT MEAL PLAN 24 | by the skinny confidential



Women Bashing Women Sucks

Updated: March 20, 2017

Something unsettling happened today & it’s bothering me.

Something that should NOT have happened…but unfortunately happens all the time.

It happens online, at college campuses, & behind closed doors.


Let me just say that at first I was going to shut my ( big ) mouth but after careful consideration I decided that this is actually the perfect platform to discuss the subject.

I’ll just go ahead & tell the story…you can be the judge.

So today I’m at the hair salon. I was there to get this natural treatment to share with you, TSC readers, for a blog post next week. The hair stylist, Ashley, could not have been sweeter. We were having a great time- she was telling me all about the product & what it does. As she was explaining the process, I was getting more & more excited to blog about it because you guys will LOVE.


Anyway, I like to get my hair done because I can work while they’re washing my hair- it’s really so efficient. Typically when I book a hair appointment, I schedule conference calls during the appointment. You know, just killing two birds with one stone here.

So I was really looking forward to my 1 pm call because it was with a HUGE, HUGE online destination for WOMEN.

The site’s motto is basically women empowering women to live their best life.



Exactly what I want to represent with The Skinny Confidential .

The call was extra exciting for me because we were going to brainstorm ways to collaborate.

I love collaborating in creative ways because that’s what this platform is about. Life isn’t a competition. Everyone can shine- like there’s room for everyone, you know? I mean we’re dealing with the Internet here, there’s about 7 billion of us.

So ya, I was very excited.

Anyway, on the call I spoke with two people who were in the content sharing division…and the energy was off. They came from a place of “you’re down here & we’re up here.”

Well, shit- not the way I operate ( kind of unbecoming no matter how big you are; staying grounded with gratitude is key ), but sometimes you have to put in the work to prove yourself. I’m fine with a challenge. And I was prepared to work hard to provide results.

But still it gave me that kind of gross feeling you get in your stomach when something makes you…uncomfortable.

I tried to turn the energy into a positive by assuring them that I would never want to commit to a partnership that wasn’t mutually beneficial. Along with that I was clear on the importance of a strategic link-up & stressed how I would never want to leave anyone feeling like they got a bad deal.


Let me just also say they’re one of the biggest women’s destinations on the web so it would be extremely important to me to make sure they were happy with the partnership.

Basically I wanted to share their content ( in a way that made sense to my audience ) & in turn they would share my content ( in a way that made sense to theirs ).


Towards the end of the conversation I let them know I would craft a simple proposal of the strategic content sharing partnership I envisioned & they could provide feedback.

The guy on the phone informed me if I didn’t hear back from them for a few weeks to not worry because they were going on vacation.

I told them to have a fabulous, relaxing vacation & I’d be in touch with a proposal early next week.

We hung up.

5 seconds later, I’m still getting my hair done- my phone rings.

It’s the women’s website, the 2 people who I just spoke with.

I pick up again.








All of the sudden I hear talking.

It’s between the people who just called me from the women’s website.

For the next couple minutes the guy & girl who work for the company proceeded to bash me & The Skinny Confidential in the most disgusting, malicious way.

I actually couldn’t even believe it.

While they were talking, I said about 7 times “INSERT THEIR NAMES HERE, I’m still on the phone…”

I guess their phone was on mute because they didn’t hear me.

So I sat there, while they went on & on…& on.



Here’s a little snippet for ya:

“EW, WE ARE NOT HAVING HER ON OUR PLATFORM. She is DISGUSTING. She is filled with Botox & plastic surgery. Who does she think she is? What an idiot.”

Then the women goes: “ya half way through the conversation I realized who we were talking to & wanted to hang up. She is so nasty. She is not coming on our platform.”

Then the guy, “hahaha, let her send over the proposal but that’s a hard NO. Like never happening. She’s such a fake bitch. So gross. Like our brand isn’t coming near her. Stupid bitch. Not for us. Did you see her Instagram? How fake. I feel like she’s dumb.”

( THERE WAS MUCH MORE TOO. It was about 5 minutes- I was in shock so it was hard to stomach a lot of it ).


Meanwhile it’s International Women’s Day & you are supposedly a platform that’s mission is to help women feel, see, & claim their power.

How on earth is that powerful?…Or constructive?

How can you work for a platform promoting women & then bash women? Not just bash…but tear one to SHREDS?

This is just not my style & I’m fucking sick of this happening in general.

In high schools, online bullying, in the corporate world, everywhere.

What about uplifting each other?

Recognizing that everyone is different & unique in their own way?

Understanding that there is power in uplifting other women?


To talk like this about a woman when you’re representing a women’s platform is counter productive.

I ended up sending an e-mail:

Hi _______ and ________,

I called back to let you guys know you forgot to hang up the phone when you were bad mouthing me for 5 minutes straight.

I won’t bother sending the proposal over since you both said how disgusting I am and that you would never associate your brand with The Skinny Confidential.

Hope you guys have a good vacation- 


empowering women | the skinny confidential

Immediately Michael responded to the thread with an e-mail too. In the e-mail he quoted their Instagram bio. An Instagram with a million followers & a bio that talks about women inspiring women. An Instagram feed full of quotes empowering women to be their best selves. To live life on their own terms. A feed that is completely opposite of the two employees’ behavior.

Perhaps Michael sent the bio as a reminder to those two employees. To remind them why they’re an advocate of the brand they’re representing…because the conversation between them was everything opposite of what the brand stands for.

Besides being mean is out.

An hour later I received two apologies.

One sent a half-ass apology

The other was more heart-felt.

Then I received an e-mail from a higher up employee who was so utterly embarrassed by their behavior she actually said she didn’t blame me if I never wanted to work with them again. She said she wouldn’t want to either.

For the record I recognize I am not for everyone.

Yes, I had a boob job. I’ve had Botox. And I talk about vaginas & lube & jaw surgery & death &…UM REAL LIFE. Shit that is happening that not a lot of people want to discuss. Really though, so many people are doing shit like this & not talking about it.

( The irony in the situation is that THIS SITE HAS TALKED ABOUT BOTOX/plastic surgery/nose jobs/boob jobs/etc. MULTIPLE TIMES…? ).

I talk freely. I don’t hide it. I’m candid & an open book. I’m sharing what I’ve done- never telling you what to do. Just sharing what’s worked & hasn’t worked for me. Like I always say: DO YOU.

AND sure, I’m an over-sharer. I’ve been an over-sharer since I was born. I’m loud. I can be obnoxious. Maybe too much.

But I’m comfortable with who I am.

empowering women | the skinny confidential

And today was a reminder…because instead of this experience making me NOT want to share,  it will be a constant reminder TO SHARE.

I’m not going to let people’s negative opinions stop me. In fact, I’ll let them fuel me.

I’m going to be myself & frankly if people don’t like it, it’s their issue. I am going to go ahead and practice the subtle art of not giving a fuck here.

After the incident today, I called a friend very upset. I was hurt. She told me take all my energy & write this post, to fuel my energy into writing. So that’s what I did: instead of crying- I wrote.

I wrote because we should support each other. Cut the bad mouthing, the backstabbing, petty bullshit. We’ve all done it- but how powerful is it to uplift people? Instead of bashing other women’s flaws, how about noticing their strengths? I just feel like bad mouthing/bullying people is a real waste of energy…Whether it’s behind someone’s back, via phone, or even on the other side of a computer screen. Thoughts here?

Regardless I hope this post will inspire you to NEVER STOP doing your thing because of someone else’s opinion. Keep doing what you’re doing even if people don’t like it. Don’t let ANYONE’S negativity dictate your life & journey.

Like my sister always says: WHAT YOU THINK OF ME IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

Need THAT specific reminder today.

PHEW! Feels good to get that out.

Ultimately I appreciate all of you & I will continue to provide a platform that promotes women being the best damn version of themselves…even when the doors are closed & the mic is off.

Love you guys, lauryn x

Outfit deets: red dress | sunglasses | choker | favorite bra chain | shoes ( << similar )

photos }

empowering women | the skinny confidential