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Mini DeLites…& Thank You !!!

September 27, 2016
Updated: September 27, 2016


{ a little ACTION DUST in my AM cold brew }


{ cheeky cards }

  | like the post + My hands hurt from acupuncture so it’s rather difficult to type.

I know, it sounds bizarre but sometimes when you do acupuncture on the hands they hurt ( these points are lung & heart for anxiety ).

Regardless, I thought you should know.

Before I get right into it I have to tell you guys something, each & every one of you: THANK YOU.

The Internet is such a cool place sometimes. For you guys to come together with so much support on the post about The Nanz……..was actually unbelievable. The outpour of support I received was unexpected & in a strange way, some type of closure. I woke up the morning after writing that post in kind of funk. To be expected, I guess? After a cup of coffee I checked TSC comments, emails, & some Snapchat messages.

My jaw was just on the floor.

I actually couldn’t believe how so many of you took the time to write such sweet notes about my grandma. She would have been so grateful for all of your support.

…Actually to be real, at this point she would be accepting autographs. HAHA! Her “I’m becoming famous” call would have happened at night after finally figuring out how to click ‘ her Internet’ ( yes, she really called it ‘her Internet’ ) to access my blog…which she accessed from my personal Facebook page because she never understood what a URL meant. ‘Her Google’ was usually acting up, what can I say?


{ TSC Books x The Most Gorgeous Girl In The World }

Anyway I am humbled & grateful for such an amazing community of women. Your words inspired, moved, & uplifted me. I actually don’t even think I can explain how much each of your messages, comments, & Snaps aided in the ongoing healing process. The love you guys had my grandma & your words is really beautiful. In a weird way, reading all your messages gave me some sort of peace. I am so, SO glad I shared her special spirit on this blog. The memories will always alive.


OK, switching gears. I am so gnarly into my calendar strategy with Steve that we’ve gone as far to schedule ‘winding down’ time. That’s right. He informed me that I needed an hour before bed to wind down to fall asleep. I’m trying to workout in the AM instead of later in the day ( HARD ) & get my sleep schedule on track. I’m very excited to do a post on this whole calendar thing because it’s really changing my life. That sounds strange but when you plan out your entire day, you feel in control.

No chaos, you know?

Tomorrow’s post will kind of go along with this theme & I’ll try to get the calendar post up ASAP.

Lastly, you should know Michael & I interviewed our good friend, Danny Kurtzman on the podcast this week. Danny is spitfire who’s dealt with muscular dystrophy his entire life & by far one of the most inspiring, positive humans I’ve ever met. YOU GUYS WILL LOVE HIM. He came on the podcast & just killed it. Danny helps run a charity called Life Rolls On. The day after we recorded the podcast, Michael & I went to a Life Rolls On event & it was INSANE. Life Rolls On is FREE epic surf & skate events for wheelchair athletes. They roll to 10 cities on both coasts, bringing hope and freedom to thousands. It’s honestly such a cool cause. So no surprise, I’m very, VERY thrilled for this episode. Always fun to introduce you guys to some of my childhood friends too. Ok! Just wanted to give you a quick back story on that!


{ the sweetest ( literally ) surprise }

ALRIGHT, my hands need a break. Off to drink some of Michael’s new sleepy, soothing tea ( see Snapchat…he’s absurd. Like, what the hell ).

Goodnight to all of you, love you guys- lauryn x

+ new exclusive TSC App content drops tomorrow, sharing some motivational fitness tips.

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{ skinny banana bread muffins, recipe coming to TSC BBG }


{ favorite throw EVER | home tour: part I & part II }
rosé brunch 1 | by the skinny confidential

A VERY Rosé Themed Brunch

September 25, 2016
Updated: September 26, 2016
rosé brunch 1 | by the skinny confidential
rosé brunch 1 | by the skinny confidential

  | like the post + Let me just preface this by saying: this was SO easy. Like ridiculously easy. Anyone could throw this together in 15 minutes, no problem. Keep some sparkling wine, straws, canned champagne, & candies on hand so you have a quick backup plan.

Because there’s nothing better than a rosé chilled brunch with your girlfriends. Especially when champagne gummy bears & a table full of goodies are involved. It’s light & fresh and sets a very relaxing, Instagram-ish atmosphere.

Anyway, I wanted to share this rosé-heavy brunch I threw with The Glitter Guide because I feel like anyone can do this: looking for a baby shower theme? A girlfriend’s birthday? Or maybe just a cute brunch idea? Do this!

rosé brunch 1 | by the skinny confidentialrosé brunch 1 | by the skinny confidentialrosé brunch 1 | by the skinny confidential

My main tip is no surprise: always set the mood with music / champagne scented candles / lighting, keep the rosé flowing, & have a cheese, cracker, & cornichon platter handy.

Cheese, cheese, cheese. Everyone loves cheese. It keeps the mood festive. Vegan lemon raspberry cheesecake gelato was for dessert ( get crazy & add a scoop of this to your champagne…! ).

For a more Instagramy setting, keep the table white or black. It gives a clear surface to allow the entire experience to pop. Marble works great too. Make a hashtag also if you’re feeling creative.

Of course, you’ll also want to add some booze & berries to the equation. To make it a bit more visual for you, we put together a little video of this specific brunch because I know you guys like a video, makes it more clear:


Next time you’re throwing a brunch with your girlfriends, try this sassy rosé recipe:


+ sparkling rosé
+ guava kombucha
+ lemon
+ raw chia seeds
+ mixed berries

directions: chill a few champagne glasses in your freezer. Pour sparkling rosé into the glass, about 3/4 full. Add a dash of guava kombucha ( we used the very aesthetically pleasing, Better Booch ), a squeeze of lemon, & a sprinkle of chia seeds. Garnish with mixed berries on a drink stirrer ( love these cute vintage-ish ones ) & a striped pixy straw for an added flair. CHEERS!

rosé brunch 1 | by the skinny confidentialrosé brunch 1 | by the skinny confidential

Since we’re getting into the fall spirit here, you can always add some white pumpkins (!!!) or brew some homemade potpourri on the stove. I’ve been brewing this for the last two weeks & I’m kind of obsessed. My stepmom, Julie, of Burlap & Crystal, taught me this hack years ago and EVERY single year on September 1st, I bring it back. Basically the potpourri makes it smell like the holidays throughout the entire house.

See the whole post plus more tips live on The Glitter Guide now – such a fun site!

Alright, off to read my latest book: Michael Jordan’s autobiography — very excited, it looks juicy. Can you tell I like autobiographies? HA.

See you guys tomorrow, lauryn xx

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{ photos | video }

rosé brunch 1 | by the skinny confidentialrosé brunch 1 | by the skinny confidential


nanz flower tips 3 | by the skinny confidential

A Tribute To My Best Friend, My Grandma, The Nanz

September 20, 2016
Updated: September 23, 2016

the-nanz-2b-by-the-skinny-confidential-gtNANA | byt the skinny confidential34-CTM_3329

1 | like the post + Hi guys,

I have some really devastating, shitty news. In fact, it’s the saddest news I’ve ever publicly shared on this blog.

My grandma, The Nanz, passed away four weeks ago.

As you can imagine the loss has not been easy on my family.

You guys know, she was my best friend. I spoke to her everyday, if not two or three times a day. We made a point to get together weekly.

If I’ve seemed distant, it’s because I am. If I’ve seemed distracted, it’s because I am. If I’ve seemed off, it’s because I am. I’ve been coping with a huge loss. In all honesty, it feels like a limb is gone.

Losing my grandma has been just…gut–wrenching.

I have not been ready to share this with anyone but today I woke up & was ready. Normally I would shy away from something so very personal, so close to my heart, but I feel like she was such a bright light on The Skinny Confidential that it’s unfair to keep her passing from you guys.

Besides, she was the biggest star of this blog.


My grandma’s passing took 8 painful weeks. So the last three months have been…stressful. Incredibly stressful on me & my family.

Even though my heart is sad & this loss is so difficult, I find peace in looking back on her life with a smile. She was THE MOST dynamic, special woman I have ever met. Everyone loved her. I swear I’ve never seen anyone with more friends. Her will to live was strong. My sister just had a baby, Daxton & she had many chic looks planned out for our wedding.

For those of you who don’t know, The Nanz’s real name was Mary Evarts.

On that note, I wanted to share this beautiful tribute of her work on The Skinny Confidential:

Having some form of privacy is very important to me. I’m guarded with specific things because it’s not just about me, there are other people involved & it’s not always my business to involve them. I do, however, want to share a very small snippet of some words at her wake. Here’s a tiny piece of my speech:

I always knew where to find The Nanz on a Wednesday.

She was either having a blowout with a glass of champagne alongside her friend & hairstylist, Shawn, at the post office, or walking around Home Goods with Slipper, her teacup chihuahua perched in a shopping cart.

Of course she was doing all of these things in oversized gold glasses because I once told her it was cool to wear sunglasses indoors.

Walking around Home Goods was one of her favorite things to do. It was how she got her cardio. Slipper loved it too. Everyone that worked there knew her ( & him ) on first name basis.

NANA 1 | byt the skinny confidential

Sometimes I’d surprise her at the post office or grocery store & we’d go to this hole in the wall sushi joint called Tabu. We’d always order the same thing: I’d get a veggie avocado roll & she’d get the vegetable tempura. Of course, each of us would always have a glass or two of Pinot Grigio, still both wearing our oversized sunglasses. We’d gossip like best friends. That’s what I loved most about her.

My grandma was not only my grandma but my best friend.

I think the reason this loss is so difficult for so many people is because she was SO many people’s friend.

She had friends everywhere. At the bank, at Drybar, the vet, her home complex, old friends, new friends, young friends, family friends, friends from different states, friends on the Internet, my friends were even her friends. Everywhere she went she made friends.

A lot of them would call her Miss Mary or The Nanz.

People loved The Nanz. She may have been in her late eighties but she was sharp as a whip. Sometimes I’d say vulgar, perverted jokes thinking she wasn’t hip enough to understand but OOOOHHHH she was.

SO hip in fact, she was working up until the day she passed. Millions of people all over the world fell in love with her through the Internet. She became known as The Nanz. She was approached by flower companies, spice companies, & even a bracelet company to rock their products. No surprise but Snapchat also fell in love with her. People were always requesting more of The Nanz. Basically she was a real hustler.

The last two years of her life people would come up to her and ask her if she was ‘The Nanz.’ One day she called me out of the blue & said “Lauryn, I’m becoming famous.” 

I laughed & laughed.

Laughing was the theme with her though. She called Uber “Uboorah”, had a best friend named BJ, thought Bingo was dumb and for “old people”, & told me she was sick of all the “SUVS” taking up street space around town… I had to let her know they were actually called S-U-V’s, not “SUVS.”

She was really the brightest light in my life.


The speech goes on but I’ll leave it there. I feel like that’s a happy snippet to share with you guys because so many of you loved her. And I have to tell you, & I mean this, she LOVED all of you. The attention she received from TSC readers in her later years made her feel very special.

Side story: a TSC reader named Rachel ended up being one of her nurses. Rachel recognized The Nanz in the hospital & would sit with her daily, getting to know my grandma. Over the weeks the formed a friendship. So cool! Rachel & I are going to meet for coffee next week. The Internet can be a pretty spectacular place. This special friendship they formed gives me comfort.

…Crazy, you guys liked her and her hot pink bomber so much you even wanted her on the podcast ( episode 16 if you want to listen )! She came on & told us all to “look outside at the shrubs” if we were ever feeling down or depressed. I’m looking at the shrubs everyday now : ).

If you’re new to the blog & haven’t gotten a chance to get acquainted with her…please do, her words of wisdom are one of a kind:

♡ Meet The Nanz
Whispering Angel with The Nanz
The Best Ever Holiday Pecans
Relationship Realness with The Nanz
The OG Egg Salad
The Nanz’ Insider Flower Tips


I don’t really know what to say here. If you’ve detected a sadness in me in the last 3 months it’s because there is. Definitely have had to take time away for a few days here and there & just…grieve. For the past couple months, I’ve been in a sad space. Life is hard. It’s not easy; nothing worth while is easy…And this certainly has not been easy on me or my family. My amazing dad ( her son ), Brad, was her best friend too. So my heart hurts for him. It hurts for my sisters, my brother, my stepmom, The Nanz’s daughter, my cousin, & all her friends. My heart aches for any of you who have lost a grandparent.

The loss is deep.

There has been a lot of loss in my life & through that loss I’ve realized that you have to look at the good. The good was that I had my grandma until she was in her late eighties. The good was that I was able to document so many special moments on this blog; moments that I will cherish forever. The Nanz got to meet the love of my life. They formed a very special, funny relationship. She was able to drink champagne with me, laugh, AND WORK! Crazy, but man did she work, you guys. I had her on-call to shoot blog content all the time. Such a cool memory. Our favorite moments were simple though: enjoying crackers, Gruyère cheese, cornichons mini pickles & listening to the tennis balls outside her home.

This post is to honor her & to let all of you know what’s going on because I feel like so many of you loved her. I can’t even believe how many people have asked for more posts on her. Hundreds. If not thousands. To not tell you guys just didn’t feel right.

Ok, so this was by no means easy to write. But I will be ok. I just feel…sad. Knowing her though, she’d tell me to “throw on some oversized sunglasses, pour a glass of rosé, & listen to a little Bossanova, Kitty Kat.”

Again, thank you all for showing her such kindness on the blog, she adored each & every one of you.

xoxo, lauryn

+ a big thank you to Chris Tran who helped put together these amazing pictures & video. 

NANA 4 | byt the skinny confidential



September 20, 2016
Updated: September 22, 2016


DRUMROLL…announcing the $2700 beauty/wellness giveaway winner.

CONGRATS TO…Annamarie McGrath.

& then of course the 3 The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide AND MEAL PLAN winners too. Congrats to: Maureen Van Schie, Paige Johnson, & Salome Donenfeld.

For the Snapchat beauty box giveaway: @khaye10.

Please e-mail me at lauryn@theskinnyconfidential.com to collect your prizes.

Another HUGE giveaway is coming next month — you guys love them so I will continue to really concentrate on giveaways…it’s going to be a big one so stay tuned. Also, follow along on Snapchat because I’ll now be hosting giveaways all the time! Username: @laurynevarts.

Thank you for your support as always, lauryn