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The Skinny Confidential Book Giveaway { + Victoria’s Secret Goodies }

Hiiiii. I’m so excited to do a book giveaway…major goosebumps! Not only will the winner(s) get The Skinny Confidential Book, but

Lil Pretty, Sparkly Be Mine Cookies <3

Ok, so it’s Valentine’s Day & Michael is totally ‘making’ me get off the computer. Because I’m a serious addict.

Mini DeLites

{ My favorites…lately } { This scent, this color…kills me } Ok, let’s talk about what’s on my mind lately.

Rocking Hottie Fitness Wear for 2014

1.} Sunnies like these mirrored lens aviators are perf for hiking, running, &/or running errands. 2.} I’m literally IN LOVE

Gorgeous Sazan Barzani: On Living a Busy, Healthy Lifestyle

I love girl with beauty & brains. Like, love, love, love. I mean, obviously it’s empowering to connect with women

Mini DeLites

{ Friday night’s event } { My friend’s dreamcatcher-inspired wall } { A little peak into our next DIY } So Friday

A Little DIY Collab…A Gold, Tiny Critter Dish

When DIY bloggers, Fashionlush & The Fashion Bite asked me to do a DIY collab, I was so excited. I mean,

Mini DeLites + A Lil Blogiversary

{ Pretty lil souvenirs from our recent LA trip } { Loving my new wolf martini shaker } This past month

WTF’s in my Vacay Tote

Ok. First can we talk about this bag? Because, uh, oh, it was um, $9.95 at Target. Ya. On the

Mini DeLites | Trunk Show

Here’s some food for thought: A friend of a friend visited Shanghai recently. She came back from the trip feeling

Mini DeLites | Starting Fresh

[ My citrus obsession continues…lemon decor ] [ The cutest Lulu*S anklet (( coasters found here )) ] Hi! Sooooo.

My Favorite, Little Sexy MU Kabuki Brush

I know I haven’t posted much on the blog about makeup— BUT! I have tons of tips to share so

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