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Spray Tan Tips: Keeping It Safe For Pregnancy


organic spray tan

The one thing that really bummed me out when I got pregnant, if we’re being real here, was the fact that I couldn’t get my weekly spray tans anymore.

There’s something about going into a booth & getting sprayed with this suspicious stuff that doesn’t feel right, especially when you’re carrying a baby. My intuition told me it wasn’t good. Sure enough, I went to Google, & Google said HELL NO.

Not being tan for my whole pregnancy was a horrific thought because I like a nice glow. After investigating other options, I found this organic spray solution that some companies use, & it’s totally non toxic.

The one I found has high quality, cruelty free, vegan products. So, here’s the thing. I have yet to find a place that actually uses this sugar spray in a facility. They actually have to come to your house which is a real bitch because it costs more. However, it’s also great having them come to your house because you can listen to a podcast while they do it & it saves you driving time.

It is pricey though- about $140. Instead of doing to every week, or every 2 weeks like you normally do, I would recommend only doing this for special events. I had this organic spray tan before the Hello Wellness event & before my baby shower ( details coming soon !!! ).

Anyways when you’re looking for a company that does this in your area, you want to Google vegan & cruelty free spray tan. I’ve been using Golden Glo Organics in LA ( ask for Meygan ) & Blush Tan Organics in San Diego.

They’ll come to your house & set up a tent, & then they spray you down in it. I like to go totally naked but wear the paper underwear they give you. They also give you nose plugs so you don’t breath anything in & be sure to wear the sticky feet too. There’s nothing worse than getting a spray tan & leaving with your feet all brown.

If you’ve been reading TSC for a while, you know that I always ask for violet tones because it pops the whites of the eyes & teeth. Always say NO orange & red tones.

Something about using the sugar spray when I’m pregnant just feels so much better than the chemical shit. As I said, I’m not doing this every week because it’s expensive but I think for special occasions it’s worth it. I mean, the other options are laying in the sun, not being tan, or laying in chemicals. I’ll take the organic sugar tan please.

Benefits of an Organic Spray Tan:

♡ non toxic

♡ no chemical odor

♡ no synthetic colors, oils, fragrances, parabens, alcohol

♡ most are vegan & cruelty free

♡ hydrates skin

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Now, if you’re not pregnant, I’ve got a ton of spray tan tips for you.

Spray Tan Tips:


Ok this seems rather obvious but let’s go over it just in case. Shave everything you need to shave BEFORE you spray tan ( I like to shave the night before I go into the spray booth ). Dry brushing is what I live for, seriously it’s life-changing, so I can’t go too long without it. I always dry brush RIGHT before I spray tan to exfoliate & ensure the tan goes on evenly.

Also, I wait 2 days to dry brush again after a spray tan which makes me cry because I love dry brushing SO much but hey, beauty is pain.


This one’s a weird one but if you’re getting a manicure, get it after. But if you’re getting a pedicure, get it before.

Here’s why:

Manicure after because the spray tan sometimes ruins it or makes it chip faster.

Pedicure before because the massage ruins the tan & makes it look like half of your leg is tanned and the other half is pale. Can everyone picture this?

Also, for the record, I do this weird thing because I’m always running late ( & it’s more cost-effective): I get something called a polish change. Basically it’s $5 dollars for hands & $7 dollars for toes. My nail salon guy will just paint my nails instead of the whole massage, file, etc.

It’s so quick & perfect if you’re constantly on the go. Ask your nail salon for a polish change if you’re interested.

SO. This makes it fine to do a pedicure AFTER because I’m only getting a paint job. If you’re getting the full on pedicure, do it BEFORE.

If you’re like me & getting a paint job toe job ( I made this phrase up ), get it after the spray tan. Because there’s no foo-foo massage.

Am I making sense?

NOW, if you’re in the predicament of already having your manicure, do the claw. Yes, the claw. Like claw your hand so your nails are clawed under. If you guys need a picture of this, SNAP message me. But I’m assuming you don’t want to see me butt-naked in a spray booth with a shower cap on? Just assuming though?


This is my ride OR die TIP! Always request a little towel if you’re in a spray tan booth. Put it under your feet BEFORE you step in ( before because sometimes there’s like old spray tan residue which is highly annoying ).

The reason I do this is because the tanning solution gets all over the ground of the booth & makes the tan go on the bottoms of your feet which is just not pretty. At all. Just use a towel.

Trust me, Michael has made fun of me more than 10382574 times for forgetting.


Here’s another tip…always go into the tanning salon prepared. I wear a lightweight maxi. I wear a dress just like this when I’m running errands & spraying because it’s really ideal to just throw on.

You don’t want to wear like a tight sports bra with suffocating leggings & tennis shoes. Why? Because after the tan when you put on super tight clothes, it makes marks. Nasty marks. Trust me on this because it’s happened to me five million times. Wear something light weight.


♡ Always make sure the tanning product is by Versa Spa or Mystic Tan.

♡ Remove all lotions, make-up, & jewelry before the tan.

♡ The neck area needs extra patting.

♡ Keep the spray tan solution on for at least six to seven hours before a shower.

♡ Do not wear white clothing after the tan.

♡ Wash your hands & feet after. Honest baby wipes save me here.

Another fab tip is to use Hampton Sun. Scotty Cunha recommended this & he totally delivered. ( If you haven’t listened to his podcast episodes yet, you can listen here & here. Get ready to LOL. )

Hampton sun is award-winning, quick-drying & will give you a streak-free tan. Plus it smells good ( just don’t wear white after ). I used it the whole time I was in the South of France, & I would just put it on my chest, take it down my arms & put it on my feet. Scotty was 100% right- I felt like a glowing goddess which is always fun.

& for all the sun worshippers out there, you know the sun is not my thing, but I still got you covered. Please oh please wear sunscreen & a huge hat.

Hot Tips From an SPF Psycho:

♡ wear a huge hat & MASSIVE sunglasses.

♡ don’t forget to put spf on your hands & eyelids.

♡ get yourself some Supergoop mist so you can reapply without messing up your makeup.

♡ consider tinting your windows & wearing driving gloves ( ya, psycho ).

Anyway if you’re pregnant ( or not ) I recommend checking out an organic sugar spray tan. It’s been working for me, & I always want to share little tips & hacks with you guys when I have them.

With that, I’d love to know any other tips you guys have when it comes to spray tans or getting a bronzey glow.

x, lauryn

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Top Model Charlotte McKinney Talks Diet/Fitness/Beauty


The Skinny Confidential talks models, diet, and fitness.charlotte mikinney

Ok. I get it.

Charlotte McKinney is absolutely beautiful.

I mean, it’s pretty freaking obvious right?!


She’s one smart cookie too. The babe totally ‘gets it.’

First off, she’s a sunscreen psycho ( like me ; ) )— rad considering she lives in Miami where many people are sun worshipers. ANDDDDD she loves sleep. Like, love, loves sleep.

Sleep is for sure my number one beauty tip…& Charlotte agrees. Read on for more because I’m sure you’ll this hot dime’s tips:

| Tell us about yourself!! You’re gorge! |

Charlotte McKinney: Hi everyone, I’m Charlotte, a twenty one year old Florida girl, born & raised!

I’m currently living in Miami where I pursue my modeling career. I love to travel, whether it being for work or pleasure, but am always practicing a healthy/active lifestyle by choosing healthy food options on the go and finding time to get my work outs in. I’m a total yoga fanatic & am always searching for a studio to get my yoga flow on.

| Quick skinny tip/trick please! |

CM: If I know I’m going to be on the beach in a bikini— which I usually am, or want a last minute prep for a shoot, I’ll hop in the sauna or take a hot yoga class to get my energy and metabolism up and also shed any extra water weight and toxins that can be bloating.

| Weekly workout sch? |

CM: For my weekly work out I alternate between hot power yoga & Pilates. I love the way both these work outs give you long lean muscles instead of bulking you up…not a huge fan of that look. A combination of the two are sure to do the trick! If I’m traveling and neither are an option, I like to take power walks on the beach and practice my postures there.

| Fav go to healthy food? |

CM: My fav go to healthy food would be any kind of fresh fish ( I have many great options living in Miami ) or anything with quinoa. I keep a consistent diet of lean proteins to keep me full & energized through the day.

| Cocktail of choice? |

CM: My favorite go to cocktail would have to be a simple vodka & water. I’m not a big fan of overly sweet drinks. I get hangovers pretty easy so sometimes mixing coconut water with alcohol hydrates me while I’m drinking and taste great…kills two birds with one stone : )!

Charlotte McKinney model health secrets

| Favorite beauty product? |

CM: I definitely wouldn’t be able to live without a spray tan! I’m always in a bikini so this gives my body a healthy glow without having to bake in the sun/tanning bed. A spray tan makes me feel skinner instantly and helps cover up any flaws. I don’t tan very well, so a weekly spray tan is the best for an instant boost! ( <<—– this is a girl after my heart— love it! Check out why I’m a sunscreen psycho here ).

| Secret model tip |

CM: A model tip would be to ignore the negativity & take any criticism and turn it into positive energy. Try your best but don’t beat yourself up if something really isn’t practical for your own self. As long as you’re feeling confident and don’t take anything too seriously, you’ll have a fun time with it.

| Natural beauty remedy |

CM: I would have to say that sleep is my ultimate beauty trick ( <<—— me too! ). When I am getting lots of sleep & keeping hydrated I don’t have to worry about covering up dark circles or faking a bright eyed, healthy complexion. Lots of sleep and tons of water is key for looking and feeling healthy, I’m also a lot more productive after a good night’s rest!

| When you wake up?… |

CM: When I wake up I wash my face and slather on the sunscreen/moisturizer which is a necessity when in Florida with harsh sun year round.

Charlotte McKinney model health secrets

Charlotte McKinney model health secrets

| In your purse? |

CM: In my purse I’m always prepared with hand sanitizer ( total germ-a-phobe ), my daily vitamins, lip gloss, & sunglasses- all my necessities when running around town from castings to the beach.

| Naughty indulgence? |

CM: My naughty indulgence is anything chocolate!! Lately, my favorite thing is lava cake I can’t get enough! Nobu has the best!

| Quick, easy recipe |

CM: When I’m craving something sweet after dinner & need to limit my lava cake intake, I make this quick banana ice cream recipe. It pleases my sweet tooth and totally tastes like real soft serve ice cream ( obsessed! ):

+ 2 frozen bananas, sliced

+ 1 tablespoon almond butter

+ 1 tablespoon of cacao powder

Directions: put the frozen banana slices in a food processor and pulse. After a few minutes of stopping to scrape the sides down, the banana begins to blend into a creamy texture. When the banana looks like whipped ice cream, you can add your mix-ins like almond/peanut butter and/or cocoa powder, chocolate chips, raspberries, anything goes! Straight out of the food processor, the ice cream is like soft serve. You can also freeze it for a firmer texture.

+ To follow Charlotte on Instagram, click here.

Charlotte McKinney model health secrets

Why I’m CRAZY About SPF {!!!}


Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks all about sunscreen and how to avoid the sun.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks all about sunscreen and how to avoid the sun.

Hi. I’m Lauryn and I’m a SPF addict. A total bat-shit crazy, sunscreen psycho.


1.} I paid to get my windows tinted. Not to be cool. Nope, nope. This isn’t a I’m-too-cool-for-school-so-I-black-out-my-windows-like-rapper situation. It’s to protect my hands & chest area from the sun.

2.} There’s a trucker hat in my oversized purse. I use it daily.

3.} I put SPF on my hands, fingers, chest, face, neck…everyday.

4.} Like, it’s so bad I won’t even let my boyfriend open the sunroof.

5.} I asked my vet if there’s sunscreen for dogs. Pixy desperately needs it- she’s a total sun worshiper.

6.} I’m petrified of UV lights at the DMV, underground offices, &/or super markets.

7.} I use a SPF protector on my hair. Because yes, the sun is harmful for hair too.

8.} I’d rather die than go in a tanning bed.

9.} My sunglasses cover my whole face. Literally.

I’m seriously, serious.

The sun scares the shit out of me.

Why am I so psycho?

Instead of giving you a long, huge explanation, let me just break it down quickly:


Skin cancer.



Fine lines.

Sallowness ( a yellow discoloration of the skin ).

Benign tumors.

The destruction of collagen— buh-bye youth!


Don’t worry, even if you protect your bod from the sun you’ll still get a daily dose of Vitamin D. AKA when you’re getting in and out of the car, walking to the mailbox, &/or opening windows in your house.

Recommendations: I’m OBSESSED with Colorescience’s powdered, colored sunscreen called ‘Sunforgettable’. I literally swear by it. It’s a TOTAL game changer. Once you try it, you’ll fall in love. However, when I’m applying makeup I’ll also use this SPF tinted foundation. For my hands/arms/neck/chest/etc., this all-natural brand is my favorite.

Lather up!


P.S. I’m not saying never lay out again- just take proper precautions. Wear a hat, tons of SPF, and body sunscreen ; )!