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Say Buh-Bye To Nasty-Ass Soda…Homemade 10 Second Sprite!!!

Wanna know a secret? I drink “Sprite” at least five nights a week. But it’s not real Sprite. EWWW! Sick! Gag/barf/throw!!!

Mini DeLites

{ The best handbag lotions } { A new print on my bathroom wall by Anewall } Last night I had a dinner party at my house

Zinnngg! Day Two Juice Cleanse Update

Heyyyyyy. I’m buzzing with energy. Still feeling fantastic..despite having to deal with moving. Honestly? I’m probably the worst packer on

Kiwi: Horrendous on the Outside, Gorg on the Inside

Poor kiwi. It sits between the shiny red apples, plump blueberries, & ripe raspberries and totally gets ignored. BIG.BIG.BIG. mistake.

Fruit Scrambled Eggs {{w/ TONS of Protein & Fiber}}

Ready for this little dime? Fruit.scrambled.eggs. I know, I know. Odd combo. But trust me, it’s like having a party

Skinnista of the Month: Undressed Skeleton’s, Miss Taralynn McNitt

[ Healthy version of Poptarts by Taralynn ] Pretttttty excited to introduce you all to this little lady. Not only

Since You’ll Most Likely be Rocking a Bikini Tomorrow, Make this Healthy 4th of July Snack

Instead of stuffing your face with shit on the Fourth of July, why not add a nutritious snack to the

Make Your Own Healthy Jam in Five Seconds

These blog is all about eating what you love with slight modifications. I have all these weird, odd food tricks

Shrink Your Muffin Top for Summer

In the latest issue of US Weekly they did an article on “Foods That Whittle Your Middle,” which I wanted

The Best AM Energy Booster: Greens First Wellness Shakes

My new obsession: Greens First Wellness Shakes. I am not normally a big advocate of powder, I tend to like

Healthy Bitch Daily Collaboration

[ Smart fruit choice: watermelon; it’s 90% water ] Are you a healthy bitch? I certainly am. One of my

Spicy Homemade Hot Chocolate

[ Mine: orange straw w/ light marshmallows & Michael’s: pink straw w/ heavy marshmallows ] Everyone has weird things that

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