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Mini DeLites | Family & Glitter Spiders

[ Ze fam-zy <3 { shop: boots– on SALE!, black pants, shirt [ similar ] } ] [ Creepy, crawly

Soda: The Disgusting Drink that Does Nothing For You

I hate.hate.hate soda. In my opinion, it’s the most unhealthy beverage ever. A tip for kicking a poisonous soda habit:

Pretty, Pink Lemonade

Starbucks iced passion fruit tea + green tea = my latest obsession. A few weeks ago I passed my Proformer

My Fitness + Health Story

Some of you have asked about my fitness/health story…Don’t worry, I won’t write a full-blown biography. I’ll make it quick

Sicko, Disgusting Airport Food: How to Avoid it At All Costs

[ Pineapple chunks & a shredded carrot salad ] [ Veggies + cheese + grapes + hummus ] Man oh

My Workout Group Does the 3-Day Juice Cleanse

[ Tea choice for Day 1: a Starbucks iced green tea, with light water + 2 splashes of passion, no

FAQ: Addressing All Your 3-Day Juice Cleanse Questions

Let me just say I am thoroughly impressed with all of you. I am so excited at the amount of

Q & A

Dear Fabulous, Healthy, Beautiful Reader: In this post, I am attempting to answer all your frequently asked questions. It’s really

Tea Time Perks

[ Starbucks iced green tea w/ a splash of passionfruit tea & a dash of Truvia ] After reading an

Glitz & Cocktails

[ New Year’s Eve sparkly jewelry ] [ Pedi & mani color choices ] [ With my friend, Stephen [[

Mini DeLites + Resolutions

[ Starbucks Create Jobs for USA bracelet ] Although I can reflect on 2011 with contentment, I am almost impatient

Starbucks Goodies

Starbucks is so helpful when I am in a pinch & need a quick bite to eat. I am on

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