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The Latest, BADDEST Playlist You Need To Be Listening To

YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND. & according to Twitter & Snapchat messages, you want more music. I’m lucky when it

The Same Penis Forever Playlist

The sign really popped out of the bushes all weekend, you know. Front & center, it read: SAME PENIS FOREVER.

A New Bougie Bossanova Playlist

THERE IS NOTHING I LOVE MORE THAN A GOOD PLAYLIST. So step into my world: a brand new, very Skinny

GIVEAWAY…& Let’s Talk Fitness Playlists

As you guys know I am a HUGE fan of sharing playlists with you guys!! Ever since I created The


I know, I know, I’m distracted over this kitten tumbler too. Dying right? Been drinking my AM smoothie out of it

TSConf ‘Sweat the Holiday Cookies Off Your Ass’ Playlist

Can we talk about my rose gold/white leather headphones? Like, can I sew these to my face? Soooo cute, right?

The Skinny Confidential Champagne/Dance Party Playlist

Jordan & I have created another sexy, little workout playlist! This list of tunes can be used while you’re working

The Skinny Confidential Kick Yo Ass Into Gear After Thanksgiving Playlist

Hiiiiii lovahhhs! Jordan & I are at it again! We just added our latest fitness playlist to Spotify. Get excited. Anndddddd

The Skinny Confidential does Europe Playlist

Since I met up with Jordan in Europe [ & we did our fair share of partying- Tiësto at Pacha was

The Skinny Confidential Summer Workout Playlist

[ The lovely Jordan & I with our friend Jeff ] Heyyyyyyyy beach bunnies! Summertime is around the corner, so

Mini DeLites

[ A blood orange mimosa @ Tower 23 ] Sometimes I feel like I have a slight case of OCD.

The Skinny Confidential Workout Playlist

Let’s be honest, the worst thing ever is working out with incredibly dull or outdated music. I personally need motivating

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