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Everything You Need To Know About IV THERAPY

IV THERAPY. THAT’S RIGHT, today we’re chatting with the expert Dr. Aliza Cicerone from Spark Health to get all of

Core40 Lover & Professional Model: Carrie Lagree

Core40 Pilates has changed my life! Not only do I take the workout, but I’ve taught it too. The genius creator,

My Favorite Workout: Core40 Pilates

Can I say that I die over this workout? Die= I & also meaning it’s incredibly hard…in all the

My Workout Group’s Fitness Tips + Day 2 Cleanse Update

Since we’re doing the cleanse together, I found it fitting to interview my favorite girls who I workout with on

Talking Yoga & Green Drinks with Jeanette Pearson from Haute Yoga

When I practice yoga, I take Jeanette’s class. Not only is she a challenging teacher, she has taught me how

Bye-Bye Blubber!

[ Arms & abs: elevated push-ups ] [ Arms & back: WLT’s ] With all of the DIY-at-home-workouts available, there’s

Weekly Workout Schedule

[ A fitness shoot for Altec Lansing headphones ] Let’s be clear: I.Hate.To.Run. It’s one of those situations where a

Sculpt Pilates Plus SPX

[ Sculpt Pilates Plus SPX in Solana Beach ] [ Ashley Pelton in teaser/side plank] I can always count on

Pure Barre Exercise in Solana Beach

Pure Barre’s motto is “lift, tone & burn” & it certainly follows through with its promise. I attend the class

Hair of the Dog [& Oatmeal Pancakes]

Claire’s on Cedros in Solana Beach has become my favorite weekend brunch & lunch spot. Their fresh berries, multi-grain, oatmeal pancakes

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