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Why You Should Wear Sunscreen On Your Eyelids

September 5, 2017

keep your eyes out of the sun | by the skinny confidential

{ graphic: Bianca Cash }

Ok this is a real weird post, but like what’s new with that- you know?

If we’re going to get bizarre, this is the place to do it!

So that my friends, is why I am going to campaign about the importance of sunscreen on the eyelids.


That’s right, like your eye LIDS. But you can close them before you apply- don’t worry you don’t need sunscreen on your eyes, I haven’t gotten that crazy. Also you should probably note it’s super important to make sure you get a sunscreen that doesn’t make your eyes sting.

( We all know there’s NOTHING ( nothing though? ) worse than applying sunscreen or cc cream & having your eyes water for hours. It stings, it burns, & it’s just not comfortable in any way. You know what I mean, right? When you apply sunscreen or foundation & your eyes hurt. It’s just not fun. I now avoid that annoyance. How? Well I tried about 8 million sunscreens AND BELIEVE I FOUND THE ONE. It’s kind of like marriage- you have to keep testing until you find THE ONE. This one NEVER hurts MY eyes. I capitalize MY because it works for me- everyone is different. You have to test things out before you fully commit. So be sure to test a little on your hand first, move to your face, & then go all in with the eye lids. Shamelessly, I apply my 50 SPF on my face, neck, hands, AND eye lids with a beautyBlender. The kind I prefer glides on perfectly with a dewey ( AKA REAL DIRTY ) beautyBlender. I don’t know, there’s something about it that just goes on better. Also you should know it’s caffeinated so it tightens the skin- just another plus for ya ).

OK so we went off on a tangent there- let’s get back to the point of this post: EYE LIDS. “Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body. Your eyelids and the skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your face ( up to 10% thinner than skin in other areas ) and least resilient in general, which means that it is very vulnerable to UV damage.

Like many others, I unknowingly assumed that my eyes and their surrounding skin were being protected from UV rays by my sunglasses. I learned that this is only partially true! The effectiveness of protection against UV rays provided by sunglasses depends on many factors which are not standardized, like the size and shape of the glasses.

After learning that my sunglasses were not protecting me from UV rays in the way I thought they were, I began researching to understand more about how to properly protect my eyes and the area around them. I realized that the most important thing for me to do was to find an effective sunscreen which will not cause irritation to my sensitive skin and that I can wear around my eyes every day.” { VIA }.

A BIG mistake: is no sunscreen on eyes & then falling asleep in the sun. Raise your hand if this has happened to you?!

Um SO much YES? PLEASE: use sunscreen on your eye lids!!

( ANOTHER side note: I also apply my favorite caffeine sunscreen lightly to my lips. As you can see, I don’t fuck around when it comes to my skin. I’m just very much about protecting my skin from the sun & keeping the whole anti-aging theme going. Even MORE importantly, I’m about being a role model for YOU GUYS or readers who are in their early 20’s. “A sunscreen role model” it will say on my grave stone. Like think of me crying when you’re baking in the sun. I’m like your mom but more annoying. Wear your visors GUYS!! ).


Speaking of visors– can we talk about the new visor I just got? I don’t know maybe you’ve seen it? On your 92-year-old next door neighbor? Or perhaps you’ve seen the lady at your local greenhouse wearing it? Possibly even on your very single 10th grade camp counselor who was most likely carrying a clipboard, being a busy body, wearing jorts?

Well NOW I TOO AM THE PROUD OWNER of the most obnoxious hat on the planet.

This hat was inspired by a beautiful woman I saw running. We struck up a conversation & she showed me the side of her neck. There was a ton of sun damage. She told me the damage immediately made her feel older & even scared ( because skin cancer! ). Then she went on to say she failed to pay attention to her neck her entire life. I’m telling you her neck was a completely different age than her face. Like sure, she protected her face her entire life…but she neglected her neck. HENCE THE INSPIRATION BEHIND MY NEW VISOR. Because this visor protects not only your face & neck guys, it protects your chest too! So instead of calling this ‘the old person’s visor’ let’s go ahead & call it ‘TSC anti-aging visor.’ I’ll accept awards when we are all 100.

::waits patiently::

Anyway, back to eye lids. Please wear sunscreen on your eye lids. It will eliminate wrinkles, skin cancer, brown spots, the works! Keep me updated on how it works for you!

…& get your ‘TSC-ish anti-aging visors.’ They’re not expensive- & YES, people will stare at you BUT you will be protected from the sun so who cares? I don’t. Well you know that- there’s nothing I love more than to embarrass Michael in the most obnoxious hat in the world.

Happy Saturday, lauryn x

+ for those of you who reached out about animal donations in Houston: THANK YOU. I am putting together something fun for TSC Community. In the meantime, check out THIS SITE to donate- a lovely reader sent the info to me. Shoutout to Trista Granberry for sending me the info. AND I appreciate ALL of your recommendations. Stay tuned. x

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How To Make Face Bloat Magically Disappear…Thank God

November 15, 2017

Well, hi, hello! BONJOUR!

We are in France ( St. Tropez, specifically! ) for a little work…& A LOT of play. As I said on Instagram: Michael & I have a crush on the South of France. The people, the energy, & man oh man the food. So we decided to say FUCK IT & come live here for a month. We started in Monte Carlo, then Antibes, & Cannes for a few days. Now we are in a rented house in St. Tropez for a month- we are doing a revolving door where a bunch of our friends & family come visit to share the experience. SO you can expect a bunch of comedy…experience is everything! “To roam the roads of lands remote, TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE.” Would LOVE any of your recommendations! You guys have been DM-ing some amazing recs but if you have more share, share! And of course, you know I’ll be snapping Susan’s craziness because YOU KNOW HE IS QUITE THE PLANNER.

The pasta here is unreal- it’s that good that it needs it’s notable mention. It’s always filled with all my movie star players: lemon, butter, basil, olive oil, garlic, cheese, sea salt ( sometimes a little chili flakes ). I’m very much good with that combo if I’m ever on Death Row. Pair it with some dry, crisp wine & we’re set. Speaking of pasta…& wine, it makes you fucking bloated.

Real bloated.

Which is one of the main reasons I always eat half AND for every alcoholic beverage, I drink a huge-ass glass of water or a cup of peppermint tea ( << which I swear helps so well with a hangover ).

When I’m in France I typically lose weight because I’m walking everywhere & simply don’t eat as much. I feel like it has to do with the humid weather & the fact that the food isn’t filled with chemicals. HOWEVER your face DOES bloat. I attribute that to travel, the plane, dehydration, & maybe overindulging in pasta & wine…( can I live? ).

So if you’re going to ask someone about face bloating, you came to the right place.

You know me! After a horrific double jaw surgery, I know my shit when it comes to face bloating. But really, if you were swollen for two years – you’d be an expert too.

You have to watch the video first.

I’m so versed in facial swelling, I could write a book on the topic.

Let’s go even further: I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while. So, so long. I kept wanting to film a video but I haven’t gotten around to it- but I will, I will. The video will really break it down for you.


Anyway, a few things: there’s a few ways to go about facial massage. 1.) You can do it for free! This is what the video will be on. 2.) You can get a little handheld machine. I love mine! Sure, I have a facial brush but this is different guys. This is like a vibrator for your face. In fact, it sounds like a vibrator, kind of looks like one, maybe you could even…oh, we’re getting off track here. But it’s very efficient. 3.) Lastly you can also do what I always do: the second I land off a long flight, I haul my ass to the closet spa & get a lymphatic drainage massage. This works like a REAL charm. You go from swollen, Sloth from The Goonies to beauty pageant status.

We will touch on all three ways.

Way 1.) this needs to begin with a huge shout out to my makeup artist & friend, Jules Wick. Jules told me to watch this YouTube video when I was feeling EXTRA swollen in NYC. No joke, I spent 20 minutes doing the whole video & FELT 239743247 X better. So I swear by facial massage- I can’t even put makeup on without doing it now. Michael knows to give me an extra 10 minutes, at least, to do my everyday facial massage. It’s a thing now. I will do a video of how I do it ( maybe even on Snapchat or IG Stories ) to show you how easy & free it is. Warning: after you do this once, you will never go back to putting makeup on a bloated face. What happens here is it kind of drains the lymph system while rubbing out fine lines & wrinkles. I work A LOT around the eye area. A lot of people with dark circles or puffy eyes want filler- I’m telling you, you don’t even need it if you become a regular facial massager like me!

Next up, way 2.) this is something I’ve been experimenting with long enough to confidently say: IT WORKS. I’ve said once & I’ll say it again- I really don’t like blogging about anything until I’ve tried it a lot. The integrity of The Skinny Confidential is important to me so I don’t want to half-ass recommend something that isn’t worth. This little vibrating machine, is worth it. It’s not cheap- but I love it. This is the kind of investment I like. Some girls like their Louboutins, I like my facial massager. I’d rather have a tight, wrinkle-free face than cute shoes. But that’s just me. If you’re out there wondering how to get this device, ask for one for Christmas. By the way, this is not sponsored- just sincerely all about this massager. You go in little circles all over your face. I like to apply this organic oil before I do it. Always use it before you apply makeup & really concentrate around the eyes so you don’t have those puffy under circles. I go as far as to do my neck because it really helps with the lymphatic system. Even my chest sometimes- I’ll apply Vitamin C serum & use it on my chest at night. Regardless, it wakes you up & gets the circulation going. You will feel dewier, tighter, younger, etc.

To go further here, the device is described as: “a micro-firming massage device that smooths the look of fine lines and wrinkles, boosts the absorption of your daily skin care products, and with 27,000 micro-firming massages per use, delivers a pleasurable ‘spa-like experience.”

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS. For all of you who are regular readers, this is something you will all DIE OVER. One of those products, that’s a real win.

And last but not least, lymphatic drainage facial. Ask for one next time you get off a flight & you just won’t believe the results. They’re so fabulous. Have the facialist go down your neck too. Full transparency: sometimes this requires a little explanation. You need to tell them you want a lympathic drainage facial that helps fight bloat because you’ve been traveling. Also let them know you’re dehydrated because after a lot of travel you most likely are dried out. And lastly, tell them you’d love it if they also focused on your neck/chest. If you can’t tell, I never neglect my neck, chest, & hands. Paying attention to the face is great, but aging happens everywhere so PREVENTION IS KEY.

And that my friends is why I like facial massage. PREVENTATIVE MEASURES. BE PROACTIVE. NIP THAT SHIT IN THE BUD.

Don’t wait until you’re 50- prevent the wrinkles from happening.

If you can’t tell, SKIN IS IN. My skin is a priority. I take care of it every single day, a few times a day. It’s sort of like fitness but for skin. Wash your makeup off, wear SPF everywhere, do your facial massage, invest in a brightening serum ( remember we talked about this! ), & use your oils.

To be real if I can do one thing with The Skinny Confidential it’s to be a skin role model- I’m on a mission.

Questions? Happy to answer them- let me know below.

In the meantime, would you like a video on facial massage? I can do a mean finger facial massage. Ok, that sounds sexual?

We are off to Le Club 55 to enjoy some prosciutto & melon which I’m 100% sure will most likely swell my face up…thank God for facial massage.

Chat tomorrow, lauryn x

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast with fitness guru, Kim Kelly. She is so savvy when it comes to working out & moving your ass!

++ for jet lag tips, check out Michael’s post– he knows his shit!


Lauryn’s MVP’s For Skin Care:


March 18, 2017

TECH-NECK-by-the-skinny-confidential-4c TECH NECK | by the skinny confidential 7

Oh me, oh my. If you’re like me you have a little something called TECH NECK.

Never heard of it? Well, it’s real. And the struggle is REAL, real.

So many women forget that the first place we age is the neck. And guess what? The cell phone sitch is REALLY not helping. I mean it’s making it so much worse than it has to be, you know? Now instead of being hunched over the computer like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, we’re crouched over our cell phones. All of us.

Like SELF Magazine says, “carpal tunnel is SO five years ago.”

So ya, now TECH NECK is everywhere.

What exactly is it?

According to Florida chiropractor Dean L. Fishman, D.C.: “it’s an overuse syndrome or a repetitive stress injury, where you have your head hung forward and down looking at your mobile device for extended periods of time,” he explains. “Don’t get me wrong: I love technology, but this is a global epidemic not just from texting, but from using all sorts of wireless media.”

Well, UGH. Another day, another discovery.

Sometimes TECH NECK will give headaches, shoulder/neck pain, & increased curvature in the spine.

But good news: I feel like I’m ahead of the curve here. Only because I am CONSTANTLY on my phone for work though. I noticed little lines on my neck a while ago & recognized the importance of fixing this QUICKLY.

TECH NECK | by the skinny confidential 8

Here are 3 easy tips anyone & everyone can do. Ready? K:

1.) Exercises. That’s right. I’ve actually been talking about neck exercises since 2012…remember this post on “how to get rid of your turkey hanger?” We talked about how important it is to stretch your neck.

The best one in my opinion is BABY COBRA. Try it now, you can do it anywhere:

1. Begin by lying face down on the floor with your legs extended behind you. Keep your legs down and position your hands directly under your shoulders.

2. Keep your chin tucked, looking down on the floor, then slowly take your hands off the ground and squeeze your shoulder blades together.

3. Lower your upper body while staying in that position, then raise up and contract your glutes. Do this motion 10 times.

I’ve been so into yoga lately & I feel like it’s REALLY helping with my tech neck. Yoga has opened me up ( literally & figuratively ). Seriously I cannot say enough good things about the practice. I like non-heated yoga because I find a heated room VERY distracting. Yoga flow is more my style. Recently I’ve noticed my posture improving from taking my bi-weekly yoga class.

If you can, I love a good chiropractor too. He’s constantly stretching my back & it relieves a lot of neck pain. My chiropractor loves giving me at-home exercises to open up and prevent that hunched over look.

2.) Tip two is one I discovered recently. As you guys know I try a lot, a lot of products. Constantly the human guinea pig because I’m on the hunt to discover the best of best. This new skincare brand, NIA, sent me some of their products to try. First off, I immediately liked their branding…why? Well NIA stands for NOT INTO AGING. Yes plz.

Secondly the product is created for millennials, by millennials for millennial skin. ANOTHER YES PLZ.

The goal of the brand is focus on situational issues…AKA tech neck.

TECH NECK | by the skinny confidential 5

They get it. Our lifestyle involves the phone. So instead of telling us to get off the phone, they have a little solution: TECH NECK LINE SMOOTHER.

This is a perfect serum ( I love a serum ) packaged in an on-the-go massage roller ( I also love a roller ). Basically you just roll it on your neck to firm & smooth the skin. It helps get rid of those pesky tech neck lines we’re all trying to avoid.

For the record I also tried their serum for the face & really liked it too. It was great for hydration & to smooth lines. Another fave ( if you’re on the market for a new mask ) was their whipped clay peel-off mask. Very into it because it’s a FOAM mask. It comes out of the bottle as this mousse ( like hair mousse consistency ) & you rub it on your face to draw dirt out of the skin. Here’s what I did the other day: I put the mask all over my face AND NECK & then after I washed it off, I used the tech neck serum. Using a mask on your neck is normal right? If not, I’m on a mission to make it cool.

Don’t forget about your neck!

You can find all these products at Ulta Beauty…be careful though there are SO many good finds at Ulta you may…hate me?

3.) Lastly, you know what I’m going to say here: sunscreen & a hat! Here’s the thing: prevention is KEY. If you have the option to keep your neck out of the sun- DO IT. I feel like the sun only makes my tech neck horizontal lines worse so I make it my MISSION daily to avoid the sun by using caffeinated sunscreen & rocking a hat…every single day. Kind of absurd, but so important.
Doing this makes all the difference & it’s so anti-aging in general.

Is anyone else with me here?

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡

TECH NECK | by the skinny confidential 2


With that, I’m off to rub some neck serum on my neck & chest and watch the latest episode of Real Housewives Beverly Hills ( living for Dorit’s outfits this season ).

Are you guys into taking care of your neck? The sooner, the BETTER. You know how I love prevention…; )

Happy Tuesday!

X lauryn

+ DEFINITELY listen to the latest episode of TSC Podcast. LadyGang is on…we talk laser, vaginas, spray tans, fake hair, skincare, etc. 

++ palm print PJ’s ( << similar ).

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TECH NECK | by the skinny confidential 3


Getting Rid Of That Mustache AKA Brown Spots

November 17, 2016

secret wedding weapon | by the skinny confidential

Hi, hi, hi!

Ahhh, fresh off the plane from our wedding & before I dive right into all the DETAILS ( I can assure you there are 6 to 7 million ), I wanted to share some randomness with you.

Ok so as we know I’ve struggled ( STRUGGLED ) with ‘Mustache Syndrome.’

What’s ‘Mustache Syndrome’ you ask?

Well it’s when you have a mustache. But there’s no hair.

Yes that’s right there’s just like a brown shadow.

No girl wants a brown shadow haunting their upper lip everyday.

I mean, hands anyone?

::: CRICKETS :::

Before I got married, I got fucking serious on my mustache.

I was just over it. LIKE go away.

There’s a couple different techniques I tried but what’s crazy is the one that worked WAS THE MOST SIMPLE OF THEM ALL. Allow me to introduce you to my favorite skin brightener on the planet: Eminence Organics Bright Skin Licorice Root Booster-Serum.

Here’s the thing: my skincare regimen is so simple, it’s almost painful how simple it is.

It involves a lot of rose hip or avocado oil ( I switch it up ), & this serum. If I have a zit, that’s a different story. But to be real I don’t get a lot of zits because I don’t overdo it on the product.

I’m a BIG, BIG BELIEVER that LESS IS MORE when it comes to our skin.

Oils have changed my life.

They fight fine lines, wrinkles, remove my makeup ( I HATE MAKEUP REMOVER LATELY ), & keep my skin moist ( for lack of a better word ?? ).

They’re game-changing.

This is the rose hip oil I like & this is the avocado oil I like. Both are pure, unrefined, & organic. I just use it in the morning before applying makeup and at night to remove makeup & then after the makeup is removed.

BUT there’s been another secret weapon.

First off, all of you should know that this is not sponsored.

I just really, REALLY love this product.

So much so that I’ve been dying to recommend it to you because it works better than anything.

I use this like 6 times a week in place of oil. Switch it up.

If you’ve read TSC Book you know I wash my skin with a bar of all-natural soap. Easy, painless, quick.

Then I apply either oil or this skin brighter.

A while ago I read the book The French Beauty Solution and they SWORE every girl in the world should have a god serum.

Serums are so underrated ( just like my poor oils ). A serum & oil are my recommendations 100% if you’re looking for clean, one-toned, glowy, dewy skin.

I’m getting off track but seriously SERUMS. This brightener is a serum. And the best I’ve tried. Plus it’s organic. The line, Eminence is my favorite too. Such great products.

So 6 months before the wedding I started using this serum about 6 times a week AND WHEN MY WEDDING CAME AROUND THE MOUSTACHE WAS GONE.


I really didn’t want to do a brown moment while walking down the aisle, so this was incredibly ideal.

If you’re struggling with a brown mustache…or perhaps you have a brown spotted forehead ( I’ve been there too ), try this. PLEASE.

You will not be sorry.

I’ve actually been so excited to come back & do this post because if there’s one thing about The Skinny Confidential it’s that I want to provide value. Things that work. Things that aren’t 23948723987429 dollars. Things that anyone can use with insane results.

And well, this product is SO, SO TSC.

Every girl should own it. It’s $44 dollars, works, & makes the skin feel amazing.

I highly recommend getting a raw, cold-pressed oil & trying these two together with an all-natural bar of soap. Right now I’m obsessed with this goats milk & honey soap. Really, it smells like graham crackers…WHAT IS BETTER?

Of course, I also love my AM collagen eye pads.

Other than that I feel like my routine is very low maintenance. It’s not hard. It takes about 30 seconds in the AM, 30 seconds in the PM.

& for any lucky bitches that don’t have mustaches, you’ll still want this serum because it brightens.

By the way: I’ve found to avoid coconut oil on the face. My girlfriend, Erica, told me that it clogs the pores because of its thick consistency. So stick with avo or rose hip & you’re golden.

LASTLY: I will be Snapchatting my 30-second nightly skincare routine this week so make sure you’re following along! I want to make sure I’m showing you guys the exact breakdown. Username is @laurynevarts.

Ok SO in the upcoming weeks you can expect A LOT OF BRIDAL, WEDDING, CABO posts. BUT no fear, this isn’t turning into a full-on wedding blog. Like I don’t want to make you projectile vomit. Don’t want to overdo it on the couples thing. Just want to showcase the details in a pretty, valuable way!

I’ll sprinkle in other tips, tricks, recipes, & randomness & come mid December things will go back to normal. Good?

Ok, I’m off to enjoy a bun-less burger, extra avocado, with lettuce/tomato/sliced jalapeño AND some fries sans mustache.

Michael & I are overwhelmed with all your incredible wedding messages— honestly the wedding week wouldn’t have been the same without having you guys along for the ride. Fucking best readers EVER.

WE LOVE YOU, lauryn x

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast. My best friend, Steve, is on & a lot of you guys have asked about his calendar advice ( remember this post? ). He’s sharing all his tips & tricks that have saved my life. We’re also kind of talking wedding!! Happy listening.

++ two new posts are live on TSC App too: tips for fighting a hangover AND how to fight anxiety. ENJOY!

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Getting Ready ♥

March 22, 2017

elizabeth arden | by the skinny confidentialelizabeth arden | by the skinny confidentialelizabeth arden | by the skinny confidential

When I’m not completely crazed & have some time to actually put some effort into getting ready, I like to make it an experience.

Like a pretty, girly, glamorous experience.

This incredibly girly experience involves: French jazz, candles, CHAMPAGNE & ROSE GUMMY BEARS (I swear they’re in every room in my house), lots of makeup, Pixy, the right skin products, & pink champagne.

Seriously though, getting ready for a night out is so much more relaxing & fun this way.

Instead of feeling rushed out the door ( ahem, Michael— you guys know from Snapchat that he LOVES to rush me out the door ), I get to really enjoy the process of prepping for a night out.

I will start a lavender bubble bath & turn on some relaxing music. GIRL TIME. If I’m feeling crazy, I will even wash my hair ( this is so rare though, it’s kind of pathetic ). Post shower, I dim the lights & start my pampered experience.

Oh, & by the way, if you’re drinking champagne while prepping you NEED ( like need, need ) to have a bowl of champagne/rose gummy bears close by. They go together like peanut butter & jelly. Trust me on this one.

elizabeth arden | by the skinny confidential

elizabeth arden 4 | by the skinny confidential

Which brings me to my next step: skin care. You guys already know about my skincare ( I blogged about it here  & here ). As you know, I use Elizabeth Arden’s SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster & PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Daily Serum ( these go together like champagne & gummy bears too— they’re just the ideal pair ). SUPERSTART holistically restores the healthy appearance of skin’s surface layer and boosts the effectiveness of your skincare products while giving it a plump, dewey look & makes my skin feel radiant.

I first apply SUPERSTART to my skin and then I layer on my PREVAGE® serum before putting makeup on & I ALWAYS make sure to put it on my neck. Can I just say that I’m SUCH a neck freak. Protecting the integrity of my neck & hands is JUST as important to me as protecting my face.

SUPERSTART has a probiotic complex in it ( you guys know how I feel about probiotics ) so it’s very fitting for me. PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Daily Serum reduces the look of wrinkles, sun damage, & uneven skin texture ( goodbye mustache! ).

When it comes to applying makeup, I prefer to take my time.

This definitely involves blending, contouring, fake eyelashes, & maybe a little lip brushing. If I’m going out, I really step it up a notch on the whole makeup look because typically during the day I just wear sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, & some brow powder.

elizabeth arden 2 | by the skinny confidentialelizabeth arden 6 | by the skinny confidential

Also, when I have an extra 1/2 hour to get ready, I’ll straighten my hair, put frozen cucumbers over my eyes pre-makeup, add a top coat of clear nail polish to my nails, slather my body in coconut oil, & hell, maybe even get CRAZY & shave my legs ( shaving is the most annoying thing ever ).

And obviously this whole process is much more fun with a little bubbly & champagne gummy bears.

Is anyone else with me on this: having actual time to get ready is kind of, sort of fun?

…Even though, for me, it happens rarely because of Michael’s ‘let’s go, we got to go, we’re running late’ Panicky Susan personality.

x lauryn

+ red dress avail here.

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elizabeth arden 3 | by the skinny confidential