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Online Sales I’m Shopping From Bed

August 14, 2017

The Skinny Confidential talks sales.

Oh hey, just me, propped up in bed watching Orange is the New Black…& SHOPPING.

Online, that is.

I feel like online shopping is just the way to go. Let’s be honest, going to the mall trying on clothes under the dreadful dressing room lighting is annoying.

Especially when you could be in bed shopping amazing sales with chihuahuas & flag cake.

And since I have no choice this year but to lay in bed, I’ve found the best sales on the planet for you ( …& me ). Basically I’ve had a lot of time on my hands this year to become your very own personal shopper, lol.

Ok, ta-da:

The Skinny Confidential talks sales.

The holiday hottest sales ( click pics to shop ):

Forever 21:


Nasty Gal:

Singer 22 ( site wide | code: FREEDOM2015 ):

* most of these sale go through 7/8.

I’m especially excited about the Nasty Gal sale because I’ve been eyeing this black blazer for the last million years ( kidding, but seriously I’ve wanted it FOREVER— it’s chic, fitted, & timeless ). Going to pair it with a black choker, white tee, black skinny jeans, & super high pumps. Also 30% off on Forever gets me all giddy, but I feel like that gets any girl in the world giddy. All my F21 picks are buy one, get one free. YES.

Ok, I’m back to my really busy schedule of watching TV shows, reading, drinking smoothies, & healing.

Hope you’re all letting loose & relaxing in a cute-ass bikini with Kombucha cocktails. Jealous.

Happy 4th of July, xx lauryn

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The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and fashion.

Fall Workout Wear x A Some Amazing-Ass Sales

November 9, 2014

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and fashion.

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9

Fall is here!

Kinda though…San Diego is funny it’s like 87 million degrees— but ANYWAY!! Here’s what my workout wardrobe needs when it gets chillier:

1.} Sexy Grey Top: perfect for fall. Just perfect. And it’s uh, a cool $17 bucks. Meow.

2.} Navy Green Long Sleeve by Nancy Rose Performance: UGH, it’s stupid how much I live for the color navy green. This color is the BEST EVER. And how cool is the top?! I’d for sure wear this with all white Adidas tennis shoes.

3.} Teal Nikes: I AM IN LOVEEEE with these babies. They’re so cute & would look perfect with a plain white tee, black leggings, and a fun headband.

4.} Bobby Socks: Lately I’ve been obsessed with wearing bobby socks over my workout pants. These ones are simple, to the point, & inexpensive.

5.} Black Zipper Pants by Delano: OMGGGG, can we talk about these black zipper pants?!!! Little zippers on the sides of workout pants is like, the best invention ever. So, so cute.

6.} Rad Baseball Cap: I saw this cap & was so excited. First off, it’s from one of my favorites, Forever 21 & would basically look with everything. I always keep my face out of the sun, so this reflective runner’s cap would be a perfect addition to my closet.

7.} Zella Purple Jacket: I feel like this is a fun/different color & really, really works well for brunettes. Even though I’m blonde I’d still rock this because of my love for thumbholes…LOLZ.

8.} Baseball Tee by MINT: I’m a fan of keeping it simple with staples. A baseball tee is always great for a casual day & I love throwing one over my workout top & pants.

9.} Black Thumbhole Jacket by Alala: I just got this & I can’t deal with how cute it is! The mesh thumbhole area is amazing. And who doesn’t like black on black for working out?

ALSO- YOU SHOULD KNOW THERE’S SOME BOMB-ASS SALES GOING ON RIGHT NOW! I’m especially obsessed with Madewell— they have the best jeans that don’t break the bank. Also, Singer22 & J.Crew? I’m in:

The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and fashion.

Madewell jeans || Singer22 flannel || J.Crew skirt

If you’re looking for more fall fashion tips, check out my latest guide on eBay!

DON’T FORGET!! When you’re shopping the sales, use the promo codes above! Sometimes I forget to enter the codes & curse out the computer after I’ve paid. SOOOoo annoying.

Happy shopping…& happy kinda-Fall!

xx, Lauryn

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Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, skinny blogger, and fashion blogger talks diet tricks and tips for quick weight loss.

The Q & A Fairy– !!!

August 19, 2016

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, skinny blogger, and fashion blogger talks diet tricks and tips for quick weight loss.

Oh hi.

I was not feelin’ so hot yesterday so I skipped yesterday’s post & gave myself some TLC : / !

Anyway since I can only respond to so many e-mails [ before I go nutso ] I figured I would answer some frequently asked quesies.

LMK if there’s more- – – just comment below & I’ll answer away.

+ What’s your health & fitness background?

Here’s my story. Ta da.

+ Tell me about a day of eating.

It changes on the reg. I love shocking my system- ya know, changing it up. Breakfast is usually a piece of sprouted raisin toast with berries [ I put the berries on the bread + a bit of butter ] & some tea. Snack is a banana. Then I have a cup of coffee with a splash of soy milk, cinnamon, & nutmeg. “Lunch” [ I say “lunch” because I don’t really eat three actual meals, I snack ] is cottage cheese with more berries & a salad or scrambled eggs with avocado, onions, & tomato slices. I usually have another snack like a protein shake or a fresh squeezed vegetable juice. I nibble on nuts, pineapple, a hard boiled egg, some light cheese, ‘0 calorie’ pasta + Rao’s sauce, &/or hummus w/ baby carrots. Dinner is a protein patty or Boca burger sans bun, maybe some wine, & a salad with protein. I usually stay away from meat though. Lots of water, water, & more water. But I also pick throughout the day. I’m a real picker ; ). Sometimes I pick at a some french fries/pasta/pizza, steal a few bites of dessert, or even eat a cranberry oatmeal cookie…GASP! Teeny, tiny portions work well for me throughout the day. I also modify everything.

+ What can I reach for when I’m having a sweet craving?

I’m obsessed with stuffing organic raspberries with dark chocolate chips ; ).

+ What makeup do you use?

I promise {!!!} a post on this is comin’ soonnnnnn.

+ How do I get rid of belly fat?

PILATES! It’s changed my life. Also fuel your bod with the healthiest foods possible & drink TONS of water [ I swear it works! ].

+ Do you count calories?

If I’ve had a particularly bad week, I use MyFitnessPal. But usually, no. For more info, click here.

+ Do you have extensions?

No. I don’t know where they would go- my hair is normally one big dreadlock!! LMAO.

+ Where do you shop?

Nasty Gal, Brandy Melville, the flea market, Forever 21, LF, vintage stores, eBay, Singer22, Revolve Clothing, & my boyfriend’s closet [ ha! ].

+ Can you send me the cleanse instructions?

E-mail me at Lauryn@TheSkinnyConfidential.com for cleanse deets.

+ I want to start a blog- any tips?

Be consistent with your posts, provide beautiful photos, & let your personality shine through.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

No one wants to read a blog by someone who’s not being authentic. Blog about what you’re passionate about too! I mean, I could talk about health & fitness for days; find what you love. Blogging is A LOT of work, but it’s well worth it. I’ve met amaze people through TSC.

+ Where can I buy a ‘Sweat Like a Sex Kitten’ tee?

You can purchase this shirt by clicking here. Obsessedddddd.

{ More questions are answered here }


Mini DeLites: London

August 19, 2016

Lauryn Evarts, motivational fitness blogger shares healthy tips for staying slim and skinny.

[ A canon within the grounds of the Tower of London ]

Lauryn Evarts, motivational fitness blogger shares healthy tips for staying slim and skinny.

[ A vodka + muddled berry martini ]

Found my camera card…!

So! London was our last adventure before we came back to the US. The Tower of London was really special because I have a weird obsession with prisons & was dying to see the prisoner’s historical stomping grounds. Of course, the The Crown Jewels sparked my interest as well. I mean, what girl doesn’t want to wear a 530 carat tiara? Another memorable destination? The Caviar House Oyster Bar @ Harrod’s. This was recommended by my friend, Simone, because of my love of oysters & pink champagne. London was a lovely way to end the trip; I can’t wait to go back!

Recommendations from my London experience: for shopping, Harrod’s is a one stop shop. The food is quite Americanized in London, so you can’t go wrong with fruit, nuts, oysters, eggs, pasta, veggies, grilled chicken, &/or champagne. We stayed at a boutique hotel, The Milestone, were they served afternoon green tea + cranberry-filled crumpets w/ the freshest blueberry jam [ << can we do this in the US on the reg?! ]. Best dining experience: Sale e Pepe– amazing salads, charming ambience, & delicious, crisp white wines.

+ Thank you to those who had fabulous travel recommendations/suggestions- definitely used them : )) ! X.

Lauryn Evarts, motivational fitness blogger shares healthy tips for staying slim and skinny.

[ Some serious security @ Buckingham Palace ]

Lauryn Evarts, motivational fitness blogger shares healthy tips for staying slim and skinny.

[ The ever-so-charming Milestone Hotel ]

Lauryn Evarts, motivational fitness blogger shares healthy tips for staying slim and skinny.

[ The Tower of London ]

Lauryn Evarts, motivational fitness blogger shares healthy tips for staying slim and skinny.

[ In front of the Queen’s palace { click for: blue scarf, similar shirt, & JNB shark tooth necklace } ]