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October 20, 2017


As you know I had double jaw surgery…which was a real fucking ordeal.

Since I get so many e-mails about this unique surgery, I decided I’d do what I do best & lay it all on the line for you with a little video.

If you remember I was actually SWOLLEN AF for like two years. Ya, two years.

It screws with you- it’s something I haven’t really talked about but I thought it was important to share a peek behind the curtain of what was really happening. I’m finally in a place where I’m ready to open up & share the BTS with you.

Hopefully this helps anyone who’s been through a traumatic surgery. What I went through has definitely made me a more resilient person, HOWEVER it was not fun.

With that, I’ll let the video do the talking?


ICE ROLLER ( post here )


STRIPED PANTS ( similar )

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

corrective double jaw surgery experience | the skinny confidential

As for the foods I ate, let’s just say I drank A LOT of smoothies and the surgery made lose like 20 pounds because I couldn’t really eat. One of my favorite smoothie recipes can be found here.

Also, I do have to say the beauty tips I picked up post-surgery have been UNREAL. Like, nuts. The inflammation tricks are lifesaving after travel, a night of too much champagne, or dry weather. Lymphatic drainage has been one of the most eye-opening things EVER. Swollen? Bloated? Puffy? Try lymphatic drainage with ice therapy & be prepared to see results. Facial massage is really my best friend now. I can literally manipulate my face from being a swollen nightmare to more tight, taunt skin. A TSC reader actually wrote a book all about this & used me as a testimonial for lymphatic drainage- you can check out her book here. Nothing better than seeing a TSC reader HUSTLE.

OK SO if you have any questions about jaw surgery I really am happy to answer them all. In fact, it’s nice to help anyone who’s gone through this random surgery, LOL!

Has anyone else had a traumatic surgery? How did you deal? Any other inflammation tips?

I spent two days in Vegas & last night was back to LA for a work dinner. Will be spending all night getting unpacked, organized, & de-cluttering my inbox/life. Follow along on IG Stories or Snapchat to hang out.

Happy Wednesday, x lauryn

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast with author Ryan Holiday. HE IS JUST INCREDIBLE & SO SMART.

+ more posts on jaw surgery: recap of the surgery | after effects of the swelling.

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SUPER QUICK, Spicy Guacamole Recipe…Now All You Need Is a Cold Beer

October 3, 2017

homemade guacamole 9 | by the skinny confidential homemade guacamole 8 | by the skinny confidential

There’s nothing better than a fresh batch of guacamole.


Which is why I feel like guacamole needs its own stand out feature on The Skinny Confidential.

And not only is this a bomb-ass recipe, it’s also a bomb-ass recipe that takes like 5 seconds. Have to host a dinner party but have no time? I got you. Someone’s birthday? Bring this guac, you’ll be a real hit. Football Sunday? This guac needs to get involved. No football Sunday should be without guacamole.

This specific recipe is super quick. You can make this VERY FAST but it will taste like you worked real hard in the kitchen. This combo is usually ideal…right? I mean I’m not too fussy over spending hours cooking- I like fast.

Anyway, you can kind of tailor the spicy-ness to your needs. I mean we all know I like it to burn my mouth off so my jalapeño load is typically intense. And you guessed it: this recipe is filled with a lot of lemon.

AS FAR AS CHIPS: I like to do blue corn chips but I also like a low carb option. My friend, Mike, recommended I add endive lettuce leaves to the equation. Basically I have a bowl of chips & then I’ll have a plate of endive lettuce leaves laying out- my friends love it! Endive lettuce is the size of a chip & it’s very sturdy so it holds the guac ( salsa is good with it too ). Kind of has a crisp texture with a delicious flavor. PLUS it’s crunchy like a chip. YUM.

However…there IS a plot twist.

homemade guacamole 7 | by the skinny confidential

Wait for it…

Are you ready for the actual best guacamole tip ever?

Well, not just the best tip but the quickest tip.


If you don’t know what a guacamole starter is, are you even a real, true avocado fan? I mean I feel you can’t really be committed to the avocado fan club if you’re not using a guacamole starter.

But you know what’s even better than a guacamole starter? A SPICY guacamole starter.

The one I’m obsessed with is this one by What’s Gaby Cooking. Gaby is a friend of mine ( & was also a guest on TSC Podcast! )…BUT EVEN IF WE WEREN’T FRIENDS I WOULD STILL BE ADDICTED. It’s that good guys.

She describes it like this: “Whip up the ultimate guacamole with our starter from the kitchen of Gaby Dalkin, the inspiring food blogger behind What’s Gaby Cooking. Her signature recipe blends roasted tomatillos and poblano chiles with lime, garlic, jalapeños and chives – just combine the jar with five mashed avocados for the best-ever guacamole.”


( For the record her tomatillo sauce is OFF THE CHARTS as well. I eat it on my eggs with hot sauce all the time & whenever there are chips around, I become a total tomatillo crack addict. You can’t help yourself from eating a million chips covered in her sauce. REALLY THOUGH, I’M TELLING YOU- salty tortilla chips with the tomatillo sauce & a crisp light beer and life is good. This is one of those things that you try & then you’re like “oh I get it” ). 

homemade guacamole 4 | by the skinny confidential

Oh, ya…the recipe. Well it’s easy- see?


5 organic avocados
What’s Gaby Cooking’s Spicy Guac Starter
1/2 organic lemon
Chile flakes ( optional for an extra zing! )

+ directions: mash avocados, add the starter, squeeze lemon, & sprinkle chile flakes to taste…yes guys- it’s THAT easy. Grab a bowl of blue corn chips or endive lettuce pieces, crack a cold beer, & enjoy!

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡

I should mention it’s always fun to sex up your guac: you can always add mango for mango guac! Corn or tomatoes are a fun addition too. Sometimes I add cilantro too- BECAUSE YUM. True Foods does a kale/grapefruit guac, that I LOVE. That’s next on my list to try.

If you’re a guac lover: anything I’m missing? Anything I need to try? I love getting creative with avocados so get specific with your tips & tricks.

We’re off to Austin, Texas today for a podcast interview- in & out in a day & a half. Michael is already pacing because it’s 11:06 AM & he’s worried we will miss our 6 PM flight…? Perplexing.

Hope you all have a relaxing but productive weekend!

See you tomorrow, X lauryn

+ I love to support small businesses! The candle pictured is made by Standley’s Handcrafted Candles. their candles are fab- they smell DIVINE! The pink glasses with gold lining are made by Neptune Glasswork– they’re handblown & so fun for kombucha vodkas

+ SHOP Gaby’s sauces

{ pics }

homemade guacamole 3 | by the skinny confidential


Everything You Need To Know About IV THERAPY

October 4, 2017

iv therapy vitamin bag shots | by the skinny confidential Spark Health 12 | The Skinny Confidential


THAT’S RIGHT, today we’re chatting with the expert Dr. Aliza Cicerone from Spark Health to get all of the details…And they’re definitely not just for hangovers in Vegas. They’re also great for vitamin deficiencies, low energy, specific diseases, leaky gut, etc. The list goes on for days.

( Side note: as always, do your own research. Like really, really do it. The blog is a way for me to share my experiences & showcase diverse perspectives from experts in multiple industries, however I encourage you to talk to your own doctor, friends, experts, etc ).

Ok so after double jaw surgery I committed to trying a bunch of different holistic practices- IV therapy being one of them. This made sense because I was inflamed as fuck AND I’ve always been a fan of Vitamin B shots. SO I decided to research & see what the fuss was all about. I feel like IV therapy is very popular in a lot of countries so it was something where I needed to pull out my magnify glass & inspect, you know?

You should know I’m a human guinea pig, so I rolled up my sleeves to try it. I HAVE TO SAY I HATE NEEDLES MORE THAN LIFE so this was a HARD ONE for me. Like to be honest I have to look away, breath, close my eyes every time. I CRY, I WHINE, I FUSS- it’s pathetic actually. Honestly the picture above even gives me the heebie-jeebies. Really though!

Not only does Spark Health provide IV’s though. I actually did a full blood panel. Everything came out FAB besides two things: my D3 levels ( remember we discussed this? ) AND my cortisol ( what up, stress ) levels were off the chart ( this is for a whole different post ). Anyway, it was cool to see the breakdown of all my levels & peak BTS at my body. Sometimes you gotta lift up your engine to see what’s inside.

Oh, & you will just LOVE the doctor who guided me through the process. Her name is Aliza Cicerone & she knows her shit- which is why I asked her if I could interview her on TSC. We talk treatments, common issues, supplements, & healthy recommendations.

Happy reading:

+ Introduce yourself:

Dr. Aliza Cicerone: Hi everyone! I’m Dr. Aliza Cicerone & I work at Spark Health. Spark Health is an integrative medical clinic that specializes in personalized natural medicine.

+ How did you start Spark?

AC: We noticed that there wasn’t a clinic in San Diego that was providing truly personalized medicine to address each individual’s unique needs with high levels of both medical care & customer service.

Spark Health 8 | The Skinny Confidential

+ OK SOOOO first of all explain how you are different than any other practice.

AC: We are different from most other clinics across the country because we offer a truly personalized and customized approach to diagnosing and treating our patients. Not only is our medicine very tailored to each patient’s unique needs, but we deliver an extremely high customer service experience.

Our process is very thorough & treats the whole person.

+ Tell us all there is to know about vitamin shots.

AC: We have the largest selection of results-driven vitamin injections in the country that have been developed by one of the top naturopathic doctors in the US. Our shots contain natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and are formulated to give people a boost in performance in the areas of life that matter most to them.

Some of our most popular shots are Body Sculpt, Energy, Zen Master, Super Immune, & Detox Booster. By getting nutrients in a shot instead of by oral supplements, your body is able to use the nutrients most effectively & efficiently.

Spark Health 4 | The Skinny Confidential

+ Let’s talk vitamin IVs now. SOOO much curiosity on the subject, tell us everything.

AC: IV Nutrient Therapy ( known as IVNT ) is the process of giving concentrated levels of vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, & amino acids directly into the bloodstream through an IV. At Spark Health, we have an extensive menu of 20 different IVs that have been custom designed to deliver specific results. IVs can achieve high nutrient concentration levels in the blood that are not obtainable with oral supplements. Even with the highest quality oral supplements and food, there can be issues that prevent absorption and use of those nutrients. With certain nutrients, IV therapy provides up to 10 times the absorption of oral supplementation.

When our bodies are taxed mentally & physically, by an intense workout, a challenging workday, or a stressful life event, we require higher levels of nutrients to repair tissue damage, maintain mental focus, and restore energy. By administering the nutrients directly into the bloodstream, our cells are able to effectively utilize the nutrients they require for optimal function and healing.

When your cells function properly, energy and focus improve, tissue can recover more rapidly from workouts and injuries, and the immune system can fight off cold and flu symptoms faster, allowing you to remain in peak mental and physical shape.

Some of our most popular IVs are Energize, Immune Boost, Sparkle & Glow, Body Sculpt Plus & Hangover Hydration.

+ Most common issues you see with your patients?

AC: We treat all types of health conditions, from preventive medicine to patients undergoing cancer treatment. Some of our patient population is in great health, and are looking to see what they can do to optimize their health and wellness. We also see many patients that are concerned with age management and hormone therapy.

Many of our patients are very athletic, & come to us for regenerative joint injections, like prolotherapy & platelet-rich plasma ( PRP ). We also treat a variety of digestive issues, like IBS & leaky gut.

Spark Health 5 | The Skinny Confidential
Spark Health 7 | The Skinny Confidential

+ Best supplement people can take at home?

AC: There’s not one supplement that is right for every person. We determine the best supplements for each patient by doing specialized lab tests, such as nutrient deficiencies, digestive health, and food allergies.

Our doctors formulate customized treatment plans for each patient’s specific needs.

+ Who is the ideal candidate to come to Spark?

AC: Our ideal patient is anyone who wants to take their health to the next level and is committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Our patients are truly interested in what is actually going on inside their bodies, & who want to understand the root cause of any health issues.

+ As far as wellness is concerned, what are your top five recommendations.

1.) Daily movement or exercise, no matter what the intensity/duration. Do what works for you.
2.) Be mindful of what foods you put into your body…you are what you eat!
3.) Good, restful sleep is the most important and under-utilized medicine.
4.) Know what is currently happening inside your body to prevent issues in the future.
5.) A positive mindset encourages positive health.

+ What are some of the key nutrients in your IV bags?

Taurine: is an essential nutrient for cardiovascular function that has been associated with reduced risk of heart disease. It is a powerful antioxidant and has been shown in research to prevent the pro-oxidant effects of exercise, making it great for athletes. It also helps aid weight loss and cognitive function and decrease cholesterol levels.

L-carnitine has been shown to increase the function of mitochondria, our body’s tiny energy-producing machines located in all of our cells. It also supports nervous system and cardiovascular function, and helps maintain a healthy weight.

 Glycine is an amino acid that is a building block for many proteins in the body. It acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain, and is well known to help improve detox pathways, sleep quality and muscle relaxation.

 B5 is a vitamin that is actually made by our own gut bacteria! It helps our body process fats, carbohydrates and protein, and can help lower cholesterol and triglycerides. B5 is a key nutrient for adrenal support and energy.

B12 is critical for red blood cell production. It helps to decrease fatigue and depression, and improves memory. B12 helps support our detox pathways and healthy metabolism.

Glutathione is our master antioxidant. Glutathione production naturally decreases with age, and is difficult to absorb orally; this is why IV glutathione is so important for detoxification and anti-aging benefits. It acts to reverse cellular damage from lifestyle, diet, and environmental factors. All of our full size IVs at Spark come with a glutathione push, delivered separately for maximum efficacy, and it can also be added to our Fast Bags.

+ Tips for people who are feeling fatigued?

AC: Come in to have your lab work done! Fatigue can be a symptom of a combination of different factors, & lab testing is the way to know how to treat the cause of the fatigue.


+ follow Spark Health on Instagram: @sparkhealth.

++ my glitter phone case can be found here!

Spark Health 10 | The Skinny Confidential


create your future


September 4, 2017

create your future

Creating a strategic future by design is something I get asked about a lot. It’s a big part of the way I run my life & my business. Creating your own future is magical which is why I want to share it with YOU.

Ok so the concept sounds super simple but it actually requires absolute CLARITY. Clarity is tricky. I mean it’s difficult to figure out exactly what you want & how to actually get there- you know? What works best for me is the above; like actually writing it down & seeing it visually. The backstory on the text part is I actually found this random calendar buried in Michael’s office with a similar worksheet. It was butt-ass ugly though. I posted it on IG Stories & some of you DM’d me on IG asking about the worksheet I was doing & BAM, a lightbulb went off: why not make a printable especially for you guys? But pretty & fab- you know, something more TSC-esque.

So ta-da! You like?

Let’s get down to business: USE THIS WORKSHEET TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Literally use to create & design your future. Work backwards by starting at WHERE DO I WANT TO BE? Your goals can be anything- friendships, relationships, business ideas, big picture ideas, a book you want to write- whatever. Just write it down. And most importantly: answer the HOW?

ALRIGHT- to print these out: simply save them to your desktop ( by right clicking ) & print them out. If you want to go balls to the walls, take them to Kinko’s or Staples & have them print this out for you on fancy thick paper & in color. FUN. To be honest, that’s what I did! Really, it’s true! I used my own worksheet.

& now it’s hanging on my bathroom mirror.

Why? Well…recently on Tim Ferriss’ podcast he had on professional poker player, Phil Hellmuth. Phil said something that’s been invaluable when it comes to goals, is hanging a piece of paper with his goals on his bathroom mirror. On the sheet is also things he’s grateful for. That way before he goes to work, he sees his goals, overall vision, & a list of things he’s grateful for. I LOVED the idea so much which is why I did my own worksheet & hung that shit UP!


When we attended Tony Robbins we REALLY went over the concept of creating a compelling future by design. Tony says:

1. Find the right strategy.

To make a lasting change, you have to start with a proven strategy. Planning to eat 500 calories a day to lose weight or trying to get rich off one hot stock tip will not be sustainable over the long-term.

How do you find a strategy that works? “I’ve always believed the best way to get a result, the fastest way, is to find someone who has already accomplished what you’re after, & model his or her behavior.”

2. Understand the power of your story.

Even if you have the right strategy, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t follow through. It’s the stories we tell ourselves that make or break our best-laid plans. If you’re not taking action, he advises you consider the story you’re telling yourself.

Someone trying to save more might limit themselves by thinking deep down: “I don’t make enough,” “I can’t save more,” or “That’s only for rich people.” Is your story holding you back or empowering you? Tony always says 80% of success in life is psychology & 20% is mechanics.

( So guys! If you put this worksheet into action make sure you’re paying attention to your narrative after it’s on paper- what you tell yourself everyday has a LARGE part to do with success in all areas ).

3. Change your state of mind.

Tony says: “your mental and emotional state colors your perception and experience of everything in life. If you feel afraid or insecure, it’s hard to make a big change, but if you feel like a million bucks, you’re ready to conquer the world.”

To put yourself in a strong, determined, and empowered state, he suggests you change your physiology. Research by Harvard’s Amy Cuddy shows that adopting “power poses” alters your biochemistry, making you feel more confident & less stressed.

“That’s how you create a real breakthrough — a new state with a new story & a proven strategy,” Robbins says.

{ via }

SO! Above is your TSC worksheet to strategize. After the worksheet is done, make sure to pay attention to your thoughts. That’s why I like my worksheet on my mirror- it sets the tone of my day & the tone of my thoughts each & every day. Really though, it very much helps with my inner narrative.

Ok I hope this is helpful- happy to answer any questions.

Anyway, please share your goals with me! Tag me on your Instagram so I can stalk you. Would love to see what you’re up to. OR feel free to post your worksheets in TSC Secret Facebook Group. Would love to see what you’re about.

Do you guys like printables? If so, I’ll do more- maybe we could even make it like a thing to do monthly TSC Printables?

Happy Sunday guys- I’m off to watch Game of Thrones & eat chocolate covered blueberries. We spent the whole day cleaning, working out, doing laundry, & getting organized for the week so my bed sounds very nice right now.

See you tomorrow, lauryn x

+ be sure to listen to Steve Houck on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Show. He’s the coach I work with ( & one of my best friends ) who taught me about creating a strategic future by design. Steve is SUPER inspiring. 

++ want more business tips? Cool- I got ya covered here | nude outfit details here.




July 25, 2017

Why you should get your annual exams, breast cancer exam | the skinny confidential

{ THE BOOBS phone case }

There’s nothing worse than going to the gyno & having to put your legs into freezing cold stirrups while the doctor stares up your uterus.

I mean I feel like a root canal while drinking bad Chardonnay sounds more fun.

HOWEVER it’s something every girl on the planet needs to do.

You know, I hate to sounds preachy- I never want to be preachy. Typically I want to show what works for me & then YOU can take what you want & LEAVE what you don’t want but I had an interaction the other day that inspired me to use the platform of The Skinny Confidential. To use it in a way to get through to any young girls who read the blog.

The interaction was at the conference, SIMPLY. I spoke on makeup & beauty which is light, fluffy, & flirty. Afterwards I got to meet a bunch of you guys- all hustlers- all cool- all great attitude. No surprise there.

Anyway, a beautiful girl named Chelsea ( who is a blogger behind Dress To Thrive ) came up to me after I got done speaking & told me she needed the phone case on my phone! It was THE BOOBS case in bubblegum pink I designed. I told her I’d love to send her one & got her info.

She told me that the reason she needed the case is because she’s a breast cancer survivor.

I think my jaw kind of dropped because Chelsea looks so young?

She was diagnosed at 27 years old.

TWENTY.SEVEN.YEARS.OLD. If that doesn’t rock you, I don’t know what will.

That is a young age to deal with radiation & chemotherapy. Obviously any age is horrific, 27 years old just feels young for breast cancer.

She beat cancer & she’s thriving now. Chelsea told me she caught the cancer because of her annual breast exam. Let me repeat this: she found out she had breast cancer from her annual breast exam & caught it in time to proactively do something about it.

Chelsea is NOT BRCA positive ( the “breast cancer gene” ) and had absolutely no family history of breast cancer. It’s not something that only happens to young women if you have a genetic predisposition. In fact, Chelsea told me that during her treatment she learned that typically when young women get breast is is MORE likely to be sporadic than due to genetics.Chelsea had a double mastectomy. No one is immune, so be proactive!


There’s absolutely no excuse for women to not get an annual. And I am totally fine with being annoying right now & telling you: A BREAST EXAM & PAP SMEAR IS ESSENTIAL for women. Every year. Not every two years- every year.

An annual exam will test you from everything to STD’s, to HPV, to cancer, etc. Also you can talk to your gyno about the best birth control methods– they’re super knowledgeable when it comes to prescribing the lowest hormone options. AND guess what? You will sleep soundly after.

Yes, it fucking sucks to be naked with a doctors scope up your vagina…but you know what sucks more? Having to deal with HPV, STD’s, &/or cancer.

It’s so important guys. If you haven’t scheduled one in a while, I am encouraging you to stop reading & schedule an appointment. Schedule a breast exam, Pap Smear, meeting with your gyno, whatever.

At-home breast exams are amazing- DO THEM. But don’t replace them for your annual exam.

Some stats for you:

Definition-wise, a “Pap smear is used to screen for cervical cancer. The Pap smear is usually done in conjunction with a pelvic exam. In women older than age 30, the Pap test may be combined with a test for human papillomavirus (HPV) — a common sexually transmitted infection that can cause cervical cancer in some women.” And a breast exam is: “A clinical breast exam (CBE) is a physical exam done by a health care provider. It is often done during your regular medical check-up. A CBE should be performed by a health care provider well trained in the technique.”


  • Women may do a monthly breast self-exam. However, experts do not agree about the benefits of breast self-exams in finding breast cancer or saving lives. Talk to your provider about what is best for you.
  • If you have a mother or sister who had breast cancer at a young age, consider yearly mammograms. They should begin earlier than the age at which their youngest family member was diagnosed.
  • If you have other risk factors for breast cancer, your provider may recommend a mammogram, breast ultrasound, or MRI scan.
  • Contact your provider right away if you notice a change in your breasts, whether or not you do breast self-exams.
  • If you are between ages 20 to 40, your provider may do a clinical breast exam.


  • Beginning at age 21, women should have a pelvic exam and Pap smear every 3 years ( I THINK IT SHOULD BE YEARLY!! ) to check for cervical cancer.
  • If you are over age 30 and your Pap smear and HPV test are normal, you only need a Pap smear every 5 years.
  • If you have had your uterus and cervix removed ( total hysterectomy ) and you have not been diagnosed with cervical cancer you may not need to have Pap smears.
  • Women who are sexually active should be screened for chlamydia and gonorrhea up until age 25. Women 25 years and older should be screened if at high risk.
  • Your provider will tell you how to prevent infections spread through sexual contact. These are called sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  • Your provider will ask you questions about alcohol & tobacco and may ask you about depression.

via }

For the record, I go every year on the same date. I go to Dr. Lee in Solana Beach ( if you’re in San Diego, she’s great ).

Health is wealth! Get on board with annual exams.

Does anyone want to weigh in on this? I would love to hear your experience or questions. If you’re scared or nervous to do an annual- don’t be. It’s really not a big deal. It’s quick & typically painless. Happy to answer any of your questions below but if you have something more personal to discuss feel free to e-mail me.


Ok, that’s all. Done with my public service announcement.

We are at Tony Robbins right now having the best time- will do a full podcast/blog recap on the seminar. Personally I am here for self-improvement & to refine my business strategy.

Speaking of strategy, since a bunch of you are interested in branding/business growth: I am going to giveaway a 15 minute FaceTime call with me to discuss your blog/business. All you have to do is tell me ALL about your blog/biz on my latest Instagram– I want to hear the WHAT, WHY, HOW. I’ll pick the winner on Sunday. Good luck!

Oh & WOO! I walked on fire last night! EEK.

Love you guys- get your annual exams, XO lauryn

+ also check Chelsea out– she’s thriving & doing amazing. SHE IS A BRIGHT LIGHT.