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BLOGGING 101 3 | by The Skinny Confidential


Updated: May 25, 2017

BLOGGING 101 7 | by The Skinny ConfidentialBLOGGING 101 3 | by The Skinny Confidential

Hello, hello! Happy Thursday.

So here you are. You’ve decided you’re ready to pull the trigger. You have a million ideas spinning in your head. Whether they’re inspired by Instagram, mom, travel, or your own secrets- your idea is going to be BIG time. In fact you can feel it. Maybe it’s a beauty blog. Or maybe it’s a photography website. Or even an eComm cartoon tee-shirt brand. Whatever it is you’re ready to get started & start the planning stages.

Obviously I’ve been there too. You know, when The Skinny Confidential was just an idea. With no name & no brand.

Let me back up, the idea for this post originated in TSC Girls Only Secret Facebook Group. Actually I feel like the group spins my wheels in general. This specific question was asked so many times I couldn’t not do a post about it.

The topic is simple & to the point. One that I would love to open up a discussion about: HOW DO YOU THINK OF A BLOG OR BRAND NAME?

Such a simple question but so complex at the same time.


Help, what is the process?

What if I don’t like the name in a year?

Do I need to trademark it?

What if the Instagram handle is taken?

If these are questions that are delaying you to launch a business or blog, BACK UP.

I’ve noticed a lot of people put such an emphasis in the name. Which by the way, is very important & requires strategy.

But what I notice even more?

Is people delaying launching a product or website ONLY because they can’t think of a name.

BLOGGING 101 4 | by The Skinny ConfidentialBLOGGING 101 6 | by The Skinny Confidential

Here’s my opinion: stop giving so much energy to a name. A name is what you make of it. Let me give you a couple of examples.

Who the hell thought COCA-COLA would be WORLD famous?

McDonald’s? I mean it’s ok but it’s not like the most creative name on the planet…ya well it’s a multi-million dollar business now.

Adidas is just kind of meh. But it CRUSHES THE GAME.

Again, a name or brand is created by the experience or community that surrounds it. You can really do anything with the name.

We all think Disney is such a great name- LIKE WOW WHAT A GREAT NAME. But that’s because you’re thinking about everything that Disney has done right. Disney has created a magical experience for the consumer…therefore the name has magic to it.

See? It’s all about what you do with the name.

Every brand you think of is what someone/or the team makes of the name.

Apple? Bacardi? Costco? Hermès?

You’re thinking that these are good names because the people behind the brand have done such a good job at branding.

( You should know I have a whole post on branding that will go live next week. I just wanted to get your wheels spinning in the meantime ).

If you are sitting around trying to think of a name & it’s delaying you pulling the trigger on your business or blog launch, dig deep. Are you delaying the project because you’re scared to put yourself out there? Or are you just being indecisive?

Pick a damn name. Keep it simple. & THEN make a beautiful brand behind to give the name a strong meaning.

My process for choosing the name for The Skinny Confidential was quite simple: I pulled up my iPhone NOTES App & started writing down names that spoke to me throughout a two week period.

I had a list of 100 words & then started to play with them & put them together.

Finally I chose The Skinny Confidential for a few reasons: it’s cheeky. I wanted the brand TO SCREAM CHEEKY. More importantly I wanted the name to represent a space where women could go & get the lowdown. A place where swapping tips & tricks was encouraged…like instead of hiding my tips & tricks, I wanted to share. Even more than that, I wanted other people to share their tips & tricks.

So yes, it represents “getting the skinny.” And then ‘confidential’ because it’s primarily a women’s community ( sorry boys )- so it’s a secret sort of.

A lot of people asked me why my name isn’t involved. The reason for this was strategic: I have always wanted The Skinny Confidential to be WAY bigger than Lauryn Evarts ( Bosstick? ; ) ). It’s not just about me, it’s so much more. So my name is irrelevant, really.

I haven’t really gone in depth with this but lately I’ve been working with brands that need help with a name/overall brand. I mentor a few girls who are looking for a name or wanting to capture a niche audience. And my process with these brands/bloggers is always the same: let’s pull out a Rite-Aid poster board & write down a million names.

BLOGGING 101 2 | by The Skinny Confidential

Picking a name shouldn’t take you more than 2 weeks. At some point you gotta pull the trigger & launch that shit. I DO NOT BELIEVE A NAME SHOULD GET IN THE WAY OF LAUNCHING FAST & adjusting to consumer feedback.

Do I need to trademark it?

Yes. You should trademark your name or brand. I paid a lawyer $1000 dollars over the course of a year because I was so broke. The second you apply the trademark is ‘pending.’ You can launch & be fine with a pending trademark- don’t let a trademark get in the way of launching. Find a lawyer, get a pending trademark ( this takes a few days ), & once you’re pending you’re good to go.

What if the Instagram handle is taken?

Yawn! There are so many ways around this. Add words to make it work. For instance if you’re an online shop called THE GOOSE. You could add ‘shop.’ As in @shopthegoose. If that’s taken you could call it @thegooseshop. If that’s taken do: @thegooseINC. You get it. Adjust. & do it quickly! Make sure you get your handles before you launch too- Twitter, Instagram, a URL, & FB should be set-up & ready to go with your launch.

Ok so that’s my spiel of the day- figured it would help to answer this question here instead of in the comment section on FB.

BLOGGING 101 5 | by The Skinny Confidential

OHHHHH & can we talk about this outfit? You know I am lovingggg linens right now. Really ever since I got back from France I’ve been rocking linens like I’m still eating pasta & sipping rosé. I paired this Madewell linen ruffled skirt with a striped top because you know I love that contrast. This whole getup is from my favorite, Nordstrom. That’s right even the loafers.

Regardless, you can’t go wrong with Madewell. They have the best skinny black jeans (!!!) and flannels & they’re AFFORDABLE. Since we’re headed into the summer I figured I’d show you how I rock linens. Linens & loafers go together better than anything. I plan on pairing this blue skirt with a men’s wife beater & also a light pink tee. The options are endless really.
OK! So I would love to know: what’s your opinion on a name? Do you think it should stall your launch? As always, weigh in. I read every comment & love to get the discussion going.

If you liked this post, you will like the latest podcast on branding & blogging- it’s a good one because it’s raw & live. Happy listening!

See you tomorrow.

X lauryn

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+ this post is in collaboration with Nordstrom. As always all opinions are my own.

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BLOGGING 101 1 | by The Skinny Confidential



How Chiropractic Care Improves Function, Stability, And Mobility

Updated: May 25, 2017


If you guys follow along on Snapchat you know alllllll about my chiropractor, Dr. Patrick. Patrick is QUITE popular on Snap. Ha. Ya, ya, you guys all message me about how cute he is but my favorite thing about Patrick is…well actually a few things? 1.) he is the ultimate ( & I mean ultimate ) hangover cure. Really guys, when he adjusts me it’s an instant cure. 2.) he is aggressive in the right way- meaning no fluff. And 3.) he’s helped me a lot ( a lot, a lot ) with my chronic neck pain from a lateral whiplash car accident years ago with stretching & chiropractic care.

And then of course there’s Fix Body Group in Hillcrest where Patrick works. You should know Fix Body Group is kind of my home away from home. I love it. It’s basically a one-stop shop for body pain. Whenever my neck hurts, I’m there. My favorite part happens to be the traction & stretching. When Patrick stretches my neck a million endorphins release- it’s crazy. If chiropractic work isn’t your thing they also provide massage services, acupuncture, Active Release Technique, therapeutic exercise, & stretching. YES PLZ.

Good news for you if you’re in the San Diego area ( or visiting SD ), Fix Body Group is offering all TSC readers a complimentary Initial examination & treatment with a chiropractor ( value: $120 ). See the end of this post for the deets.

Before I intro you to Patrick I want to tell you about three quick at-home methods that REALLY help me. And in turn, I hope they help you. One was recommended by a reader, Morgan Hoey, in TSC Secret FB Group: a posture corrector.

The other was recommended by my acupuncturist AND IS LEGIT THE BEST MEDLEY EVER ( menthol & camphor FTW ). It’s this Chinese herbal medicated oil that I apply on sore areas like my neck or shoulders. Sometimes I’ll apply it after a workout or anytime I have sore joints. This stuff is like liquid gold guys. If you don’t believe me just check all of the Amazon reviews. I’m telling you, it’s magic. Also it’s under $13 dollars & lasts forever. I am weirdly OBSESSED with the smell of camphor too, which I feel like is maybe acquired? You tell me. Anyway, if you’re having any kind of soreness or joint paint, TRY THIS GOODNESS. ( SIDE NOTE: it’s also been known to cure bunions. I’ve never tried it for this but I heard this Chinese oil cures them quickly ).

Lastly & you already know this one: an acuppressure mat & pillow. I BEG YOU TO READ THIS POST if you haven’t- this set-up is so inexpensive & sooooo amazing. It stimulates the whole body in a few minutes. Even my dogs like it.

So ya, at-home I’ll clean the house with my posture corrector on a lot. I also wore it this morning when I worked from home. You can use it whenever. It’s so efficient. As for the Chinese oil, I simply use it whenever I’m sore. If you have any other at-home treatments for neck/back- please share them below.

Ok with that allow me to introduce you to Patrick from Fix Body Group?

+ Introduce yourself:

Hello my name is Dr. Patrick Cucarola & I am a Chiropractor at Fix Body Group in San Diego.  I am originally from a small town in Colorado. I completed my undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise physiology in Colorado before moving to San Francisco to attain my doctorate degree in Chiropractic. After that, I moved down to San Diego to pursue my career at Fix Body Group, which is San Diego’s premier rehabilitation & fitness clinic. I’m also an avid adventure sport person who loves anything active from snowboarding, basketball, beach volleyball. Oh & I enjoy relaxing on the beach too.

+ Ok Mr. Patrick, tell us EXACTLY what you do:

Our motto is: “We get you back to doing what you love pain-free and stronger than before.” I alleviate people’s pain.

To describe how that happens is hard to say exactly, because I do so many different things for my patients. I specialize in musculoskeletal injuries & improving performance & overall function of the human body by using a combination of Active Release Technique, Chiropractic, therapeutic exercise, & stretching.  

Whether this be helping an athlete perform at his peak abilities or helping a typical person live without pain to do what they love.

+ Why do I always feel better after seeing you? LOL.

It’s because I take a precise approach to identify your specific problem areas & then use all the therapies I just spoke about to fix your issue.

It really is a combination approach by our team of therapist to fix the cause of your problems, release tension, release endorphins, & improve your overall function and not just focus on the symptoms.

+ Why is chiropractic care so important?

Chiropractic takes a whole body approach to your problems while improving your function, stability, & mobility to get you back and keep you doing what you love. It helps treat current aches/pains as well as prevents future injuries.  

+ Who’s a perfect candidate for your care?

Anyone who needs to alleviate pain or who loves to be active.

So many people have learned to live with daily pain that they have accepted as simply part of their life. They don’t have to. Some people have also been told, or have convinced themselves that part of their issue is genetic or only surgery can help.

Many times this is not the case & a good chiropractor can really help them.

+ Let’s talk about posture…what do you see that needs to change in regards to posture?

Our culture spends way too much time in one position at work or school looking down at their laptop, phone, or tablet. It puts you in a prolonged position that places stress on your muscles & joints. This overtime causes strain, muscle spasms, & decreased blood flow- all of which causes acute/chronic daily pain.

Almost everyone says they hold their stress in their neck, back, & shoulders. This isn’t just a coincidence.

+ Ok so what if someone was involved in a car accident? Share a detailed wellness plan with us?

It’s hard to do a general care plan, because each person/case is unique, but most likely it would begin with a releasing the myofascial tension through ART, Chiro, massage, stretching, & acupuncture. Then we add corrective exercise & overall strengthening to build stability in those injured areas.

+ Do you recommend mixing this with rehab, massage, & acupuncture?

Yes, that is our purpose at Fix- it’s what we do best. Fix is a 1 stop shop with all of those therapies & why we are SO successful at fixing injuries.

+ Anything people can do at-home to improve their posture?

Stretch & exercise! Stretching is like flossing, we all know we need to do it, but many people just forget or get lazy. The difference is a dentist can replace your teeth; you can’t replace your body.

Good posture makes you feel better; move better, & makes you look sexy. Good posture for the ladies gives the impression of a flat stomach, tight butt, & gives your bust an added boost. Let’s just say I’m a fan of good posture.

…And don’t forget about the guys. We like to look taller too with a shredded six-pack & a broad chest.

+ My Snapchat has quite the crush on you- where can people find/stalk you?

Easy: Instagram is @patrickcucarola & you can Find Fix Body Group on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram all under the handle @fixbodygroup. Or they can find me on the beach, at the gym, riding along the coast of SD on my motorcycle or out exploring what else San Diego has to offer. Say hi.

+ All San Diego readers ( or visitors ) get one complimentary Initial examination & treatment with a chiropractor which is a $120 value. To book call 619-295-9791 or e-mail info@fixbodygroup.com and use the code: TSClovesFIX.


how to choose a wedding ring | by the skinny confidential 6


Updated: February 13, 2017

how to choose a wedding ring | by the skinny confidential 6how-to-choose-a-wedding-ring-gt

You could say I’m late on picking a wedding band but what the hell else is new?

To be honest I left the whole ring thing to the last-minute. Before leaving for Cabo, I ended up buying a “wedding band” at a drugstore as a place holder, & rocked it for 2 months! I figured it was time to put some effort into my wedding ring…

Thankfully, Jared the Galleria of Jewelry invited me to tour their store so I was able to get really hands on with the whole thing…and let’s face it, you guys know I love to get hands on.

After playing around and styling their wedding bands, I compiled three easy tips for the non-traditional bride, super simple & to the point.

Ready? K:

how to choose a wedding ring | by the skinny confidential 4



Vibe is muy importante. Do you hear? Everyone is different. Your wedding band should reflect your style. For me, I feel like my engagement ring is VERY me so I don’t want to overwhelm it with too much for the wedding band.

In fact, I thought on very simple terms when picking the wedding band. Jared the Galleria of Jewelry had a million options, most of them being simple & very tasteful. I especially like the plain diamond band. CHIC.


WHO CARES ABOUT MATCHING? I’m not a matchy-matchy person. Like the whole “all gold everything” is out. Mix it up.

If your husband has a gold ring, you can totally do a platinum moment. Mix a braided band with a simple diamond band. Get crazy. AGAIN, do you. Let the ring reflect your style & throw the “rules” out the window. Because who even created the rules? Let’s make our own rules.


As always I’m about what looks good…ON YOU. EVERYONE is different. Don’t go for the trends, go for what looks good on you. When picking my engagement ring & wedding bands I actually paid a lot of attention to the shape of my finger.

I am a fan of going for shapes that flatter the finger. Personally I want my finger & hand to look longer so yes, I definitely pay attention to shapes of the stones/ring.

how-to-choose-a-wedding-ring-by-the-skinny-confidential-2gthow to choose a wedding ring | by the skinny confidential 7

The reason I like Jared the Galleria of Jewelry is because HELLO OPTIONS. They have variety: the vibe, the non-matchy matchy, & rings that flatter each individual’s finger. They just get it.

Anyway, Michael has 5 different rings for different occasions…so you could always go that route too. I feel like he needs guidance. If you’re married HELP PLEASE. He’s out of control really. Almost like Bridezilla but he’s married with 3249823 rings. It’s like he’s Sméagol ( Gollum ) from Lord of the Rings.

OK off to enjoy the rest of our weekend. We are having the most relaxing day reading, EATING ( gluten-free brownie cookies anyone? ), & spooning the dogs. Hope you’re all having a relaxing weekend.


x lauryn

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FAVORITE RINGS: Diamond Anniversary Band 10K Rose Gold | Diamond Anniversary Band 14K White Gold | Ever Us Diamond Band 14K White Gold | Neil Lane Diamond Band 14K White Gold | Diamond Anniversary Band 14K Rose Gold| Women’s Diamond Band 14K White Gold | Diamond Anniversary Band 5/8 Round-cut 14K White Gold | Diamond Band 14K White Gold

+ this post is in collaboration with Jared the Galleria of Jewelry. As always, all opinions are my own.

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how to choose a wedding ring | by the skinny confidential 3

Cheat Sheet For Doing What You Love | by the skinny confidential

Cheat Sheet For Doing What You Love

Updated: December 6, 2016

something you love | by the skinny confidentialsomething you love | by the skinny confidential

I hated working for someone else.

So much so, I was bad at it.

Really, really bad.

I’m a boss now and I wouldn’t hire me as an employee.

Ya, that awful guys. Embarrassing really.

I assumed I was lazy. Figured that you kind of had to drag your ass through a job. I was uninspired. Bored. Over it.

Actually I’d go in the bathroom & work on my blog while there were customers at the bar…

I would stare at the clock. Counting the minutes until I was off. YAWNING.

The reality was that I was not lazy at all.

I just needed to recognize what makes me happy in the workplace.

Working for myself. Being my own boss. Creating my own strategic future.

For the record, I’ve had A LOT OF JOBS. It took me a LONG time to ‘do’ what I love. Some of these jobs include: working at a tanning salon, hostess, personal assistant, cocktail waitress, a little modeling, teaching Pure Barre, bartender, Pilates instructor, & merchandising in a boutique.

None of these jobs fulfilled me.

Finding something you love doesn’t need to be hard.

For a long time I was confused. Annoyed. Scared even?…

something you love | by the skinny confidential
something you love | by the skinny confidential

When I first told Michael my idea of a blog, there wasn’t much direction in the industry. The goal was to create a platform that brought women together. A community if you will. But not just with San Diego women. With women everywhere.

I wanted to share tips and tricks. You know the girl at the party that you ask innocently “OMG that shirt, where’d you get that?” And she replies: “this old thing? I don’t remember.”
…when she just bought it last week at Nordstrom?

I wanted The Skinny Confidential to be the opposite.

The goal was for women all over the place to SHARE their secrets. SPILL, TELL, SHARE THE WEALTH.

To show women they can be whatever they want to be with some hustle.

An inspiring, no bullshit space.

Not just about me because The Skinny Confidential is so much bigger than just me. It’s me but it’s also you.

NOW that fulfills me.

something you love | by the skinny confidentialsomething you love | by the skinny confidential

As I always say, everyone is different.

Some people love a 9 to 5 so much because of the structure.

Some women want to be a stay at-home mom.

Some go to grad school to become lawyers or doctors.

Here’s the point: you do you.

That’s the cheat sheet in a nutshell.

To get more specific, here are a couple tips for DOING WHAT YOU LOVE:


Write down everything you love. Write down everything you hate. Simple: stop doing shit you hate.


Mix the things you love together. For instance, I love to write. I love to talk. I love to create. I love photography. I love a good detail. I love engaging with people. I love branding. Put it together & whataya got? The Skinny Confidential: podcast, blog, brand, book.


As James Altucher says: “If you loved games, what do adults who are into games do for money (they make them, they blog about them, they review them, they invest in stocks, they advise investors on startups for games, they use games to improve brain health, and yes, they have fun still playing games).”

The biggest takeaway here is to combine everything you love.

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡

Oh, don’t let ANYONE tell you can’t do something.

You can do whatever the hell you want if you cultivate it. I’m so bored with the narrative of “you have to do this, you should do that, by the time you’re this age you should ____________, I wouldn’t do that if I were you-bullshit.”

Like YAWN.

something you love | by the skinny confidentialsomething you love | by the skinny confidential

Do any of you have any tips to add to TSC Cheat Sheet For Doing What You Love? SHARE!

Ok taking a turn here: let’s discuss this outfit. It’s very much me. Nordstrom always gets it right. This flannel screams winter & can be worn under a leather jacket or by itself. These jeans are my new favorite because they’re kind of cropped flares. The shoes are also very festive & VERY comfortable. Also if you can’t tell I’m having a huge LONG, straight hair moment. Like sleek straight. Fun!

I’m off to eat hummus & grapes. Definitely a new obsession. Hope you’re all having the best week ever! x

X lauryn

+ Note: After reading this article I figured I’d make my own cheat sheet for finding something you love. A TSC-version if you will. The author, James Altucher, is always spot on with his articles so thank you James for inspiring this post.

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  • This post is in collaboration with Nordstrom. As always ALL opinions are my own.

something you love | by the skinny confidentialsomething you love | by the skinny confidential




Updated: November 29, 2016

bridal shower details 1 | by the skinny confidentialbridal shower details 2 | by the skinny confidentialbridal shower details 3 | by the skinny confidential

GUYS. SLIGHTLY ( just slightly ) overwhelmed over here so forgive me as I get back into the swing of things.

A lot has been going on…! CAN YOU TELL?

No fear though I have a ton of feisty blog posts planned for you so bear with me.

I feel like we need to back up though & start with the bridal shower. I mean before we get to the wedding, let’s talk bridal shower details right?

As you can see my stepmom, Julie & my dad, Brad really killed it on the details…per usual. Julie clearly has an eye & I didn’t even have to micro-manage her. This is a huge fucking surprise for those of you who know me. She really got the vibe of what I wanted for my shower.

First of all, it was a couple’s shower.

We did the bachelorette party so I felt like I wanted some masculine energy at the shower.

I’m just really not one to play games. Like no ‘PIN THE DICK ON THE GROOM’ you know? I’m more about hummus, good music, kombucha mimosas, & keeping it light.

Wanted to share every little detail with you so let me break it down more for you?

bridal shower details 4 | by the skinny confidentialbridal shower details 5 | by the skinny confidential

The party was at Herb & Wood. If you haven’t been to Herb & Wood in San Diego…RUN. NO REALLY RUN to this restaurant. It’s the most charming, delicious restaurant San Diego has to offer. AND there’s a little eatery in the front with fresh herbs, wines, & cheeses. Very on-brand, no?

Herb & Wood’s aesthetic was ideal, especially with their white marble tabletops ( HELLO INSTAGRAM ), unique beers on tap, & gold detailed bar. Really I couldn’t have asked for a better place to have the shower.


Ok so if you’re wondering why lavender everywhere…BECAUSE. My wedding was DARK & EDGY ( which we will get to ) so I wanted a light feel to begin the story— soft/pretty to start, drama to end. Lavender is soft. Ultimately the theme was lavender & lemon. Julie made sure to have lavender/lemon mimosas, lemon macaroons ( I caved on the fucking macaroons here what I can say? How basic ), AND espresso shots to end the day with a sprig of lavender of course. It’s all about the details for me.

The flowers were from The Bouqs Company & Isari Flower Studio. They really set the tone as flowers typically do. I feel like you need INSANE flowers for a party always !

Candles were by my favorite Craft + Foster. Scents included Balsam Citrus & Lavender Sage. The two mixed together were orgasmic really.

bridal shower details 6 | by the skinny confidentialbridal shower details 7 | by the skinny confidentialbridal shower details 8 | by the skinny confidential

Julie, my stepmom, made sure every detail was perfect. Down to little pearls on the tips of the toothpicks in the grapes. We used these as garnishes in the boy’s gin & lavender cocktails.

Before we went to the venue some of my friends & I chilled at my house to get our hair & makeup done. If you’re looking for a festive party ponytail you have to check this EASY tutorial.

Makeup was kept light & dewy, as always, although we did do a FULL, FLIRTY lash. If you’re interested in the full makeup breakdown, check out my latest Instagram.

Also, my baby pink bridal shower robe is by Love Ophelia AND the whole bridal shower outfit post can be found here.

Alright let’s talk specifics.

My Party Tips:

1.) Think about the guest. Instead of thinking about what you want, think about what the guest wants. I’m a big believer in the fact that people get bored when someone opens presents in front of them. That may sound harsh but YAWN.

2.) If you’re having a male/female party- cater to your audience. The guys at my party didn’t want rosé. They wanted hard alcohol. Hence the gin/lavender cocktails.

3.) Keep the bites light. Not a fan of going heavy on food at parties. We did fresh salads with avocado, salmon, & a bunch of light bites. For dessert we went with tiny Rice Krispy treats from Bliss and Baker.

4.) Always give a little gift. I think it’s really important to acknowledge the fact that guests took time out of their day to celebrate you. A sweet, SMALL token is always appreciated.

5.) MUSIC. So important. Of course you probably already know this but we played Bossanova. I’ve really, really been missing my grandma lately so playing Bossanova allows me to have a little piece of her at each event. Pick the music according to your taste. Brand the event so it showcases your essence. One of my favorite playlists can be found here.

…& ALWAYS HAVE FUN. Because if it’s not fun it’s a waste!

bridal shower details 9 | by the skinny confidentialbridal shower details 10 | by the skinny confidentialbridal shower details 11 | by the skinny confidential

When the guests left they were handed little goodie bags & a pink Better Booch kombucha. Also each girl left wearing a hot hand piece. I designed these pretty, dainty hand pieces with CAM JEWELRY & gifted each girl with one. It was so cute because even Michael’s grandma was rocking her hand piece. LIKE HOW FUN.

Anyway, some of us ( the tipsier ones of the bunch ) ended the night at a local bar…let’s just say I was incredibly hungover the next day & didn’t drink for 2 weeks-ish. LOL. I can’t drink like I did when I was 21.

If you guys have any questions about the venue, decor, etc. let me know! Julie is amazing too if you’re looking for a party planner. She crushes it, like she HANDMADE the purple fireplace garnish above with different colors of purple paper & baby’s breath ( had to bring the wedding theme full circle ).

Alright, currently eating alone in a restaurant. Having the veggie roll with brown rice, sliced jalapeño, avocado, & cucumber with a hot green tea. I am weird and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE eating alone. There’s something therapeutic about it, you know? Bear with me through all the wedding stuff, I want to make sure I cover every detail. Nothing I love more than bringing you guys along!

To come: my fake wedding, bridal shower: part 2, some wedding posts, & MORE. Would love to know what you guys want to see specifically.

Hope you’re all getting excited for THANKSGIVING. My sister & I are making our favorite pumpkin roll, The Nanz’ candied pecans, & homemade cranberry scones. We’re going to make Michael watch the baby ( see below he’s actually really good with babies which is surprising? Too bad he can’t nurse ).

Ok I’m off to sip some tea & go through my lovely e-mail inbox.

See ya tomorrow, lauryn


++ new podcast episode is LIVE. We answer a bunch of reader questions! Listen here.

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bridal shower details 12 | by the skinny confidentialbridal shower details 13 | by the skinny confidential