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October 22, 2017


Recently I filmed a VIDEO for you guys to answer some specific questions I kept seeing in TSC Secret Facebook Group. My girlfriend, Shawn, read me some juicy questions & we just kind of got down to business. Videos are going to be happening A LOT more on the blog because I feel like it’s a fun way to connect with you guys- intimate, no?

Anyway, this white crop top is sold out, HOWEVER I found one that looks JUST LIKE IT but cuter. I would wear it with high-waisted pants ( like linen ones ) or a pencil shirt. The top is super versatile & you can’t go wrong with white…I mean, it does whiten the eyes & teeth, you know? You should know my eyelashes are very fake here too- they’re totally drugstore lashes & ones that will make you feel like Marilyn Monroe in a hot minute. I LOVE THEM. Make sure you buy the #113’s though. The reason I’m very much about the #113’s is because they open the eye, rather than weigh it down- plus they’re super flirty & feisty. You should know I plan on experimenting with magnetic lashes soon too so I’ll write a whole post on that situation.

Ok let’s get right into the video breakdown:



+ learn why Zella leggings are known as the LIVE IN leggings.
+ how I shave: LEGS | FACE | ARMPITS | BIKINI
+ why you should try caffeine sunscreen.
+ curious about plastic surgery? here’s some boob job realness.
+ see what happens when you cut out dairy & alcohol for a month ( lots of nutritional yeast ).
+ sometimes you just need a swift kick in the ass to stay motivated.
+ stay full by using protein powder in your morning smoothie.
+ hydration is key to glowing health- so spice up your daily water.

Happy watching!



Boone was being so bad in this video- he kept jumping on the bed trying to get on film ( HE IS SUCH A HAM ) so naturally, I had to give him his cameo:

white shirt chihuahua dog blonde hair

Hope you loved the video. More to come. We are in LA all week recording a bunch of upcoming podcasts for you guys. Make sure you’re following along on IG Stories & Snapchat.

Leave any questions below for the next Q & A video and I’ll make sure to answer them all in the next installment. Also, leave your blog name or IG handle so I can shout you OUT.


+ you can watch more beauty, health, & home videos here.

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white bodysuit pants france

Just The Rudest Thing You Can Do On Instagram

September 21, 2017

Just the rudest thing on Instagram: The rudest thing you can do on Instagram today

bodysuit | linen pants | sunglasses | loafers | bag ( similar ) | hoops | necklaces }
+ location: White Hotel 1921 in St. Tropez

Pre-Instagram I was basically an Instagrammer- like in real life.

Let me explain.

Picture me driving around the Whole Foods Parking Lot, maybe it’s like 2009-ish. I see a pretty, cool looking girl carrying a BADASS, big cross-body camo bag. There she is with her uber high ponytail, bouncing around after sculpt hot yoga balancing a green juice & an iced cinnamon coffee rocking white Nikes ( I can immediately tag those in my mind because well…the logo is so recognizable ). Her whole #OOTD is for sure Lululemon– you can tell you know? Like it’s just another one of those brands you can spot, no problem. Now the sunglasses are CLEARLY Ray Bans- another brand that’s super recognizable. Those polarized aviators are iconic. The situation is feeling complete because now I know where she got her sneakers, top, bottom, & sunglasses…HOWEVER, LIKE HOW-FUCKING-EVERwhat on God’s earth is her bag? I RACK MY BRAIN FOR MONTHS- I LOOK EVERYWHERE IN STORES- this is sort of pre-online everything. I search Nordstrom, Forever 21, Abercrombie ( VINTAGE! ), you get it. I can’t find it ANYWHERE. It’s kind of the most frustrating thing in the world- not being able to find something you see that you know you NEED.

For months it was like PLEASE OH PLEASE where did this random yoga chick get this cross-body camo bag that is just the perfectly-sized bag which I don’t think I can live without. My brain spins: “Wow it would look so cute with my new off the shoulder black top & skinny jeans.” “Or even I could use it for travel- I can picture myself casually hoping on the plane to Las Vegas, feeling chic in cameo.” “It’s SO ME, I need it…NOW.

So basically, my brain looks over the situation & ‘TAGS’ her in real life.

Again, pre-Instagram. Stone age days really.

CUE to 2010 WHEN INSTAGRAM launches. And then!!! Then YOU GUYS!!! Instagram released this thing called TAGGING. Have you heard of it? Yes, I know, I know- I’m sure you have. We all have but here’s the thing: there appears to be this epidemic that we’ve got going on. Well it’s not just something I’m seeing, I feel like it’s something a lot of people are seeing. Something that I feel like I need to talk about. It’s honestly the rudest thing on Instagram these days.

Because it hurts you know, when an influencer, celebrity, or really anyone wears a very cute outfit & doesn’t tag. Actually, hold up- I can understand sometimes people don’t tag ( sometimes I don’t tag, but always, ALWAYS answer questions! ) BUTTTTT for the love of God, if there’s 234 comments in the comment section asking you where something is from, please answer! Especially if you’re answering other comments- answer outfit questions. Us, girls need to know. It’s like a thing.

( …I can’t with the tag where’s there’s 45 tags on top of each other so you can’t see either ).

People are voyeurs. We want to know things: what’s that ketchup brand? Why are you mixing chile flakes in it? What products do you use in the shower? Do you like Summer’s Eve? Who’s your favorite hair stylist? What’s in your ice coffee? Which filter do you use on Instagram? What calendar App is that? Why is your skin glowy? Botox or a new skin care routine? What shirt, skirt, headband, nail polish, sneaker, necklace, etc is that?


QUESTIONS! They’re real on social media- people say people are glued to their phones & less social. I would beg to differ. People are given the opportunity to get SUPER social with people all over the world. Now we can find the outfits we’re looking for- not fake versions, the real versions because of Instagram. So if you’re going to get social, get social & SHARE. Thoughts?

I mean I would argue that word of mouth, in the digital space is stronger than ever.

People just like recommendations from other people. They always have, they always will. Advertising is great & all- but hearing a recommendation from a friend takes the cake. You feel like it’s been tested in an authentic ( I do hate this word, but for lack of a better word ) way.

WHICH IS WHY TAGGING OR ENGAGING IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, is so important! Even if you’re not a blogger.

Besides…who really wants to be one of those girls- you know the kind. You’re in the restroom at a local sushi joint on a Friday night just washing your hands before your hot sake & cucumber/avocado roll & it goes like this:

Me: “OMG!” I love your shirt it’s so cute!! Where’d you get that?

Girl who lies: “PHEW, EER, UH this old thing? It was a gift from a friend a long time ago. I don’t know where she found it.” ::rolls her eyes::

AWKWARD SILENCE…because she knows exactly where the top is from.

Me: well, GEE WHIZ it’s super cute!

::Also me: sees the exact top on THE NEW, NEW section on Revolve’s site the very next day::

Sharing is caring! Especially on Instagram in 2017. 

Ok, I can’t take full credit here- I actually decided to write about this topic on The Skinny Confidential after reading “The Rudest Thing You Can Do On Instagram” by  on Man Repeller. I have to quote some of her musings because she is just so good:

“But where it manifested the strongest was in my urgent, impatient need to know what absolutely everyone is wearing at all times on Instagram.

I was spoiled by bloggers. I don’t follow many, but the ones I do tag their photos with diligence. Crease-free hair tie down to toenail polish, they show their cards, palms open. I also appreciate that they tag locations— plus other important things that I might need to know in the case of an emergency. I began to count on the fact that I could tap a photo ( lightly, so that the tags appeared, but not so intentionally as to like it, god forbid ) and be provided with a dossier of information. Information that I could use, or not use. Like the diner’s meal I inquired about, I just wanted to know what the deal was.

Habit fully formed, I found myself pressing photos of my friends, colleagues, adversaries and non-friends whose pictures appeared on my discover feed, in search of answers their lack of accompanying copy failed to reveal. Everyone was too sly with their captions: too vague, too pun-y, too reliant on Emojis. Their words told me nothing and their tags didn’t tell me shit. Great selfie and clever line, but who makes your earrings? Where did you wear them to? Who makes your lipstick? Who designs that couch? Who’s in that photo with you? It’s rude! True, in theory, I may have few qualms about asking you but in reality, I have even less time; I’m scrolling! This is my lunch break. To be a civilian eating a meal without a sign on your forehead that reads “chicken marsala” is one thing. To post an intriguing style photo with titillating content & zero context is quite another.

“But I am not a blogger, Amelia. It would be weird if I did that.” You are a human, human! Have some decency. What if I want to buy the shoes you’re wearing? I don’t want to twin any more than you do, but shopping sucks for everyone. Together we could make this easy. To not tag is unhelpful, not to mention borderline stingy. It is the equivalent of withholding a pie recipe because you don’t want anyone else to have it. Save us both the trouble of a DM-slide and just tell me!”

Do you love her? I feel like Amelia gets it. Let’s be like Amelia.

If not there will be way too many sad cross-body camo bag situations. A LOT OF GIRLS WILL LOG OFF INSTAGRAM SAD THAT THEY CAN’T FIND THE SPECIFIC RIPPED, LOW RISE JEANS THAT CHARLOTTE MCKINNEY IS WEARING AT NOBU BECAUSE NOTHING IS TAGGED ( true story: I still can’t find the exact jeans sadly- if someone ID’s them for me, I’ll French you ).

I know you guys feel the same way because within The Skinny Confidential Secret Facebook Group, I see so many girls asking other girls to ID an outfit. A lot of detectives in that group, let me tell you…You guys are GOOD.

But really, wouldn’t it make the world a better place if everyone would just tag? And answer questions? Let’s stop the epidemic, one tag at time!

Now obviously my real life, pre-Instagram camo moment was not the girls fault- I couldn’t physically ask her- I mean, I was driving. But just so you can sleep at night, I want you to know that after 7 years, I found the bag. Maybe not the exact bag- but DAMNIT, I found one that looks JUST like it. I’m thrilled about it & wear it all the time. It’s fab for workouts- kind of everything I dreamed of.

& to round out this post, I’ll link it for ya. BECAUSE DUH!

Love, peace, & tags- x lauryn

GIVEAWAY: giving away the shorter coin necklace I’m wearing here- you can pick out the one you like ( it’s a zodiac necklace ). Anyone can enter. To win, simply tell me your thoughts on tagging on my latest Instagram. Would love to hear your feedback.

++ ALSO, you can find some major outfit posts here.

SHOP MY OUTFIT, OF COURSE!: bodysuit | linen pants | sunglasses ( favorite ever! ) | loafers | bag ( sold out, similar ) | hoops | necklaces


black jumpsuit dress ysl heels clutch


September 13, 2017

revolve van de vort clothing | by the skinny confidential

Let’s talk summer travel & some of my favorite pieces right now. Earlier this week Michael shared some of his tested jet lag tips. Now it’s my turn. When it comes to packing I’m definitely not the best. Michael has these little travel squares to keep everything organized. That’s not for me. However, my top travel hack? Pack staples.

Whether it’s your go-to pair of shoes or a timeless dress staples are the pieces you can easily mix & match to wear over and over again. IDEAL for travel. Staples help you pack a little bit less. Now I still need to work on packing WAY less but baby steps right? PLEASE share your packing tips. In an effort to pack less I focus on items that can easily be dressed up or down with a few simple changes.

black jumpsuit dress ysl heels clutch

Black Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is the ideal piece of clothing in many ways. Simply throw it on and you’re good to go. No need to find a matching top or bottom. Jumpsuits can easily be dressed up or down depending on the situation. If you try this one then you’re in even more luck. This jumpsuit is extremely comfortable. It’s stretchy & fits like a glove. Layer some dainty necklaces & a clutch to complete the look for a sexy night out.


Typically I say let the man carry your purse but sometimes you just need a clutch to finish your look. This one is the perfect size for carrying your essentials. In mine? A tooth whitening pen. A black bag goes with everything and won’t get dirty while traveling.

Zhivago Dress

SO let’s talk about this dress. I love it so much that I’ve actually worn it in white, black AND gold. The combination of the plunging neck, the shoulder pads and the length really do make it the perfect dress. This dress was a part of my bridal shower, rehearsal dinner & is now a night out staple. Pair it with a high pony & you’re set.


These pumps are an investment piece but they are by far my favorite pair of pumps. You can wear them with straight or cropped jeans, a dress – even shorts. The great thing about investing in a good pair of pumps is that they can last years. Take them to a shoe parlor every few months to keep them in top shape. If you’re not ready to splurge just yet check out this pair.


It’s the season of red. The bolder the better in my opinion. From pants suits to bathing suits keep your look spicy. This romper can easily go from day to night and will keep your look interesting. Imagine it with loafers and a hat by day ( & SPF!! ) then mules with a leather jacket for night.


Mules are taking over the shoe game. If you haven’t tried a pair yet now is the time to give them a shot. They’re comfortable & chic. You can pair these shoes with light jeans and a linen top for some major St. Tropez vibes.

Matching Set

There’s something cheeky about matching sets that make them perfect for summertime. You can even take it a step further & match your partner. Michael and I coordinated outfits while in St. Tropez. It’s fun. This gray striped set also comes in red if you’re looking to stay with the theme.  Wear this with some white flats while enjoying a crisp glass of rosé & prosciutto with melon.

When purchasing staple pieces be sure to get items that flatter YOU and your body. Items you feel comfortable in & can’t wait to rock. When you have those items it makes getting ready SO much easier. You can easily build, layer & accessorize to switch up your look while always having a core you feel great about. OK – now I’m off to enjoy some that rosé & prosciutto we talked about. Follow along on Snapchat.

x, lauryn


las vegas day to night | by the skinny confidential

VEGAS: Day to Night

February 23, 2017

las vegas day to night | by the skinny confidential

Hello, hello!

I just got back from Las Vegas for Revolve’sGirl’s Night Out.’ Very fun to enjoy a little brunch, do some window shopping & hang out with some inspiring influencers. The trip was a whirlwind & now I’m getting ready for Boston…at 6 am tomorrow. My voice sounds like a breathy smoker who ate a frog. Really my voice is shot- I am attributing this to podcasting for 5 hours straight on Friday? Who knows. Maybe I just talk too much in general. Anyway, I need to shut up clearly.

Ok, ok so Michael & I leave tomorrow but first things first, I want to share my Vegas look before I share PART II of our wedding.

With that:


las vegas day to night | by the skinny confidential



Hungover? WHO ISN’T IN VEGAS? It’s kind of the ongoing theme, no? When you’re getting on a flight this hoodie is so much YES. I also love a good book ( currently reading The Other Man ), of course an ice roll & my handy-dandy hangover elixir. I put the powder & capsules in a little reusable silicone baggie. I love to keep it effective you know. So perfect because you’ll be ready for anything. Anyway, you know I’m loving oversized hoodies & this one definitely steps it up for Vegas.


I’ve been living in these jeans recently- LOL can you tell? I wear them every second. They’re the 2017 version of the classic ripped skinny jeans. The staggered hem is edgy & they’re SO comfortable. I love how they’re longer in the back & shorter in the front. It’s a real facade because it elongates the leg. Fun.


Everyone needs a pair of large black sunglasses. They will ALWAYS be in style- a real classic. Plus these are a lifesaver anytime you drink. The dark tint is perfect for hiding a hangover. The bigger the better please.


I’ve said it once & I’ll probably keep saying it. A bodysuit is a closet staple. You can take them from day-to-night & they always give off a pulled together vibe. This is such a must when traveling because it’s so versatile.


These black pumps are the perfect daytime Vegas shoe. They add some height but are still super comfortable. I wore them on the plane & walked like 138470238 miles in them ( eer, ok RAN because we were late for our flight? ). If you can run in heels you know they belong in your closet.


The detailing on this bomber jacket is INSANE. It’s embroidered with pearls, rhinestones, & beads in such an ornate & intricate way. Really reminds me of The Nanz too. & just so festive to rock to Vegas.

las vegas day to night looks | by the skinny confidential



When in Vegas I love to add a little pop of black. I opted for OPI’s ‘Black Onyx‘ so my dress would really be able to shine. After getting your nails done check out my tips for keeping your manicure fresh & pristine.


If you’re going to Vegas you have to bring a little flash. This dress is super sexy with the thigh high slit & really shines because of the sequins. Sequins in Vegas are usually not my fav but for some reason this dress like, spoke to me. HA.


These heels really elongate your legs & I love the strappy detailing. The platform also makes these much easier to walk in than you’d think.


This lipstick in ‘American Doll’ is my GO-TO red lip color. Reason being? It a cool toned red- nothing orange. So it pulls blues & whites as opposed to oranges & yellows. Basically goes on flawlessly, makes your teeth appear whiter, & brightens the eyes.


Finish off your look for a night out with this hot black choker. The three layers are simple so they’re perfect for letting the rest of your outfit shine while still completing your look.


A little body jewelry is always fun. A little body jewelry in Vegas is a must. This body chain is the best for adding some glimmer to your look. Wear it with a plunging neckline, a red lip & a high pony. I designed it with C_A_M Jewelry for my wedding babes so I know you’ll LOVE. I slept in mine- not recommended but what can you do? We were in Sin City.

Alright we leave early tomorrow morning for Boston so PLEASE comment below with any suggestions. OR should we do a meet up? Michael & I have never been so we need all of your advice!

lauryn x

+ BE SURE to listen to the latest podcast with Gary Vee. Enter to win one of his HUSTLER tee shirts by commenting on his latest Instagram– just tell him @theskinnyconfidential sent you ; ). We are picking 5 people. His tees are fucking cool! 


The Rehearsal Dinner ( AND A MELTDOWN ): Part II

January 5, 2017

laurynmichael-rehearsal-228-gtlaurynmichael-rehearsal-202-gt laurynmichael-rehearsal-199

Well we are getting there, aren’t we?

This is part II of dun-dun-dun…The Rehearsal Dinner.

( I told you guys it takes a while to wrap my head around things didn’t I? ).

Here’s the thing: I don’t want to bombard you with 8 zillion wedding posts so I’m taking my sweet time. Hopefully next week we can actually get to the wedding. Four days of wedding is a lot of content !!!

So as you know we started off soft with The Welcome Party & then started getting a little more masculine with The Rehearsal Dinner to set the tone for the darker, vamp-ier wedding.

The story needed to flow.


Ok first off let’s dig a little deeper into the decor here: big shout out to Del Cabo Event Design who did all the fabulous rentals and One & Only Palmillia who hosted the dinner us. & of course, Esoteric Events & Arete Florals– they truly helped the whole vision come to life.

Clearly we did more white than black here. Black was more the accent. Everyone had a big, HUGE, THICK white tile at their seat. On it was their name in whimsical calligraphy ( thank you Seniman Calligraphy for this festive touch ).

There were a lot of white flowers ( baby’s breath & white roses ) with a hint of black callilies.

And tons, AND I MEAN TONS, of candles.


The day of The Rehearsal Dinner I actually sent someone to Rite-Aid to pick up 200 more candles.

I could have cared less about the quality.

I just wanted a million white candles, all different shaped & sizes dripping everywhere. The candles were all down the table, some in glass cylinders, some free-standing, some so dirt cheap they burned in 5 minutes. 


JUST A LOT, everywhere, I needed a million.

Twinkle lights hung above the table, the band played Rat Pack music, & the chilled shots were flowing…

…oh yes, oh YES they were flowing. I can report back: THERE IS SUCH THING AS TOO MANY SHOTS.


Actually very familiar.

Because I got DRUNK.

I’m always one for fun but I don’t like to get too drunk. I mean I prefer a great buzz off a few glasses of wine or a couple of skinny margaritas.

But here’s the thing: when you’re getting married, YOU ARE BUSY. So busy that you forget to eat. Now I usually never forget to eat. I mean how could you? It’s the best. I love to eat.

But I’m telling you the week of my wedding, I forgot ( any brides relate? ). You’re so busy, so crazed, & mixed with work & entertaining my family…I was on overload. It’s weird how you forget too. But really you just…forget.

And well, the day of The Rehearsal Dinner…I fucking forgot. I think I had some eggs…eer, for breakfast & maybe a few chips? Maybe? Not nearly enough water. Like a sip.



NOT only did I forget to eat: there were Karma tequila shots everywhere. Typically I’m not a shot person but for some reason I wanted a few to be like one of the guys. Just a big-ass, atrocious FAIL.

…Stress was also a huge factor.

There was so much stress leading up to the events: family, friends, arrangements, getting rooms ready, e-mails, planning, the band, the decor, flowers, seating charts, blah-blah-biddity-blah, & of course…leaving everything to the last-minute ( << me ).

So ya, I basically got wayyyyy too wasted.

( Really not a hot look in a gold mini. I don’t recommend it ).

To be honest, I went Bridezilla.

I actually surprised myself.

Like screaming down the halls, acting like a total asshole, CRAZY BITCH Bridezilla. I feel like my nipple came out at one point? A pop of floral panty too? Let’s get very detailed here: I even threw a banana at Mimi ( not in a mean way ) & squished kiwis on the floor with my heels. Mimi was a little perturbed to say the least.



…AND THIS guys, is why I had a 55 person wedding…so I could have my Sharon Stone Casino slicked-back ponytail psycho moment.

AND lose my mind.

I mean it was a good crew, no one judged me. Everyone laughed. & the next morning…I felt better. Relieved to let it all out, you know. A BREATH OF FRESH AIR.

( Keep in mind this shit show didn’t happen until later in the night- THANK GOD- so the parents didn’t see the whole show, only half ).

Here’s the best part: I ( like me, I ) decided we should get separate rooms, Michael in one and me in the other. But I was so psycho I ended up forcing him to sleep in my room with me. So his room was empty. Because that makes sense?…And we woke up together on our wedding day ( insert knife Emoji here ).

I should also note: Michael ended up hiding in a bush at the end of the night because I so was nuts. Like actually hiding in a bush. Picture me screaming his name & he’s shaking behind a bush. CONRGATS TO THE HAPPY COUPLE.


What’s a hungry, stressed, drunk bride to do?


Well. Actually if we’re being real I kind of liked it.

The whole display was funny & added character to the wedding weekend. HAHAHA. ( Told you, I’m nuts ). A good story to tell my future kids. Besides I hate boring.

So if you ask any of my friends about The Rehearsal Dinner after party? They’ll never, EVER describe it as…boring.

Perhaps they’ll use words like COLORFUL, NUTBAG, PSYCHO, EVENTFUL, INSANE, LOUD?

SO 55 people, man. It’s the way to go. You can get away with anything.

( Anyone engaged out there? PSA: Don’t drink on an empty stomach on your wedding weekend !! ).

The after party was at AQUA at One & Only Palmillia…& for the record: I’m not the only one who had too much to drink that night.

Really, trust me. Taylor pissed his pants in a strip club at 4 AM, but you know that already if you listen to the podcast.

Again, at least he’s not boring.


For all outfit details: I got you. Just check out part I if you want your own gold moment.

& just like that it’s time to talk wedding details. Before we do we need to breakdown invites & a fake wedding shot with Style Me Pretty. So much to cover but we’re getting there guys.

OH & BE SURE, LIKE SURE-EST OF SURE, you hear Taylor/The Bare Naked Cucumber’s Rehearsal Dinner speech on TSC HIM & HER PodcastHis performance was…interesting. Let’s just say he blacked out & we recorded him. Well not only did we record him, actually the whole wedding party did. He was THAT absurd. A real hoot, trust me.

With that, I’m off to watch Goliath ( SO, SO GOOD ) & eat apple chips.

Until tomorrow, lauryn/PSYCHO x

+ more wedding posts | The Welcome Party | Part I.


{ photos }

laurynmichael-rehearsal-157  laurynmichael-rehearsal-34laurynmichael-rehearsal-8 laurynmichael-rehearsal-20 laurynmichael-rehearsal-63-gt laurynmichael-rehearsal-214-gt