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lauryn evarts on valentine's | by the skinny confidential

Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day Guys!

Updated: February 17, 2016

lauryn evarts on valentine's | by the skinny confidentiallauryn evarts on valentine's | by the skinny confidential


A little smoke bomb magic today to say: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.

Whether you’re single or taken, WHO CARES because it’s basically national chocolate day!

Specifically dark chocolate stuffed raspberries day for me.

And we kept it super casual day today— basically we read, ate mahi tacos, & watched our new obsession: MADOFF. Such a good show by the way, you guys HAVE to watch it. It’s all about Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Superrrr juicy.

( Also very much into the new OJ Simpson show…thoughts? ).

We ended V-Day with The Nanz because FAVORITE VALENTINE EVER. Especially when she orders a bloody Mary with extra celery.

lauryn evarts on valentine's | by the skinny confidential

lauryn evarts on valentine's | by the skinny confidential

Turning directions here & talking about THIS dress. THIS dress is SASSY, no? I felt black or a flirty maxi with sneakers was just really the only way to go this year. Pairing it with red suede pumps felt Valentine-ish. The tulle on this dress is so fun, so flirty, & so salsa dancing Emoji girl.

Plus it really pulls you in in the stomach area. Nothing like a dress that kind of has built-in Spanx. Especially if you ate two protein-style In & Out burgers the night before…WHOOPS.

They’re so good, I can’t help myself.

( Also please note: if you’re feeling bloated & doing a photoshoot, use smoke bombs as a prop. Seriously though, this will eliminate any bloat in the picture because the smoke can cover it. LOLOLOLOL ).

lauryn evarts on valentine's | by the skinny confidentiallauryn evarts on valentine's | by the skinny confidentiallauryn evarts on valentine's | by the skinny confidentiallauryn evarts on valentine's | by the skinny confidential

These red suede heels look EXACTLY like the $595 Manolo Blahnik BB ones, but EER, they’re on sale for FREAKING $54 bucks? SO yes, total steal. Really every girl needs a pair of red suede shoes— they’re so romantic & spicy, no?

Anyway, I have questions FOR YOU: how was your Valentine’s Day? Who did you see? Did you cook? Any hotties? Fill me in PLEASE!

Off to read & drink some peppermint tea, talk soon QT’s, happy Valentine’s!

XO lauryn

SHOP THE LOOK: dress ( I got a small ) | red heels ( ON SALE! ), similar here | sunglasses ( sold out, similar )

{ photos }

lauryn evarts on valentine's | by the skinny confidential

lauryn evarts on valentine's | by the skinny confidential

The Skinny Confidential x For Love and Lemons.

Babes Behind The Brand: For Love & Lemons

Updated: October 20, 2014

The Skinny Confidential x For Love and Lemons.

The Skinny Confidential x For Love and Lemons.

Oy, I want everything For Love & Lemons.

Really though, the struggle is real.

& it will become super real for you too, when you see their collection ( their stuff is soooo good so beware— you’ve been warned ). You can shop the line online or on Nasty Gal, Revolve Clothing, Shopbop, & Urban Outfitters.

The girls behind the killer brand, Laura Hall & Gillian Rose Kern are best friends who had a lemonade stand when they were little & now design the line together ( hence the cute name: For Love & Lemons ). This interview kinda rocks because they share the whole evolution of their brand & how it came about. I love the realness.

Ok, ready?

Here ya go:

| Introduce yourselves & your brand |

Laura Hall: I’m originally from Minnesota & I moved to Wyoming at the age of twelve where I met my partner in crime, Gillian Rose Kern. Years later, I traveled off to college & obtained my business degree at the University Of Colorado Boulder. After college, I decided to head off to Australia. I ended up interning at One Teaspoon. After eight months of falling in love with Australia’s unique style, I decided it was time to pack up & head home. Ultimately I joined forces with my BFF & travel companion Gillian.

Gillian Rose Kern: I was born & raised in Wyoming and I always knew I was destined for the fashion industry. I made my first garment at the age of five & was voted ‘Most Unique Style’ in high school. I ended up getting my fashion design degree at FIDM. After completing college, I went to the land down under & interned for the popular brand Bec & Bridge.

After being completely inspired by Australian fashion, I packed up & headed to Los Angeles. From then on it was history in the making as For Love & Lemons was born…

Our collection is anything but conventional— it rebels against societal standards. The line taunts the customers by creating lustful intrigue. A clash of colors and patterns are evoked by chic separates and devious dresses.

For Love & Lemons is a brand to relate to, for that girl that doesn’t follow trends, she makes them.

The line is flirtatious, fun, and captivating.

The Skinny Confidential x For Love and Lemons.

| How did For Love & Lemons come about? |

For Love & Lemons: After college and living in Sydney, Australia for a year ( doing fashion internships ), we moved back to Jackson Hole, Wyoming & got waitress jobs so we could save up money to start our line. We were making patterns and sewing samples after work. When we completed enough pieces throughout the season we had a ‘fashion show’ in the ski bar we worked at…which was mostly guys wearing their ski cloths, but we didn’t care cause we were showing something we worked so hard on.

Surprisingly some photos from that reached a couple buyers who inquired about carrying the collection ( we didn’t even pick the name FL&L by that time ). So it was a slow & steady evolution on how the whole collection became official and we knew it would become our future!

We used to have lemonade stands, so we’d joke that we have been in business since the lemon days, and we are best friends…so we also do it for the love!

| How do you stay healthy while running your own business? |

Laura: Well since Gillian is got married the whole office was on “The Wedding Diet.” All jokes aside I have always been an active person, so on the weekends I enjoy hikes and anything outdoors.

Gillian: I focus mainly on eating healthy, but recently we hired a yoga instructor to come to our office twice a week too.

The Skinny Confidential x For Love and Lemons.

| Quick skinny healthy tip? |

Laura: Drinking a liter of so every morning is a great way to wake up. And most mornings I add lemon and cayenne pepper to my water. It also jump starts your metabolism, hydrates you, flushes our toxins in your body, gets your brain going, and my favorite benefit: it makes you less hungry.

| A tip for entrepreneur babes? |

For Love & Lemons: Be fearless and do you research!!

I’m wearing a For Love & Lemons ‘South of The Border’ dress here:

The Skinny Confidential x For Love & Lemons.

The Skinny Confidential x For Love and Lemons.

| Favorite pieces from the collection? |

1.} Noir Mini Dress
2.} Back To Basics Crop
3) Lacey Dreams Maxi
4) Love You Knot Bandage Bralette
5) Antigua Dress ( << I just bought this in black & it’s such a fun, flirty party dress )
6.) She’s a Knockout Bra

| What’s in your oversized handbag? |

Gillian: My dog, Killer’s lease, fabric swatches, Burt’s Bees chap stick, wallet, Raen sunglasses, & an agate crystal.

Laura: Smith’s Rosebud Salve, mirror, wallet, Trident gum, Jo Malone perfume, phone charger, pictures of my nieces and nephews, & two pairs of sunglasses.

| First thing you do when you wake up? |

Gillian: I do my morning yoga stretches & take my dog, Killer Bean out for a walk.

Laura: I try to drink my glass of water with lemon/cayenne every morning!

| Quick and easy recipe? |

For Love & Lemons: Our favorite is an arugula salad: two cups arugula, one half avocado, 1/4 cup pine nuts, tablespoon olive or grape seed oil, dash of salt & pepper, and a half lemon squeezed.

+ To follow For Love & Lemons on Instagram, click here.

The Skinny Confidential x For Love and Lemons.

♡ Shop For Love & Lemons:

The Skinny Confidential talks to the girls from Show Me Your Mumu.

The Beauties Behind The Brand Show Me Your Mumu

Updated: February 26, 2016

The Skinny Confidential talks to the girls from Show Me Your Mumu.

The Skinny Confidential talks to the girls from Show Me Your Mumu.

The Skinny Confidential talks to the girls from Show Me Your Mumu.

Ok, so, so stoked on this interview…because you guys know how I love hot, sexy ( & nice ) babes who are killing it in business.

Lemme introduce you to two entrepreneurs who have worked their asses of to make their dreams to come to life: Cologne Schmidt & Cammy Hebert of Show Me Your Mumu.

If you haven’t heard of Show Me Your Mumu, come out from the rock you’ve been hiding under & get ready go bananas.

Their line is so effortlessly chic & literally perf for work, a hot date, &/or Coachella.

And seriously their beauty tips have totally inspired me ( buying MAC 3D Mascara & Tan Towels ASAP ). Enjoy Cologne & Cammy!

The Skinny Confidential talks to the girls from Show Me Your Mumu.

|| Introduce yourself ||

Cologne Schmidt: I grew up in Newport Beach, & I met Cammy ( my partner in Mumu ) in college at UC Berkeley. I studied business, and was attracted to the fusion of creativity & business. We moved to NYC immediately after college & were roommates. We both worked in showrooms in the fashion industry, but always had bigger dreams. On a spontaneous trip to Miami, we decided to create this ‘mumu’ piece that was always missing from our closets, and call the company ‘Show Me Your Mumu.’

Once we got back from Miami, we didn’t waste any time and worked weekends & late nights scouring fabric stores, finding patternmakers, and creating the website and brand. Mumu has come so far since then, but it was a very organic beginning- shipping mumu’s out of our oven in our tiny apartment in Nolita.

|| Favorite Mumu piece? ||

CS: I’m a big fan of our shorts, mini skirts, & mini dresses. My go to outfit is Froggy Fringe shorts, a Mumu Collared Top, and a jean vest. I am also obsessed with our new long sleeve maxi dress- the Jocelyn Maxi.

|| Best part of owning your own business? ||

CS: I wish I could say unlimited holidays, but we end up working all the time! But truly, I love being able to combine creativity & business. Our office has such a fun vibe- a bunch of crazy Mumu Girls. We all work really hard, get to be creative- and everyone’s thoughts get heard. We are like a Mumu Family.

|| How do you each maintain a healthy lifestyle while owning a thriving business? ||

CS: It’s hard. I love running and working out, and I don’t always have time or energy because of how hard we work. I try to make it to spin class at least a few days a week, or go for runs in the mornings. I just got a new boxer puppy so I try to run her around because she is crazy.

And we always stock the office with really heathy snacks & juices. We love seaweed, apples, veggies, and hummus, and fresh pressed juices.

|| A day in the life ||

CS: Coffee, e-mails, fabric meetings, production meetings, design meetings, work on our next web-launch, spin class, make dinner with Sam ( my boyfriend ), play with Buoy, my boxer pup, cuddle on the couch with Sam, & often do more work. On the weekends we will go out in Venice with friends.

When I was in my early 20’s we would go out a lot, but now I really enjoy my time at home with my puppy and my boyfriend. Just gettin’ old I guess!

|| Five top Mumu must-haves ||

CS: Jocelyn Maxi, Carly Collared Dress, Rayne Romper, Froggy Fringe Knickers, Jodi Rae Ruffle. Oh and our Billy Bob Overalls are to-die.

{{ Me in my favorite Mumu look }}:

The Skinny Confidential talks to the girls from Show Me Your Mumu.|| Advice for someone who wants to start their own business? ||

CS: If you have a good idea or passion, you just have to go for it. No one can tell you how to do it, you have to jump into it head first and give it a go. There are always going to be problems & set-backs and no one will tell you it was easy! And if it fails, it isn’t the end of the world.

Most business fail, so you just have to learn from it & move forward. Starting a business has it’s highs and lows, but for me the perks are definitely worth the late nights and hard work! I love it.

|| WTF’s in your purse? ||

CS: My cracked iPhone, colorful crochet wallet from Bali, Extra Polar Ice gum, a day planner with my calendar and notes, work out clothes ( just in case ), tootsie pops, & Mumu Hang Tags because I always forget to take them off my clothes before I wear them.

|| Favorite beauty products? ||

CS: The ‘egg chapsticks’ AKA EOS Lip Balms in all colors. I love MAC 3D Extreme Dimension Mascara– it’s so extreme. I also like Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion, it’s my $100 splurge every month but it makes such a difference. And Jergen’s Natural Glow Lotion keeps your legs looking tan year round.

My eyeshadow obsession is Almay Intense i-Color Smoky-i Eyeshadow. It’s trio with the brown/purple/cream. BUT only use the brown! It’s the best eyeshadow I’ve ever found- I hope they never discontinue it!

|| Easy, quick healthy recipe you can whip up for the office? ||

CS: I bring a salad to work almost every day- with shredded cabage, kale, tomatoes, onions, cottage cheese, turkey or tofu, quinoa, & miso dressing. It may sound gross, but I just love it. We also eat a lot of cereal, seaweed, and hummus.

|| One word to describe Mumu’s aesthetic/brand? ||

CS: Gypset, 48-hour-clothes.

The Skinny Confidential talks to the girls from Show Me Your Mumu.

|| Hiii! Introduce yourself ||

Cammy Hebert: I grew up hanging out in my mom’s clothing store, my part time jobs were always in boutiques, & my first job out of college was in a contemporary showroom. My work life has always been fashion related so starting my own brand at a young age with my best friend when we had our “aha” idea was exciting instead of intimidating.

|| Favorite piece in the Mumu collection and why? ||

CH: Bam Bam Bells! They’re flared pants from heaven that we offer in all sorts of laces and different prints. They are super flattering on all body types. They are also stretchy so you can do splits and cartwheels at any given moment.

|| Best part of owning your own business? ||

CH: The creativity. Any crazy idea that comes to us in daytime or sleep time, we have the support and freedom to pursue. It’s a very liberating and exciting feeling. Cheesy cliche- The possibilities are endless! When it’s your own thing, you get to say “Let’s try this!” and work to make it happen.

|| How do you each maintain a healthy lifestyle while owning a thriving business? ||

CH: Coco is MUCH better than me! We try to stock the office with healthy options so when we get snack-y we aren’t eating total junk food. Office favorites: seaweed snacks and veggies with hummus! Exercise-wise I’m addicted to Pilates at The Studio MDR. I love going before work so I have that adrenaline rush. The days I work out I am bouncing around the office like a little kid with MUCH more energy than the days I choose to snooze that extra hour…

|| A day in the life ||

CH: Hectic. Our brand is our baby. She ( Mumu ) needs constant love, affection, & attention from both of us. Luckily, we love what we do and love working together so it makes it all worth it.

The Skinny Confidential talks to the girls from Show Me Your Mumu.|| Five top Mumu picks for spring ||

CH: Bam Bam Bells ( in white lace- with a tan HOT MOMMA! ), Jocelyn Maxi Dress in Birds of Paradise, Shook Tunic in Rainbow Python ( Welcome to Meeyami ), the Tripp Tank ( a closet staple! ), & Robert’s Party Pants in Wild Bloom!

|| Advice for someone who wants to start their own business? ||

CH: Like Nike says- “Just Do It.” I’m kind of joking, but seriously- you gotta just make yourself go for it. So many people have great ideas & very few people pursue their great ideas. Don’t be scared- just be excited and prepared to work your booty off.

|| In your purse ||

CH: My Macbook Air, Tan Towels, a good book ( right now- Sex on the Moon ), Mumu sunglasses, a white moleskin, & about twelve writing utensils with no caps on.

|| Favorite beauty products? || 

CH: Vaseline Minis– my favorite lip gloss : ). I like the mini tubes you can buy. They are so easy to travel with. And super cute! American Girl sized! Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascaraLavish Tan Self Tanner Spray ( love the travel size! ), & Radical Skincare; it’s based out of Malibu & my mom and I are both hooked.

|| Easy work lunch ||

CH: My Kale Salad Yumminess; it’s kale, lemon juice, avocado, cherry tomatoes, & pine nuts. No dressing needed. This sounds silly but you have to “massage” the kale for ten minutes ! That’s the only tricky part. The rest is throw in the bowl and eat up!

|| One word to describe Show Me Your Mumu ||


+ To follow Show Me Your Mumu on Instagram, click here. x.

The Skinny Confidential talks to the girls from Show Me Your Mumu.


Happy Holidays <3

Updated: December 29, 2013


Merry Christmas & happy holidays!

Hope you’re enjoying your day today, xx.



Meet Babetown, Amber Kekich— Owner of AGAIN Clothing

Updated: December 9, 2013

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness on Thanksgiving.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness on Thanksgiving.

Hi guys.

Super excited to introduce you to this rad, avant-garde brand called AGAIN.

Amber Kekich is the girl behind the brand. Not only is she beautiful, she’s sweet & oh-so-Fing-talented. Her line resembles couture clothing but for a third of the price.

Plus Amber shares my latest addiction: chia seeds! We’re both obsessed!!

Hope you’re all having a happy Friday! Enjoy Amber:

+ Introduce yourself.

Amber Kekich: Im Amber Kekich designer/owner of AGAIN.

+ Tell us about AGAIN.

AK: AGAIN is a women’s contemporary collection started in 2011 made of all European fabrics and produced all here in Los Angeles, California. We aren’t your average LA brand; we change it up every season, love patterns, and like to make women feel different & sexy.

{{ Here’s some of her line’s pieces…swoon! }}

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness on Thanksgiving.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness on Thanksgiving.

+ Favorite trends this season?

AK: I don’t really know what the trends are anymore :/ I feel like women as a whole are cleaning up their look though, no more ripped off shorts and tees out on the town, they are going back to the heels and a body con dress, which is the way it should be. Women are more confidant that way.

+ Natural beauty product you swear by?

AK: Even though it makes your face smell like fish I use Blue Plasma by Perricone MD. It helps that you get to use a little eye dropper too.

+ Most flattering clothing pieces?

Rompers that can be belted, a dress with a peplum and lets not forget the maxi.

+ Quick, secret skinny tip?

Chia seeds!

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness on Thanksgiving.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness on Thanksgiving.

+ Favorite healthy snack?

I love cheese with gluten free rice crackers- I eat it almost every day.

Cocktail of choice?

Something with gin or vodka, lime, & mint. I always order that because a menu never says it like that and you feel like you invented it every time.

+ Pick five items you’re loving:

1.} A pretty dress.

2.} A good going out combo.

3.} An amazing white leather jacket.

4.} I’m an old school bathing suit girl.

5.} I love an eccentric sunnie.

+ To follow Amber’s brand, AGAIN on Instagram, click here.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness on Thanksgiving.