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Holiday Ideas For The Dog Lover…Because Who Can Resist A Mini Fedora?!

August 15, 2017

petco 1 | by the skinny confidential

petco 2| by the skinny confidential

petco 11 | by the skinny confidential

So obviously my dogs are a HUGE part of my life. Really though my obsession is sick. Their personalities are hilarious (like Pixy growled at a horse who was trotting by yesterday. Literally though, a horse— apparently she thinks she bigger than a freaking horse). Anyway, Boone & Pixy are my two ride or dies— they come everywhere with me.

As you guys know, I’ve already done an eating, walking, bathing breakdown but since they’re so important to me, I figured I’d share a little personality post too.

Recently, Gwen Stefani sent both of them ( LOL ) a bunch of fun goodies from her new, limited-edition Harajuku Lovers line with Petco. Pixy is more of a kitten diva with her clothes; she actually loves them because she really does associate the clothing with hanging out outside of the house with mom or dad. She will pretty much put the clothes on herself if it means hanging out with us. Boone, on the other hand, isn’t quite used to clothes. He doesn’t really know how he feels about them. However, he was loving the cozy Union Jack sweater that Petco sent him

Here’s the Twinkles modeling their new outfits:

As you can tell he felt extremely special…& manly.

Isn’t he the manliest man ever?


BUT can we talk about his fedora?…

petco 8| by the skinny confidential

Yes, a fedora ( the Union Jack Trilby Dog Hat, specifically ).

Am I psycho or is this the cutest thing in the world? HA.

They’re also obsessed with the Kawaii Donut Plush Squeaky Dog Toy & the Cool Emoji Canvas Squeaky Dog Toy. Boone squeaks it to the point of ad nauseam. He literally created a song by squeaking the toy every second, of every day.

Pixy also chimes in on the bass, squeaking her pink donut like a bougie badass.

petco 1 | by the skinny confidential

petco 9| by the skinny confidential

petco 5| by the skinny confidential

Also, lately I’ve been really incorporating some healthy foods in their diet like raw coconut oil ( GREAT to eat & to rub on their coat ), spaghetti squash ( tons of vitamins & minerals ), watermelon ( sans seeds ), raw carrots, strawberries, chia seeds, & green beans! I also have been using a tough brush on their coats so they can get the same effect as dry brushing. It’s SO great for dog’s lymph system to be dry brushed. We also literally massage them ( are we crazy? ).

Any other tips you guys have?

Anyway, I thought that these little outfits would be an AWESOME holiday gift/stocking stuffer for your dog-lover friend. Seriously I think anyone with a fur baby would just be entirely in love with the fedora concept, no?

love, lauryn, Pixy, & T.Boone Pickens <3

SHOP MY GET UP: flannel | jeans | earrings | dog bowls

++ to check out the rest of the line visit Petco.com/HarajukuLovers | in collaboration w/ Petco.

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petco 12| by the skinny confidential

petco 3 | by the skinny confidential

Typical At-Home Date With Boone, Pixy, & Michael

August 14, 2017

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

As you know, the theme around my house lately has been date night IN…Definitely not date night out.

My recovery from my recent surgery was much more intense than I anticipated, so I’ve been doing what I can, AT HOME.

MAN, is it hard to be creative when 1.) your face feels like a balloon, 2.) you don’t really want to leave the house, 3.) you’re more tired than normal, which presents a problem when you want to make a nice night at home for your man.

Also if we are being honest? An at home date night is way more difficult to host when you live together. Can we talk about this for a minute though? When you live apart it’s easier to get everything set up & order take out & pretend that you spent a gazillion hours in the kitchen, sweating over a hot stove. When you live together…you can’t really fake it.

Thank God for Postmates because I literally ordered fresh chicken, soup, and veggies & secretly set it up as quickly as possible when Michael wasn’t looking.

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

For clothes on this particular night, I wanted to look pretty but comfortable. When I set up a date night at home, I never want to go too overboard. Too overboard would be like a skin tight mini dress with 5 inch heels and way too much makeup. I found this site called Golden Tote which is basically an online personal shopper. The site asks you some questions about your style & basically puts together a cute little bag o,f chic goodies. This white & blue get up was perfect for a date night in because it was comfortable AND super cute. I especially love the tie around the waist feature.

I kept my makeup simple & did a Sleep Bun to curl my hair ( braid was from night before )— fancy, smancy right.

a date night in | by the skinny confidential

{ top | lace skirtpumps | clutch | watch }

Lastly, I set the tone with champagne scented candles, smooth Nova Lapa jazz, lemongrass essential oils, & grapefruit mocktails.

Mocktails have become a staple in our house on the weekdays. All you do is add a bottle of sparkling water over ice with 1/2 grapefruit’s juice, a few dashes of grapefruit bitters, a splash of pomegranate juice, & your favorite herb (I like basil lately).

Anyway, our latest at home date night ended with THE BEST MOVIE EVER: Along Came Polly.

Very much looking forward to my swelling going down so I can rock this outfit OUTSIDE!

Chat soon, lauryn x

{ pics }

+ Golden
Tote ( more options here too ) also sent me this hot number— another fabulous dress for women on the go who don’t have time to shop! I’m for sure rocking this on a future date night:

a date night in | by the skinny confidential


a date night in | by the skinny confidential


Meet The Two Loves of My Life: Pixy & Boone

February 25, 2015

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

Ohhhh I’m soooooo excited for this post ( even though it took me 2345872435987 hours ).



Fur babies, specifically.

They both believe I actually birthed them ( also, they seriously think Michael breast fed them. Weird? I guess ):

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

Do you guys know how obsessed I am with dogs?!!! It’s stupid how much I love dogs. They can do no wrong. They’re vulnerable, lovable, & oh SO intuitive.

Anyway, today I wanted to give you a peek at my two chihuahuas who enhance my life in every way…& I want to share some tips/tricks for keeping your pup as healthy as possible.

Last week you guys met one of the loves of my life so this week it seems totally fitting that you meet the other two lovers.

So drumroll pleeeassseee…meet my two favorite bugs: Pixy Bean & T.Boone Pickens:

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

Pixy’s story:

gender: female || age: 9 || color: dirty blonde

I got Pixy in high school. I was graduating, confused, & wanted a little friend. She was super shy at first and then she came out of her shell. She has a very charmed life. Lots of comfortable beds, play dates with other chihuahuas, & a lot of love. Also her favorite pastime is sleeping in till noon, model life can be stressful. Pixy’s my side kick, ride or die, best friend on earth. I am so obsessed with her it hurts. My tiny chihuahua has been there for every sad, happy, depressing, romantic, upsetting, exciting moment for the past 9 years. Even when Michael proposed, Pixy was by my side! I could go on & on…

Hobbies include: hiding under see through curtains, snoring, laying on top of her dad’s face, following me around like a stage 5 clinger, playing with her ball AKA her POM POM, sun bathing, sighing heavily when she doesn’t get her way, dressing up for specific occasions, rolling her eyes, going by 65 million nicknames, spooning Michael & I at the same time, making odd faces like the above, wearing a top hat, growling at Boone if he comes near her dad, hanging out at her grandparent’s house, listening to Brazilian lounge music, & eating ice cream/cucumber/kale/strawberries/carrots.

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

Boone’s story:

gender: male || age: 1 || color: winter white

We went to buy another chihuahua recently & ended up adopting T.Boone Pickens instead. The best decision EVER. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend adopting. Boone is so grateful. He was kept in a kennel for a year of his life so he’s quite the free spirit who’s also a little timid. The other day we were all laying in bed and out of nowhere, for no reason at all, he started wagging his tail…really it’s just because he’s very, very appreciative to be loved. I melted. He’s a very kind, sweet creature. Boone can be a little dirty ( BOYS! ) but we’re working on it. Also, his chocolate incident was a real hoot. Regardless, we’ve welcomed him into our family & we can’t believe how in love we are!

Hobbies include: eating his own poo ( like I said work in progress ), laying on top of Pixy while she growls, barking at doorbells in commercials, listening to the American Psycho soundtrack, hopping in the shower with me, sitting on our heat-up mattress for hours, peeing on all his clothes ( he has a HUGGGE you know what, I mean it’s ridiculous ), eating my Nippies ( this happened ), burrowing deeppppp under the covers, staring wide-eyed at Michael one inch from his face while he’s sleeping, eating everything ( including an attempt to eat nails, yes nails like the tool ), & he lovessss watermelon!

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

♡ Food/diet:

Pixy and Boone have been eating Paleo Paw for the past year & it’s awesome! It’s gluten-free, non-GMO, organic dog food. Their food contains beef, quinoa, sweet potatoes, turmeric, eggs, safflower oil, apple cider vinegar, bone meal, nutritional yeast, kale, spinach, parsley, & sardines. I mean, I would eat all these things!! Their almond dog treats are GREAT too.

Use TSCPIXY for 15% off. You can find Pixy & Boone’s exact food here. Note: the one they eat is actually called ‘the Pixy’ ; ). Paleo Paw will include a mini treat sample with all orders too!

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

Boone & Pixy eat out of special bowls that my friend, Jacqueline got them both for Christmas. These bowls are seriously bowls I want to eat out of. Like, I’m jealous of the dogs. How cute, right?!

Obsessed with the black & white detail.

 Also, we bought them bone shaped place mats from FOREVER 21!! Who knew Forever had dog swag?

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

♡ Cleaning:

We found this amazing lady who comes to our house in a HUGE doggie trailer. She cleans the babies with all-natural soaps, dries them, & even gives them a little robe!! Both of the dogs love this. We do this once a month because Pixy & Boone love to go on walks & nasty-ass crap gets on their paws. Or maybe they just love #robelife.

Sometimes we bathe them in our bathtub but we always use soft dog soaps, nothing too harsh. I like this lavender one & this mango one. I loveeee when they smell like lavender especially. True life: I spray essential oils on their coat too. Like lavender when they’re tired & eucalyptus in the AM for energy. LOL. I actually bought one made for dogs. I know, I know I’m psycho.

♡ Exercise:

We try to walk the Burrow Twins ( LOL, such burrowers ) once a day but Pixy has bad knees : (. They LOVE their walks. We even have a song we sing before they go so they associate the song with the walks.

We also go on a thing called “SMALKS” which is a smelling walk so we’re really technically not moving…just smelling the smells in the grass.

Also, we have tons of toys for them & try to play fetch. Surprisingly small dogs are VERY VERY VERY good retrievers. Pixy is obsessed with her POM POMS that can only be found on eBay & are actually cat toys. Finding her POM POMS on eBay is like doing a drug deal, it’s that gnarly. I can rarely find them but when I do I buy tons!

Every time we walk them outside we wipe their paws off when they come inside ( if we don’t they both bite their paws from allergens ). I love using natural wipes like these ones.

Another weirdo thing I do: stretch them. I stretch out their legs & arms regularly. This may sound odd but they love it! I call it their “yoga.” When I say “do your yoga!” they lay on their backs ready to get stretched. Haha. This also includes a full body lymph deep tissue massage by yours truly. I mean I can’t make this up!

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

♡ Sleep:

They sleep on our face.

But really.

Both the dogs sleep in the bed with us. Michael has to sleep like a corpse because they literally harass him all night while I sleep like Sleeping Beauty on my own huge side.

Also, they love sleeping during the day in the sun. Lazy ass! I just heard about a doggie sun vest from a sweet reader so I might look in to getting Boone & P one.

Their day beds & my favorite ones can be found here ( <<< how CUTE!! ).

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

♡ Water:

We don’t give them ice in their water. It can give dogs stomach spasms.

Also, I always try to give our pups bottled water because the faucet water has fluoride in it, which is NO bueno for dogs. Read why here.

♡ Vet:

We get their anal gland expelled ( gross, but it has to be done in small dogs ) & their nails trimmed once a month. We also try to weigh them because Pixy can sometimes get a little hefty…let’s just say she’s bigger boned. She won’t be skinnista of the month anytime soon.

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

♡ Miscellaneous:

PUMPKIN ( ORGANIC REAL PUMPKIN ) is our best friend. Every morning each dog has a scoop on their food. They LOVEEEE it. Literally though, they live for their pumpkin.

When the dogs smell & I don’t have time to bathe them, I’ll use Real Shine Canine which an amazing reader sent me! It’s all natural cleaning spray that gives dogs a shiny, pretty coat without an overwhelming smell. Plus it has unrefined, organic coconut oil & helps with rashes, dandruff, & coat color.

I know this sounds weird but I love to set the energy of the room for our dogs. I put on music, light a candle, dim the lights, & make it comfortable for them every night. Also, if the house is warm, they’re happy! I want them as relaxed as possible because chihuahuas can be overly anxious.

♡ Clothes/teepees/closet life/etc.:

Pixy has a full blown closet. Like really though. A full.blown.closet. This was a gift from her “grandma,” our friend, Jen, who Pixy adores! Jen bought Pixy tons of little outfits with hangers. Some of these outfits include: a raincoat, a Snuggie, boots ( knee high ), socks, & a parka. Boone has decided he only likes black & white. So we are keeping his wardrobe more simple, lol.

Also, Pixy LOVESSSS her clothes. Every time I put clothing on her she tries to put her arms and legs in herself because she associates the clothing with hanging out with mom & dad outside of the house. She HATES to be left alone,  so clothes equal hanging with her parents!

Both dogs are OBSESSED with their teepee. If you follow me on Instagram you know all about the dog teepee. They literally think they’re Peter Pan & Tiger Lily. I can’t.

And don’t think Michael and I are weird ( maybe you already do? You do, huh? ) but we have car seats for them. They sit up in these seats just to be safe in the car.

P.S. Pixy is definitely wearing a wedding dress in the above pic.

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

♡ Stores in San Diego:

My favorite store to shop for the fur babes is Dirty Dogs in San Diego. My friend, Elias is the owner & only has the BEST of the BEST foods, milks, toys, etc. He really does an unbelievable job of supplying San Diego with a bunch of natural options.

I also like Muttropolis for clothes. Pixy loves to swipe that credit card ( like mother, like daughter ). Boone just likes food. That’s it.


♡ Doggie charities/get involved:

As you guys know I’m big on charities for dogs. There are two that are important to me. One of them is with The Rancho Coastal Humane Society. You can read more about that here. And the other one is a doggie charity that I was just introduced to. It’s called Operation ResCUTE. This one is super cool because it gives 100 percent of profits to animal shelters in support of their adoption efforts. I can’t wait to become more involved in this charity!

The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

♡ Favorite tips:

COCONUT OIL!! We give each of our dogs a little coconut oil every day. It’s so good for their skin, nails and health. Also, it improves their immune system & helps with digestion. More here.

And my last & favorite dog tip: RAW GOAT’S MILK. I add a little raw goat’s milk on the dog’s food a couple times a week for some probiotics. They love it! It’s SO great for dogs— it helps with liver disease, poor digestion, & diarrhea. You can read about all the benefits here.

Ok so am I a psycho dog mom? I knowwwwwww. I can’t help it. I’m like Dance Moms but not.

What are your doggie tips/tricks? I would love to hear anything & everything about your dogs!! Spill!

If you’re looking to adopt a chihuahua, PLEASEEE E-MAIL ME!! I will help you!!

– Lauryn, xx

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The Skinny Confidential talks dogs.

Setting Up A Sexy Valentine’s Table

February 13, 2017

dinner set up 4

dinner set up 2

Later this week I’ll be sharing a girlfriend V-day par-tay, BUT TONIGHT I’M TALKING ROMANTIC, MUSHY GUSHY STUFF…

So ta-da: how I set up a quick ( AKA I DON’T HAVE TIME ), sexy ( shit, I need to buy more lingerie ) Valentine’s for my sweet lover, Michael.

We’re going to be out of town for V-day so we had a little date night last week & I had to think FAST.

Real talk: the actual date night began when the cameras left & I put away my camera ( SHOCKING! ). But this is what I ACTUALLY set up for him ( I know, isn’t he lucky?! I kid, I kid ).

Here’s a quick visual:

Quick, easy Valentine’s date night tips:

♡ Have cookies on hand. I found cute ones at Whole Foods. Next time I’ll go to my nearest bakery because I have a hunch they’re cheaper ( can Whole Foods get anymore expensive? GEESH. ). Or, if you’re a babe on a budget, check out my 2 Minute Flower Cake!

♡ Set the mood with music. As you guys know I LOVVVVVEEEE Brazilian music. I always have it playing around our house so it makes perfect sense for a little Sergio Mendes to be playing on V-Day.

♡ Champagne. Duh. If you don’t drink, then add Kombucha to a wine glass with a little ice & lemon. YUM.

♡ Look HOT! Put some effort into it. This one is hard for me because I’m either in workout clothes or I’m working or…you get it. BUT if you’re hosting a date night, add a little red lip, throw on a dress ( mine usually has wrinkles ), & add a couple curls to your hair.

♡ A little gift never hurt a flea. Nudge, nudge, winky-winky, babe! But really, something cute ( last year I made Michael a scrapbook ) is always fun. Each year he also gets one ( yes, one only ) Conversation Heart that describes him. This year he got ‘WICKED COOL.’ LOL. Last year he got ‘SWEET CHEEKS.’ HA. For some reason this tradition makes me happy.

Candles, lighting, diffusers…the usual suspects around my home. Keep it festive.

♡ Lastly, don’t forget the spicy lingerie. Forever 21 has some INSANE pieces now for under $10 bucks. MEOW!

♡ And of course, don’t let your dog steal chocolate from the table & barf all over the house. Trust me, I know from experience.

dinner set up 5

dinner set up 1

For another date night post, click here. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to TSC YouTube channel!

What’s your Valentine’s Day plan? xx

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dinner set up 3

dinner set up

Mini DeLites: LA x Boone Pickens

February 10, 2015

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ rainy day, shooting a Valentine’s post | wearing this kimono }

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ V-day cookies on a vintage cake stand }

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ this AM’s Beaming shot x coconut juice }

Well hello.

How ya guys doing?

All’s well over here…just unpacking after a full work day & a Pilates/spin class ( << don’t you love it when studios mix it up like that? Keeps it fun/fresh! ).

Soooo, this past week has been FULL.

On Thursday, the day before we were leaving to LA, Boone, our boisterous chihuahua decided that he would use his long, black claw to carefully move a bar of white chocolate from the pantry’s bottom shelf.


And while Michael & I were out of the house, he mischievously ate the ENTIRE KING SIZE CHOCOLATE BAR, plus the wrapper…as innocent, angel Pixy watched.

Needless to say, I came home to an effing SHIT SHOW.

Let’s just say he threw up. A lot.

Boone was fine ( apparently white chocolate isn’t nearly as bad as dark/regular according to his vet )— THANK GOD.

I spent my day on my hands & knees cleaning, scrubbing, washing, etc. I even begged a carpet cleaner/tile cleaner to come out to our house at 8 pm at night.

Poor T.Boone Pickens.

I felt so bad for the little guy. He’s so much better now but GEESH.

Ok so, we drove up to LA this weekend to work & to finish moving our stuff in to our new casa. Can’t wait to share when it’s done!

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ LA recap }

Also, Sunday we went to a vegan restaurant called Gracias Madre ( if you follow TSC on Insta, you know this )— it’s such a MUST-TRY if you’re in LA. Think: delicious guacamole, amazing plant-based tacos, & boozy snow cones.

Since the food/decor is so to-die for, basically every girl in the restaurant is actively Instagramming/filtering/etc.

Surprise, surprise.

How was your weekend?

– Lauryn x

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ Conversation hearts }

The Skinny Confidential talks Valentine's Day.

{ lip gloss that lights up in the dark!! }