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July 17, 2017

HAIR CARE TIPS 6b | by the skinny confidential HAIR CARE TIPS 4 | by the skinny confidential

Well hello! 10:32PM – & I am calling ALL blondes!

BECAUSE we need talk about how to get icy…you know like cool-toned, icy.

We can throw this back to my high school days when my blonde was BRASSY. If you’re a blonde you know the struggle is real here. Or maybe you’re brunette & you have blonde highlights. Regardless there’s nothing- AND I MEAN NOTHING- worse than walking out of the salon after you just spent $100 dollars plus on your color with brassy highlights.

You know I hate brass. I like cool when it comes to my hair.

I really just feel strongly about fighting against that brass. It’s the worst.

BUT HOW CUTE IS IT WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE BRASS? Because today I’m going to give you my top three BYE BYE BRASSY secrets.

So BELOW are all the details you need to know:

First & foremost let’s be very clear these are all very doable no matter where you live!

1.) Get with a colorist who knows her shit. So many brassy moments can be thoroughly avoided by going to the right colorist. Also if you’re picking extensions opt for cooler tones. I get my extensions from Sam Glamm & we made SURE to choose tones that were cooler so it pulled no brass from my real hair.

HAIR CARE TIPS 11 | by the skinny confidential

{ rocking THE BOOBS TSC phone case | nude purse }

Before you commit to coloring your hair- ask questions! Ask for a portfolio, or do what I do & stalk their Instagram! You want to find someone who is good at their craft, you know? Take your hair seriously- it’s on your face AND you want it to flatter your features not take away from them!

Basically interview your colorist like a CIA agent- get the 411, you know? The more questions the better. ( Tip: screenshot a few IG inspo pictures so you can show your hair colorist visuals of what you’re hoping to attain ).

2.) As you know I went to the 2017 Cannes Film Festival in France with the beauty brand, Dessange Professional Hair Luxury. The main reason I was so excited to go with them is because their products are accessible to everyone AND they have a collection called CALIFORNIA BLONDE. I mean YES because for 1.) the products are found at Target & CVS 2.) you can use them at home with no problems. Since being back from France, I’ve been taking my Dessange Professional Hair Luxury products to the blowout bar ( my favorite place to work! ) to put them to the real test. I always like to try & try ( & try! ) things I’m recommending…& then report back. ( & trust me, there are A LOT OF FAILS you don’t always see- like the cauliflower pizza I just made- it was way too crumbly. Maybe I’ll try another brand ). Anyway. I’m like a human guinea pig in the sense that when I commit to trying something, I really commit.

HAIR CARE TIPS 2 | by the skinny confidential

So back to the blowout bar. I showed up for two months each week to get a blowout with my DESSANGE Professional Hair Luxury California Blonde shampoo & conditioner in hand. Call it a customized TSC blowout, if you will ; ). Washy, wash, scrubby, scrub week after week. Sometimes every two weeks if we’re being honest here because YOU KNOW I HATE WASHING MY HAIR. And sure, my hair girl thinks I’m crazy but that’s neither here nor there.

So here’s a picture after my latest hair dye after using California Blonde for a month & a half ( it’s looking NOT brassy right? ):

HAIR-CARE-TIPS-9b-by-the-skinny-confidentialI feel like my hair looks more radiant too.

3.) Also, another tip that I picked up is their weekly in-shower treatment formulated with Linseed oil & Blue Direct Dyes to neutralize brassiness WHILE nourishing the hair ( which is what we all want ).. YES PLEASE. The blue pigments cancel out the brass- it’s almost like a purple shampoo on crack, ya know? SO YA BRASS BE GONE.

Oh & I should mention the shampoo & conditioner is infused with Passion Flower extracts…smells SO good.

DESSANGE-#3-x-The-Skinny-Confidential-8HAIR CARE TIPS 3 | by the skinny confidential

If you’re not a natural blonde & have to use bleach, you’re usually susceptible to brassy hair because of the way your hair is lightened and toned ( like me! ). Dark hair that’s bleached tends to reveal warm tones ( sometimes red, sometimes banana yellow ). Which is why for me, I REALLY NEED TO TAKE CARE OF MY BLONDE.

Yes, it’s true guys, I was born brunette— maybe one day I’ll go back?

Anyway, quick breakdown for you before I go to keep it simple ( one side is brassy tone & other side is what you need to neutralize it ):


Yellow | Violet
Gold | Violet-blue
Copper | Blue
Copper-red | Blue-green

HAIR CARE TIPS 5 | by the skinny confidential

Other quick hair care tips: use a heat protectant if you’re a big blow-dryer. Dry texturizing spray makes a world of difference- like it gives you depth & edge. Oh, and invest in a quality brush.
…Also I stay away from rubber bands with those ugly metal things on them. They’re horrific because they cause breakage.

Alright, anyone else have any hair secrets? Spill.

Off to read! Drink ginger turmeric tea! Listen to meditation music! The usual!

Goodnight moon, x lauryn

+ This post is in collaboration with DESSANGE Professional Hair Luxury. As always ALL opinions are my own.

++ bag | bomberbig hoops

{ photos }

HAIR CARE TIPS 1 | by the skinny confidential



Mini DeLites: Paris, Paris, Paris

October 5, 2016

Paris Vibes 1 | by The Skinny Confidential
Paris Vibes by The Skinny Confidential



Paris, France was the last & final destination of our travels.


Lots of croissants, long strolls, harps ( like the instrument ), bread, more bread, museums, sites, & red wine.

Everything Paris is made of.

PARIS VIBES 6 | by The Skinny Confidential

When we arrived to our hotel, Le Bristol Paris, we immediately scoured the premise for the two cats, Fa-raon & Kleopatre, who reside in the hotel. They’re very difficult to find because they hide AND they had sort of a tiff. You know, like they got into a little confrontation so the girl cat makes the boy cat sit in the garden while she stretches out on her own personal chaise lounge filing her toenails. Their life is one of a kind. When in Paris, go by or stay at the hotel & find the cats. Trust me, they’re a trip.

Outfit theme was blacks & whites with pops of red. Red shiny nails is always my go to in Paris. It feels right when sipping a whole milk cappuccino.

PARIS VIBES 3 | by The Skinny ConfidentialPARIS VIBES 8 | by The Skinny Confidential

Michael & I did a lot of walking, thank God because BREAD. We essentially walked everywhere. One day we basically got lost on the streets of Paris. We found a spot to sip coffee then walked to a tiny, tiny hole in the wall crepe store. The woman was so kind & made us the most delicious Nutella crepes in front of our face. Honestly, they were the best thing to ever hit my lips.

( Oh, as you know if you listened to last week’s podcast, I lost a FUCKING DIAMOND EARRING in Paris. Shoot me. That whole story is recapped on this week’s Episode 24. Very, very annoying. Let’s just say Michael…was not pleased. Christmas is around the corner, nudgey-nudge ).

PARIS VIBES 9 | by The Skinny Confidential

If you’re thinking of traveling abroad, I highly recommend looking into Paris or France in general. & if you’re in college & thinking of traveling abroad but not pulling the trigger: why not? GO FOR IT! DO IT! I can honestly say I wish I spent AT LEAST two semesters abroad. College is the ideal time for you to do whatever the fuck you want. Travel! Look into the programs through your school, it will shock you how inexpensive some of the programs are.

Speaking of traveling abroad, we met up with Michael’s sister, Tara, who’s been traveling abroad since she was sixteen years old! She’s now 21 years old & speaks three languages. Tara literally blew my mind. To be that cultured & worldly at such a young age is badass. We talked to her A LOT about how she makes it work on a budget. I hope each & every college student who’s reading right now will RUN to their counselor tomorrow & inquire about studying abroad.

Just my two cents.

PARIS VIBES 7 | by The Skinny Confidential

What do I know though because I’m currently in front of the T.V. absorbing Housewives of OC ( what is Kelly’s problem? ), stuffing my face with homemade watermelon jerky.

You should know, A LOT of madness has been going on in my life lately…& I will update you guys very soon. I haven’t had a chance to really sit down & pour my heart out on here lately. No problem though, because sometimes stepping away from something ( whether you take a personal break or travel ) can really encourage creativity. I’ve recognized that little lesson the hard way.

Ok that’s all for today.


Paris Itinerary is coming ( more Paris here )! And of course, Michael already did St. Tropez so we covered that. ALSO, I have NOT forgotten to share outfit details from our trip…just give me a minute because it’s A LOT of info. The white bomber I’m wearing in this post is MY FAVORITE EVER & you can find it here.

PARIS VIBES 11 | by The Skinny ConfidentialPARIS VIBES 12 | by The Skinny Confidential

Hope you are all doing amazing – love chatting with you guys on Snapchat.

Talk soon, lauryn x

+ newness on TSC: 2 exclusive app posts are live: Great Content? Who Cares? by Michael & The Importance of Stuffing Your Face With Antioxidants by Moi! PLUS there’s a new podcast episode. We called it “The Sex Podcast” so I can ensure you there’s a lot of juicy shit including how to dump someone nicely, the importance of distributing your content, & tips for losing your virginity…oh ALSO we snuck in a TSC Meal Plan discount code! Listen above or on iTunes. Happy Tuesday! x

PARIS VIBES 4 | by The Skinny Confidential
PARIS VIBES 5 | by The Skinny Confidential


travel game must haves | by the skinny confidential

Just Some Travel Must Haves

August 28, 2017

travel game must haves | by the skinny confidential

We’re finally HOME!

France was such a blast! Can’t wait to share all of the details with you guys. Travel itineraries, memories, & outfit detail posts are COMING SOON. Promise.

That being said, there are a few items I literally would have died without while traveling. They kept the whole situation organized & feeling cute while bouncing around France, so I figured I’d share them!

Here are some travel game must haves:

ONE: Sleek Rolling Carry On

LOVE this carry on. It’s super sleek & chic. Plus it has TONS of compartments inside so you can stay completely organized. While traveling abroad it’s very likely ( unfortunately ) that your luggage could get lost. So definitely ALWAYS bring a carry on with at least two days worth of clothes & all of you’re valuables ( jewelry, sunglasses, favorite makeup! ). Trust me, if you’re luggage gets lost you’ll be glad you did!

TWO: Collagen Eye Masks

Guys, these eye masks are just EVERYTHING. These little under eye masks give your face LIFE. They reduce under eye bags BIG TIME. Traveling is SO hard on your body, under eye circles definitely get worse when you’re on the go. Use these regularly and you’ll notice a huge reduction in pesky dark circles. Every morning you’ll find these under my eyes.

THREE: Super Collagen Mask

Again, traveling is SUPER hard on your body, no surprise there. Anywayy the first place it shows is the skin. Keep your skin hydrated & nourished so you can keep that dewey, healthy look throughout whole trip. This mask is definitely one of my favorites. It’s also small & convenient which makes it ideal for travel. More mask posts coming.

FOUR: Super Cute RECOGNIZABLE Suitcase

Another little travel tip, get a suitcase that is EASY to recognize. When you’re standing in baggage claim it’s so much easier to spot this cute suitcase than a generic black bag that looks like every other black bag. Plus, how cute will you look walking through the airport with this bad boy?!

FIVE: Edgy Black Backpack

I’ve learned this one the hard way. Opt for an edgy backpack instead of a shoulder bag when you’re traveling a ton. Shoulder bags ( especially when filled with snacks, water, laptop, & all of random essentials ) can be really hard on your neck & back. A backpack is better because the weight is distributed more evenly. Find a cute, edgy backpack that you can also use when you’re being all touristy! Plus your posture is protected.

What do you guys want to see on our upcoming travel posts? We’re going to share all the details from our trip! Any requests?

Let me know!


Lauryn’s Travel Essentials…Very Needed:

New York, Paris, Milan STYLE…SO MUCH YES.

August 14, 2017

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

As you guys know I just returned home from three of my favorite cities: NEW YORK, PARIS, & MILAN.

I got a snap mail ( is that what Snapchat mail is called? Snap mail? BTW, my username is ‘laurynevarts’ ) asking about what the hell to wear in these specific cities.

If you know me,T you know I’m a HUGE believer in dressing for my environment. If I’m in Paris, you better believe I want to feel Parisian-chic to the max. If I’m in LA, I’m more grunge. And if I’m in Cabo, I will dress to the occasion in flowy skirts, neon bikinis, & off the shoulder dresses.

So anyway, it’s no surprise that I researched each place I was going before we went to make sure I was dressing for the place.

Paris was & is my favorite styled city ( fully shocking, I know ). I love, love, LOVE IT. Like I want to throw out my whole closet after spending time there.

I wore sassy French booties the whole time, scarfs ( specifically like this ), & red nails. Exhibit A.):

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

I wish California had more seasons. It sucks that it’s like sunny here when it’s October, you know? That sounds like I’m complaining over perfect weather but perfect weather to me involves heavy seasons.

Ok, so now that we’ve got that covered, let’s talk about New York City.

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

3 things: 1.) I’m obsessed with white shoes, you get it. 2.) Dying over a comfy Heather grey tee lately. 3.) these bad-ass over the knee boots are ON SALE.

New York City is a total showoff really. The styles are always on point & there are four seasons…which means you can get really creative in what you’re wearing.

Here’s one of my favorite get-ups in NYC:

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

At night I wore a bunch of white or black lace, which I loved because I could take lace all the way through the trip to Milan & Paris. I feel like if you do lace right, it works VERY WELL. Of course, lace can also be done wrong. Some examples of this would be too much lace, hooker-ish lace, & lace on accessories ( this would have to be done in a very specific way to feel chic ). Lace is sort of like leopard. You know, there’s FABULOUS leopard & then not so fabulous leopard styles.

Ok, on to Milan!

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

When we were in Milan it was rainy so naturally a black, trench raincoat was perfect for the weather. I’m also all about a quality rain boot that goes right under the knee ( they’re super flattering ). Another thing I noticed immediately about Milan fashion was that every girl was rocking a really amazing black wide legged pant. You kind of can’t go wrong with a great palazzo pant & a tight fitted black long sleeve top. Very chic, right.

Again, another white shoe because I just really love them. Supposedly you’re not supposed to wear white sneakers in Paris & Milan but a bunch of local girls were wearing them soooooo…I wore a lot of my white shoes still. Tra-la!


fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential

Anyway, as you can see all my picks will not break the bank ( actually most of them are under $100 ).

You do not have to spend a billion dollars to look chic. Keep it simple, invest in staples, & always add a tiny pop of color.

Hope these looks have inspired you!

Chat soon, lauryn x

+ Lake Como post to come!

fashion favorite | by the skinny confidential


Mini DeLites: Paris! OUI, OUI, OUI

September 6, 2016

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ 1 PM happy hour }

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ hanging flowers at The George V }

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ fountain at Versailles }

IT’S UNBELIEVABLE that I have not gained one pound from this trip.

Especially considering we’ve been eating our way through Paris. Pasta, bread, cookies, hot chocolate, cheese, YOU NAME IT.

Dreadful- trust me, I know.

But really worth every bite because HELL, IT’S PARIS.

SO typical to say but very much true, no? I can’t not eat a chocolate stuffed croissant for breakfast. Especially when they’re sitting in front of me every morning.

And for the record, my jeans still fit. In fact, not only do they fit, they’re slightly baggy.

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ sparkling rosé & peppermint tea at our hotel }

WAIT WHAT. Why baggy? I’m confused too but I’ve been investigating this like Inspector Gadget because it’s absolutely intriguing…

♡ Portions:

Everything, food-wise, is much tinier here. For instance, if you order pasta it’s not like Cheesecake Factory-style. It’s more like an appetizer size ( which I love ). It also helps that when I order pasta, I always only eat half. It’s a habit! Also, the desserts are smaller so we’ve been indulging in a treat at EVERY meal. YES.

♡ WALKING. Every Second: 

Or running. Because literally Michael runs. He somehow thinks his ‘walk’ is a walk. But it’s a swift, VERY intense run. Like panting & stuff. I don’t get it but that’s a whole different story.

Anyway, we’re walking everywhere. I’ve never walked so much. And I love it. If I could walk everywhere in LA and SD, I’d be happy as a clam. We’ve barely taken cars here. We walk ( RUN ) before dinner AND after dinner which gets the system moving so I don’t feel like a huge whale after stuffing my face with cheese.

The whole walking concept is really just genius.

♡ TSC Bombshell Body Guide:

I’ve been using TSC Bombshell Body Guide a BUNCH during this trip. It’s 27 minutes so it’s really ideal for travel.

What I do is: I pull it up on my iPad, & while Michael is showering/getting ready, do a quick workout. I turn on YouTube videos ( loving a good makeup tutorial lately ) & watch the videos while I work out.

In no time I’m done & all set for the day. I’ve done this 4 times in Paris which is not too bad since we’ve been here for a week.

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ SPICY pasta at L’Avenue }

♡ Actual real food:

Yes. Real food. Now a days it’s impossible to find real food. The food in Paris is fresh & from what I’ve experienced: REAL. 100% olive oil ( eating tons of fresh olive oil which is an awesome healthy fat ), handmade pasta, fresh baked bread, & all different slices of meat. I believe ( correct me if I’m wrong? ) that GMO’s are banned here. And by the way, the butter here IS SO GOOD.

ANYWAY, ON TO OTHER UPDATES: the style here is so on point it’s absurd. It’s almost safe to say, I’ve picked up so many styling/fashion tips here that I literally have a full on list in my iPhone notes. When I come home I’m going to go through my entire closet & donate a bunch of my clothes to charity. Let’s just say Paris has inspired a total closet clean out. Would you guys be interested in a Paris fashion post?

Also, I miss Boone & Pixy MORE THAN LIFE. Thankfully my Godparents ( who are watching them ), have Snapchat. So I can see the dogs sleeping, eating, & whining for food. LOL. It’s like a baby monitor, but not really? Obsessed much?

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ Parisian streets }

That’s about all I’ve got for now!!

Today we’re off to see Jim Morrison’s grave & have some dinner at Monsieur Bleu! I can’t wait!

Will do a TSC Paris Guide soon too.

Au revoir! – lauryn x

* BY THE WAY: I am obsessed with this black turtleneck. Been wearing it the whole trip! x

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ carmel popcorn at Ralph Lauren }

traveling to Paris | by the skinny confidential

{ the stunning Eiffel Tower }