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Why Stretching Your Feet & Toes is Muy Importante

September 29, 2013

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

If you know anything about me, you know I love all-natural health practices.

And that’s why I love holistic health practitioner/physical therapist, Nic Bartolotta.

Quick back story: in my teens I was involved in a car accident that left me lateral whip lash down down the right side of my neck. For years after I aggressively cracked it ( AKA adjusted myself ).

And like, when I say I cracked my neck, I’m talking like balls to the walls-crazy-cracking sounds.

Anyway fast forward a few years…my neck still felt like shit.

But not only did my neck feel like shit- my feet ( << yes FEET! ) were absolutely killing me. Why? I had developed something called Plantar Fasciitis.

Ya. Fun times, fun times.

Side note: ok, honestly Plantar Fasciitis sounds way grosser than it really is. Basically it’s a severe, gnarly pain in the arch of the foot. It’s caused by overuse of the foot. Um…ya, I was standing too much.

SO. Then I met Nic and uh, he fixed the pain in my neck & feet.

Ya. That simple. Through resistance stretching ( << a holistic health practice ) & the DCT ProFlex, my neck & feet pain went buh-bye. Immediately. ASAP. Just like that.

Pretty rad, right?

So anyway, I’ve interviewed Nic on my neck pain here, but I wanted to interview him again on foot pain. Feet/toes isn’t exactly a regular topic of convo & you know me, I LOVE to talk about stuff no one talks about ; )!

Ok, so get the deets on the feetsies & toesies below ( << because no one wants those crocked, ugly feet/toes when they’re older— take care of your foundation!!! ):

+ Re-introduce yourself and explain what you do:

Nic Bartolotta: My name is Nic Bartolotta and I’m a licensed Physical Therapist and a Holistic Health Practitioner. Over the past thirteen years I’ve developed a unique system of bodywork & corrective exercise called Dynamic Contraction Technique ( DCT ). Recently I patented a device called the DCT ProFlex that can be used to dramatically increase flexibility and strength of the lower legs and feet. I work with people of all fitness levels and with many different injuries to resolve their problems and achieve levels of performance previously unattainable.

+ What makes this product unique?

NB: There is nothing quite like the DCT ProFlex. The way that the device fastens to your foot allows for full and complete range of motion of your ankle and the length of the device provides the leverage needed to actively stretch all the muscle & fascia of your lower leg and foot.

+ Why is it important to stretch your toes and feet? I mean, most people would think this is weird ( << after doing this though, I’m addicted!).

NB: Our feet are the foundation of our bodies! If your feet are out of alignment then your entire body will be out of position causing problems as far away from your feet as your shoulder or even your neck. Aside from affecting your posture, tension in your feet and toes can cause severe pain in the bottom of your feet called ‘Plantar Fasciitis.’ This is a situation where the bottom of your foot gets so short and tight that every time you wake up and take your first step in the morning it tears and then swells up. It can be nagging and take forever to heal. With the ProFlex you can very quickly lengthen the fascia on the bottom of your feet and resolve the root cause of the problem.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

+ What else can this tool help with?

NB: The ProFlex can immediately remove tension that has taken years to form in the body. The way it does this is by using the principals of DCT which use resistance to actively pull the tension out of your muscles. All you have to do is use the leverage that the ProFlex provides to overpower your own muscles contraction and pull it into an active stretch. This type of ‘resistance stretching‘ is the most effective form of stretching because it builds strength & range of motion at the same time. Which means you can become more flexible and correct your posture simultaneously! It’s like yoga & Pilates combined only it works faster and the results last longer!

+ If someone is interested in learning more about the DCT Proflex, what should they do?

NB: We’re currently doing an amazing experiment with something called crowdfunding where we are building awareness around the product to spread a message about the importance of preventative health care & proactive wellness programs. We believe that the ProFlex gives people an opportunity to learn how to take care of themselves & avoid serious injuries in the future.

All we’re asking is for people to take a moment to check out our campaign video. If it makes sense to either contribute or just simply share it with someone you think might benefit from the product, then please do so. You can find more information here.

Lastly, if you’re in the LA area we are having a campaign launch party hosted by House of Fitness & sponsored by Suja Juice tomorrow Saturday, September 28th to celebrate the DCT ProFlex. The event runs from 12 pm-4 pm and we’ll be raffling off some great prizes, such as free DCT sessions, a month gym membership, & a three day Suja Juice cleanse! Location: 4130 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite E, Los Angeles, CA. 90045.

+ Nic works in Los Angeles & San Diego. To book an appointment with him, e-mail: Nic@HarmonixHealth.com. Mention TSConf for $50 dollars off your first session.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Lauryn Evarts and Nic Barolotta explain resistance training and physical therapy.

Resistance Stretching: The PT that Fixed my Screwed Up Neck

August 19, 2016

Lauryn Evarts and Nic Barolotta explain resistance stretching and physical therapy.

Lauryn Evarts and Nic Barolotta explain resistance stretching and physical therapy.

Hi, I’m Lauryn & I’m an addict…at least when it comes to cracking my neck. No BS, I am literally addicted to adjusting my back/neck. Like, forty times a day. Hey— it relieves pain.

When I was younger I was involved in a car accident. Welp, six years later & lateral whiplash is still a problem on the right side of my neck. It’s so painful that sometimes it puts me in a bad mood. No fun.

So. I have tried everything. Acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractors, massages, deep tissue massages, active release therapy, shoe orthotics, blah, blah, blah. A few months ago a friend introduced me to Nic Bartolotta. He’s completely changed my pain levels, mobility, & even my life. This type of PT  [ which I’ll let him explain below ] breaks up the scar tissue, so it’s not a Band-Aid, it’s a solution. Ahhhh, finally!

Oh & it’s fun to get a natural ‘high’ too ; )…

Let me introduce you to the best thing ever: resistance stretching…Enjoy!

+ Describe what you do.

Nic Barolotta: I do a combination method of physical therapy and body work called Dynamic Contraction Technique – or DCT. We incorporate elements of resistance stretching, where we use a muscle’s own strength to balance tension in the body, with Eastern massage techniques like barefoot Shiatsu. DCT strengthens the weak areas and releases excess tension from the tight areas, helping to bring the body back into homeostasis, where things are perfectly balanced.

Along with offering private sessions I teach DCT in “TuneUp” classes, workshops and practitioner certifications through Harmonix Health. The “TuneUp” classes and workshops are great for people new to DCT, and the practitioner certifications are designed for health and fitness professionals who want to use DCT with their clients. “TuneUp” classes are taught weekly and are a great way to release physical tension and stress, and to improve strength and range of motion which helps to prevent muscle strains.

+ Take us through a private session.

NB: A typical DCT session is an hour long & combines a potent form of barefoot shiatsu, where we literally walk on your muscles, with our unique resistance exercises. DCT Practitioners are trained to perform assisted exercises with you, and they also will teach you how to perform the personal DCT exercises, which we teach in our “Tune Up” classes, that can be done on your own at home.

+ What does it mean when a patient says they get a ‘high’ from DCT?

NB: A lot of times when people first begin their DCT programs they report feeling extremely sedated &/or euphoric following their sessions. This experience is not universal, but it is very pervasive; it’s almost always a surety in people who are extremely “tight”. DCT produces tremendous results & releases tension very effectively, giving people a huge sense of relief – even after just one session. This release of tension – which improves circulation – and a flood of endorphins and neuropeptides is most likely the reason why some DCT patients report feeling “high” after their sessions.

+ Does this work for every part of the body?

NB: Yes, DCT can be performed on any muscle group or fascial line of the body. In fact, during each session your DCT Practitioner will help you seek out all the areas in your body that need attention. DCT Practitioners generally focus on areas of pain or postural dysfunction, but the sessions are also a whole body workout that produce gains in both strength and flexibility.

Lauryn Evarts and Nic Barolotta explain resistance stretching and physical therapy.

+ What made you choose this profession?

NB: I chose this profession after using resistance stretching to heal from my own sports-related injury. I was a springboard diver in college and by my sophomore year I had completely worn out the cartilage in my left knee – bone on bone and it was very painful. And the only option I got from the best surgeons in town was to deal with the pain and have knee replacement surgery in fifteen or twenty years. But deep down I just knew that there had to be a better solution, and I began the process of seeking out alternative healthcare options. After trying everything I could find, I was finally introduced to resistance stretching and my life changed after the first session. And within my first two months of practice, my knee pain was completely gone and I was able to return to my collegiate athletic career, going on to rank in the top fifty in the nation in diving.

After experiencing the potency of resistance stretching, I decided that this information needed to be shared with the masses. As I continued using resistance stretching each day, I began to experiment with new postures and positions, & a new, more effective and efficient form of therapy evolved – DCT. My commitment to share DCT also inspired me to concurrently pursue my Physical Therapist License while continuing to refine Dynamic Contraction Technique. I was able to legitimize DCT with my graduate research & formalize the protocols that you’ll experience in a DCT session today. I continue to work in this profession because I love the look in peoples’ eyes when they realize that they don’t have to feel pain or discomfort in their bodies anymore!

+ Benefits of DCT?

NB: The most basic benefits of DCT are alleviating pain & maximizing muscle function. We do this by achieving properly balanced muscle and fascial tension, which restores muscles back to their optimal length and balances tension across joints and corrects posture. My knee injury is a perfect example; I was able to get rid of the pain caused by excess tension, despite having extensive cartilage damage, by correcting the alignment between my femur [ upper leg ] & tibia/fibula [ lower leg ]. I’m sure that all the cartilage on the lateral side of my patella is gone, but because my knee tracks straight instead of crooked like it used to, nothing grinds or rubs & I have absolutely no pain!

Some other benefits include improved circulation, increased strength without bulking up- we’ve worked with ballet companies that love it- & improved range of motion and body awareness.

Lauryn Evarts and Nic Barolotta explain resistance stretching and physical therapy.

+ Most amazing thing you have seen happen from a couple DCT sessions?

NB: I was able to help a client of mine resolve their crippling sciatica, which is leg pain caused by pressure on sciatic nerve. He was experiencing so much pain that he had difficulty sitting and standing for more than a few minutes at a time, & his doctor told him that when the pain became unbearable, he should undergo spinal fusion surgery. He was unable to work, surf, & run. Essentially, he couldn’t move without experiencing incredible pain.

But even with a very modest DCT program, we were able to pull the excess tension out of his leg and hips, remove the pain & restore function. The results were so profound that my client still to this day tells people that I used some sort of voodoo magic during our sessions. The truth is that when the proper tool is used with care/attention, amazing things can happen!

+ One word to describe DCT.

NB: Essential.

+ Nic works in Los Angeles & San Diego. To book an appointment with him, e-mail: Nic@HarmonixHealth.com. Mention TSC for $50 dollars off your first session.

Lauryn Evarts and Nic Barolotta explain resistance stretching and physical therapy.