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The Effective Executive…The Importance of Building a Strong Team

First of all, how cute is the graphic below? My friend George who works on The Skinny Confidential team is


What-is-up?! It’s meee- Mimi Evarts, former executive assistant to Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, current creative editor of The Skinny Confidential. Basically,

The Latest, BADDEST Playlist You Need To Be Listening To

YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND. & according to Twitter & Snapchat messages, you want more music. I’m lucky when it

Party Dress Shopping: So Many Fun Options

HI GUYS! I have so much wedding content to share I’m slightly overwhelmed. When I get overwhelmed…I get in my

A VERY Rosé Themed Brunch

Let me just preface this by saying: this was SO easy. Like ridiculously easy. Anyone could throw this together in

Mini DeLites: Weekend Recap

Hi, hi, hi, How you guys doing? I hope your weekend was amazing! Mine started with my little sister, Mimi’s

Blog-Doo’s Revamp

Ok, so a bunch of you guys know that I have a side business called Blog-Doo with my GF, Erica. ( If


Christmas was filled with people I love, a little eggnog, & a lot of laughing. But shocker: I’m dead tired.

Mini DeLites

{ A weekend romper } { On my coffee table: gold playing cards } For some reason three day weekends

Congratulations to All the College Graduates!!!

It’s definitely that time of year when many of you are graduating from college! It is such an exciting time;

A Relaxing Weekend

Today: slept-in, woke up with this drink, Pilates, Jordan’s graduation party, champagne, family, cheese, grapes, friends, sun, margaritas, Pixy, music,

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