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tsc him & her podcast episode 52 one year baby | by the skinny confidential

TSC Him & Her Podcast Episode 52: ONE YEAR BABY

March 1, 2017

tsc him and her podcast episode 52 one year | by the skinny confidential


( 1:40 ): We made it – 52 weeks of podcasting under our belts. Thank YOU!

( 4:00 ): Without you guys we wouldn’t be where we are so we are doing listener call-ins today!


( 5:40 ): Ariana asks: “What are some tips & advice for starting a new career?”

( 9:00 ): Erica asks: “What would you recommend for someone starting a business with $2000 for marketing?”

( 16:00 ): Annabelle gives us the low down on her date with Taylor aka The Bare Naked Cucumber.

( 24:20 ): Mary Helen asks: “What do you think about moving to California to try modeling rather than finding a full time job?”

( 30:00 ): Ken asks: “How do you balance building your career & your relationship?”

( 36:20 ): Pri asks: “What’s your advice for someone going into blogging in 2017?”

We can’t believe it’s been a year since we started this podcast! Thank you SO much for all of your support. We really appreciate it. There are lots of fun things coming up ahead so stay tuned!

lauryn & michael, x

+ book mentioned in this episode: The One Thing

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Wedding: PART I

February 15, 2017

our wedding | by the skinny confidentialwedding invitations | by the skinny confidential

Well hello.

Welcome to our wedding PART 1. I can assure you there are a lot of photos so this might be a four part-ish series. I figured the best day to kick this off was the day of love, NO?

Since I’m a detail freak I want to be sure I share a bunch of them with you guys.

Here’s PART 1. A BREAKDOWN of the pre-wedding set up.

The day started with me very much hungover. You could definitely have guessed that if you read about my blackout, diva moment.

Basically I woke up looking like Sloth from The Goonies because I was SWOLLEN! Immediately I called down to the spa & they sent up a sheet mask…which THANK GOD for because BOY DID I NEED IT.

If you know me you know when I wear a mask, I commit. So this mask did not come off my face for hours. Unfortunately I forgot my trusty steel ice roller…UGH. So before makeup started, I proceeded to stick my face in a bowl of ice ( what up ICE FACIAL ).

The whole thing was very efficient because the swelling definitely went down.

For the beginning, the vibe in our room was mellow. All of my best friends & sisters are non-drama. They’re relaxed & love to kick back, relax, & enjoy a glass of champagne. Which is exactly what we did because HAIR OF THE DOG? We ordered a big breakfast because I sure as hell wasn’t about to black out ( again ) at our wedding. The order included avocado, steel-cut oats, berries, eggs, watermelon mimosas, & LOTS OF SPARKLING WATER.

our wedding | by the skinny confidential our wedding | by the skinny confidential

As far as beauty goes I started with a manicure/pedicure. I choose this Deborah Lippmann color because it’s like this dark eggplant shade that very much matched the wedding’s aesthetic. To be real, it took about 2378423408 minutes to pick a color, which is weird because I spent more time on my nail polish color than anything? As I got ready, sheet mask & all, we listened to Kygo & my sisters and friends got their makeup done by my two favorites who also happen to be my very good friends. Kelsey Long did makeup & Shawn Knudsen was on the hair.

I will do a full post on wedding hair/makeup but in the meantime the vibe was: natural-ish makeup with A LOT of coverage/contour, NO eyeshadow, just a little liner, a big lash, & a simple lip. Nothing too crazy. Brows were bold, but you know that already. As for the hair we did a Kim K. wedding tuck-back. I love a good tuck-back. Reason being: it takes the hair off the face & lifts the cheekbones for an instant facelift. LOL. In some pictures my hair was in the back & some it was in the front.

I’m just not a fan of going fucking crazy on hair and makeup for a wedding ONLY BECAUSE the guy falls in love with you exactly how you are. So why look like a different version of yourself when you marry him, you know?

our wedding | by the skinny confidential
our wedding | by the skinny confidential

Shoes were simple but chic: Gianvito Rossi sandals in black. The height was ideal for the wedding dress. Very high- very simple. And I literally bought them the night before I left for Cabo…LOL.

Of course I wrote my vows two minutes before walking down the aisle…because that’s what I do guys. I procrastinate until the last-minute & then get all inspired and creative…HIGHLY ANNOYING for everyone involved including me.

I quickly typed out my vows in my iPhone notes as I got my makeup done. This part was so easy because…it was easy? I just knew what I wanted to say. In the video of the wedding for The Skinny Confidential we kept certain vows but cut a lot because you know, we gotta keep some stuff private.


The video was shot by Christopher Tran & he just captured the essence of our wedding…which was FUN. I figured I’d show the video before describing all the parts so you guys can see kind of what I’m referring to. I hope you like it! We wanted to make it FUN, FUN, FUN. Our crew of 55 people was constantly laughing- which I love.

our wedding | by the skinny confidential
our wedding | by the skinny confidential
our wedding | by the skinny confidential

Anyway, so I did a sheet mask, mani/pedi, hair & makeup in my Cloud Hunter robe. I worked closely with Megan, the designer, to design a custom robe in black & white. The sleeve was this INTENSE, LONG lace sleeve. We also designed Rosé-pink robes for all the girls. Megan is AMAZING. She really got my vision. I wanted simplicity here with a little twist. Nothing that said BRIDE, just maybe something everyone could wear after the wedding. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for robes for your wedding. Her stuff is just rad & she totally gets it. Stalk her Instagram here.

As for bridesmaids…I had none. To be honest: too much work. Most of the girls who we invited ( keep in mind 55 ppl ) would have been a bridesmaid. Michael & I just didn’t want to make people stand next to us and do the whole traditional thing.

I have to be honest here: never once, LIKE NOT ONCE, did I look at wedding etiquette or Pinterest. Because YAWN…& I didn’t want to be swayed. No Mason jars. Overall I am not super traditional. I like to do what I like to do. So bridesmaids just seemed like too much. All my friends & sisters know I love them…& they were bridesmaids in spirit. The girls all got robes, chilled champagne, & presents so they were all smiles…& buzzed. HA.


Also you should know there was a riveting man there: Dax. My sister, Faye’s baby. He’s the cutest little man on the planet. I’m so obsessed with him. He was SO good for being 3 months old in Mexico. He was always smiling. DAXTON IS CUTE RIGHT!

So for the gifts I worked with jewelry designer, Christen of CAM Jewelry to design diamond bras. Basically we designed this gold chain with little jewels on it. IT’S KIND OF MY FAVORITE PIECE EVER. I will be rocking it all summer underneath tank tops, dresses, bathing suits, etc. We did little pink TSC boxes for the girls & they all loved their jeweled bras. You can stalk the bras here– I am obsessed ( if you remember I also designed this choker for my Bachelorette Party & this hand chain for my Bridal Shower with CAM Jewelry too ).

our wedding | by the skinny confidential

The guys were obviously in a separate room downstairs…the same room that Michael was supposed to sleep in until I forced him to sleeping with me ( hey, I was drunk- LOL ). All his best friends gathered in the room & took tequila shots. I feel like they got kind of buzzed up but I loved it.

Their music was more heavy metal & rock. Definitely not the same vibe as our room. He didn’t do groomsmen either. Like I said we kept it simple.

our wedding | by the skinny confidentiallaurynmichaeltopselex-69laurynmichaeltopselex-70-gt

THE SECOND EVERYONE got to the wedding, I wanted them to have pomegranate margaritas ( half rim of salt, do you see the detail here? ).

There is nothing worse than going to a wedding & not having a cocktail.


So I made sure there were trays of pink margaritas for everyone waiting. AKA I wanted everyone drinking a fucking chilled margarita with a nice lemon slice while we got married. Mission accomplished…& I have to say they’re kind of really pretty:

our wedding | by the skinny confidential
our wedding | by the skinny confidential
our wedding | by the skinny confidential

We’ll talk about the black table-scape/black balloons next, there’s a lot to it. Also I’ll explain more about my gothic veil, wedding dress, ring bearer, & ‘minister’ in tomorrow’s post. Basically we had our best friend, Chris, marry us ( WHO WAS INCREDIBLE ). Watch the video & you can see a sneak peek.

Ok so much more to tell but wanted to get the ball rolling here.

If you’re planning a wedding be sure to check out the invitation process ( << because it’s such a fun way to get creative ).

our wedding | by the skinny confidential

Huge shoutout to Esoteric Events ( << table design ), Del Cabo Event Design ( << rentals! ), One & Only Palmilla ( << venue! ), & Arete Florals  ( << florals! ). More to come on all of these amazing companies.

Ok on that note: it’s Valentine’s Day so I really should get off the computer. I really want to watch Real Housewives with a cup of tea. For those of you who tuned in to Instagram LIVE- thank you! I had so much fun breaking down a date night look with you guys. I’ll definitely do more LIVE video- what do you want to see?

Hope you enjoyed PART I of our wedding…until tomorrow!

x lauryn

+ more wedding posts | The Welcome Party | Part I Rehearsal| Part II Rehearsal

{ photos } 

our wedding | by the skinny confidential
our wedding | by the skinny confidential

valentine's day collage his & hers | by the skinny confidential


February 4, 2017


valentine's day collage his & hers | by the skinny confidential It’s almost that time guys: VALENTINE’S DAY.

The holiday gets a lot of slack but at the end of the day it’s about love ( and 85% plus dark chocolate ). Plus, you can make it whatever you want. Single, taken, fancy dinner, a night in, a party, everything goes. Do you.

Here’s what I’m loving for his and her v-day style.



Ok how cozy is this hoodie. And the color is very girly & appropriate. Reminds me of my pink faux fur look.


All about hats for dirty, lazy hair days. And into this trucker hat with my shorter cut. Patagonia has a lifetime warranty too ( not sponsored, but major customer service points, right? ). I just love their stuff.


Loving these remixed classics. I always go for a little contrast ( more proof in last year’s v-day outfit ).  Obsessed with sneakers and a hot dress or jeans.


How festive is this jumpsuit? Digging the old school vibes. Every girl needs a good jumpsuit. Kind of a twist for V-Day.


This dress is very Kendall Jenner-esque. Really into metallic in general right now. Perfect sexy moment for Valentine’s Day.


These heels remind me of the boots I wore on repeat in Aspen, but peep-toe. The height is unique & I’m very much drooling over the platform.



This is a very Michael shirt ( shocker, he owns it ). How fun is the rose? Not boring!


Cologne is hot. Especially when it’s Chanel. This option is masculine but fresh. Not overkill like some scents. Something you could deal with in the elevator, LOL.


Michael is on like his fifth band since our wedding, so a gold ‘L’ should probably be next?


Need this book for an office or coffee table. The images are insane. TO DIE.


Pink on a guy shows confidence & these are definitely on trend for v-day.


Something I’ll probably end up stealing from Michael. Fresh glasses are very fun for spring right.

Lots of options here. No rules on Valentine’s Day. Mix it up.

OK off to massage Pixy and Boone with our acupressure mat ( they loooove it! ) & drink some Pearl sleepy tea. Maybe I’ll even throw on deodorant as an early v-day present for Michael. Maybe. Probably not though.

Have a great weekend!

lauryn, x

+ For a quick V-Day date night see this post and more outfit inspo here. For all of my Valentine’s outfit, recipe & decor inspiration check out my Pinterest. Oh, & gift options courtesy of Michael.


Styling A Chic Photo Wall

January 26, 2017


So I didn’t want to have a full-on ‘Scheana Marie wedding photos all over the bedroom’ moment in my home.

The goal was to display our wedding pictures in a classic, understated way. I also wanted to avoid the bedroom at all costs. Our bedroom is very, VERY minimal which I feel like promotes a tranquil, therapeutic vibe. I didn’t want to bring our wedding in the bedroom ( I may do a dog wall in our bedroom eventually, just please no photos of me & Michael )…however I most certainly wanted it to have it’s space in our home.

The photos are extremely special & represent FUN. That was the theme of the wedding, FUN, so the wall needed to showcase the vibe.

Anyway, we went with the big wall in our hallway near my office. Originally a special vintage framed silk scarf lived there but I wanted something more for this specific wall. SO what’s a girl to do with a blank wall & wedding photos?

Use Framebridge.


Framebridge is this EASY, quick service that does all the dirty work for you.

If you’re like me, you’re not the best at framing 10 photos by yourself.

In fact, that sounds like my worst nightmare. Just inefficient really.

I feel like my frames always end up with 32 chihuahua hairs in them or sourdough crumbs.

I’m that person who has to frame a picture 5 times before it looks perfect. Soooo Framebridge takes all these annoyances out of the framing process by doing it for you. The most ideal system ever.

As you know I’m all about easy, efficient, & simple.

On their site you simply pick the frames ( they have over 40 styles ) you want, upload pictures, or send in items with their pre-packaged label, & then VOILA you receive all the pictures, framed & ready. Really though, I came home one day & everything was perfectly framed and ready to go with picture hangers & all.

Also, it’s inexpensive. I’ll never forget this one time I went to a framing store & they informed me that it would be $800 dollars to frame a large picture. LIKE WHAT? NO THANKS.

After receiving the frames I enlisted my stepmom, Julie, to help me lay out & hang the frames. To be honest, I’m not spectacular with a hammer & nail and Julie is just the best ( she did our entrance way too ). Julie has an eye for juxtaposition and never makes anything look too precious. She’s got style & flair, you know? If you’re in San Diego or LA- she’s your girl for interior design.


Ok so here’s a little cheat sheet for styling your own photo wall:

1.) Forget perfect:

This is a personal choice but I don’t like it when everything is lined up. I like different sizes of frames, horizontal & vertical kind of laid out in a unique way. Of course some people prefer the layout to be even but I like it uneven with different sized frames. I also don’t love a line up. The more all over the place the better.

2.) Make sure you have a friend/BF…& a leveler:

OK so this is more for myself. I need help with this kind of thing. I’m not afraid to admit my strengths are not in measuring…& I’m definitely not handy with a hammer and nail. So I asked Julie to come over & help.

Plus having a friend will give you an outside perspective. A leveler is a MUST because then you’re able to make sure your frames are straight & not crooked. I can’t deal with a crooked frame. It’s such a pet peeve…the leveler is my best friend when it comes to framing.

3.) Add filler photos:

Think of your wall like your favorite blog. What if you went to a blog post & the whole post was the same pose of the same person in the same stance with no detail shots. Kind of boring, no?

I’m a HUGE fan of filler photos when it comes to The Skinny Confidential, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

I feel like they tell a story.

So when I picked my photos I was very specific about adding filler photos. Filler photos can consist of flowers, food, detail shots, memorabilia ( like hotel room keys or matchboxes ), or location shots. Plus I didn’t want the whole wall to be me, me, me. YAWN.

4.) Mix up the frames:

This is key. Framebridge makes this part easy as pie. I ordered some black frames ( Mercer Slim & Bolton style ) & their sweet Irvine Slim white Heartagram ( the perfect gift for a BF or BFF on Valentine’s day, right? Just make sure you order by February 8th for it to arrive in time. ) Mixing up the frames keeps it fresh. I recommend mixing colors, frame sizes, frame textures, etc. You do you. Get creative.


5.) Make sure to include memorabilia:

This is a must! Instead of all photos, add some tangible items!

We framed our wedding invites + the envelope ( specifically The Nanz‘ envelope ). Of course I had to take it a step further & frame my veil’s crown ( a post on the veil is coming soon- it was INSANE ). The veil crown was crafted by EDEN LUXE Bridal & it was definitely a highlight of the wedding. The crown is framed on our coffee table. It sits on a stack of chic coffee table books. Very simple.

To finish it off, I’m currently working with Framebridge to frame our vows. Cindy of Bliss & Bone printed HIM & HER vows out to match the invite’s aesthetic. Very excited to have these framed- they’re not pictured because I wanted to keep them personal, however I will be sharing bits & pieces in an upcoming wedding post! So stay tuned.


I have to mention that The Nanz was so excited to come to our wedding- she even had all her looks picked out ( a turquoise kaftan moment with huge oversized gold sunglasses was happening ). My Dad was so cute. He brought the beaded kaftan to each of the weekend’s wedding events & draped the top over each chair I sat at.

To honor her presence at the wedding, we framed a tiny picture of her on our wedding wall. We chose the fun metallic Ventura frame. It kind of represents that she was there in spirit. I miss her so much everyday, I can’t even believe it. So having her be a part of the wall was kind of a special tribute.


Alright, if you’re interested in taking a peek inside our home, be sure to check out HOME TOUR 1 & HOME TOUR 2.

On that note I’m off to read my latest book, The Slight Edge, with a cup of lemongrass tea. I hope you’re all having a great week!

x lauryn

+ Find Julie | burlap and crystal 

+ Shop the look: top | glasses

+ use code “SKINNYCONFIDENTIAL15” at checkout for 15% off your first Framebridge purchase 4/30/17. Happy shopping!

++ this post is in collaboration with Framebridge. As always, ALL opinions are my own.

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Acupressure Mats: Get on Board

January 20, 2017

bed-of-nails-acupressure-mat-by-the-skinny-confidential-6-gtbed of nails acupressure mat | by the skinny confidential

I have a new tip.

A tip that has transformed my neck pain. A tip that has given me energy. A tip that feels really good. Really good.

It’s simple, nothing expensive. Quick. To the point. Anyone can do it.

You might already know the tip if you follow along on Snapchat or Insta. Lately it’s been so efficient for me to immediately share products I like immediately with you guys via these Apps. I am a human guinea pig. I try things all the time for you guys. There are so many things I never share because they suck. If I choose to share anything know that I like it, I use it, I believe it. If I don’t, I don’t share it. Easy.

Anyway, the tip- let’s get to it: AN ACUPRESSURE MAT.

It’s kind of like a little bed of nails?

Michael introduced me to the product.

Michael has this problem. He orders too much off Amazon.

It’s absurd actually. He orders too many books, weird contraptions ( do we really need a crockpot & hot chocolate maker? ) & random vitamins ( without asking me…& we have to send half of them back because they’re GMO or bullshit ). So this is one time his Amazon problem came in handy: the bed of nails arrived.

I am one of those people who knows what I like & don’t like. And I can tell you the second I laid down on the acupressure mat, it was true love. Mind/body connection right away. My body loved it, my mind loved it. Sold.

Let me back up.

What exactly is an acupressure mat? Well, so glad you asked because I have research everything & anything you need to know.

An acupressure mat stimulates the body to release endorphin hormones which have a soothing effect on the mind & body. The mat improves muscles to recover from workouts, and improves sleep instantly. They’re portable & light.

They’re INSANE for neck/back pain treatment. Not only that, the mat can help reduce pain in shoulders and hips VERY quickly. Also the mat is known to help deal with fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome.

Some benefits of acupressure: help the body repair itself and heal itself from stress, back pain, sciatica pain, fatigue, muscle soreness, & insomnia. According to many sources, “the power of acupressure has long been a best kept secret among those who believe in alternative medicine due to its immediate effect of reducing back pain. The mat is very lightweight and portable and can be taken with you anywhere.”

Oh, you should know when I say neck pain, the mat also comes with a little pillow for your neck. I am psycho & love it so much…I actually slept on it a few nights in a row. This is craziness. I don’t know if I recommend sleeping on it. Really 10 to 30 minutes is all you need. MANY sources say “a daily use of 20 minutes of acupressure mats will regulate blood circulation & oxygen level in your body.”

…But I will say, the nights I slept on it, I felt GREAT in the AM. Again, I’m intense & weird.

Since using the mat ( for about a month & half ) I’ve noticed: better sleep, less stress, less neck pain/muscle tension ( << from a car accident when I was 18 ).

I like to use it before I go to bed. I take a book & read on it while my neck hangs over the pillow & my back is flat on the mat. The whole thing is very therapeutic & relaxing.

Another tip from my friend, Erica: she has HORRIFIC back pain ( she’s a blogger & co-founder of our company, blog-doo so she’s on the computer A LOT. Erica if you’re reading this: TAKE A BREAK FROM THE COMPUTER MAN ). Anyway, she’s found that sitting on the mat while she’s at the computer has taken so much stress of her back! If you’re in an office, bring your mat to work. It’s so portable. Just add it to your chair & work. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

bed of nails acupressure mat | by the skinny confidential 3

Let’s go deeper though, here are some VERY specific benefits for you:

Benefits of Using Acupressure Mats:

relieve stress from body
relaxes mind & body
increases blood circulation
oxygenates the body i.e. improve oxygen level in body
gives relief with headaches
heals back pain including lower back aches on daily using
reduces anxiety & related problems
reduces depression levels by stimulating endorphins to make you feel good
reduces neck pain
removes sleeping disorders & also helpful for insomnia
relieves muscle tension & shoulder tension
relieves heartburn & inflammation
heals leg/foot pain
reduces Sciatica pain
gives relief in sinus congestion & nasal problems
beneficial in diabetes
reduces constipation & indigestion problems
re-energizes your body & Improves efficiency
heals fatigue problems


Let’s talk about usage:

Good news: anyone & everyone can use them! So buy them for your friend who’s prone to horrific allergies, your dad who gets aggressive heartburn, or your BF who’s anxiety is off the charts.

You can use them anywhere. I like to use them in my room on the carpet by the bed. It’s recommended to use the mat in the morning when you wake up but I like to use them before bed BECAUSE I feel like they help with sleep ( some people say they wake them up ). I use mine everyday. Also, I’ve brought mine while traveling too.

Huge note: you should do deep breathing while laying on the mat too. Sometimes the MAT gives slight pain in beginning seconds but after that they start relieving any pain & stress. If you feel more pain with bare skin while using the acupressure mat, you can wear a thin tee-shirt.

…but I go topless. HA.

Lastly, drink a LOT of water after you’re on the mat.

I like hot peppermint tea post-mat too.

BUT Wait…

OK OK BUT I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING: “But Lauryn, does it hurt?”

Well. I eat garlic cloves & don’t think they taste bad but a lot of people do?

So…does it hurt to me? No, not at all. Reviews online mostly say it feels good. I’m not sensitive. I like THE MOST DEEP, DEEP TISSUE massage ever when I go to the spa SO maybe I’m not the person to ask?

Personally I think it feels amazing. Like orgasmic. Endorphins are going. I love it. Like I said, I sleep on the pillow. If anyone thinks it hurts, weigh in.

bed of nails acupressure mat | by the skinny confidential 4

To be clear, I’m not a brand snob here- it doesn’t really matter. Michael picked up this one but any of them work.

Oh & please excuse Pixy & Boone. They were being very, VERY bad during this shoot. In fact, Boone insisted on putting his black, wet nose in the camera lens like 100 times so I figured his display needed to be shared on TSC. Weirdly enough, they step on the mat a lot. Don’t think I’m crazy but I take the pillow & put it gently against their fur. They seem to LOVE it. They must love it because its stimulating blood flow…which makes endorphins go crazy.

Ok, I’m certifiable.

We are in Aspen & off to dinner at Cache Cache for some spaghetti & dry red wine. If you have any Aspen recommendations, please let us know!

Talk soon, lauryn

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bed of nails acupressure mat | by the skinny confidential 3