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NO, You Can’t Have It All.

Updated: October 21, 2016

at-home-with-the-skinny-confidential-28b-by-the-skinny-confidential{ neon sign from our condo }

Fresh off a 45 minute spin class & mixing it up today just because.

Don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing? A random post?

Anyway, as you can imagine between planning a wedding in a month ( no really, I’m planning a bachelorette, bridal shower, & wedding in a month – YES I SWEAR ), working, housesitting, traveling, working out, life, etc – my body CRAVES a daily workout. I need an hour to myself to just sweat. So spin was needed.

A spicy post is just a cherry on the top of today.

Here’s the thing. You guys know when I find an article I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, I kind of have to share. In fact, I can’t keep it to myself. If something really resonates, makes me stop & think…I gotta share. There’s so many bullshit, fake-ass Facebook articles that it’s nice to read something with depth.

I think we’re all on the same page here: we like articles that make us think. Ones that force us to question ourselves. Make us question what society says is ‘the right way.’ Even make us uncomfortable? Well, I like to be uncomfortable sometimes. It feels………I dunno, good?

Anyway, this article did just that SO read it for yourself.

No, You Can’t Have It All:

I saw a story on Facebook the other day. Like most stories that get passed around Facebook, it’s probably only 38% true and written by a 16-year-old. But regardless, I found it cool, and at the very least, thought-provoking.
It was about a man named Mohammed El-Erian. Mohammed was the CEO of an uber $2 trillion bond fund called PIMCO and earned upwards of $100 million per year. In January, he unexpectedly resigned in order to spend more time with his 10-year-old daughter.
Now here’s the bad news: A decision like this is apparently a big deal in our society. Totally unexpected and against the cultural grain of “make billions or die trying” that we’re all used to. The article has been making the usual rounds on social media, getting shared and talked about quite a bit.
Apparently El-Erian’s decision came after a fight with said daughter. He was yelling at her to brush her teeth. She refused. He pulled the classic “I’m your father and you will do what I say” routine, to which she said, “Hold, please.” The girl retreated to her bedroom and proceeded to write down 22 important moments of her life that her father had missed because of work — birthday parties, school performances, hare krishna conventions, and so on. Presumably, this crayon-scrawled list gave El-Erian a bad case of what the internet has dubbed “the feelz” and the next day Mohammed was hanging up his hedge fund hat for good — Mohammed “Wow, That’s A Lot of Fucking Zeroes” El-Erian was now a full-time dad.
If you’ve ever taken an economics class, one of the first things you learn is a concept called “opportunity cost,” an idea often illustrated with the quote, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”
Opportunity cost means that essentially everything you do, no matter what it is, costs something, even if indirectly. The classic example is when someone takes you out for a free, hour-long lunch. Despite gaining the value of the lunch during that hour, you are still giving up all of the other productive activities you could have potentially been doing.
Man sleeping on computer.
So you give up doing an extra hour of work. An extra hour of sleep. An extra hour of sales calls that could net you a new client. Or, as in the case with El-Erian, an extra hour with your 10-year-old daughter.
In our culture, we regularly celebrate people who become rich by doing exceptional things. But the nature of those “exceptional things” often requires extremely high opportunity costs. Bill Gates famously slept in his office five days a week and remained single well into his 30s. Steve Jobs was a deadbeat father to his first daughter. Brad Pitt can’t leave his house without being bukkaked by flashbulbs and cameras. The man has stated that he’s gone through periods of depression due to the social isolation caused by his extreme fame.
The point is that doing anything truly great requires some sort of inherent sacrifice that may or may not be immediately obvious. You know, like missing a series of your daughter’s birthdays.
(If you’ve read a lot of my stuff, you’ve seen this idea in other forms before, particularly here and here.)
But here’s the problem. Modern society multiplies our opportunities. Therefore, modern society also multiplies our opportunity costs, making it costlier and more difficult to commit all of our time and energy to any one thing without feeling some form of remorse or regret.
Enter the concept of “FOMO” or “Fear of Missing Out.” We live a life that is constantly pelted with reminders of everything we are unable to become.
Back, say, 200 years ago, people didn’t have this problem. If you were born a farmer, you likely didn’t have many opportunities beyond farming. Moreover, you likely weren’t even aware of opportunities beyond farming. Therefore, devoting everything in your life to becoming an expert farmer involved next to no opportunity costs and next to no FOMO. After all, there was nothing else to miss out on.
In a bizarre and backwards way, people back in the day could “have it all.” They had it all simply for the fact that there was nothing else for them to have.
Last month I wrote an article about life purpose. Something like 800 bazillion people shared it on Facebook and told me I was a cool kid. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love even thought it was neat. But this whole business of “life purpose” didn’t even exist until a few decades ago. As a question, it didn’t make sense.
In a way, your so-called life purpose crisis is a luxury, something you’re allowed to have as a result of the amazing freedoms the modern world has bestowed upon you.
I get emails all the time from people who complain about work/life balance. There are articles all over the mainstream media debating whether it’s possible to “have it all” — i.e., is it possible to be an all star in your career and have a healthy family life and have cool and fun hobbies and be financially stable and have that sexy bikini body and cook organic soufflé in your underwear while buying beachfront property on your new iPhone 6, all at the same time?
What’s changed is not our inability to manage our time or “balance our lives” between work and play. What’s changed is that we have more opportunities for work and play than ever before — more interests, more awareness of every potential experience we’re passing up. In short, we have more opportunity cost.
And we’re made aware of this in a terribly connected way each day. Every person who decides to sacrifice their dating life to advance their career is now bombarded constantly by the rambunctious sex lives of their friends and strangers. Every person who sacrifices their career prospects to dedicate more time and energy to their family is now bombarded with the material successes of the most exceptional people around them at all times. Every person who decides to take a thankless but necessary role in society is now constantly drowned in inane stories of the famous and beautiful.
So how do we respond to this new, overly-connected culture? How do we manage our FOMO?
The conventional answer, the answer you’ll find in most bookstores and at most seminars is some variation of “do more with less,” “practice time management,” or as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, “sleep faster.”
El-Erian stated in his dad-of-the-year Facebook article that he spent years justifying missing his daughter’s birthdays to himself — he was busy, work was too demanding, his travel schedule was insane.
This is the typical work/life balance, woe-is-me complaint we always hear: “I have all of these things I want to do and not enough time.”
But what if the answer isn’t to do more?
What if the answer is to want less?
What if the solution is simply accepting our bounded potential, our unfortunate tendency as humans to inhabit only one place in space and time. What if we recognize our life’s inevitable limitations and then prioritize what we care about based on those limitations?
What if it’s as simple as stating, “This is what I choose to value more than everything else,” and then living with it?
When we attempt to do everything, to fill up life’s checklist, to “have it all,” we’re essentially attempting to live a valueless life, a life where everything is equally gained and nothing lost. When everything is necessary and desired equally, then nothing is necessary or desired at all.
This past week, I received an email from a man who was distressed about his life situation. He had a job he hated and had become disconnected from the friends and activities he once cared about. He said he was depressed. He said he felt like he had lost himself. He said he hated his life.
But, he added at the end, he had become accustomed to the lifestyle his job afforded him. So quitting his job was out of the question. He then asked what he should do.
In my experience, the people who struggle with the so-called “life purpose” question, always complain that they don’t know what to do. But the real problem is not that they don’t know what to do. It’s that they don’t know what to give up.
El-Erian’s priority was $100 million per year. His priority was CEO. His priority was private helicopters and stretch limos and bankers jerking off all over his balance sheet wherever he went. And to earn those things, he chose to give up being present in his daughter’s life.
Until one day, he chose the opposite.


For me this article rings very, VERY true. There’s been many things I’ve sacrificed that people maybe don’t see. It’s not a poor-me thing, I have made the conscious choice to do one thing & not the other, you know? There’s just been a lot of events/birthdays/Friday nights/parties/weekend plans/networking opportunities that I have passed up to work on my business.

Obviously I love working on my business. It’s very important to me. A top priority, clearly. But sometimes that priority causes me to miss out.

Ultimately, I recognize that life is about where you put your energy…& “having it all” is kind of fucking subjective? I mean what does that even mean? Having it all? What’s the “all?” Who has it all? Does Angelina Jolie have it all? Did we think she did? Hmmm. Having it all is a YAWN & I call bullshit. What a hamster wheel. I picture an octopus with all its hands out grasping at everything ( what a tired octopus, HA! ).

SO I certainly don’t have it all. But I am happy. I strive for balance but frequently screw that up…in today’s world, the word balance is over-used. I feel like a few years ago I was guilty of over-using the word too ( a great word, just used too lightly maybe? ). I had to stop myself & think the of meaning…because balance is AMAZING…in balance.

Love your job? Obsessed? Can’t stop working? Your time with your significant other will most likely struggle.

Photography is your RIDE OR DIE passion? That 9 to 5 may slack.

Fixated, IN LOVE, so focused on your relationship(s)? Don’t be surprised if you don’t see your family and friends as much.

Bottom line: the grass will grow where YOU water it. You’re in charge. & it’s OK if you can’t water all the grass at once. In fact, it’s normal. And on that note, you can’t tell someone else where to water THEIR grass.

Food for thought?

Where are you watering your grass? Which spots are the greenest?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about where I water my grass & where those brown spots reside.

……..Like I said, I love an article that causes reflection.

Ok, would love to know your thoughts, opinions, good/bad/ugly – as always.

Signing off, lauryn x


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Mini DeLites…& Thank You !!!

Updated: October 4, 2016


{ a little ACTION DUST in my AM cold brew }


{ cheeky cards }

My hands hurt from acupuncture so it’s rather difficult to type.

I know, it sounds bizarre but sometimes when you do acupuncture on the hands, they hurt ( the points are meant to target your lungs & heart to relieve anxiety ).

Regardless, I thought you should know.

Before I get right into it, I first have to say something to each & every one of you: THANK YOU.

The Internet is such a cool place sometimes. For you guys to come together with so much support on the post about The Nanz……..was actually unbelievable. The outpour of support I received was unexpected & in a strange way, some type of closure. I woke up the morning after writing that post in a kind of funk. To be expected, I guess? After a cup of coffee, I checked TSC comments, emails, & some Snapchat messages.

My jaw was just on the floor.

I actually couldn’t believe that so many of you took the time to write such sweet notes about my grandma. She would have been so grateful for all of your support.

…Actually to be real, at this point she would be accepting autograph requests. HAHA! Her “I’m becoming famous” call would have happened at night after finally figuring out how to click “her Internet” ( yes, she really called it “her Internet” ) to access my blog…which she accessed from my personal Facebook page because she never understood what a URL meant. “Her Google” was usually acting up, what can I say?

{ TSC Books x The Most Gorgeous Girl In The World }

Anyway, I am humbled & grateful for such an amazing community of women. Your words inspired, moved, & uplifted me. I actually don’t even think I can explain how much each of your messages, comments, & Snaps aided in the ongoing healing process. The love you guys had for my grandma & your words are really beautiful. In a weird way, reading all your messages gave me some sort of peace. I am so, SO glad I shared her special spirit on this blog. The memories will always be alive.


OK, switching gears. I am so gnarly into my calendar strategy with Steve that we’ve gone as far as to schedule “winding down” time. That’s right. He informed me that I needed an hour before bed to wind down in order to fall asleep. I’m trying to work out in the AM instead of later in the day ( HARD ) & get my sleep schedule on track. I’m very excited to do a post on this whole calendar thing because it’s really changing my life. That sounds strange, but when you plan out your entire day, you feel in control.

No chaos, you know?

Tomorrow’s post will kind of go along with this theme & I’ll try to get the calendar post up ASAP.

Lastly, you should know Michael & I interviewed our good friend, Danny Kurtzman on the podcast this week. Danny is a spitfire who’s dealt with muscular dystrophy his entire life & is by far one of the most inspiring & positive humans I’ve ever met. YOU GUYS WILL LOVE HIM. He came on the podcast & just killed it. Danny helps run a charity called Life Rolls On.


{ ( literally ) the sweetest surprise }

The day after we recorded the podcast, Michael & I went to a Life Rolls On event & it was INSANE. Life Rolls On hosts FREE epic surf & skate events for wheelchair athletes. They roll to 10 cities on both coasts, bringing hope and freedom to thousands. It’s honestly such a cool cause. So no surprise, I’m very, VERY thrilled for this episode. Always fun to introduce you guys to some of my childhood friends too. Ok! Just wanted to give you a quick backstory on that!

ALRIGHT, my hands need a break. Off to drink some of Michael’s new sleepy, soothing tea ( see Snapchat…he’s absurd. Like, what the hell ).

Goodnight to all of you, love you guys – lauryn x

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{ skinny banana bread muffins, recipe coming to TSC BBG }


{ favorite throw EVER | home tour: part I & part II }
france outfits - st tropez outfits 1 | by the skinny confidential.jpg

France Outfits: Saint Tropez, Provence, & Paris ♡

Updated: October 5, 2016

france outfits - st tropez outfits 1 | by the skinny confidential.jpgfrance outfits - st tropez outfits 1 | by the skinny confidential.jpg

blue set | white shoes | sunglasses | Michael’s outfitfrance outfits - st tropez outfits 1 | by the skinny confidential.jpg
kaftan | bikini top | bikini bottom | sunglasses

As promised…FRANCE outfits.

Sure, I’m a day late & a dollar short posting these BUT nothing new there? In fact, I feel like it keeps it fresh to wait a little? Instead of bombarding you with too much at once. You know how I love to mix it up!

Ok, speaking of mixing it up: I certainly mixed it up in France.

As you know, I love to dress for the occasion with my own twist. So St. Tropez was all about pastels with a touch of denim ( a two piece to be exact ), Provence was more white linens, & then Paris, of course was blacks, lace, pops of red, & a VERY v-neck bodysuit. Again, nothing more fun than dressing for the occasion.

Lots of off the shoulder moments happened. AND in Paris LOTS of sex-ed up looks. This wrap up bodysuit was one of my favorite looks, it’s EXTREMELY flattering.

One of my other favorites was the denim two piece. We were in St. Tropez listening to Bossanova, eating melon & prosciutto, & drinking rosé so I feel like it was really the ideal look for this vibe. Melon, rosé, & denim match well, no?


mini dress | white loafers

france outfits - st tropez outfits 1 | by the skinny confidential.jpg

off the shoulder top | striped linen pants ( similar ) | white loafers | sunglasses

Since a lot of you guys Snapchatted me about each outfit, I figured a blog post would kill 200 birds with one stone. So ta-da!

Because I can’t talk about what I’m wearing for too long, I’ll talk about what’s been going on.

I AM VERY, VERY EXCITED because one of my best friends ( Steve ) is a highly successful business coach. He coaches CEOs on how to be productive & how to stay organized.

Thankfully, he’s committed to helping me with my calendar.

Now don’t laugh. This sounds very strange but how you plan your day is a HUGE part of success. I believe that success comes from chipping away, every day. Small steps to hit the bigger goal.


white off the shoulder maxi dress
france outfits - st tropez outfits 1 | by the skinny confidential.jpg
pink dress | sunglasses ( similar ) | necklace 1 | necklace 2

Anyway we did our first “session” tonight & I’m feeling HIGHLY organized for tomorrow’s busy day. In fact, I cannot believe how much we accomplished in 2 hours. I actually learned a lot of cool tips / tricks for scheduling.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

I’m doing a nightly session with Steve for the next week so he can literally “teach” me the best way to organize my day in a successful fashion. What if I did a blog post with his tips? Would you guys like this? Who else needs help prioritizing their schedule? AM I THE ONLY WEIRDO ON THE PLANET THAT NEEDS THIS?

Let me know if you’re interested?


wrap up bodysuit | black jeans | black pumps | white clutch
le tiger bodysuit | black jeans | necklace 1 | necklace 2

Ok! Outfit details are clearly under each picture – I hope you guys enjoyed my pastel, denim, vampy bodysuit looks. I sure had fun outfit planning for this trip.

On that note, off to bed. Need a good night’s sleep for tomorrow’s carefully planned day.

See ya tomorrow, lauryn x

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++ more travel here | podcast from France ( episode 12 ) here.

france outfit accessories | by the skinny confidential

france outfit accessories | by the skinny confidential

thin choker | thick choker | sunglasses ( similar ) | necklace 1 | necklace 2

france outfit accessories | by the skinny confidential

white loafers | red crimson nail polish

france outfit accessories | by the skinny confidential

white clutch | gold cross bangle | heart of gold bangle

france outfit accessories | by the skinny confidential

black giant aviator sunglasses | white loafers

Shop the travel looks ♡ ♡ ♡


Is College Necessary? Maybe…Maybe Not

Updated: October 5, 2016

is college a waste of time? | by the skinny confidential

Doing a 180 here & talking college life.

( Currently blogging from a VERY cracked iPhone. It’s a long story but that’s neither here nor there. So BEAR with me? ).

Ok so this post was inspired by a darling, lovely The Skinny Confidential reader named Kaitlyn Pruski, who e-mailed me & Michael.

She’s in college, feeling confused, & basically was asking for clarity. If you listen to TSC PODCAST, you know Michael & I have a…unique outlook on college. We’re very up front about our opinion: college is not always necessary. In fact, sometimes it’s a colossal waste of time & money. This obviously doesn’t apply to doctors, lawyers, nurses, you get it.

I’m talking about the people, like me, who went to college just to go to college. The old “I’m a communications major but I have no idea what the hell I want to do with my life so I’ll pretend I love communications” kind of student. College could have been skipped for me, I could have focused on building my brand.

ANYWAY! Wanted to let you in on Michael’s e-mail response to this cute TSC reader.

Here’s her e-mail broken into sections with Michael’s answers underneath:

K, Michael I need some help! You said in one of the podcasts a while ago that you were able to figure out how to graduate early and you found some smart loopholes…I’m ready to get the move on and am totally interested in what the hell you did and your advice !

Hi! Sorry to respond like this (not a formal email) but I thought I would address each point. I was able to graduate by staying in summer classes, getting intern credits, & basically going to my counselor to figure out the fastest way to get out of there. What are you studying and what field do you want to go into? Some fields require a degree ( doctors, lawyers, etc. ) and the degree makes sense, even with the debt attached, but others…not so much.

College is not for everybody, and I would say college COULD be for me… but I am actually being “forced” to get my degree . It apparently is not even an option to take a semester off to breathe apparently, at least in my Mom’s eyes. This is my third year ( technically ) I am 20 and bored as shit…I have yet to have any type of “fun super cool hip badass oh man remember that ” stories. I had a decent amount in high school but college just seems to be such a bore .

College is definitely not for everybody. What are you studying for? To get a job? Ok what kind of job? Why do they care about your degree over someone else with a degree? What does your mom think is going to happen when you get out of school? What industry are you going into? Is college doing anything to prepare you for that industry?

These are important questions to ask yourself & your mom. I think at one point in school I had to pay to take a class on “Pop Culture in Latin America.” I was also forced to take a class on “Water Management” as well as “Marine Biology.” These were required to get elective credit I think. These do not apply to my life. If I had any interest in any of those things I would read a book. If you have any of these classes I am sorry.

If you have gone three years you may as well finish, you already have 3 done and the debt ( if there is debt ) is already there. Nobody will ever care or ask about your GPA. Nobody. Just remember this is your life & not your mom’s ( parents hate to hear this but it’s 100% accurate ). Tell her if she wants to force you to go to school, she can also pay the bill. If she can’t she shouldn’t force you to go and acquire an enormous debt with no prospects yet on how to pay it back.

It’s your life, not her’s.

Also, I need some advice on student loans, I’m desperado to get out of the house with my parents but I have been sucking up my pride in order to get my business aligned, save money , and make the move to San Diego sooner than later .

I have a big problem with student loans & parents forcing kids to get them. First they are something you can never get out of, not even with bankruptcy. They have to be paid in full with interest. If your parents are forcing you to go to school, to get a job that you may not want, in a field you are not yet sure about, while also forcing you to accumulate debt; I think this is really fucked up.

What would be awesome is if you could get those same loans & use them to start a business. The business would probably fail ( that’s ok, it’s your first business ) & then you have to pay it back but I guarantee it would be a much better education & you would get a lot more practical experience.

In a few years, maybe even months you will see a conversation in the world started about why student loans are some of the biggest problems our generation has faced.

The whole idea that you need to go to school and get in debt in order to get a job to get you out of debt is insane. If I went to get money for a business & said I needed 100k to do something that I’m not sure I want to do, for something I don’t yet know exists…I would be laughed out of the room.

Our parents didn’t start their careers thousands of dollars in debt & it’s unfair for them to force you to.

College can be good for some people. If you are going to school to find a job, a degree might help in certain fields. If you are going to school to be an entrepreneur, quit right now. Your business degree is useless.

Lauryn & I obtained our degrees & have never used them once. Not once. Nobody has asked. Nobody cares.

That being said, I work for myself & started my own thing so I never had to use it. The only thing college taught me was how to get tasks done, set my own schedule, & manage myself. It also taught me how to be independent which could also be learned outside of school. Other than that, I was taught by “doing.” School didn’t teach me how to “do.”

The lessons taught in college are impractical in my experience. There is no textbook for being an entrepreneur or creating your own business, taking risks, and betting on yourself. No textbook or teacher can prepare you for that. How does a teacher who is a salaried employee, who has never created a job in their life know how to teach you to do that? They don’t. So why waste your time and money on them? Do you want to pay me to teach you how to drive a submarine? I have never done it myself but I know there are some handbooks and lessons on it. No? Ok then.

So, student loans? Advice on my situation? And thoughts? 

Anyways, I would really focus on who you are. What you want. What you want to do. Then decide. Maybe even go and try and get a job now in the field you think you want to go into. That way, you get some experience and you know if you really want to pursue that industry.

You can always go back to school later. Your parents can’t make that choice for you. Don’t get overwhelmed.

I wish someone said this to me at 20.

I think I would be even farther ahead. Don’t worry about what society says about your path. If I listened to any of that I wouldn’t be doing anything that I am currently doing…& I wouldn’t have had the chance to email you!

Cheers! – michael

Lauryn here again. Ok so I completely agree with this advice. I think if you’re interested in college, look into community college first to test the waters!

College students: weigh in. Let’s discuss?

What else do any college students out there want to hear? I’m thinking of doing a The Skinny Confidential college series: topic ideas?

Ok off to bed. Going to enjoy the skinny, healthy banana muffins Mimi made me ( see the ingredients on Snapchat! ) & have a cup of peppermint tea.

See ya tomorrow, x lauryn

+ high school/college students: if you have any questions about this specific post for me & Michael, leave them below. I’ll personally make sure ALL of them get answered : ).

++ more posts by Michael on business here, here, & here.

Shop the office:

Saint Tropez Style | by Michael - Saint Tropez By The Pool

Saint Tropez Style | By Michael

Updated: October 5, 2016

Saint Tropez Style 1 | by Michael

A couple weeks back, I wrote a St. Tropez itinerary for you all. A lot of you guys snapped me about what I was wearing while we were out there. Look at me, a style icon! Haha! Far from it but for those of you who are interested, I put together these collages for your men.

The last thing you want to do is read the badass itinerary and show up in St. Tropez (or anywhere in the South of France) with your man looking like a bum! Make sure he gets his shit together and wears the right gear. Can’t have him looking like a slob on your arm! Get him in this gear, feed him some rosé, let his moose knuckle hang out, and hit the town!


Saint Tropez Style | by Michael - Saint Tropez By The Pool

Ok first things first, time to hit the pool.

Tell your man that some color is a good thing; I’m feeling salmon or coral shorts right now. Then tone it down with a neutral shirt so that he doesn’t look like a total asshole. A basic black hat is always legit; keep the sun off his face.

Lauryn will kill me if I don’t mention sunscreen, so bring some SUNSCREEN. I’m also digging these easy slip ons lately.

Girls, on a side note: stop wearing those gladiator sandals! It’s a pool not the arena. You are not Russel Crowe (another Gladiator joke).

Saint Tropez Style beach | by Michael

If you guys decide to hit the beach instead of the pool, make sure you bring a beach bag. There is nothing worse than having to carry all of Lauryn’s stuff at the beach without a bag. If you want him to carry everything then give him something that looks good to carry it in.

Then grab some flip flopsshorts, and a linen shirt. Done deal. A Panama hat is always a nice option but it needs to be right. No short brims.

Saint Tropez Style Town | by Michael

When you decide to head into town during the day make sure he’s not in combat boots. We are in a beach town here. Think light colored shirts and colored pants. When else can you wear this stuff and not look like a clown? Loafers always, hidden socks / no socks are 100%.

DON’T forget sunglasses! Definitely essential.

Saint Tropez Style A Night Out | by Michael

Nighttime in St. Tropez (or in any city along the French Riviera) is when you should really do it up. People are dressed to the nines. Ladies, make sure you aren’t in a coverall that you throw over your swimsuit. Do it up! Throw your guy in some white pants, white sneakers, and a black tee or white dress shirt with a black blazer.