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Building A Brand, Business, & Platform

July 20, 2016

mike cernovich podcast by the skinny confidential

Today we’re kind of getting aggressive, business-wise.

Recently we were invited to be on Mike Cernovich’s Podcast ( who also happens to be one of my favorite podcasters ) to talk biz. Specifically: building a brand, business, & platform online.

Bit of a background on Cernovich so you can understand why Michael & I were VERY excited to go on the show. Firstly, Mike Cernovich is the author of Gorilla Mindset, which happens to be one of Michael’s favorite books ( you know this though if you’re in the monthly book club! ). It’s a book that has helped millions of people change how they think and feel through his mindset techniques. His podcast is the most popular mindset podcast in the world. His writing has been covered in the Washington Post, MSNBC, and many other outlets. He runs a popular website called Danger And Play too.

His podcast just MOTIVATES THE HELL OUT OF ME. It’s one of those podcasts where you just run on the treadmill, dripping sweat, listening & learning while he talks. Mike calls it how it is. No bullshit. A real dose of reality if you know what I mean.

For some reason, people may assume his podcast is for men.

Well, I beg to differ because I like the aggressive, in your face realities he podcasts about.

It makes me want to hustle & stay on brand & just kick ass.

Anyway, when we found out we were going on his podcast, we definitely did a little champagne cheers.

Listen to the feature Podcast-button

The episode ended up being all about the realities of running a business. The truths, pulling the curtain off of the Wizard of OZ & seeing what’s really there. Mike works 7 days a week on his craft. To be a master, you do what you gotta do.

I agree with Mike there. I’m always trying to do the work – it builds habit & persistence, which in my opinion, eventually builds success.

This interview with Mike is raw, to-the-point, & contains no fake BS. All realities.

If you like it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW because then I will do more blog posts on the truths/BTS of building a brand, business, & platform. WARNING: will not be sugar coated.

mike cernovich podcast | by the skinny confidential

Oh, & get excited because Cernovich will be coming on our podcast in late August. Questions for him? Got ya covered, just leave them below.

If you’re interested in listening to the episode, you can subscribe to Mike Cernovich Podcast & listen here. Android users can listen on SoundCloud.

All of you entrepreneurs will love it!

OTHER PODCAST NEWS: latest episode of TSC HIM & HER Podcast is LIVE. We spoke with a celebrity trainer & wellness guru, Seth Browning. He’s also the badass trainer who whipped Scheana Marie from Vanderpump Rules into AMAZING SHAPE. Some topics discussed? Carb cycling, mental toughness, & a break down of our daily routines, step by step. OH! & I share a 20% off discount code for TSC Meal Plan on the podcast ; ). Fun, right?

Happy listening guys!

– lauryn

+ another post on podcasting here.

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the skinny confidential podcast | by lauryn evarts

TSC HIM & HER Podcast NEWS For Ya

July 13, 2016

podcasting with The Skinny Confidential team by the skinny confidential 1podcastone | by the skinny confidential
Um, hi, hello.

Firstly, can I just say I LOVE you all! I do, I do. Yesterday’s post was a buzz kill but that’s where I’m at momentarily. Regardless, all your comments/messages have a way of just making life brighter.

Ok, subject change: guys! Who’s listened to The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Podcast? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? I cannot tell you how IN LOVE I am with podcasting. As a job AND also as a listener.

Typically I’ll listen while cleaning, applying makeup, cooking, driving, &/or working out. Honestly I really cannot go a day without listening to at least 2-ish ( 4 today ) podcasts. I love so many different subjects from The Tim Freiss Show to Heather Dubrow’s World to Wrinkled Not Dead to Mike Cernovich Podcast…plus a million more. Other amazing favorites are on TSC App.

podcasting with The Skinny Confidential team by the skinny confidential 2

Anyway, if you’re not on the podcast train, hop on. I promise, it’s fun. A totally different cool medium to connect. Kind of like happy hour with me & Michael. I feel like we’re drinking skinny margaritas & just shooting the shit, you know?

Ok now for the NEWS! Recently we partnered with PodcastOne. This means: better sound quality, a studio, producer ( OH HEY KEVIN ) & podcast team! We’re excited to bring you guys along on the journey because as you know, we started in our living room with the worst sound EVER & no clue at how to structure a show. HA! It’s been cool to watch the process evolve. Still, we have a long way to go!

The best part: we can literally talk about whatever we want. That’s right. ANYTHING & EVERYTHING.

ANDDDD…we can now take your calls!! EEK.

Subscribe to TSC Him and Her Podcast button

Below I’ve left a little survey for any of you who want to be featured. We can keep it anonymous if you want OR we can shout out your Snapchat/Instagram handle with your question. If you’re interested in calling in & chatting with us, just write “*would prefer a call in session*” after your question.

Counting on you guys for some off the wall questions. You never disappoint. Get wild.

In the meantime, we have some sassy guests lined up & as always, we’ll be bringing you behind the scenes of the weekly recording sessions every Friday via Snapchat. There may or may not be champagne. Postmate-d even?

podcasting with The Skinny Confidential team by the skinny confidential 3

The latest podcast, Episode 18, is all about launching fast, how to grow a blog, shady boyfriends, & more. ‘The Bare Naked Cucumber’ & Jordan joined us too. You could say we had some fun, fun, funnnnn. So much so, the afterparty continued with oysters & crab cakes at a nearby restaurant. YES.

Ok, let’s get down to it, shall we?

How to subscribe & listen to the podcast:

the skinny confidential podcast | by lauryn evarts

PodcastOne is kind of like a network. They’re known as “the online destination for the very best in on-demand audio. [They] make it easy for people to discover, connect and engage with a selection of over 200 of the most popular podcasts.”

All of their podcasts are available here. Android users can listen on PodcastOne too.

You will become addicted to podcasting…so many good ones. VERY sorry in advance.

…BUT isn’t it amazing to do something productive while doing something mundane & boring like cleaning or driving?

I always feel like I’m gaining knowledge while listening. Not shocking because you guys know how I like multi-tasking…

podcastone | by the skinny confidential

Oh, & guys, guess what we’re talking about this week?

…actually I feel like it’s been a group effort…because you’ve asked…BOTOX.


Yes, yes, yes. Been DYING to do a post on Botox for a while. NO SHOCK THERE.

Can’t wait…; )

Not only are we discussing Botox on The Skinny Confidential…but we’re also discussing the controversial subject on the podcast next week. Correct, a double whammy for ya. Send in questions below about botox…or relationships, shady exes, boobs, sex, blogging, kids, life, ANYTHING REALLY.

Subscribe to TSC Him and Her Podcast button

JUST ASK BELOW! We want to feature your username & question(s) in the next couple podcasts. So please let us know what you want to see.

& of course, be sure to check us out on PodcastOne.

We’re very excited for this new venture but even more excited to bring you guys along for the journey… buckle up!

Happy Tuesday, lauryn x ( & michael )

+ who’s entered the $2500 dollar beauty/wellness giveaway? Winners will be announced in a couple of days.

{ photos }


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mini delites 5 | by the skinny confidential

Mini DeLites

June 21, 2016
mini delites 5 | by the skinny confidential
{ YOU GUYS, best vegan gelato !! }

mini delites 3 | by the skinny confidential

{ continuing the sweet theme with some personalized rice krispie treats ! }

Well hello.

Currently listening & editing our latest episode of TSC podcast because the Nanz was FINALLY on today! Thank you guys for sending in your questions. The episode will be live tonight at like 3 AM. She discusses serious topics like beef hash, cheese Wellington’s, & her dog, Slipper.

CORRECT, Slipper. Like the shoe.

Anyway, for some reason my anxiety has been at an all time high for the last week & a half. It’s like out of control. So I found it totally normal to go work out at 10:30 at night. Sometimes you do what you gotta do. I will say the anxiety has dissipated a bit. Sweating it out can really mean sweating it out. If you guys want, I’ll do a follow-up anxiety post, someone just asked me about it so I feel like it might be a post where we can swap tips & tricks.

Can we also discuss the fact that a few posts ago I wrote: “I HAVE NOT SHIT TODAY.”

Here’s the thing you guys. I write how I speak. So when I speak in my head it comes out EXACTLY like it sounds in my mind… straight to the blog.

What I meant ( & what it sounds like in my head ) is: “I DON’T HAVE SHIT FOR YOU TODAY.” Not “I HAVE NOT SHIT TODAY.”

UGHHHHHH. Total fail.

mini delites 7 | by the skinny confidential

{ a cute TSC reader sent me this whimsical candle <3 }

mini delites 4 | by the skinny confidential

{ birthday cookbook from a friend… now I can make all my favorites }

Everyone was Snapping me & e-mailing me about it for a week and half. I was confused. I was like “why are people being weird that I cursed? I curse a lot.”

Two weeks later a kind reader Snapped me, explaining that she understands what I was trying to say… but it was coming off a different way.

Really, I’m good on the whole digestion thing though. But that’s a whole different post. I just didn’t have any shit to give you that day. LOL. Kill me.

Ok SO this weekend was pretty mellow, nothing really to report.

BUT I did attend a crazy workshop which I will blog about in a different post. It was an 8 hour course geared towards women. Afterwards a couple of my friends, Michael, & I went to the Padres game and out for spicy Mexican food. Obviously yesterday was Father’s Day… which we spent hanging out with my dad. Favorite person ever!

By the way, happy Father’s Day… if there are any hottie dads out there reading TSC.

Ok, chat soon!

– lauryn x

{ photos }

mini delites 1 | by the skinny confidential

{ a sweet reader sent me this print! LOVE }

mini delites 8 | by the skinny confidential

{ TSC ice cubes: lemon juice x blueberries…add it to your water. SO good! Trays here }
best places in Florence 8 by the skinny confidential

Mini DeLites: Florence, Italy…LOTS OF PIZZA

June 14, 2016

best places in Florence 1 by the skinny confidentialbest places in Florence 8 by the skinny confidential


No surprise that Italy was full of carbs.

& I loved every second.

Because nothing is more fun than eating pasta & pizza…and walking everywhere. I actually came back 5 pounds lighter. Cool.

Besides carbs, Florence was full of BEAUTY. The vineyards, sights, & architecture was absolutely breathtaking!

Really, I am already dying to go back.

ALSO! We ran into four Skinny Confidential readers which made my life! Running into TSC readers around the world blows my mind…they even called Michael “Susan.” So good, so good.

best places in Florence 9 by the skinny confidentialbest places in Florence 7 by the skinny confidential

Straight from Venice we took the train to Florence. It was a whole different vibe but very MUCH welcomed. Michael planned his itinerary down to a T but of course I had to shake it up & give him extreme anxiety. The hotel we stayed at provided us with a list of restaurants………..let’s just say they were all WAY too, eer, hmm, much?

I mean when the waiter tells me they’re known for their quail? It’s just not my thing. YOU KNOW, quail.

So I ask him as nicely as possible while batting my eyelashes & trying to push up my cleavage “what other options are there?”

He tells me “yes, of course- don’t worry!”

…Worried though.

“There’s also deer, frog, & PIGEON.”


Have any of you eaten pigeon?

I feel like pigeon just isn’t my thing. Like, it’s fine if it’s someone else’s thing – but for me… pigeon sounds about as appetizing as POO.

Ended up with the salad with olive oil & vinegar. ROOM SERVICE, PLZ.

best places in Florence 2 by the skinny confidentialbest places in Florence 6 by the skinny confidential

Immediately after the pigeon situation, I went STRAIGHT to the lovely concierge & said, “I understand you’re trying to send us to nice places but I would much rather prefer where YOU & your friends go when you’re off work. Give us the real deal, hole in the wall spots!”

He totally got our vibe & totally hooked it up from there on out.

PHEW, no more quail.

Of course we will do a full-blown itinerary for you but I just wanted to showcase some pictures of the trip. Florence is a must-see. Highly recommended.

SO! That’s all.

Need to get some rest because we’re recording TSC Podcast tomorrow with The Nanz. She’s going to be FIRE. Hopefully she’ll provide more relationship tips. I feel like her smothering tip needs to be gold foiled & hung in a thick black lacquer frame in my office.

See you tomorrow! lauryn

best places in Florence 5 by the skinny confidentialbest places in Florence 3 by the skinny confidentialbest places in Florence 4 by the skinny confidential

Florence, Italy Feels:

michael's monthly book post, michaels book recommendations, michael, book recommendations, gorilla mindset, 7 day start up, the sun also rises, relentless, the best books

TSC Monthly Book Club | by Michael

June 10, 2016

michael's monthly book post, michaels book recommendations, michael, book recommendations, gorilla mindset, 7 day start up, the sun also rises, relentless, the best books

Hi Guys!

It’s been a little while since we have talked about books and I wanted to share some of my most recent favorites. I also really like when you guys Snap me and comment book recs to me, so keep them coming! Ok here are four books I recommend for this month, in no particular order!

Relentless by Tim S. Grover

Telling you that I love this book is an understatement. I have read this book at least 3 times and go back to it a couple times a month for a quick skim. This is a no bullshit, get-off-your-ass-and-do-something kind of book. Tim S. Grover is the trainer behind greats like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade. He takes athletes at the top of their game and pushes them beyond great and into legendary status. The book is extremely blunt and brutally honest (my cup of tea) in the best kind of way. If this book doesn’t have you feeling like you can conquer the world. then I don’t know which book will. Read this book! That’s all I can say.

Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich

I had heard about Mike Cernovich through his blog/site but didn’t know much else about him. A friend recommended his book Gorilla Mindset and I loved it. I told Lauryn about Mike and she started listening to his podcast with rave reviews. The book is all about taking control of your thoughts and emotions so that you can live your life on your terms. He wrote Gorilla Mindset with men in mind, but I think this book applies to women as well. If you want to learn about the gorilla mindset and start living life on your terms, check this book out!

The 7 Day Start Up by Dan Norris

If any of you listen to our podcast you know I am a big fan of launching fast and adjusting as you go. I think there is so much time and money wasted on “perfecting” (no such thing) a product or idea that, in the end, many people/businesses miss the boat (and the point). Throughout my business career, I have pivoted and adjusted ideas/products multiple times. Think of the first version of Facebook, the first version of this blog, the first iPhone. All of these products have been adjusted over time after receiving consumer feedback. The 7 Day Start Up will teach you how to launch your business or idea quickly and efficiently. The book can be read in about a day and has some really useful tips on how to set up a website, come up with a product name, go to market quickly, and develop a customer base. I highly recommend you check this out.

The Sun Also Rises (Fiesta) by Ernest Hemingway

Lauryn & I recently went to Venice and had some drinks at Harry’s Bar. Harry’s Bar is famous for developing the now famous Bellini cocktail, which was a favorite of Ernest Hemingway’s. During the brief period that he lived in Venice, he was a regular at Harry’s. When we got to Florence, Lauryn bought me his book: The Sun Also Rises. The book follows Brett and Jake through Paris nightlife in the 1920s. Late nights, champagne, sex, bullfights, what could be better? Most of the places Hemingway talks about are places he frequented while living in Paris and are currently still operating. This book also helped establish him as one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. Many of you have probably read this book but if not, I recommend reading it or revisiting it!

Enjoy these books guys! Also please feel free to comment below with any recommendations you may have for me. Have a great weekend!