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Mini DeLites: Paris, Paris, Paris

August 24, 2016

Paris Vibes 1 | by The Skinny Confidential
Paris Vibes by The Skinny Confidential

1 | like the post +OH PARIS.


Paris, France was the last & final destination of our travels.

PARIS VIBES 11 | by The Skinny Confidential

Lots of croissants, long strolls, harps ( like the instrument ), bread, more bread, museums, sites, & red wine.

Everything Paris is made of.

PARIS VIBES 6 | by The Skinny Confidential

When we arrived to our hotel, Le Bristol Paris, we immediately scoured the premise for the two cats, Fa-raon & Kleopatre, who reside in the hotel. They’re very difficult to find because they hide AND they had sort of a tiff. You know, like they got into a little confrontation so the girl cat makes the boy cat sit in the garden while she stretches out on her own personal chaise lounge filing her toenails. Their life is one of a kind. When in Paris, go by or stay at the hotel & find the cats. Trust me, they’re a trip.

PARIS VIBES 3 | by The Skinny Confidential

Outfit theme was blacks & whites with pops of red. Red shiny nails is always my go to in Paris. It feels right when sipping a whole milk cappuccino.

PARIS VIBES 8 | by The Skinny Confidential

Michael & I did a lot of walking, thank God because BREAD. We essentially walked everywhere. One day we basically got lost on the streets of Paris. We found a spot to sip coffee then walked to a tiny, tiny hole in the wall crepe store. The woman was so kind & made us the most delicious Nutella crepes in front of our face. Honestly, they were the best thing to ever hit my lips.

( Oh, as you know if you listened to last week’s podcast, I lost a FUCKING DIAMOND EARRING in Paris. Shoot me. That whole story is recapped on this week’s Episode 24. Very, very annoying. Let’s just say Michael…was not pleased. Christmas is around the corner, nudgey-nudge ).

PARIS VIBES 9 | by The Skinny Confidential

If you’re thinking of traveling abroad, I highly recommend looking into Paris or France in general. & if you’re in college & thinking of traveling abroad but not pulling the trigger: why not? GO FOR IT! DO IT! I can honestly say I wish I spent AT LEAST two semesters abroad. College is the ideal time for you to do whatever the fuck you want. Travel! Look into the programs through your school, it will shock you how inexpensive some of the programs are.

Speaking of traveling abroad, we met up with Michael’s sister, Tara, who’s been traveling abroad since she was sixteen years old! She’s now 21 years old & speaks three languages. Tara literally blew my mind. To be that cultured & worldly at such a young age is badass. We talked to her A LOT about how she makes it work on a budget. I hope each & every college student who’s reading right now will RUN to their counselor tomorrow & inquire about studying abroad.

Just my two cents.

PARIS VIBES 7 | by The Skinny Confidential

What do I know though because I’m currently in front of the T.V. absorbing Housewives of OC ( what is Kelly’s problem? ), stuffing my face with homemade watermelon jerky.

You should know, A LOT of madness has been going on in my life lately…& I will update you guys very soon. I haven’t had a chance to really sit down & pour my heart out on here lately. No problem though, because sometimes stepping away from something ( whether you take a personal break or travel ) can really encourage creativity. I’ve recognized that little lesson the hard way.

Ok that’s all for today.

PARIS VIBES 4 | by The Skinny Confidential

Paris Itinerary is coming ( more Paris here )! And of course, Michael already did St. Tropez so we covered that. ALSO, I have NOT forgotten to share outfit details from our trip…just give me a minute because it’s A LOT of info. The white bomber I’m wearing in this post is MY FAVORITE EVER & you can find it here.

PARIS VIBES 12 | by The Skinny Confidential

Hope you are all doing amazing – love chatting with you guys on Snapchat.

Talk soon, lauryn x
PARIS VIBES 5 | by The Skinny Confidential

+ newness on TSC: 2 exclusive app posts are live: Great Content? Who Cares? by Michael & The Importance of Stuffing Your Face With Antioxidants by Moi! PLUS there’s a new podcast episode. We called it “The Sex Podcast” so I can ensure you there’s a lot of juicy shit including how to dump someone nicely, the importance of distributing your content, & tips for losing your virginity…oh ALSO we snuck in a TSC Meal Plan discount code! Listen above or on iTunes. Happy Tuesday! x


st tropez guide-3

TSC Itinerary: Full On Guide to Saint Tropez, France

August 19, 2016

st tropez guide-1

1 | like the post + Hi guys, Michael here! As promised, a full on St. Tropez itinerary ( you guys know I love my itinerary, traveling is my thing! ). Ok so, Saint Tropez…how do I begin here? Well for starters let’s just say…be prepared to drink some rosé!

St. Tropez is a small town in the South of France that you definitely need to visit ASAP! Make sure you don’t go in the off-season though because it’s dead! The prime months in my opinion are July & August. So let me tell you a little about the place before I get into the itinerary.

This is not a place for tourists.

Some tourists go there but it’s not the place if you catch my drift. This is a place to take a vacation. Relax, eat well, read, sleep, party, relax, party, eat, & relax some more and act like you know what you are doing. Hopefully after reading this you will!

As usual my itineraries will be short and to the point to give you the optimal experience with as little wasted time as possible. For the boring stuff refer to Google.

Ok so here we go. St. Tropez could possibly be my favorite place on earth. I think Lauryn would agree but I don’t want to speak for her. It covers every spectrum! Great weather, beautiful people, awesome beaches, great pools, amazing food, crazy parties, and the most relaxing places to read and rest! I have been to many different places in the world and after a few days I am usually ready to head home. I could stay in St. Tropez for a month, easy!

Ok so lets start with basics:

Go to the beach and relax during the day. The beaches in St. Tropez are always nice and relaxing. The water is perfect for a quick swim, so don’t be shy!

If the beach is not your thing and you like pools better hit up a nice hotel pool. I prefer the Byblos or Chateau De La Messardiere.

Make sure you go into town, eat some ice cream, grab a Campari soda, & do some shopping. You can walk the whole town.

If you are feeling adventurous rent a car & hit up all the different beaches.

If you are in town and looking to get a drink go to the Hotel De Paris rooftop for a drink.

At night, if you decide you want to get crazy visit VIP Room or Les Caves Du Roy. Those are the best clubs. Go to Nikki Beach in the day for a wild time.

st tropez guide-3

& now some details:

For a romantic dinner, head to The Strand. Lauryn & I love this place. Get a bottle of champagne and enjoy the scene.

If you want an upscale dinner that’s a little more trendy go to Kori. This place can also turn into a bit of a party so be careful

For a completely crazy dining experience go to L’Opera. This place is ballistic! Order the truffle pizza and thank me later.

In the day, for lunch you can’t beat Le Club 55. Make sure you call ahead of time for a reservation as this place gets very busy. Trust me it’s worth the hype.

Another option for lunch is Bagatelle. This is in between 55 and Nikki Beach in terms of energy. Lauryn and I loved it.

Guys, bring your girl to the Dior Café for a coffee while in town. Girls, go get your Instagram at the café.

Le Quai and L’Escale are also great for dinner. Both are in the harbor and right next to each other so if you are there for a few days and want a change up try these places.

st tropez guide-2

Enjoy Saint Tropez! It’s one of our favorite places in the world. Drink some rosé for us!

Check out Lauryn’s other Saint Tropez style posts here & her recap of the trip here.

– Michael

+ read more HIM posts | more travel itineraries.

St. Tropez Vibes:


Mini DeLites: Provence, France ( & A LOT of Bread? )

August 16, 2016

mini delites in Provence France 1b by the skinny confidential

{ exploring Provence! | dress }

mini delites France | by the skinny confidential 2

{ view from our room }
1 | like the post +HELLO!

What’s new? Anything fun? What’s everyone been up to?

As you know, we were in France for two weeks! Now we’re back but I figured I’d bring a little France your way. Of course, itineraries/outfit posts are coming. In the meantime, let’s discuss Provence.

Ok so Provence is SO Beauty and the Beast-y.

You know the scene at the beginning when everyone’s like frolicking around the city popping their head out of windows or walking around with loaves of fresh bread? Belle’s singing in her perfect voice, holding her straw basket with her book casually hanging out the side. Bird’s are chirpping, fountains are flowing, animals are smiling? You get it.

Well, that’s Provence.

Straight up Beauty and the Beast shit, guys.

Very much a completely different direction from St. Tropez.

It’s described as “a geographical region and historical province of southeastern France, which extends from the left bank of the lower Rhône River to the west to the Italian border to the east, & is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south.”

Most expert travelers say there is something “extra special” about Provence…AGREED!

mini delites france | by the skinny confidential

{ charming…but everything was charming! }

Think: PASTA, insane scenery, wine, books, & bread..

( I know you’re probably wondering how much bread I consumed this trip & I can assure you: A LOT ).

Very quiet, lots of beauty, & very, very therapeutic.

So our friend, Alex ( aka ‘MOOSEKNUCKLE’ for those who follow along on Snapchat, I CAN’T seem to help myself on this one ) along with his girlfriend, Jana, hosted us at his father’s house. His dad, Gene & I basically fell in love. I kid, but his personality was larger than life so I couldn’t resist a nightly 4 hour conversation over rosé & pesto pasta. He was an INTERESTING man. Basically Gene used to reside in the States but decided to move to Provence & has really never looked back. From there he started a charming, chic bed & breakfast, which is where we stayed. He cooked the most delicious meals for us in the most stunning, relaxing setting! You should know, the gallons of rosé ( yes, literally gallons? ), were fun too. If you’re interested in traveling to Provence, be sure to scope Gene’s Airbnb. It was really the ideal experience!

Anyway, Gene & Alex ended up joining us on the latest episode of our podcast & we broke down the importance of traveling & creative ways to do so…Granted the sound isn’t the best but we were podcasting in the middle of nowhere in France so bear with us. You can now listen to TSC HIM & HER Podcast by clicking the play button at the top of the site ( see above?! ). FUN. Listen as you scroll.

mini delites France | by the skinny confidential

{ the boys, their color scheme was…interesting. HA! }


{ Farmer’s Market goodness }

What else? Oh, while we were wine tasting I found some amazing moisturizer which is un-linkable because it’s only available in Provence. However, the moisturizer is THAT good I want to re-create it for you guys. It’s filled with a bunch of oils mixed together. As you know, I’ve been so big on mixing oils together lately. So, SO big that you can see why this was an exciting find. Maybe this will trigger a DIY blog post?

We also went to the Farmer’s Market which was absolutely spectacular & shocking at the same time. I’ve never seen a ‘Pet the Goat for $5 Dollars Stand’ so you can imagine the culture shock there. Lots of live animals at these Farmer’s Markets in France. And of course, A LOT of deliciousness like: real dried fruits, fresh garlic cloves, EVERY SINGLE herb/spice ever, delicious slices of salmon, & beautiful, plump fruits. I was starry-eyed. Another plus: the wine does not contain sulfates which is just UNREAL because there’s virtually no hangover ( at least I didn’t experience one! ).

When in Provence you feel like you’re detached from the world. It’s a weird, dreamy feeling. I liked it. I needed it. You know when you don’t know you need something until you experience it? That was Provence for me.

In other news, I am jet lagged as F. Does anyone have any tips? It’s insane how my body still feels jet lagged. INSANE. Thankfully, we are watching The Night Of which is slightly helping. Has anyone seen it? Kind of dark, but juicy.

Tomorrow I have to be up bright & early to head to LA— find out where we are going on Snapchat. It’s going to be day full of LOL’S.

Ok off to put on some eye masks & head to bed.

Happy Monday! lauryn x

+ check out some of my travel essentials & St. Tropez outfits.

mini delites France | by the skinny confidential

{ our favorite breakfast cafe }

mini delites France | by the skinny confidential

{ after a few glasses of rosé }

Shop my Provence, France looks:

how to deal with jealousy | by the skinny confidential

Jealousy: A Waste Of ENERGY.

August 7, 2016

how to deal with jealousy | by the skinny confidential

1 | like the post +Hi from Paris guys!

Currently writing to you eating finger sandwiches with a double espresso. Why double? Because I decided to actually step away from my e-mail box for a few days which means full-on disaster…so yah, I’m paying for that today.

Anyway I want to discuss something kind of different today: JEALOUSY.

SPECIFICALLY, relationship jealousy.

The idea came while recording our most recent podcast.

( The episode isn’t out yet, but it will be out next Tuesday ).

Michael & I talked a lot about the subject so I wanted to share a more extensive version of my thoughts here…

I do not give jealousy any energy.


I learned in high school that giving jealousy, specifically in relationships, a second of my energy was a wasted emotion. Actually I can remember when I had this epiphany. My ex-boyfriend in high school was caught red-handed making out with some other girl. Immediately the first reaction was gutwrenching jealousy. We’ve all been there, you know? For weeks I was painfully jealous. Like to the point where it was out of control. I was tormenting myself.


…In fact, I guess something did happen. & it was all negative. My grades dropped, my weight dropped ( way too low ), my skin was drier, my personality was MEH, & even my work ( I worked at a local boutique ) was compromised.

You know why?

Because 90% of my energy was put towards jealousy.

Think of it as having a thermometer of energy. You can’t put energy towards grades, health, wellness, happiness, & work ethic if you’re miserable.

& jealousy is fucking miserable.

Three weeks into my jealous rampage I realized what the hell going on.

After the realization I snapped out of it.

Since that day, I actively try to not give any energy towards jealousy.

Here’s the thing: if Michael wants to go flirt, cheat, whatever then so be it. Why would I want to be with someone who does that anyway? No thanks.

I can tell you one thing: men & women pick up on jealous energy. & when you put that kind of energy out there…….it manifests…& many times what you manifest comes true.

Months after Michael & I started dating he said how refreshing it was to have someone who wasn’t surveying his every move.

The reason being was easy: I was focused on my own goals, ambitions, work, health, friends, family. You can’t control someone else, so why even try? Let it go.

( By the way, I’m not saying I’m perfect in this situation. It’s just something I actively work on ).

Since I’m sitting with Michael, he can chime in for a second:

Michael’s take on jealousy:

Jealousy is a completely wasted emotion. It doesn’t help you. It doesn’t help your relationship. It’s not going to stop anything; as a matter of fact it will probably only make something happen. Men are like children in some respects. When we were kids and our parents or teachers told us not to do something, it only made us want to do it more. The best thing you can do in a relationship is give the other person freedom. This is for two reasons: first, if someone wants to step out on you they are going to step out and there is nothing you can do. Better to find out early and be done. Second, men are attracted to confidence ( at least men worth being with ) & there is nothing more attractive than a confident woman who is confident in the relationship. It’s no fun being in a relationship and listening to insecurities. BIG turn off. With Lauryn, she is not the jealous type. I have never been tempted to step out or cheat. A lot of that has to do with me and integrity…but a big part is her attitude. She doesn’t care if I go out with friends, she’s not looking through my phone or e-mails. She just trusts me and in turn, that makes me trust her. She’s too busy to be wasting time on worry & jealousy. I like that.

Ok, me Lauryn again.

If you’re in a relationship where your boyfriend is jealous, tell him to cut the shit. If he doesn’t cut the shit, break up for a minute. Maybe he needs to realize how the emotion is destructive.

If you’re jealous, ask yourself WHY? Examine the emotion. Write down the reasons. If you have a REASON TO BE JEALOUS, then why are you with a partner who is shady? Sit with the emotion & really feel the reasons you’re feeling jealous.

Another tip is to read books on jealousy. Understand it. When you understand something you have knowledge. And as we all know, knowledge is power.

Talk about it with a family member, get it out there in the ether so you can nip that shit in the bud. Because truthfully, jealousy is not only hurting your partner, it’s hurting YOU & your life. It’s a road block. If you think it’s not effecting other areas of your life, you’re wrong. I can say I truly believe it holds us back from our full potential.

Push jealousy aside, so you can put your energy towards FLOURISHING!

OK that’s all, if you guys want I’ll do a post on jealousy in friendships, on social media, & around the workspace too? Thoughts?

Be sure to tune in to Tuesday’s podcast because we’re exploring the whole jealousy thing further. You don’t want to miss this episode! Subscribe here.

Thank you for following along on Snapchat, it’s so fun to bring you guys to France! x, lauryn

+ constantly updating the ASK LAURYN section, if you guys have immediate questions! 

{ PC }

MINI DELITES | by The Skinny Confidential

Hello, From Saint Tropez !!

August 4, 2016

MINI-DELITES-3b-by-The-Skinny-ConfidentialMINI DELITES 5 | by the skinny confidential

1 | like the post +WELL HELLO GUYS!

So it’s been a hot minute.

The past couple days were much-needed. Let’s just say I was in full relaxation mode. LIKE FULL. I actually can’t even believe how relaxed we’ve been. As I said, there’s been some stress at home so it was very nice to unwind with some rosé in Saint Tropez!s

I feel like you know just how relaxed I was if you follow along on Snapchat, LOL.

Basically Saint Tropez is my favorite place on the planet. Everything is so on brand here, hahaha. It’s bright, white, & bougie in the best way possible. Bossanova music is EVERYWHERE.

There’s so much to share & trust me I have a lot of Saint Tropez inspired posts coming your way. & I promise, promise I will breakdown all outfit details. So many of the looks I’m wearing are under a $100. Will share soon.

I feel like we need to get Michael to do an outfit post too because his outfits have been HYSTERICAL. I’m saying that with so much love because currently he’s wearing a navy towel shirt, salmon shorts, & white boat shoes. LIKE WHO IS HE? We totally coordinated our outfits too. See Instagram if you don’t believe me!

MINI DELITES 5 | by the skinny confidentialMINI DELITES 10 | by the skinny confidential

This rosé moment is brought to you by Le Club 55, my most favorite restaurant in the world. I wish I could bottle it up & bring it back to California. The restaurant is JUST everything I love: live Bossanova, rosé, melon & prosciutto, lemon pasta, & really think full whites, blues, & a view of the beach. When you walk in there’s like an airy vibe that is magical. The people there are dressed in blue & white linens with the chicest of chic Panama hats. Kids are wearing boat shoes, speaking French. Michael had the band play The Girl From Ipanema at our table & I nearly died. That song means so much to me for multiple reasons ( my God parents always play Bossanova at their house, the Nanz LOVES Bossanova, AND we call Pixy my chihuahua The Girl From Ipanema ). You can hear some of my to die for Bossanova favorites here. A very French playlist will be up next month too.

Ok I’m babbling, but sorry I just have a strong love for Saint Tropez.

I highly, highly recommend a vacation here. It’s a reset.

OH! Michael & I are podcasting from France & a huge part of the podcast will be about travel tips. If you know Susan, you know he thinks he’s a professional traveler. But in all honestly, he does have some GREAT travel secrets for you guys. For those of you that think you can’t travel, you can! & we will share all our secrets !! Make sure you’re subscribed OR just listen above because I just installed a podcast player at the top of The Skinny Confidential.

MINI DELITES 5 | by the skinny confidential

The more I travel, the more inspired I am to create new content: “to travel is to live.” If you’re in college I encourage you to look into traveling abroad. You will not regret it. Since I was little I always figure it out. No matter what financial situation I was in, I made it happen ( trust me I’ve had -$100 dollars in my bank account…MANY TIMES ). There’s even some amazing charities you can work with who will support a travel habit. I’m feeling a ‘make it happen & travel post’ coming?

ANYWAY! We are off to peacock Michael’s salmon shorts moment. He’s all about the rosé this trip. Come with on Snapchat: @laurynevarts.

Thank you all for being a part of our lives, Snapchat makes it feel like you guys are coming with us. So fun! More Saint Tropez posts coming your way.

Happy Wednesday!! Or is it Thursday…? Eer…HA!

x, lauryn

+ be sure to listen to our latest podcast episode with Jackie Schimmel of “The Bitch Bible.” She is fucking HILARIOUS. 

MINI DELITES | by The Skinny Confidential