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instagram live makeup face chart | by the skinny confidential


Updated: February 22, 2017

instagram live makeup face chart | by the skinny confidential

You guys how sassy is Instagram LIVE? I’m LOVING it. Valentine’s Day we broke down a date night look & then Thursday we did a live Q&A while Kelsey & Shawn did my make-up & hair.

So now I’m going to share the EXACT make-up products + how to use them.

The real secret to great make-up? A great base. Stay hydrateddrink your collagen, use face and eye masks & moisturize with oils. I also LOVE to use my ice roller before doing makeup to help de-puff my face. Taking care of your skin is crucial for prevention.

With that, let’s dive right into make-up:

instagram live makeup prep | by the skinny confidential



+ Slather face & neck with rosehip oil & caffeine sunscreen


If you follow along on Snapchat, you already know this oil is A MUST. Rosehip oil helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, eye bags, fine lines & more. Studies have shown that it can also help to reverse the adverse effects of prolonged sun exposure. Need I say more?


I’m obsessed with a good caffeinated sunscreen ( << been using this everyday, every second lately because the caffeine tightens my skin BIG TIME- love a quick facelift, LOL ). Sunscreen is a must for protecting your face & preventing wrinkles.


+ Dab IT under eye concealer to cover dark circles & dot with stroke of light to brighten the eye area.


I’m a huge fan of IT Cosmetics. Their products just get it right every time. This concealer is full-coverage so it’s ideal for covering dark circles when you don’t get a lot of sleep. Plus it’s anti-aging. YES PLZ.


This concealer immediately brightens the eyes. It’s illuminating and visibly reduces fine lines & dark circles. It provides a refreshed, radiant look that you won’t be able to get enough of.


+ Combine a small amount of rosehip oil ( for extra moisture & dewiness ) + CC cream on your makeup paletteWet beautyblender thoroughly ( << THIS IS KEY ). Use beautyblender to DAB cc cream onto face. BLOT the blender onto skin until you reach desired coverage.


Do I really need to go over this CC Cream again? This stuff is NO JOKE. It’s illuminating so it will give you that gorgeous, dewy skin texture ( YESSSSS ), while it protects the skin from both the sun rays that BURN & AGE you.


Using a beautyblender is essential for achieving that flawless Snapchat filter look. I use the blender at every stage of my makeup application. You can use it to apply your sunscreen & foundation then to blend your powder & for contouring.

{ SET }

+ Use a fluffy brush to apply a finishing powder all over face. Use a skin-toned one or a translucent one depending on the look you’re going for. Blend with beautyblender.


This compact is low coverage & provides a matte finish to your look. It helps set your foundation & is perfect for carrying around in your purse for touch-ups throughout the day.


For a velvety, finished look set your foundation with this powder. It’s extremely light & silky so it helps extend your look.

{ LIPS }

+ Exfoliate lips with your toothbrush. Apply whitening gel to teeth & prime lips with chapstick.


White teeth are a must. This pen makes it SUPER easy. You don’t have to deal with complicated trays, messy strips or long times of being unable to talk. Simply apply the gel, wait 30 seconds then you’re good to go. Couldn’t be easier.


Smooth lips are essential for creating the perfect pout. I carry this around everywhere. It smells AMAZING & hydrates your lips.

instagram live makeup enhance | by the skinny confidential



+ Use small brushes to apply contour to cheekbones, nose & around temples. Blend with beautyblender


This contour kit has everything you need to sculpt & define your features. You can highlight & contour your eyes, cheekbones, nose & jawline.


Great quality, super soft & they don’t shed. These brushes are essential to any make-up kit.


+ dab or brush highlighter above cheekbones & brow bone. Blend with beautyblender.


A powder highlighter is great for providing an all-over luminous, well-defined finish. I even carry this in my purse to brighten up my face throughout the day.


This highlighter is JUST YES. I use it on my brow bone, cheekbone, you can even use it for contouring. It’s almost like adding a touch of champagne toned brightness to your face.


+ Apply bronzer under cheekbones with brush. Blend with beautyblender


This bronzer is moisturizing & long lasting. It provides the perfect sun-kissed glow.


This tiny brush is the perfect size for blending bronzer. You can easily take it it in your purse or makeup bag for touchups throughout the day. It’s inexpensive, soft & creates a beautiful even finish.


+ Tint brows according to directions ( video HERE ). Fill in brows with pencil & BRUSH UP to blend.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE a bold brow but do what works for you. I tint at home which is actually SUPER easy using this kit.


I’m obsessed with this pencil because it has your pigment on one end & a brush on the other. This makes is SO convenient to fix your brows any & everywhere. Always remember to brush up!

{ EYES }

+ Smudge eyeliner along lash line. Curl lashes. Use double ended mascara. Prime, prime, prime. Top with mascara.


This liner is great for the babe on-the-go. It slides on smooth & stays soft and creamy for blending. You can create a dramatic look or keep it more natural for day-time. My favorite is corrupt because it has a slight shimmer that really enhances the eyes.


CURL, CURL, & RECURL!! I can’t say it enough. Get an eye lash curler now.  You should be curling your lashes pre-primer, post-primer, pre-mascara, & post-mascara. Just do it, trust me. You can also try curling them at different points in your lashes so they really curl up and back from the roots to the tips.


Hands down the best mascara primer on the planet. Priming your lashes is essential. I prime AT LEAST twice. This stuff is cheap & super-volumizing.


This mascara creates longer, fuller & DRAMATIC lashes. I love keeping this in my clutch and re-volumizing my lashes if needed.

{ LIPS }

+ Apply plumper & finish with lip gloss. 


Who doesn’t love a full, pouty lip? This plumper is MAGIC. It has a slight tingling sensation that I love and is also hydrating.


Highly pigmented & ultra-shiny, this lip gloss adds a warm pink color with a bit of golden shimmer. SO flattering.


+ Spritz over entire face.


Complete your look with this finishing spray. It’s infused with vitamins & minerals like green tea and chamomile. It adds radiance and sets your makeup. I love spraying this throughout the night to refresh my look too!

Whew that was a lot! Hopefully I covered everything. Once you have your makeup set throw on ripped jeans & a leather jacket for an effortless, chic vibe or pair this look with a sexy little dress with a huge furry coat!

I had SUCH a blast doing Instagram LIVE with you guys. What do you want to see next? Comment below & tell me!!

lauryn, x

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must have beauty products | by the skinny confidential


Updated: January 21, 2017

I’m a beauty junkie.

So you should know finding products I love, love, love is one of my favorite things to do.

I’m all about the healthy skin & the minimal makeup trend right now too. I feel like it’s here to stay so I’m totally embracing it. I’ll even do a bare face to go out. It’s so refreshing.

Obviously I want to share what I’m stocking up on: a few amazing products to boost my complexion. No heavy cake-face makeup. And of course a good face mask.

Let’s get right to it: 3 essential products for glowy skin.


First off, this smells like a Pina Colada so it perfect because of my Mexico obsession. Secondly, it comes with an application brush. Genius. I’m a major fan of this line in general. I’ve had this mask forever.

I’m extremely picky when it comes to masks ( no surprise here ) & this firming one is insane. As in almost Botox insane. It’s gentle and really firms up/lifts the skin. Favorite part: the silver mask peels off!! Obsessed. My skin glows for days after. And it’s sulfate and paraben-free!


Eye pads are a major life-saver but sometimes I need more…Especially if there was drinking involved the night before. When I need to bring life back I use this eye concealer. Like after my bridal shower ( you read that right, the shower got a little crazy. Listen to it on the “girls only” episode of our podcast ).

A few swipes of this concealer under my eyes and brow bone and done. No more deathly dark circles or sleepy eyes. I’ll even put some around my nose if I’m blotchy. It makes my whole face look fresh and illuminated. Totally what I’m going for. I keep this in my purse 24/7.


This is a soy moisturizer and it’s organic, so nothing harmful here. Good for skin and your peace of mind. It’s full of vitamins and antioxidants, think: shea butter, bramble juice, Grape Seed Oil, Calendula oil, etc. Unreal right?

I lather this over my face, neck, and even hands and sleep in it. I wake up with finer lines, tightened pores ( and it actually cleans pores out, which I love ), and crazy hydrated skin. Perfect for before an event or traveling.

A mixture of those 3 products and my complexion is in great shape. And so easy, right? No fuss over here. Except if I’m getting really dolled up.

OK, off for more apres ski, warm faux fur jackets and peppermint schnapps in Aspen. Are you following along on SNAPCHAT? Michael is on one.

Have a great weekend!

lauryn, x

+For MORE beauty products I can’t get enough of, check out more “Essentials” on Pinterest.



Glowing, Dewy Skin in Like 5 Seconds

Updated: February 3, 2017

best cc cream ever | by the skinny confidential

Oh me oh my…so many of you have asked when wedding content is coming!

It’s coming but there are SO many pictures/video/etc to go through so bear with me…I promise to take you on the whole journey. In the meantime be sure to check out The Welcome Party.

ALSO have no fear because next week the Bare Naked Cucumber is coming on TSC Podcast & we’re going to share the lovely details of his…display?…at our wedding. Yup, it requires an entire podcast.

Shifting gears here.

Wanted to introduce you to a product I talk about ALL THE TIME on Snapchat.


( Not sponsored, just VERY MUCH INTO THIS RIGHT NOW ).

OK so here’s the thing: this CC Cream has changed my skin/makeup game.

Since you guys really responded to the post about my horrendous, brown sun mustache, I figured SHIT…I NEED TO SHARE what’s helped cover the stache too.

That’s where the magical CC Cream comes in.

…I mean really, the best, best, BEST CC Cream on the planet.

( Stop reading right now if you’re not into glowy, eewy, flawless skin ).

Ok so I originally found this so randomly on YouTube. It wasn’t anyone famous or huge on YouTube. Just kind of off the beaten path YouTube foundation tutorial.

For some reason, I was intrigued. I’d link the video, but it was so damn random that I don’t even know where to begin to search for it.

Anyway, immediately I bought a bottle in ‘light.’

Ok so here’s the deal, try it make sure you’re priming you face with a very good primer before application!! A primer sets the canvas & makes all the difference in the world. Right now I like Hourglass primer or a good caffeinated sunscreen ( << been using this everyday, every second lately because the caffeine tightens my skin BIG TIME- love a quick facelift, LOL ).

Every time I apply this CC Cream I blot it with a beautyblender, my ride or die beauty companion. Make sure when you’re using a beautyblender you BLOT, not rub. TRUST ME on this! It looks more natural.

ALSO, I just recently discovered to wet my beautyblender before applying foundation. SUCH a game changer. Try it & be prepared to JUST DIE.

The wet beautyblender & CC Cream together make for this dewy, glowy, Snapchat-filter finish that you will become addicted too. To be real, I’d rather not do my makeup without this CC Cream honestly. It’s that good.

You should know I apply my caffeinated sunscreen first with beautyblender, then eye brightener concealer ( if you get this get #2 ), then CC cream, & then a little powder when I’m going out!


So all products used for skin currently:

+ Caffeniated sunscreen ( or sometimes Hourglass primer )
Stroke of Light Eye Brighter concealer in #2
+ IT Cosmetics CC Cream in ‘light’
+ Powder of choice ( my preference )
+ Use beautyblender to apply ALL ( BLOT though! )

And then? Well, your skin will GLOW. Like pregnancy, Megan Fox kind of glow.

Hands down the BEST CC Cream I’ve ever tried. I actually don’t know how I ever lived without it. It’s REALLY INSANE for people with hyperpigmentation ( me! )…AND DID I MENTION there’s 50 SPF in this!!! YES I KNOW. Sounds like it was made for me?

Also, I’ve recommended this to THREE professional makeup artists who have come back to me with RAVE reviews !!

Lastly if you follow along on Instagram you know we’ve been on a work/play trip in NYC & London…AND these products ( again, especially the CC cream ) have saved my travel, haggard skin’s ass.

NOTE: make sure you get the ‘illumination’ CC Cream, not the regular. It’s way better.

I’m feeling a beauty tutorial?…maybe in the New Year though because this year has been fucking nuts & I very much need to get my ass into gear on these wedding posts.

Alright, alright- I’m off to read. Reading SUCH a good book right now: What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship, And Love by Carol Radziwill ( she was best friends with John F. Kennedy Jr. & his wife, Carolyn Bessette, wife of JFK Jr.’s cousin, Anthony Radziwill, & star of RHONY ). Very deep, raw as can be, beautifully written…& tragic, all in one. Highly recommend. I started a few days ago & I’m already on page 542…so that should tell you something?

Good night guys! Hope you’re all not too crazed with the holidays, work, etc.

Talk soon, lauryn x

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secret wedding weapon | by the skinny confidential

Getting Rid Of That Mustache AKA Brown Spots

Updated: November 17, 2016

secret wedding weapon | by the skinny confidential

Hi, hi, hi!

Ahhh, fresh off the plane from our wedding & before I dive right into all the DETAILS ( I can assure you there are 6 to 7 million ), I wanted to share some randomness with you.

Ok so as we know I’ve struggled ( STRUGGLED ) with ‘Mustache Syndrome.’

What’s ‘Mustache Syndrome’ you ask?

Well it’s when you have a mustache. But there’s no hair.

Yes that’s right there’s just like a brown shadow.

No girl wants a brown shadow haunting their upper lip everyday.

I mean, hands anyone?

::: CRICKETS :::

Before I got married, I got fucking serious on my mustache.

I was just over it. LIKE go away.

There’s a couple different techniques I tried but what’s crazy is the one that worked WAS THE MOST SIMPLE OF THEM ALL. Allow me to introduce you to my favorite skin brightener on the planet: Eminence Organics Bright Skin Licorice Root Booster-Serum.

Here’s the thing: my skincare regimen is so simple, it’s almost painful how simple it is.

It involves a lot of rose hip or avocado oil ( I switch it up ), & this serum. If I have a zit, that’s a different story. But to be real I don’t get a lot of zits because I don’t overdo it on the product.

I’m a BIG, BIG BELIEVER that LESS IS MORE when it comes to our skin.

Oils have changed my life.

They fight fine lines, wrinkles, remove my makeup ( I HATE MAKEUP REMOVER LATELY ), & keep my skin moist ( for lack of a better word ?? ).

They’re game-changing.

This is the rose hip oil I like & this is the avocado oil I like. Both are pure, unrefined, & organic. I just use it in the morning before applying makeup and at night to remove makeup & then after the makeup is removed.

BUT there’s been another secret weapon.

First off, all of you should know that this is not sponsored.

I just really, REALLY love this product.

So much so that I’ve been dying to recommend it to you because it works better than anything.

I use this like 6 times a week in place of oil. Switch it up.

If you’ve read TSC Book you know I wash my skin with a bar of all-natural soap. Easy, painless, quick.

Then I apply either oil or this skin brighter.

A while ago I read the book The French Beauty Solution and they SWORE every girl in the world should have a god serum.

Serums are so underrated ( just like my poor oils ). A serum & oil are my recommendations 100% if you’re looking for clean, one-toned, glowy, dewy skin.

I’m getting off track but seriously SERUMS. This brightener is a serum. And the best I’ve tried. Plus it’s organic. The line, Eminence is my favorite too. Such great products.

So 6 months before the wedding I started using this serum about 6 times a week AND WHEN MY WEDDING CAME AROUND THE MOUSTACHE WAS GONE.


I really didn’t want to do a brown moment while walking down the aisle, so this was incredibly ideal.

If you’re struggling with a brown mustache…or perhaps you have a brown spotted forehead ( I’ve been there too ), try this. PLEASE.

You will not be sorry.

I’ve actually been so excited to come back & do this post because if there’s one thing about The Skinny Confidential it’s that I want to provide value. Things that work. Things that aren’t 23948723987429 dollars. Things that anyone can use with insane results.

And well, this product is SO, SO TSC.

Every girl should own it. It’s $44 dollars, works, & makes the skin feel amazing.

I highly recommend getting a raw, cold-pressed oil & trying these two together with an all-natural bar of soap. Right now I’m obsessed with this goats milk & honey soap. Really, it smells like graham crackers…WHAT IS BETTER?

Of course, I also love my AM collagen eye pads.

Other than that I feel like my routine is very low maintenance. It’s not hard. It takes about 30 seconds in the AM, 30 seconds in the PM.

& for any lucky bitches that don’t have mustaches, you’ll still want this serum because it brightens.

By the way: I’ve found to avoid coconut oil on the face. My girlfriend, Erica, told me that it clogs the pores because of its thick consistency. So stick with avo or rose hip & you’re golden.

LASTLY: I will be Snapchatting my 30-second nightly skincare routine this week so make sure you’re following along! I want to make sure I’m showing you guys the exact breakdown. Username is @laurynevarts.

Ok SO in the upcoming weeks you can expect A LOT OF BRIDAL, WEDDING, CABO posts. BUT no fear, this isn’t turning into a full-on wedding blog. Like I don’t want to make you projectile vomit. Don’t want to overdo it on the couples thing. Just want to showcase the details in a pretty, valuable way!

I’ll sprinkle in other tips, tricks, recipes, & randomness & come mid December things will go back to normal. Good?

Ok, I’m off to enjoy a bun-less burger, extra avocado, with lettuce/tomato/sliced jalapeño AND some fries sans mustache.

Michael & I are overwhelmed with all your incredible wedding messages— honestly the wedding week wouldn’t have been the same without having you guys along for the ride. Fucking best readers EVER.

WE LOVE YOU, lauryn x

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast. My best friend, Steve, is on & a lot of you guys have asked about his calendar advice ( remember this post? ). He’s sharing all his tips & tricks that have saved my life. We’re also kind of talking wedding!! Happy listening.

++ two new posts are live on TSC App too: tips for fighting a hangover AND how to fight anxiety. ENJOY!

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snapchat makeup series face | by the skinny confidential

TSC Snapchat Series: FACE

Updated: May 13, 2016

snapchat makeup series face | by the skinny confidential

It’s mini SERIES time !!

A little background for this one: a few weeks ago, I featured my go-to skin & makeup routine for the face, eyes, lips, & all of the essential products on Snapchat. Since there were so many snap DM’s asking for specifics, t I decided to just lay it all out with a three-part series.

Here’s what’s coming up on this Snapchat inspired series:

Today we will talk face products, Thursday eye essentials, & Saturday will be all about the lips. Definitely check back to get the full details & product info.

Snapchat Inspired Series: FACE

Rosehip Seed Oil:

If you follow along on Snapchat, you already know this oil is A MUST. Michael secretly loves when I surprise him with a quick spritz of a little rosehip ( HA! ). Seriously though…rosehip seed oil helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, eye bags, fine lines & more. Studies have shown that it can also help to reverse the adverse effects of prolonged sun exposure. Need I say more?

Mineral Face Sunscreen:

Not only is this mineral sunscreen SPF 50, it’s water resistant. So if you’re at the beach, a pool party, or outside working out, this tinted sunscreen is IDEAL. It’s super light, great for sensitive skin types, & is packed full of antioxidants to protect your skin from free radicals. Apply it EVERY DAY, before your foundation. This sunscreen has a matte finish so it’s a great primer.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream with SPF: 

Alright, this stuff is NO JOKE. It’s illuminating so it will give you that gorgeous, dewey skin texture ( YES, PLEASE ), while it protects your skin from both the sun rays that BURN & AGE you. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!! This stuff is clinically shown to improve skin texture & brightness, PLUS increase skin hydration. If you use this cream regularly you’ll notice long-term brightening & color-correcting benefits. Obsessed.


If you’re not using a beautyBlender by now, you NEED to try one. It’s my favorite ever. Really the only way to blend & create a perfectly even skin tone appearance. It’s washable, re-useable, AND recyclable. You can use it with all types of makeup while it’s damp or dry. I personally prefer to use it damp— try it.

Watt’s Up Highlighter:

This highlighter is JUST YES. I use it on my brow bone, cheekbone, you can even use it for contouring. It’s almost like adding a touch of champagne toned brightness to your face. Blend it in with the beauty blender, you’ll love it.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Natural Medium:

This little compact is great for setting makeup & giving it a little pick me up throughout the day. I actually have two, LOL. One for the house, and one for my on-the-go makeup bag. It’s super light, mineral based, & even has a little Vitamin E in it which is a total plus. Use the brush below to apply.

Best Powder Brush:

This little guy is seriously the perfect size. You can easily take it with you in a purse or makeup bag to blend your makeup throughout the day. It’s super soft, and just the right shape for smoothing makeup to create an even finish.

I’m super excited to share the rest of this three-part Snapchat inspired series with you guys so stay tuned!

What is on your face product essentials list? SPILL.


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