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Just The Rudest Thing You Can Do On Instagram

September 21, 2017

Just the rudest thing on Instagram: The rudest thing you can do on Instagram today

bodysuit | linen pants | sunglasses | loafers | bag ( similar ) | hoops | necklaces }
+ location: White Hotel 1921 in St. Tropez

Pre-Instagram I was basically an Instagrammer- like in real life.

Let me explain.

Picture me driving around the Whole Foods Parking Lot, maybe it’s like 2009-ish. I see a pretty, cool looking girl carrying a BADASS, big cross-body camo bag. There she is with her uber high ponytail, bouncing around after sculpt hot yoga balancing a green juice & an iced cinnamon coffee rocking white Nikes ( I can immediately tag those in my mind because well…the logo is so recognizable ). Her whole #OOTD is for sure Lululemon– you can tell you know? Like it’s just another one of those brands you can spot, no problem. Now the sunglasses are CLEARLY Ray Bans- another brand that’s super recognizable. Those polarized aviators are iconic. The situation is feeling complete because now I know where she got her sneakers, top, bottom, & sunglasses…HOWEVER, LIKE HOW-FUCKING-EVERwhat on God’s earth is her bag? I RACK MY BRAIN FOR MONTHS- I LOOK EVERYWHERE IN STORES- this is sort of pre-online everything. I search Nordstrom, Forever 21, Abercrombie ( VINTAGE! ), you get it. I can’t find it ANYWHERE. It’s kind of the most frustrating thing in the world- not being able to find something you see that you know you NEED.

For months it was like PLEASE OH PLEASE where did this random yoga chick get this cross-body camo bag that is just the perfectly-sized bag which I don’t think I can live without. My brain spins: “Wow it would look so cute with my new off the shoulder black top & skinny jeans.” “Or even I could use it for travel- I can picture myself casually hoping on the plane to Las Vegas, feeling chic in cameo.” “It’s SO ME, I need it…NOW.

So basically, my brain looks over the situation & ‘TAGS’ her in real life.

Again, pre-Instagram. Stone age days really.

CUE to 2010 WHEN INSTAGRAM launches. And then!!! Then YOU GUYS!!! Instagram released this thing called TAGGING. Have you heard of it? Yes, I know, I know- I’m sure you have. We all have but here’s the thing: there appears to be this epidemic that we’ve got going on. Well it’s not just something I’m seeing, I feel like it’s something a lot of people are seeing. Something that I feel like I need to talk about. It’s honestly the rudest thing on Instagram these days.

Because it hurts you know, when an influencer, celebrity, or really anyone wears a very cute outfit & doesn’t tag. Actually, hold up- I can understand sometimes people don’t tag ( sometimes I don’t tag, but always, ALWAYS answer questions! ) BUTTTTT for the love of God, if there’s 234 comments in the comment section asking you where something is from, please answer! Especially if you’re answering other comments- answer outfit questions. Us, girls need to know. It’s like a thing.

( …I can’t with the tag where’s there’s 45 tags on top of each other so you can’t see either ).

People are voyeurs. We want to know things: what’s that ketchup brand? Why are you mixing chile flakes in it? What products do you use in the shower? Do you like Summer’s Eve? Who’s your favorite hair stylist? What’s in your ice coffee? Which filter do you use on Instagram? What calendar App is that? Why is your skin glowy? Botox or a new skin care routine? What shirt, skirt, headband, nail polish, sneaker, necklace, etc is that?


QUESTIONS! They’re real on social media- people say people are glued to their phones & less social. I would beg to differ. People are given the opportunity to get SUPER social with people all over the world. Now we can find the outfits we’re looking for- not fake versions, the real versions because of Instagram. So if you’re going to get social, get social & SHARE. Thoughts?

I mean I would argue that word of mouth, in the digital space is stronger than ever.

People just like recommendations from other people. They always have, they always will. Advertising is great & all- but hearing a recommendation from a friend takes the cake. You feel like it’s been tested in an authentic ( I do hate this word, but for lack of a better word ) way.

WHICH IS WHY TAGGING OR ENGAGING IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, is so important! Even if you’re not a blogger.

Besides…who really wants to be one of those girls- you know the kind. You’re in the restroom at a local sushi joint on a Friday night just washing your hands before your hot sake & cucumber/avocado roll & it goes like this:

Me: “OMG!” I love your shirt it’s so cute!! Where’d you get that?

Girl who lies: “PHEW, EER, UH this old thing? It was a gift from a friend a long time ago. I don’t know where she found it.” ::rolls her eyes::

AWKWARD SILENCE…because she knows exactly where the top is from.

Me: well, GEE WHIZ it’s super cute!

::Also me: sees the exact top on THE NEW, NEW section on Revolve’s site the very next day::

Sharing is caring! Especially on Instagram in 2017. 

Ok, I can’t take full credit here- I actually decided to write about this topic on The Skinny Confidential after reading “The Rudest Thing You Can Do On Instagram” by  on Man Repeller. I have to quote some of her musings because she is just so good:

“But where it manifested the strongest was in my urgent, impatient need to know what absolutely everyone is wearing at all times on Instagram.

I was spoiled by bloggers. I don’t follow many, but the ones I do tag their photos with diligence. Crease-free hair tie down to toenail polish, they show their cards, palms open. I also appreciate that they tag locations— plus other important things that I might need to know in the case of an emergency. I began to count on the fact that I could tap a photo ( lightly, so that the tags appeared, but not so intentionally as to like it, god forbid ) and be provided with a dossier of information. Information that I could use, or not use. Like the diner’s meal I inquired about, I just wanted to know what the deal was.

Habit fully formed, I found myself pressing photos of my friends, colleagues, adversaries and non-friends whose pictures appeared on my discover feed, in search of answers their lack of accompanying copy failed to reveal. Everyone was too sly with their captions: too vague, too pun-y, too reliant on Emojis. Their words told me nothing and their tags didn’t tell me shit. Great selfie and clever line, but who makes your earrings? Where did you wear them to? Who makes your lipstick? Who designs that couch? Who’s in that photo with you? It’s rude! True, in theory, I may have few qualms about asking you but in reality, I have even less time; I’m scrolling! This is my lunch break. To be a civilian eating a meal without a sign on your forehead that reads “chicken marsala” is one thing. To post an intriguing style photo with titillating content & zero context is quite another.

“But I am not a blogger, Amelia. It would be weird if I did that.” You are a human, human! Have some decency. What if I want to buy the shoes you’re wearing? I don’t want to twin any more than you do, but shopping sucks for everyone. Together we could make this easy. To not tag is unhelpful, not to mention borderline stingy. It is the equivalent of withholding a pie recipe because you don’t want anyone else to have it. Save us both the trouble of a DM-slide and just tell me!”

Do you love her? I feel like Amelia gets it. Let’s be like Amelia.

If not there will be way too many sad cross-body camo bag situations. A LOT OF GIRLS WILL LOG OFF INSTAGRAM SAD THAT THEY CAN’T FIND THE SPECIFIC RIPPED, LOW RISE JEANS THAT CHARLOTTE MCKINNEY IS WEARING AT NOBU BECAUSE NOTHING IS TAGGED ( true story: I still can’t find the exact jeans sadly- if someone ID’s them for me, I’ll French you ).

I know you guys feel the same way because within The Skinny Confidential Secret Facebook Group, I see so many girls asking other girls to ID an outfit. A lot of detectives in that group, let me tell you…You guys are GOOD.

But really, wouldn’t it make the world a better place if everyone would just tag? And answer questions? Let’s stop the epidemic, one tag at time!

Now obviously my real life, pre-Instagram camo moment was not the girls fault- I couldn’t physically ask her- I mean, I was driving. But just so you can sleep at night, I want you to know that after 7 years, I found the bag. Maybe not the exact bag- but DAMNIT, I found one that looks JUST like it. I’m thrilled about it & wear it all the time. It’s fab for workouts- kind of everything I dreamed of.

& to round out this post, I’ll link it for ya. BECAUSE DUH!

Love, peace, & tags- x lauryn

GIVEAWAY: giving away the shorter coin necklace I’m wearing here- you can pick out the one you like ( it’s a zodiac necklace ). Anyone can enter. To win, simply tell me your thoughts on tagging on my latest Instagram. Would love to hear your feedback.

++ ALSO, you can find some major outfit posts here.

SHOP MY OUTFIT, OF COURSE!: bodysuit | linen pants | sunglasses ( favorite ever! ) | loafers | bag ( sold out, similar ) | hoops | necklaces


MENTAL CLARITY, FITNESS, & A POP OF PURPLE | by the skinny confidential featuring Lululemon


November 12, 2016

MENTAL CLARITY, FITNESS, & A POP OF PURPLE | by the skinny confidential featuring LululemonMENTAL CLARITY, FITNESS, & A POP OF PURPLE | by the skinny confidential featuring LululemonMENTAL CLARITY, FITNESS, & A POP OF PURPLE | by the skinny confidential featuring Lululemon

As you can imagine, I am running around like a PSYCHO.

Per usual, I overcommitted myself work-wise & wedding-wise…at the last minute. I know. This is the song that never ends. But honestly, these past two weeks have been CRAZY. So much so in fact that I had to take a step back.

Wait. Let me explain.

Last week I just felt overwhelmed. Tired. Lethargic. Exhausted. Pooped.

Basically, I was burning the candle at both ends.

Hey, we’ve all been there. There’s nothing special about feeling exhausted. Everyone burns out from time to time. The difference this time, though, was the way I decided to deal with it.

Nothing happens to you, you create your surroundings & I was creating a chaotic setting. You’re in charge of your life & it was time I addressed the elephant in the room. Because normally with everything going on, I’d sweep it under the rug.

Really though guys I’m like that dog who’s in a house that’s burning down in flames & his convo balloon says: I’M FINE.

MENTAL CLARITY, FITNESS, & A POP OF PURPLE | by the skinny confidential featuring Lululemon

Typically, I’d power through. Write that extra post. Shoot that extra content. Stay up until 3 AM. Make it work.

Not this time.

This time was different.

My body was telling me to rest. IT WAS SAYING ENOUGH. Step back, breath, & rest.

I needed mental clarity.

Has your brain ever felt like there are a million and one things to do and you can’t get ahead? Yes. We’ve all been there.

So I decided to cut myself a break & STOP.

Ultimately, I need to be healthy.

This realization allowed me to see the need for some serious mental clarity: more sleep, more reading, more resting, & SWEAT & STRETCH.

MENTAL CLARITY, FITNESS, & A POP OF PURPLE | by the skinny confidential featuring LululemonMENTAL CLARITY, FITNESS, & A POP OF PURPLE | by the skinny confidential featuring Lululemon

One night, I was supposed to do a huge blog post. Instead, I randomly ended up on a mat.

I gave myself a break. I wasn’t feeling posting content that night. I was feeling a need to connect with myself, alone.

Anyway, for some reason, while sweating, I got emotional.

It was almost some kind of release; you know?

My body was craving a quiet place with meditation and no work, phone, or human interaction. I needed to sit with my thoughts.

Since then I am feeling clear headed because I’ve made it a point to take time for myself and SWEAT/STRETCH.

Another cool epiphany was the realization that sweating is really not about losing weight or even toning up. It’s about your mind too. If you’re going to take care of your job and your relationship and your body – why wouldn’t you take care of your mind?

I wrote a reminder by my bed. Just a note to myself that reminds me every day to take care of my mind. To keep it sharp. There’s nothing weak about taking an hour of the day to work on your mind. In my opinion, it actually requires a lot of strength. Setting time aside for yourself to recharge is one of the best things you can do for yourself AND EVERYONE around you.

MENTAL CLARITY, FITNESS, & A POP OF PURPLE | by the skinny confidential featuring Lululemon

So that’s where I’m at.

Of course, I’m excited to get married & cultivate a beautiful life with Michael. It’s just really nice to go into one of the biggest decisions of your life with a clear head.

Mental clarity is key.

On that note, can we discuss this outfit? It’s kind of my workout go-to. Especially the heather gray zip up. Purple has been the theme around here lately. For some reason I love it. Heather gray & purple together are really the ideal combo – there’s something about the colors that complement each other in the best way. This getup is from Lululemon. What I like about Lululemon is it holds you in in all the right places, you know? Their stuff is always sturdy. I’ve been wearing these scalloped leggings for the past 3 days ( so SUE ME ).

Alright! We are now in Cabo nailing down details for Saturday. I hope you’ll all follow along on Snapchat because then it will be like you’re celebrating with us? Username is @laurynevarts. Fun!

Until next time, lauryn x

+ huge THANK YOU to Jordan who busted my balls to take a moment for myself – LOVE YOU!

++ gold water bottle here.

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MENTAL CLARITY, FITNESS, & A POP OF PURPLE | by the skinny confidential featuring Lululemon

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Stepping UP My Fitness Game

April 18, 2017

fitness tips | by: the skinny confidential

As you guys know I’ve been REALLY stepping up my fitness game lately.

( Which I realize always sounds better than you anticipate because when you’re actually working out, cursing under your breath, dripping sweat, thinking about warm sourdough toast, you realize OH SHIT THIS IS HARD. HELP? )

BUT everything has gotten WAY easier since I snagged a Mira.

What is a Mira, you ask? WELL, it’s just the holy grail fitness tracker— DUH.

I’m very much obsessed. To be completely honest though, it’s not just about the fitness tracking properties. It’s also entirely about the brushed gold band with chic black screen that looks very cute on my wrist while I workout, run errands, or grab a cinnamon cappuccino.

So cute, that I’m almost distracted from sweating. In the best way possible though.

fitness tips | by: the skinny confidential

Anyway I’m feeling very revved up & inspired because since coming home from vacation, I’ve decided to step it up a notch. I’m doing TSC Bombshell Body Guide 3 to 4 times a week ( WHAT UP 27 MINUTE WORKOUTS ) & walking for an hour 5 times a week AND sneaking in the occasional Pilates/barre class. & I just feel so much better ( & sleep so much better ) when I’m working out like this.

As you know, I did a post earlier about how I’m stepping up my business organization & in true Lauryn fashion, I felt stepping up my workout & sleep game would help my business.


TRA-LA-LA-LA, right.

fitness tips | by: the skinny confidential

fitness tips | by: the skinny confidential

Let’s hope this routine keeps going.

SO. I’ve been using my wellness tracker AKA Mira to tracks calories, steps, distance and more, which links it to an app in real-time & offers tips/inspiration to stay healthy from the inside out on top of working out. It’s just a game changer in every way.

These pics were taken the other day post-coffee run. I did TSC Bombshell Body Guide in the park, with my Mira & then walked the dogs to grab a carrot/orange juice.

So fun, so easy!

After the extra burst of fitness lately, I’m consistently perplexed at how anyone could miss out on DAILY ENDORPHINS! They’re good for the soul, I’m telling ya.

Anyway! That’s my fitness update. Hope you enjoyed.

lauryn x

+ DON’T forget to enter my fitness giveaway!

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fitness tips | by: the skinny confidential

fitness tips | by: the skinny confidential


Rocking Hottie Fitness Wear for 2014

January 7, 2014

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness for 2014.

1.} Sunnies like these mirrored lens aviators are perf for hiking, running, &/or running errands.

2.} I’m literally IN LOVE with this lace yoga tee. Anything brand that mixes fashion x fitness rocks my world.

3.} This Forever21 numba kills me. I would throw this on before or after a workout. Love.

4.} I’ve been trying to keep my water BPA-free & Lifefactory water bottles have been a real lifesaver.

5.} Boxing is always fun. ESP if you’re pissed at your BF. But naturally, I’ll need cute, pretty gloves. Duh.

6.} This sky blue yoga mat is right up my alley. It’s understated & chic.

7.} I’m always looking for a workout bag that isn’t overly douche-y ( <—- is that a word? If not, it should be ). This quilted tote is gorgeous & won’t break the bank. I just bought it & I’m obsessed x a mil.

8.} This Free People sport bra needs to get in my closet. Like, ASAP.

9.} I just got this wool, AMAZING hat at Target; people have stopped me to ask where the hell it’s from. And nothing beats Target. Oh, P.S. it’s from the Target men’s department—! Die.

10.} Just my favorite leggings…ever. I live & die in these.

What’s on your 2014 fitness wear list? SPILL.

Shed That Winter Coat!

August 26, 2013

[ Detoxing on the go…ten things in my hand, per usu ]

How’s it cleansin’? I hope you’re all excited to shed the winter coat…

I certainly am.

First day recap:

Annie ( the owner of Suja Juice ), Samantha & Casey ( Suja’s PR team ), Weslie ( blogger @ Love Chugs ), Cody ( co-founder of People Water ) & I started a lil group text to document our 3-day detox experience. Between LMFAO at all the absurd text messages ( << when I didn’t check my phone there were 52 from this wild/hilarious group {!!} ) & an unhealthy overuse of Emojis, Annie ended up sharing some real swell information with us weirdos…

& I learned:


+ It’s not weird to NOT be hungry. Why? That happens to most people because you’re really hydrated & getting the nutrients it needs. Hydration is key.

+ The first juice ( ‘Glow’ ) is great for your tummers in the AM. The mint in the green drink soothes the stomach.

+ Drink the last juice three hours before bed.

+ No nuts. The little suckers don’t digest well.

+ If you’re hungry…then EAT! Fruits, greens, sweet potatoes, avocados, Dijon + apple cider vinegar ( for dressing ), broths, & soups. Stay away from animal proteins ( < in the DIY cleanse animal products are ok ). Nix dairy & grains too. Tons of green tea is encouraged.  Juicing is alkalizing. Don’t let certain foods screw that up.


Ok. Spill- if you’re cleansing too, what’s your experience been like so far? Tell, tell.

I hope you’re not late to the party. And if you promised yourself to detox for the NY, don’t be a Flaky McFlakerson & back out. Follow through with what you said you were going to do.

To join in e-mail me for instructions at Lauryn@TheSkinnyConfidential.com.


( P.S. all this info is for the Suja Juice Cleanse, not the at-home, DIY cleanse ).

Lauryn Evarts talks skinny tips, juice cleanse tricks, and how to lose weight quick.

[ Weirdest/coolest peeps on earth ^^ ]