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As you know I had double jaw surgery…which was a real fucking ordeal. Since I get so many e-mails about

Talking Post-Baby Bods With My Hottie Best Friend & Her Amazing Mother in Law

Ok, guys I’m not going to lie… I have a special love for this post because it’s all about my

Mega Babe Sydney Wheeler On Squats, Modeling, & Coconut Oil

Sydney Wheeler is a total hottie with a body. I mean…right?! She’s seriously stunning!! Those eyes! Babe x 100. Anyway

Model Rachel Barnes Horowitz on Diet, Fitness, & Justin Bieber

Oh yah, ya know, Rachel Barnes Horowitz was just in the ‘Boyfriend’ music video with Justin Bieber… Umm…NBD. I know,

Just a Little YouTube Update… Hiiii! Instead of a ‘Mini DeLites’ post today, you guys have to check out the teaser of our up-and-coming

Skinnista of the Month: Bride To Be Lisa Hendrix

Meet my pretty, pretty, pretty friend, Lisa Hendrix [ note: pretty inside and out ]. She’s a total babe &

How to be Hungover Like a Champ

This weekend was filled with friends, dancing, & cocktails. Saturday we went to the ever-so-charming Whisknladle- my spinach salad &

Core Power Yoga

Core Power Yoga provides the most amazing atmosphere & accompanied with their famous Power Sculpt class, it’s impossible to go

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