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Mini DeLites

{ Mornings in my JNB anklet } { Getting Halloween-y } Ok so, there’s been some biggggggg rules going down

Traveling Essentials & Other Ramblings

Hi from Cabo! Eek! Michael and I are down here to celebrate our engagement…& honestly I could not be more

Croquet & Cocktails: The Skinny Confidential Book Launch Party Deets

It’s cominnnnggggg. Super excited for The Skinny Confidential: A Babe’s Sexy, Sassy Health and Lifestyle Guide. The book is avail March 4th (

TSC + Van De Vort: All Black Everythanggg

Hi guyyyyysssss—! I’m back at it with Van De Vort in Del Mar, CA. And today I’m feeling all back

Mini DeLites: True Foods Kitchen

{ Today’s refresher } { Fresh tortilla soup…sprinkled with my favorite herb } OMFG. Can we just talk about True

WTF’s in my Vacay Tote

Ok. First can we talk about this bag? Because, uh, oh, it was um, $9.95 at Target. Ya. On the

JNB + The Skinny Confidential: The Raddest Giveaway Ever!!!

My little style kitty, Jackie & I are doing another giveaway!! Get so excited because her jewelry line is banging.

Mini DeLites: Valentine’s Style

[ Tiny details ] [ JNB Jewels ] [ A flirty scent ] It’s Valentine’s Day week! If you aren’t doing dinz

Mini DeLites

[ Getting Valentinesy ] [ My new JNB clutch ] This weekend was uneventful….and I loved every second! When people

Just a Little YouTube Update…

Hiiii! Instead of a ‘Mini DeLites’ post today, you guys have to check out the teaser of our up-and-coming YouTube

Mini DeLites {{YouTube Babes!}}

[ Some of Sam’s print work ] [ Tons of JNB jewels for the shoot ] [ Breakkkk time! Rockin’ my Monstrinho

JNB Jewelry Giveaway #Hot #Sexy #Obsessed #I.Die

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with jewelry. Every kind of jewel gets me: big, sparkly, gunmetal, vintage, small, weird, delicate,

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