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YouTube Announcement <3

July 16, 2014

Oh, hiiiiii!

Remember the amazing Jacqueline/Jackie Nicole Brown [ read more on JNB here ]…? Welp, we have an super exciting announcement:

We’re launching a YouTube channel together {!!!!!!!!! }.

Think skinny meets fashion in a va va voom, sex kitten-kinda way. Our style will be similar to the above video, which features Jackie as herself rocking her handmade arm candy.

We’re sooooo excited.

Some ideas for the channel:

  • Easy, effective workouts
  • Styling tricks
  • Quick skinny tips
  • Everything jewelry, fashion, purses, shoes, etc.
  • Beauty, skin, hair, blah, blah
  • Healthy lifestyle advice
  • And moreeeee…

So. The ‘and moreeee’ part is where all of you babes come in.

We.need.your.help. I’m seriously, serious.

Jackie & I are ba, ba, beggggging you babes to take one second & comment below. Tell us exactly what you want to see. For instance: “I want to see how get rid of my bat wings.” Or you know, something like that. Anything goes, lovahs. Puhhhhllleassssseeee share!!

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend, xx.