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Come Hang With Me At Dash Boutique!

HIIIIIIIIIII. Anyone in the L.A. area tonight?! Would love to meet you guys! My girlfriend, Jacqueline of JNB Style is

Styling The Home

Ahhh!! Prepare for picture overload. Since the cat’s outta the bag that Michael & I don’t live together, today I

Mini DeLites: Through My iPhone

Ok so I totally left my camera at home this weekend because I wanted to kick back with my friends!

Blog-Doo’s Revamp

Ok, so a bunch of you guys know that I have a side business called Blog-Doo with my GF, Erica. ( If

Because You’re Bored With Super Bowl…Let’s Talk Instagram!

Hey! If you’re anything like me, you’re bored to death from the Super Bowl, so for quick entertainment: follow me

JNB + The Skinny Confidential: The Raddest Giveaway Ever!!!

My little style kitty, Jackie & I are doing another giveaway!! Get so excited because her jewelry line is banging.

The Style Kittens: Coachella Style with CHILD of WILD Happy Wednesday, lovas! Sooo you all have to check out TSK’s latest YouTube episode on what to wear to

Mini DeLites: Valentine’s Style

[ Tiny details ] [ JNB Jewels ] [ A flirty scent ] It’s Valentine’s Day week! If you aren’t doing dinz

A Little Teasy-Weasy…With Love from The Style Kittens Hiiiiiiiii! Here’s our latest teaser…I hope you all like. We’ve been working Friday nights, weekends, holidays, etc. to share

Mini DeLites

[ Getting Valentinesy ] [ My new JNB clutch ] This weekend was uneventful….and I loved every second! When people

Mini DeLites: Through my iPhone Cam

[ New charming lighted branches ] [ Talking YouTube over a margie poo with Jackie ] Hi babes- sorry for

Just a Little YouTube Update… Hiiii! Instead of a ‘Mini DeLites’ post today, you guys have to check out the teaser of our up-and-coming

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