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Tips on how to eat healthy around people who eat like shit.

Don’t Eat Shit, Because Your Friends Eat Shit

September 28, 2015

Tips on how to eat healthy around people who eat like shit.

[ Some of my staples: lentils, hummus, cottage cheese, Suja, berries, eggs, & light cheese ]

Friends don’t let friends eat like shit!

Thank God my family & friends are health conscious. Having healthy people around makes it so much easier to fuel my bod with the proper nutrients. My GF’s & I are always sharing health tips, tricks, & exchanging new/healthy product discoveries.

Lately I’ve received a lot of e-mails that go something like this:

Hey Lauryn, I’m really into taking care of myself & eating healthy. My roommates make snide remarks because while they’re eating cookies & chips, I try & pick better options. Sometimes it’s to the point where I give in to eating the shitty foods so they lay off me. Any tips?”

Here’s my tip. Find new friends.

Kidding [ sort of. ].

No really, here’s my tip: tell your friends not worry about what you’re eating- because when Summer 2013 rolls around you’ll be feeling confident & bikini ready. I mean, they should really worry about something else.


I’m all about balance, so having people around me who are balanced works best for me. If your friends can’t accept that you don’t want eat sugary, processed crap, then that’s their own f’ing problem. Like, sorry I’m not sorry that I eat fresh foods.

Good food is wise medicine.”

Say this: DBJ of discipline!!! ; )))


How to stay healthy when people around you eat like shit.