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Lil Pretty, Sparkly Be Mine Cookies <3

Ok, so it’s Valentine’s Day & Michael is totally ‘making’ me get off the computer. Because I’m a serious addict.

Seriously Life-Changing/Raw/Gourmet Sorbet

Are you ready to have your world rocked? Mmkay— AHEM!!! But first things first: no one’s paid me to

Teensy-Weensy Mud Pies

Ummm…who doesn’t like chocolate + whipped cream? These mini, little sex kittens are super simple: use two organic, agave-sweetened, flaxseed

Three Ingredient “Ice Cream”

A good friend of mine was released from the hospital today after hip surgery. I made this healthy version of

Don’t Binge on Thanksgiving— Bake These THREE Ingredient Cookies!!!

Ummmm….hello three ingredient cookie! Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you have to shove your face full of shit. Be

Better Than Sickie Oreos! A Healthy Dessert that Takes 10 Seconds

Ok…who’s as sucked into Homeland as I am? We just started the show & So, naturally I needed a

Peaches & Cream…But Without the Sugary, Creamy Crap

My workout group & I were discussing our favie snacks today; obviously Greek yogurt + fruit was a popular choice.

Valentine’s Heart Cookies

Certain occasions call for sweet treats. This quick cookie recipe is not the healthiest, but these are way too Valentine’s

Fruit Cup Treats

Fruit is so useful when it comes to concocting the ideal dessert. It’s light, full of nutrients & sweet. This

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