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How Naomie From Southern Charm Lost Weight, Toned Up and Her Body Transformation

This post is everything all TSC readers want more & more of. The details, the specifics, the nitty gritty, on how Naomie

An Epsom Salt and Hydrogen Peroxide Bath For Sore Muscles

A few months ago I started boxing & sometimes it makes me so sore ( in a good way )

Let’s Talk About Our Favorite Things: Bread & Wine

Let’s get one thing straight. There’s absolutely nothing better than BREAD & wine. Like…am I right? BUT, there sure is

Reese Witherspoon’s Famous Glowing Green Smoothie

Reese Witherspoon’s Famous Glowing Green Smoothie The other night I was casually perusing TikTok ( huge fan by the way,

Quarantine Routine: Specifics On How To Thrive While Social Distancing

Recently a solo episode came out on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast featuring moi, where I talk all about

10 Wellness Practices To Keep You Sane During Quarantine

With everything that’s going on right now, wellness is on the top of everyone’s minds. Michael & I recently recorded

All Things Wellness With The Wellness Mama Herself

So excited to announce that Katie aka The Wellness Mama & I are doing a blog swap today! For those of

Why I Ate My Placenta

Hello hello hello. Getting a lot of questions on why the fuck I ate my placenta. What better way to

How To Implement an 80/20 Lifestyle

If you guys have read Helen’s other guest posts for The Skinny Confidential, then you know how we met. But

Roll Your Feet On a Pink Racquetball to Loosen Your Feet and Hamstrings

I was in the restaurant business since I was 14 years old. I started as a hostess then became a

How To Get Rid of The Freshman 15

WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE. I know for me I was feeling tight & right in high school, but the second


Today on the blog Megan & Peggy from the Curry Girls Kitchen are sharing 10 strange health hacks. They’re a

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