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…& STILL Swollen (!!!) So I Tried Acupuncture

Hi, hi, hi. So I am still swollen. YES. Still. The doctor said with jaw surgery it can take a full

Sweat Anytime, Anywere…YES

Recently I re-discovered the park by our house as an awesome spot to workout. There’s something breezy & fresh about


Weslie Christensen has been on The Skinny Confidential many times. A lot of you guys already know her & follow

Spicy White Peach Margaritas!!

OOOOhhh have I got a treat for YOU guys! Spicy peach margaritas. Cha-cha-cha! Just in time for spring/summer/poolside/beach days. I’m

Setting Up A Sexy Valentine’s Table

Later this week I’ll be sharing a girlfriend V-day par-tay, BUT TONIGHT I’M TALKING ROMANTIC, MUSHY GUSHY STUFF… So ta-da: how

A Story.

Ok so, I’m not going to lie: I’ve been having some anxiety about writing this post. You guys have asked me

MWAH! Vacay Lips <3

Hey guys! If you follow TSConf on Instagram, then you know I’m on a much-needed vacay ; ))). ( ::sigh/sigh/sigh

Cut the BS: Educate Yourself on The Unhealthiest of ‘Health’ Foods

Let’s get real for a sec & really examine foods that people think are ‘good’ for them. Because, YOLO. It’s

The Sickie, Disgusting Truth About Sugar-Free Coffee Syrups

Truth About Sugar-Free Coffee Syrups Please don’t be that person in line at Starbucks. You know the person that thinks

Chill the F Out With Cucumber Slices!

Since my stress levels have been ridic lately with work, moving, more work, more moving, working out, cleansing, blog consulting, cooking,

Break a Sweat Everyday—!

Summertime is here. That means it’s time to shed any leftover winter/spring coat. My main way of doing this is

A Lil Poolside Salad

Lately it feels like summer in San Diego. Between the insanely beautiful weather & the delish fruit, I’m definitely ready

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