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Spooky Cocktails

April 28, 2016

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[ “A Witch’s Potion ” ]

Working as a bartender has allowed me to experiment with different kinds of alcohols. My girlfriend Stefanie called a couple days ago & explained she was attending a Halloween party for the upcoming weekend. She requested some health conscious cocktails that would eliminate bloat but still taste delicious. I created these two drinks for her. One is a martini- “A Witch’s Potion” [ watermelon juice, tequila, water & a splash of Cointreau ] & the other is “The Bloody Goblin” [ pomegranate juice, vodka & water ]. Cheers!

Quick skinny tip: for every cocktail consumed drink one glass of water. There will be less of an AM hangover & water flushes the toxins [ & bloat ] out quicker.

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[ Use red sugar or salt for decor ]

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[ Chilled martini glass ]

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[ Light up skeleton stirrers make festive garnishes ]

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[ ” The Bloody Goblin ” ]

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