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Magical, Bad Ass Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seeds are freaking magical. I use them in/on everything. Why? Glad you asked. Welp, they’re anti-aging, fight cancer, help

DIY Fiber-Filled Cereal…Because Honey Smacks Isn’t Cutting It

I’m a hugggge fan of cereal. It’s quick, effortless, & super filling. However cereals like Lucky Charms & Fruity Pebbles

Abbie Ginsberg of “The Amazing Race”: Skinnista of the Month

Say hello to my GF, Abbie Ginsberg! Between filming this season’s “Amazing Race,” teaching dance classes, & choreographing competitive dancers,

So…You Wanna Lose Some Major LB’s? Add More Protein to Your Diet!

Since protein is extremely filling I’m always thinking of new ways to sneakily incorporate into my diet. Examples? Adding all-natural

Mini DeLites

[ Had a lil’ pedi this weekend @ Leu Leu Beauty Bar ] [ Getting creepy, per usu ] Can

Mini DeLites: Ponferrada, Spain Style

[ In the streets of Ponferrada { mint shoes found here } ] [ A late lunch ] Bonjour from Paris!

Let’s Play the Guessing Game! Pick Which Food is Healthier

[ Trop 50 or Simply Orange Juice? ] [ Mayo with olive oil or light mayo? ] [ Lite syrup

Shrink Your Muffin Top for Summer

In the latest issue of US Weekly they did an article on “Foods That Whittle Your Middle,” which I wanted

The Bachelor’s Tenley Molzahn: Skinnista of the Month

One of the first times I met Tenley she was carrying gummy bears in her purse. I was drinking champagne


Things that are making Saturday happy: ++ In appropriate pic order. 1.) Breakfast: fresh fruit salad with a juiced lemon,

Lululemon Ambassador: Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly is known around San Diego for her insanely motivating & challenging workouts. Every time I attend her empowering classes

The Flat Belly Smoothie

[ Blueberries have fiber, Vitamin C & E ] I wore my Halloween costume [ which was belly-bearing- I was

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