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Alllll About Lymphatic Drainage Massage

All About Lymphatic Drainage Massage Oh em gee, where do I evennnn start?! You guys know I’ve been captivated (


9:05 am & SURPRISE !!!! I’m pregnant. ( Or as Michael would say: “we’re pregnant.” Ya right, man- you’re not

Mini DeLites: CABO VLOG & Stuff

Well hello. Cabo was a ball but I feel Cabo is always a ball? Seriously I’m a firm believer that

Why I’m OBSESSED With My Laptop Stand

Hi, hi, hello! Busy Sunday doing literally nothing because my body is taking its sweet-ass, leisurely time to heal. Anyway,

I Hate When My White Shoes Get Dirty…Except For These Cuties

If you guys know me you know I HAVE A STRANGE, UNHEALTHY obsession with white shoes. Like open my closet

How To Sex Up Your AM Coffee

YOU GUYS—!!! ALMOND MILK ICE CUBES. I MEAN. Pretty much, my coffee is a total loser without almond milk ice


Hiiiii. A LOT of you guys have asked questions about The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide…SO your wish is my

How To Get Perfect Curls? Step By Step Guide

How To Get Perfect Curls? Are you wondering how you can get the perfect curls? I will be giving you

Meet The Two Loves of My Life: Pixy & Boone

Ohhhh I’m soooooo excited for this post ( even though it took me 2345872435987 hours ). WHY? BECAUSE THIS POST

Mini DeLites

{ kinda obsessed w/ these new kicks…& oh, they’re on sale! } { Monday morning’s boring to-do list } { Courtney,


A lot of you have asked about three ingredient pancakes! In fact some of you have requested a tutorial so

A Year In Review x My List Of Resolutions

TSC site mkeover || TSC book hit shelves || Michael proposed! || we adopted T.Boone P || TSC app launched || an Apartment Therapy

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