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Q & A Sesh: Part II

{ Red lipstick found here } Hiiiiiii. Thanks to your recommendations I found some healthy options in Vegas : ). Hippity

A Little DIY Collab…A Gold, Tiny Critter Dish

When DIY bloggers, Fashionlush & The Fashion Bite asked me to do a DIY collab, I was so excited. I mean,

100 Cal Lemon/Berry Crumble: 2 Ingreds…& Uhhh, I’m OBSESSED Because I literally, seriously died. This recipe for 100 calorie lemon berry crumble is like my favorite ever. A

My Balance Pyramid

Life can be difficult when it comes to balancing it all…so I’ve constructed my own ‘balance pyramid’: 1.} Family/friends/pets: because well,

Ask Me Anything

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of questions via e-mail/Twitter/Instagram. And I think the easiest, most efficient way to answer

Meet my Hottie, Little Sister: Faye Evarts <3

Well isn’t this a fun little spin: today I’m interviewing my hot little sister, Faye Evarts. Sista, sista! But before

Big Announcement! Coming Soon: The Skinny Confidential Book

OMFG. I’m so excited, guys. Today I’m sharing a lil secret I’ve been keeping for a YEAR (!!!): The reason

Fa, Fa, Fa, Fallllllll Fashion

Get excited! Today Free People & TSConf are doing a little collaby-poo for fall fashion! What fall means to me:

Mini DeLites

{ Getting spooky } { The tiniest hummingbird that we bought in Cabo } Boo!!!! You know what I freaking love?

Why Stretching Your Feet & Toes is Muy Importante

If you know anything about me, you know I love all-natural health practices. And that’s why I love holistic health

MWAH! Vacay Lips <3

Hey guys! If you follow TSConf on Instagram, then you know I’m on a much-needed vacay ; ))). ( ::sigh/sigh/sigh

LuLu*s x The Skinny Confidential Collab Numéro Cuatro

TGIT. Right?! This week couldn’t have been longer— let’s just say I’m ready for a relaxing weekend. Anyway, this is

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