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Alyssa Lynch’s Morning Routine, Healthy Hacks & Ride-or-Die Skincare Products

Alyssa Lynch is on The Skinny Confidential today! She is someone who I’ve totally admired in the influencer space. She always

Stop Caring What People Think and Follow Your Dreams

How To Stop Caring What People Think Of You And Follow Your Dreams I’m so stoked for this post. Jo

HOT OFF THE PRESS: The Skinny Confidential BODY APP Is Here!

  DRUM ROLL PLEASE. The Skinny Confidential BODY APP featuring my fabulous trainer Kim Kelly is here. I am so

Fitness and Weight Loss Tips From a Celebrity Trainer (Plus a Quick Full Body Workout)

Happy Sunday guys. It seems my last few posts have started with “random discoveries,” so surprise, surprise…here’s another one for


ARE YOU READY FOR THE QUICKEST BREAKFAST…EVER? Ya, we’re talking grab and go. THAT easy. You can prepare lots of

Fitness Time: Keeping It Sexy With Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are so in. A couple years ago, I bought some cheap-o ankle weights at Marshall’s & my friends

Sorry To Be The Bearer of Bad News…But Lemme Share The Real Deal on Agave Nectar

Mmmmm…how healthy & delish does the agave nectar sound? I mean…right? Doesn’t it sound like a healthy thing to eat?

5 At-Home Ab Workouts…In Zella

The other day I worked out at home in my Zella hoodie + Zella leggings ( << obsessed, remember this

Meet My Latest Crush: Zella

Ummm, so I’m obsessed with Nordstrom’s new activewear, Zella. My crush on Zella started when I bought their leggings a

Mini DeLites {{YouTube Babes!}}

[ Some of Sam’s print work ] [ Tons of JNB jewels for the shoot ] [ Breakkkk time! Rockin’ my Monstrinho

Dear Whoever is Laying Around Like a Lazy Slob Today,

Dear whoever is laying around like a lazy slob today [ you know who you are ], Is it too

Five Ways to Break Your Workout Plateau

So…you are working your ass off on the reg. Let’s say you’re running on the treadmill four days week. Or

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