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Meet My Latest Crush: Zella

Ummm, so I’m obsessed with Nordstrom’s new activewear, Zella. My crush on Zella started when I bought their leggings a

Easy-Ass, Not So Pretty, Vegan Quinoa Salad

This recipe rocks my world. I have literally made this quinoa salad five times a week for linner ( linner=

The Sickie, Disgusting Truth About Sugar-Free Coffee Syrups

Truth About Sugar-Free Coffee Syrups Please don’t be that person in line at Starbucks. You know the person that thinks

You Can’t Exercise Your Way Out of a Bad Diet {!!!}

Ever heard someone say this: “I don’t really care if I ate six slices of pizza, I’ll just go to

Badass Kombucha

Kombucha is so bad ass. I literally drink it every day. Why? Because, duh: the benefits are insane. Plus it tastes

Break a Sweat Everyday—!

Summertime is here. That means it’s time to shed any leftover winter/spring coat. My main way of doing this is

A Lil Poolside Salad

Lately it feels like summer in San Diego. Between the insanely beautiful weather & the delish fruit, I’m definitely ready

The Q & A Fairy– !!!

Oh hi. I was not feelin’ so hot yesterday so I skipped yesterday’s post & gave myself some TLC :

‘Tis The Season for Presentssss: Three Sisters Jewelry Design Giveaway

Yay! – – – It’s Friday!! I have I mentioned how amaze you all are? Your continued support/readership is what

Oh, So You Stuffed Your Face on Thanksgiving? No Probs…Here’s Some Recovery Tips!

Instead of feeling bad/guilty/pissed/annoyed in regards to the oh-so-f’ning-annoying holiday bloat, try nipping that shit in the bud. What’s done

Fitness Model & Blogger: MC Barao { << What a BABE! }

I spent a large part of today in a spread eagle/’happy baby’ position at Studio Barre. With yesterday’s food

Over Fifty & Seriously Fab {!!!}

Hey, hey! These are some major babes that are over fifty & fab; seriously, can you believe they’re both over

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