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Your Badass Guide To Essential Oils

GUYS! Today my younger sister Faye is going to talk about something she lovessss: ESSENTIAL OILS. You may remember Faye


I work well under pressure. Which is why I waited until the last second to write this post. If I

How To Throw A Festive Baby Shower

Baby showers! Fun, festive !! But if I have anything to do with it, I’m not going to let the

Mini DeLites x Book Launch Party Recap

Hey, hey, hey. Today I’ve got a long post ( plus a lil video & a rad giveaway!!! ). Ahhh,

Style: What I’m Loving…Lately

My lil sister, Faye, has super cute style— it certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s always ahead of the trends. Soooo


Christmas was filled with people I love, a little eggnog, & a lot of laughing. But shocker: I’m dead tired.

A Lil Crave // Save Collab with Evillarts

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re all relaxing. My day was pretty uneventful: cleaned the house, drank raw coconut water, read,

Meet my Hottie, Little Sister: Faye Evarts <3

Well isn’t this a fun little spin: today I’m interviewing my hot little sister, Faye Evarts. Sista, sista! But before

Packing Essentials <3

Since yesterday I shared WTF was in my vacay purse, I figured I might as well post packing essentials too.

Mini DeLites

[ Sunday’s kabobs ] [ Mustache wine glasses made by Julie ] [ My beautiful sister, Faye & Pixy Bean

Mini DeLites: The Style Kittens Launch Party!

Hiiiiii. Long time, no talk! This past Friday was The Style Kittens’ launch party for our YouTube channel! And well,

Mini DeLites & Why EVERYONE Should Watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead!!

[ Butter with no GMO’s ( it came highly recommended by Annie ) ]  [ Loving my new blouse from

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