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summer is over must haves | by the skinny confidential

A few must have items that transition from Summer to Fall

September 12, 2016
Updated: September 19, 2016

summer is over must haves | by the skinny confidential

  | like the post +This year is flyingggg by.

Like what is going on? Here we are again, another summer has come & gone.

Anyone else not quite ready to say goodbye to summer?

As you guys know, our wedding is in Mexico this fall & it will still be warm down there. So obviously I’m on the hunt for a few transition items.

Here are some MUST HAVE items that transition from Summer to Fall & go along with the theme:

ONE: A Badass Black Bomber

Not only can black be worn all year round, but a badass bomber is an ideal fall jacket: comfy, chic, & easy to throw over anything. Throw it on over a tank top & jeans, dress, or shorts & a vintage tee. It’s light enough for an end-of-summer night, but warm enough for daytime during autumn.

TWO: Rosé Off The Shoulder Dress

I snagged this flirty dress for my bachelorette party this October. Isn’t it festive? The fabric is SO soft & comfortable. Plus it can be worn day to night. YESSS PLZ.

THREE: Edgy Black Crop Top

How fun is this crop top? Wear it for a night out when you want a more sexy vibe. Pair this top with high-waisted pants & a pair of super high pumps to keep it chic. Definitely digging it.

FOUR: Current Favorite Bikini

I’ve been wearing this a lot lately, so naturally it’s on my must-have list! The bottoms are SO flattering, & the top definitely gives the girls a little lift! Definitely bringing this little number along for my bachelorette AND wedding.

Do you love, love, love? Happy Monday!


Saint Tropez Style | by Michael - Saint Tropez By The Pool

Saint Tropez Style | By Michael

August 30, 2016
Updated: August 31, 2016

Saint Tropez Style 1 | by Michael

1 | like the post +A couple weeks back, I wrote a St. Tropez itinerary for you all. A lot of you guys snapped me about what I was wearing while we were out there. Look at me, a style icon! Haha! Far from it but for those of you who are interested, I put together these collages for your men.

The last thing you want to do is read the badass itinerary and show up in St. Tropez (or anywhere in the South of France) with your man looking like a bum! Make sure he gets his shit together and wears the right gear. Can’t have him looking like a slob on your arm! Get him in this gear, feed him some rosé, let his moose knuckle hang out, and hit the town!


Saint Tropez Style | by Michael - Saint Tropez By The Pool

Ok first things first, time to hit the pool.

Tell your man that some color is a good thing; I’m feeling salmon or coral shorts right now. Then tone it down with a neutral shirt so that he doesn’t look like a total asshole. A basic black hat is always legit; keep the sun off his face.

Lauryn will kill me if I don’t mention sunscreen, so bring some SUNSCREEN. I’m also digging these easy slip ons lately.

Girls, on a side note: stop wearing those gladiator sandals! It’s a pool not the arena. You are not Russel Crowe (another Gladiator joke).

Saint Tropez Style beach | by Michael

If you guys decide to hit the beach instead of the pool, make sure you bring a beach bag. There is nothing worse than having to carry all of Lauryn’s stuff at the beach without a bag. If you want him to carry everything then give him something that looks good to carry it in.

Then grab some flip flopsshorts, and a linen shirt. Done deal. A Panama hat is always a nice option but it needs to be right. No short brims.

Saint Tropez Style Town | by Michael

When you decide to head into town during the day make sure he’s not in combat boots. We are in a beach town here. Think light colored shirts and colored pants. When else can you wear this stuff and not look like a clown? Loafers always, hidden socks / no socks are 100%.

DON’T forget sunglasses! Definitely essential.

Saint Tropez Style A Night Out | by Michael

Nighttime in St. Tropez (or in any city along the French Riviera) is when you should really do it up. People are dressed to the nines. Ladies, make sure you aren’t in a coverall that you throw over your swimsuit. Do it up! Throw your guy in some white pants, white sneakers, and a black tee or white dress shirt with a black blazer.



Tons of items with Summer vibes. Picked by Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential. Round palm print beach towel, sheer maxi, organic sunscreen, and more!

Some Summer Vibes For Ya

June 21, 2016
Updated: June 24, 2016

Tons of items with Summer vibes. Picked by Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential. Round palm print beach towel, sheer maxi, organic sunscreen, and more!

It’s OFFICIALLY summer.

YEP, Monday was the OFFICIAL first day of the summer season. Bring on the bikinis, giant shades, ENDLESS SPF, & a margarita or two by the pool. YES, PLZ.

It was seriously HOT in my neck of the woods this weekend. Anyone else out there melting?

Would love any tips you guys have for staying COOL in this ridiculous heat.

Anyway to kick off the summer, I figured you need a little summer vibes, right.

I think you will love these guys:

Sheer Cover Up:

Because who wants to look basic by the pool, beach, or at those summer BBQs? This little number is SEXY, unique, & can actually be dressed up or down depending on your atmosphere.

White Loafers:

These shoes are both cute & professional. Wear them to work with a cute pair of skinny slacks. Or you could wear them to a family brunch if you’re not feeling heels.

Palm Print Beach Towels:

If you’re throwing a pool party, grab a few of these super cute round towels. They just UP the ambiance levels. LOVING pretty much all of the towels HERE.

Pinky Ring:

I had to get my hands on this ring. It’s a fox but doesn’t it look like a chihuahua?? OBSESSED! Pinky rings are so chic too.

Giant Sunnies:

So you can protect your eyes & the skin around them from the sun AND look cute. Don’t you guys just love QUAY? Their glasses are so chic.

Organic Sunscreen:

This brand is made from 100% organic ingredients, is SPF 32, vegan, AND is nut free for anyone with nut allergies. It smells DELICIOUS too.

Sheer White Top:

Ok, who doesn’t love a good sheer top? This is great for a sexy night out during those hot summer nights.

Okay so what are you vibing this season?

Everyone please stay hydrated ( & wear sunscreen ), especially during summer!


the skinny confidential, lauryn evarts, white striped jumpsuit, black tshirt, palm print bikini, acdc shirt, crop top, edgy necklace

Some SERIOUSLY RAD Items For You

June 9, 2016
Updated: June 14, 2016

the skinny confidential, lauryn evarts, white striped jumpsuit, black tshirt, palm print bikini, acdc shirt, crop top, edgy necklace

Summer doesn’t have to be all pastels & florals.

In fact, when everyone’s doing one thing, it’s fun to go in the opposite direction.

Anyone jive with me on this?

Sometimes it’s a statement to throw on something a little more edgy, dark, & unique. You’ll totally stand out in the crowd of pink, yellow, & turquoise during Spring & Summer. WIN!

If you’ve already got more of an edgy style, you’ll definitely love these items. If you LOVE summer colors, try switching it up & seeing how you feel?

Below are just some rad items I’m loving lately – they can put an edgy twist on any look:

White Striped Jumpsuit:

This jumpsuit is HOTT HOTT HOTT. The black & white stripe combo is one of my favorites. Throw your hair up in a high bun with bright lips & this outfit is seriously FIRE.


Get ready to show your bra, preferably something extra sexy ( LIKE THIS ONE!! ). The great thing about these oversized deep v tees is that they’re comfortable & cool. Throw on a pair of giant sunglasses & meet your friends for lunch in this get-up.

Palm Print Bikini Bottoms:

Okay seriously, palm prints are amazing. But you know what would make this outfit?? Wearing these bottoms & a white bikini top under a super sheer white maxi. THIS ONE is great. How rad would that look??

Faux Leather Choker:

Chokers spice up any outfit. There’s just something sexy about them… add leather & it’s extra spicy. Don’t you think?

ACDC Sweater:

This sweater would be PERFECT for a summer BBQ or casual night out with friends. Pair it with a some super high boots & you’re good to go.

Twist Crop Top:

Who doesn’t love a good crop top? This one is perfect for showing off the girls. Wear it with a long drop down necklace like THIS ONE & you’re golden.

Okay so what’s your favorite look? Edgy or girly?

Do you opt for pastels or neutrals?


tips for alterations | by the skinny confidential

Alterations: Your New Best Friend

May 30, 2016
Updated: May 31, 2016

tips for alterations | by the skinny confidential

I am going to let you in on one of my best kept secrets. Like BEST, BEST.

In fact it’s SO simple BUT it makes all the difference.

So much of a difference that you almost won’t believe it.

Here’s the thing: I shop at Forever21. I also shop at high-end stores but a lot of my favorite finds are from Forever21 or Charlotte Russe or somewhere random.

HOWEVER, everything I buy from Forever goes straight to my best friend.

You know, my best friend: my tailor, Arsonal.

He’s down the street from my house & just tailors any $22 dollar swag to fit my body in the most ideal way.

Literally though, he can take some white slacks that look like they’re ratty & nasty and just like that…magically turn them into my most favorite pants I own.

Get this: at a recent event RACHEL ZOE ASKED ME WHERE I GOT MY WHITE SLACKS. THAT IS RIGHT. Rachel freaking Zoe.

So of course, I told her Forever21 & explained the whole tailor obsession. She gets it.

& not only do I get white pants tailored guys. I also get button-ups tailored to make me look a little tighter, if you know what I mean.

Between slacks & tops, Arsonal is very, VERY booked. But who cares because YOU, yes YOU can find your own tailor. Tell them what you’re looking for.

Bigger boobs? They can help.

Tighter waist? Yes please.

A more flattering hem line on that latest skinny jean? GOT YA COVERED.

These are three exact inexpensive items I’ve bought that have been tailored: these black jeans, these slacks, & this black blazer ( love a good blazer moment ).

Honestly after the alterations they look like they’re from The Row. I’m being dead fucking serious. Tailoring is key.

Here are a couple quick tips for when you start your new, exciting relationship:

1. Test how the garments will photograph

Bring a camera! Everyone wants to look as slim and clean as possible, especially in the age of social media.You’re going to want to see it in a photo.

2. Listen to your tailor

Tailors know best: what’s going to make things look cleaner and more fine-tuned, be it lowering the neckline, shortening the hem, or tapering the sleeve.

3.) Bring the correct undergarments

Again, your clothes don’t have to be expensive, just make sure you include a tailor.

Whether it’s the bra, corset, Spanx, or underwear, it’s always good to be prepared.

4. Bring the shoes, no matter what’s being altered

Shoes are essential to not just achieving the right length on a hem, but fully realizing the look.

5. Also! Bring inspiration photos

If you want your dresses to be form-fitting like they are on Joan Holloway, or a suit to lay as it does on Katherine Hepburn, bring photographs or pull images up on your phone.

{ via Marie Claire }

Also, if you want to be psycho like me, choose your tailor WISELY. Ask them to see previous work, check Angie’s List, AND oddly: WATCH.

See how attentive they are. This sounds bat shit but that’s why you read this blog for bat shit advice. Watch them in action. “A good tailor is very thorough when doing a fitting, careful with measuring, & takes their time with accurate pinning. They ask questions pertaining to the garment, and voice their opinions and concerns.”

Point: break up with your boyfriend, date your tailor. You’ll be better off clothes-wise.

Oh heyyyy Arsonal.

Happy Sunday! x, lauryn