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What To Wear In St. Tropez: Part Two

September 14, 2017

what to wear in st. tropez by The Skinny Confidential

The wait is over: PART TWO of my St. Tropez attire.

If you forgot to grab a glass of rosé for part one then here is your second chance. Cozy up because here is the breakdown:

What to wear in St. Tropez: Sunglasses, hair color, and OIL.

White Off the Shoulder Top

An off the shoulder top is subtly sexy which makes it perfect for France. This top is super flattering if you have big boobs since it’s tight on the torso. Rock some jeweled sunnies to complete the look. I’m calling it now. Jeweled sunglasses are the next trend. All of the cute French girls were wearing a pair. Naturally I had to grab some too. We found a tiny boutique selling these & I have been obsessed ever since. This pair is similar and ideal for wearing while you’re enjoying chocolate croissants.

Leather Top

OK so a leather top may not have been the most practical idea for France but it was one of my most memorable looks. I wore this top out to dinner with long PIN straight hair. It’s a smoldering look that makes for a perfect night out.

Striped Pants

For those who don’t know, stripes on your legs can be your saving grace. It all depends on the placement of the stripes on the legs. This pair has vertical stripes which have a slimming effect since they draw the eye up and down rather than side to side.  Plus they have a high waist so they’re extra flattering.

Blue Set

Ah I love this denim two-piece set. So much so I even wore it LAST YEAR in St. Tropez. You can find all of the details on it here. This year I wore it for a pirate themed party at Nikki Beach LOL.


Take care of your hair and have fun with it. Try using some hair chalk to spice up your look. It’s playful, easy and washes out effortlessly. I wore four tiny braids with one bright pink one to add a little color. You could use multiple colors for a full unicorn or galaxy look. Then spray some of this hair oil all over. It smells DIVINE. Loaded with coconut and moringa oil, it helps protect your hair from humidity and provides shine.

What to wear in St Tropez: One Piece bikinis and bodysuits


My love for bodysuits continues. Surprise, surprise. Bodysuits are really the best though. Especially when it’s actually a swimsuit. Why? Swimsuits are typically sturdier than bodysuits. They have padding, support & are meant to be worn by themselves. They save room when packing since you can wear them by the pool or to dinner. They’re efficient and chic.

orange | gold | pink

White Skirt

A quality wrap skirt is an essential for any woman on the go. Wherever I am I tend to gravitate towards this white skirt. It’s SO easy to wear. Usually I pair it with a bodysuit and some white flats to keep it simple for dinner. Sometimes I even use it as a cover up. It’s that versatile.


Blue Dress

Saint Tropez is all about linens. This blue dress is light and breezy which is perfect for the heat. I became obsessed with linens last year after visiting St. Tropez since they are such a comfortable fabric. Layer some jewelry and you’ll be set to walk all around town.

Palm Pajamas

These are my favorite pajamas ever! Ever since my bachelorette weekend I have taken these with me every time I travel. You will find these in my carry-on in case my luggage gets lost. That’s how much I love them. They’re VERY well made and super comfortable.  When you wake up put some eye pads on to reduce swelling. If you have a mini fridge be sure to chill them too!

There you have it! These looks are great for your next trip or if you’re just looking to spice up the everyday. Happy Labor Day everyone! Hope you have some fun things planned for the day. We’ll be taking it easy with some friends and family.

x, lauryn

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South of France outfits


June 29, 2017

tips for buying a luxury handbag 14 | the skinny confidentialtips for buying a luxury handbag 10 | the skinny confidential


There’s so many of you who have asked about my thoughts on luxury handbags.

I have thoughts- many thoughts.

Let’s back up a min though.

I’ll never forget the first handbag I bought myself…

I so enjoyed speeding down the highway blasting Avril Levigne headed to the mall ( that’s right guys! No online shopping back in dinosaur days ) imagining how my first handbag purchase would look. Sophmore year had just started & I couldn’t wait to rock a high-end bag. Immediately upon arriving to the mall I grabbed a Hot Dog on Stick, because first things first. And then I headed to Coach- hot dog in hand, duh! I picked the smallest handbag they had because let’s be real, my job at Abercrombie & Fitch Kids wasn’t paying too well…& off I went, carrying my handbag ( & hot dog ) so proud of my first luxury purchase.

…It was covered in logos- like covered, but I was happy as a clam.

tips for buying a luxury handbag 6 | the skinny confidential

Cue to today…I’m now a pickier B when it comes to handbags.

Here’s the thing I’m not going to pay a 20342304 dollars for purse that is not just right. It has to speak to me in all the right ways, you know. Not too many logos. Ideal spacing. Maybe a pop of originality like a good button but still classic at the same time. Something you can carry everyday too please.

You guys get it, I need to be able to commit to it.

If I sound wildly critical, it’s because I am- BECAUSE luxury handbags are a real investment.

SO what’s my advice? Well it’s rather simple, actually…The secret’s out: pre-owned bags are key.

tips for buying a luxury handbag 2 | the skinny confidential
tips for buying a luxury handbag 13 | the skinny confidential


BECAUSE we can’t be spending all our money on handbags when there’s too many other essentials ( my hair, for one…& I love my twice monthly brow tint…oh, and spray tans…& OH- of course, MY BUSINESS ). YES, my business is what I prefer to spend my money on, not the blogger handbag of the month.

You should know, when I heard about Trendlee I KNEW IN MY GUT that it was the PERFECT site to feature on The Skinny Confidential. So many of you guys work your asses off but still love a good handbag. Have your cake & eat it too! My kinda girls!

Basically Trendlee relies on the longevity of high-end handbags to resell bags for a discounted price. They have everything from Hermes to Chloe to Celine ( a fav ) to even Gucci, Chanel, Saint Laurent ( a REAL fav ), Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton- you get it.

Also do what I’m doing: I have three handbags to sell to TrendleeRebagg (Trendlee’s sister company where you can sell preowned items). After I sell them I’m going to take that money & put it back in one dreamy Trendlee bag ( been eyeing this one ).

Trendlee has it all figured out too: they guarantee authenticity AND offer payment plans for babes on a budget. I LOVE.

tips for buying a luxury handbag 16 | the skinny confidential

Oh, & this Chanel WOC I’m rocking in these pictures IS SOOOO CUTE it hurts. First things first: can we talk about the size. It’s so micro- which I love. I picture myself wearing this out with friends. In it I’ll have my phone, ID, credit card, & a red, blue-toned lipstick. Efficient. Micro is IN too. If it’s a crossbody, it’s a double win. Getting the bag was a BREEZE- it arrived to my door in PERFECT, shiny condition, ready to wear.

Some other luxury handbag tips for you:

  1. Overwhelmed? Go classic BUT not overly trendy. So here’s the thing- I hate overly trendy. My last handbag choice was actually a black, huge MEN’S HANDBAG. It’s unpredictable & something not a lot of girls have ( funny enough, Trendlee actually has the bag on their site too- in white AND black! ). Go for something different but keep it classic.
  2. I like to avoid too many logos. The less logos the better. Keep it simple. You can’t go wrong with nude, white, or black either. Right now I prefer really OVERSIZED or very MINI. You know I like things intense.
  3. If you’re going for flair do a metallic moment or a pop of spicy red. Also Kelly green is fun too…or apricot. I also like marigold. Baby blue is always chic with a kitten heel too…Oh shit, AHHHHH I can’t decide. Pretty much a pop of color can be festive. Just choose wisely because as I said, a luxury handbag is an investment.
  4. Be strategic- make sure the bag you’re choosing is something you will rock A LOT. Nothing worse than a high-end piece that you don’t wear. Shop online so you can see EVERYTHING as opposed to in-store where you’re only seeing half the inventory.
  5. Lastly!! USE IT. Take care of it with a good leather cleaner ( love this one ) but definitely use the bag. I display my favorite luxury bag on the vanity when I’m not using it. I just..like to look at it, you know? And I use it on the regular. BUT like I said, I take care of the bag. Every night I clean it out & give it a little TLC.

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡

tips for buying a luxury handbag 5 | the skinny confidentialtips for buying a luxury handbag 9 | the skinny confidential

And for all of you who have DM’d or e-mailed me about which handbag to get? I gotcha covered- I curated ( this took me a V. long time- LOL, like hours- wanted to make it PERFECT if you’re spending the money ) a luxury handbag selection of my personal favorites just for you. Pre-owned for the win!

If by chance you run into Michael please tell him I actually need the mini red Chanel or I’ll die. TYSM.

Off to read Jane Fonda’s autobiography ( a recommendation from one of you ) & drink some ginger tea.

Shop till you drop! x lauryn

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+ this post is in collaboration with Trendlee. As always all opinions are my own.

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tips for buying a luxury handbag 4 | the skinny confidentialtips for buying a luxury handbag 11 | the skinny confidential



June 27, 2017

HOW TO BE A CONFIDENT BADASS IN AN INSTANT 5 | by the skinny confidential

Confidence is essential.

I’m serious though. It really does make all the difference when you’re confident. It shines through your pores- everyone sees the aura of confidence. AND it’s also V contagious so sprinkle it everywhere you go, you know?

HOW TO BE A CONFIDENT BADASS IN AN INSTANT 4 | by the skinny confidential

::sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinklity, sprinkle::

To elaborate, there’s nothing better than seeing women in The Skinny Confidential Community THRIVE WITH CONFIDENCE.


HOW TO BE A CONFIDENT BADASS IN AN INSTANT 3 | by the skinny confidential

WHO DOESN’T LOVE being around confident people? There’s nothing more settling than seeing someone who’s entirely comfortable with who they are…HOWEVER I get it, 2017 social media though can be a real confidence killer. BUT instead of throwing a pity party, I WANT EVERYONE TO GET THEIR GROOVE BACK. Like up the confidence levels- kick it up a notch- confidence on crack.

Because you are all unique in your own way. You are you. There’s only one of you. OWN IT.

Before I give you five QUICK tips, ask yourself: “are you as confident as you want to be?” If not, read on & then GET ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF.

HOW TO BE A CONFIDENT BADASS IN AN INSTANT 9 | by the skinny confidential


SIMPLE. Not much to say here. Be grateful for the good. There really is so much to be grateful for. You are in charge of creating your future. Design wisely.

Be grateful to even have the option to be able to design that future.

As the amazing, Gary Vee says “you could have been a tree.”

Ya, he’s right though- you coulda been a f-ing tree.

So smile, laugh, be grateful.

I’m grateful for this platform, my dogs, family, friends, lentil pasta, Michael’s unnecessary purchases, these denim sandals, & the ability to beat to the tune of my own drum. YOUR TURN! Go…

HOW TO BE A CONFIDENT BADASS IN AN INSTANT 6 | by the skinny confidential


Again, simple. Gaining confidence is not a mathematical equation.

It really is that simple though? To focus on your own shit.

Stop spending time focusing on Sally who didn’t complete her work for the day or Henry whose social media following is bigger than yours…because Sally is doing Sally & Henry’s success isn’t taking away from yours.

Like WHAT a yawn.

Busy bodies are only hurting themselves.

Next time you find yourself fixating on other people’s shit or social media, CHECK YOURSELF. 7 second rule: acknowledge the feeling & move on from it.

denim fringe sandals | by the skinny confidential


Everyone fails. Everyone. And if you don’t fail then have you ever lived? Full transparency here: I thrive off people telling me no. People telling me I can’t do something. Even people not taking me seriously. Honestly it revs my engine. This all stems from stepping out of my comfort zone. I mean the first day I nervously launched The Skinny Confidential someone said “you don’t have a nutritionist degree though, Lauryn- you should go back to school first. I think you should wait until you’re more experienced”


I did what I set out to do because I didn’t listen to other people’s opinions AND I stepped the F outta my comfort zone.

Step out, stay out ( PLZ NEVER GO BACK IN ), own it, & love every second of getting uncomfortable to eventually be comfortable.

Just by doing that, it will up your confidence levels. Trust meeeee.

HOW TO BE A CONFIDENT BADASS IN AN INSTANT 8 | by the skinny confidential


This is my favorite tip ever.

I am alone all the time.

I eat out alone.

I workout alone.

I run errands alone.


Eating out alone is a great way to get comfortable with yourself. I bring my computer ( call & check how the WiFi is first ) to my secret hole in the wall sushi restaurant, order a spicy veggie roll, maybe a glass of champagne, & sit with a men’s hoodie on in the corner on a high top table…sometimes for 4 ( eer, 5? ) hours at a time. CASUAL. It gives me pleasure ( & confidence ).

Besides hanging out alone is cool…& it recharges your battery.

HOW TO BE A CONFIDENT BADASS IN AN INSTANT 1 | by the skinny confidential
HOW TO BE A CONFIDENT BADASS IN AN INSTANT 2 | by the skinny confidential


Dressing up for myself is happening more & more lately. I like to look nice…for myself. It makes me feel good to walk into a room dressed to impress. Not to impress anyone else though, just for me.

A little SPF tinted moisturizer, some VOLUMIZING mascara, brow tint or powder ( duh, of course ), & a power outfit and I’m ready to conquer the world, laptop in hand.

Maybe I’ll even stop by my hole in the wall sushi restaurant after my meeting…I’ll just make sure I have an oversized hoodie nearby.

( By the way throwing on red lipstick boosts my confidence immediately. Especially if the tone is right ).

OH & speaking of clothes? I feel like we need to discuss this outfit. BECAUSE I LOVE IT. It’s so me. From the black tight jeans to the denim strappy sandals to the Lynyrd Skynyrd tee– it’s casual, chic & I could wear it everyday of the week. It’s a real confidence booster too because the whole look is F L A T T E R I N G. Anyone watch my latest IG LIVE? Well, this is the exact outfit I was wearing! The whole look is head to toe Nordstrom which I’m sure you’re not surprised about. When I’m looking for any kind of black jeans I go to Nordstrom– their shipping is QUICK AF, the jeans are always quality, AND they’re not overly trendy. For instance, these Frame jeans– I’ve worn them 100 times because they’re a real classic ( big fan of their Madewell jean selection too ). Also you should know I found a $24 version of my sunglasses. No seriously, they look JUST like them for a cool $24 bucks!

HOW TO BE A CONFIDENT BADASS IN AN INSTANT 10b | by the skinny confidential

If you liked this post, you will like the podcast– we discuss so many real deal issues…& you can listen while you cook, clean, drive, do makeup, etc.

See you tomorrow. Happy Sunday!

X lauryn

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++ this post is in collaboration with Nordstrom. As always all opinions are my own.

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So I Cut Dairy For A Month & Here’s What Happened

June 2, 2017

workout and diet 23 | by The Skinny Confidentialworkout and diet 19 | by The Skinny Confidential workout and diet 18 | by The Skinny Confidential

Ok so I’ve talked about this a little bit but let’s really elaborate today.

Actually the idea of this post came to me because of THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP.

…Which can we take a second to acknowledge because OMG IT IS SO FUN. It’s like being on a group text with all your friends. What I’m specifically obsessing about is there’s so much real talk. Like we go from talking about books to yeast infections to boobs to anxiety to home decor to…vibrators. It’s kind of a medley. Also there are no Judge Judy vibes in the group- everyone is very open-minded. The group is girls only ( sorry boys ). Although Michael has been peering over my shoulder whenever I’m engaging in the group. The other day I laughed out loud at something one of you said about sex & he was trying to snoop. I told him to butt out. LOL.

I was kind of crying over the group the other day because I’m so happy to see you guys connecting- sharing your own tips & tricks. This is why I created The Skinny Confidential in the first place. So ya, it’s pretty rad.

Anyway, if you haven’t joined, you should. It’s a safe space to discuss anything & everything with no judgment & lots of positivity. To join simply search THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL & press ‘group’ & click ‘join.’ Hope to see ya there.

Ok so let’s discuss DAIRY…shall we?

workout and diet 13 | by The Skinny Confidential workout and diet 25 | by The Skinny Confidential

Full transparency: I’ve been wanting to discuss dairy FOR A WHILE. There’s so much to say but I’m not an expert on the subject so I decided to be a guinea pig instead. That’s right, I did one month NO dairy. Like no dairy. No cheese, no milk, no parm, none.

Clearly not a scientist here but my first reason for cutting dairy was simple: what’s the point of it?

What does dairy do that’s so magical?

If anyone can provide some insight on dairy benefits, please do so because I can’t find too many. It’s sort of an irrelevant food group.

Not only did cutting dairy HELP ME, I actually didn’t miss it.

It’s kind of a yawn if you think about it. Of course cheese is fun but it’s not something I need every single day.

After a month of cutting dairy I can definitely say I had more energy, lost 5 pounds, tightened up, & was LESS BLOATED. Plus my skin was glowing more than usual.

workout and diet 24 | by The Skinny Confidential

( For the record a lot of celebs like Khloe Kardashian & Megan Fox are fans of cutting dairy for weight loss…they swear by it to tighten up ).

If you’re thinking of trying the whole no dairy thing, here are some tips that really helped me:

BUY THIS. In fact, get it even if you like dairy. It’s this nutritional yeast that tastes like cheese. It’s crazy really. I make this lemon-y, chili flake filled pasta dish with lentil pasta & this “cheese” a lot & it’s so damn good. Also you can use it as a delicious seasoning- sprinkle it on everything: salads, vegetables, potatoes, rice, pasta, zoodles, soups, & even popcorn! Thank me later for this gem.

♡ Almond milk FTW. Unsweetened almond milk goes in my smoothies, oatmeal, & cereal. For coffee, I prefer unsweetened coconut milk with cinnamon because I like a healthy fat with coffee for some reason- it just feels…fuller? I don’t know. Coconut milk is also so good to blend with espresso & pumpkin pie spice with ice. ENJOY. I love this organic canned coconut milk!

♡ BUTTER. I love grass-fed butter ( Kerry Gold, unsalted- specifically ). But for the month I did Ghee & it was all cool. This brand ROCKS. Highly recommend. I like to use it to cook eggs or on toast with avocado. Ghee is full of healthy fats & vitamins.

You should know I also like cooking with coconut oil ( really into the protein pancake that was just shared on @tscbombshellbody Instagram & I always cook it with raw/organic coconut oil! ).

♡ Make ‘nice cream’: simply blend a banana with coconut milk & a little maple syrup with a splash of vanilla extract. Then freeze. Enjoy later with some mashed berries. YES PLZ.

♡ Eat coconut yogurt, instead of regular yogurt. Add pomegranate seeds for some flair!

♡ Skip whey powder. I hate whey protein. I like plant-based! If you’re cutting dairy, stay away from whey.

** by the way: not a fan of soy at all- but that’s a whole different post. I like coconut or almond milk WAY better than soy.

Since I feel like TSC BYE, BLOAT MEAL PLAN isn’t heavy on dairy, I’m going to give away 15 meal plans to 15 of you! One lucky winner will ALSO win a 3 day Suja juice cleanse too. I think you guys will love the meal plan I created.

There are so many delicious, easy recipes like my favorite, go-to salad dressing, lemon/broccoli soup, skinny banana bread, & a probiotic drink! You can read all about here.

workout and diet 12 | by The Skinny Confidential







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workout and diet 15 | by The Skinny Confidentialworkout and diet 9 | by The Skinny Confidential

Here’s the thing about me: I’m not the “cut something out forever” type. Like next time I’m in Venice, you will find me with a huge-ass cheese plate sipping rosé, stuffing bread down my throat. And Florence? Well duh, I’m for sure getting some fucking heart-shaped pizza. Also I love me some grass-fed butter in my almond butter cookies, OK?

AND just very in love with goat cheese to be real.

So I’m just sharing what happened when I cut it out for a month. Maybe it will inspire you to try it? In any case, after this little experiment I will 100% be cutting back on dairy BIG time. I’ll save it for travel & my butter cookies.

Currently in bed, listening to meditation music on new noise canceling headphones Michael surprised me with. Imagine us in bed with matching noise canceling headphones- yah, not the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen. I’m going to get off the computer because my eyes are literally burning & watch the finale of The Imposters. Anyone seen it? So good.

We will be on INSTAGRAM LIVE tomorrow doing a Q & A at 11:30 am PST- come hang out. Also don’t forget to enter the meal plan giveaway.

Hope you all have a very productive weekend!

x lauryn

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workout and diet 5 | by The Skinny Confidential workout and diet 25 | by The Skinny Confidential


tsc him & her podcast episode 53 fashionlush | by the skinny confidential

TSC Him & Her Podcast Episode 53: Erica Stolman

March 9, 2017

Erica Stolman | by the skinny confidential This week on THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HIM & HER PODCAST...

( 2:00 ): Michael has a radio accent & the heart of an old cowboy. LOL.

( 4:30): We have an extra special guest today. One of our best friends, business partners & badass blogger, Erica Stolman from Fashionlush.


( 7:45 ): Lauryn asks: “Tell everyone about our childhood & how we met.”

( 8:45 ): Michael asks: “You were so nervous to speak at our wedding & it was all people you know. Why was that?”

( 12:20): Lauryn asks: “You started blogging really early. Tell us about that.”

( 16:15 ): Michael asks: “What did the blog start as & what has it evolved into?”

( 18:00 ): Michael asks: “Why did you decide to write the post Social Media Killed My Confidence?

( 27:15 ): Lauryn asks: “Tell us about your phobias & anxiety ( full anxiety story here ).”

( 32:50 ): Lauryn asks: “What are some of the choices you have made in your life that have made you who you are?”

( 35:40 ): Lauryn asks: “You work some weird hours. Tell us about that.”

( 36:30 ): Lauryn asks: “We started Blog-Doo to help people create their dream blog. We work together as friends. How is that?”

( 40:00 ): Lauryn asks: “How is it living & working together with your boyfriend?”

( 49:55 ): Lauryn asks: “What’s the number one thing you love about Zack?”

( 52:40 ): Lauryn asks: “Tell us about the process of running a blog. What are you doing from 8-3 in the morning?”


We hope you enjoyed learning about phobias, anxiety & the business of blogging with Erica! Also the new TSC Detox Meal Plan is launching on Monday. If you’re already a TSC Bombshell Body Guide member, you will receive the plan free of charge.

To stay updated, sign up for the exclusive content-filled newsletter & follow @tscbombshellbody on Instagram.

lauryn, x

+ Find Erica: { Fashionlush | Instagram | Snapchat | Blog-Doo }

+ mentioned in this episode: Wedding video | Many Lives, Many Masters | The Power of When | Bose Comfort Headset }


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