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workout and diet 15 | by The Skinny Confidential

So I Cut Dairy For A Month & Here’s What Happened

Updated: April 24, 2017

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Ok so I’ve talked about this a little bit but let’s really elaborate today.

Actually the idea of this post came to me because of THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP.

…Which can we take a second to acknowledge because OMG IT IS SO FUN. It’s like being on a group text with all your friends. What I’m specifically obsessing about is there’s so much real talk. Like we go from talking about books to yeast infections to boobs to anxiety to home decor to…vibrators. It’s kind of a medley. Also there are no Judge Judy vibes in the group- everyone is very open-minded. The group is girls only ( sorry boys ). Although Michael has been peering over my shoulder whenever I’m engaging in the group. The other day I laughed out loud at something one of you said about sex & he was trying to snoop. I told him to butt out. LOL.

I was kind of crying over the group the other day because I’m so happy to see you guys connecting- sharing your own tips & tricks. This is why I created The Skinny Confidential in the first place. So ya, it’s pretty rad.

Anyway, if you haven’t joined, you should. It’s a safe space to discuss anything & everything with no judgment & lots of positivity. To join simply search THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL & press ‘group’ & click ‘join.’ Hope to see ya there.

Ok so let’s discuss DAIRY…shall we?

workout and diet 13 | by The Skinny Confidential workout and diet 25 | by The Skinny Confidential

Full transparency: I’ve been wanting to discuss dairy FOR A WHILE. There’s so much to say but I’m not an expert on the subject so I decided to be a guinea pig instead. That’s right, I did one month NO dairy. Like no dairy. No cheese, no milk, no parm, none.

Clearly not a scientist here but my first reason for cutting dairy was simple: what’s the point of it?

What does dairy do that’s so magical?

If anyone can provide some insight on dairy benefits, please do so because I can’t find too many. It’s sort of an irrelevant food group.

Not only did cutting dairy HELP ME, I actually didn’t miss it.

It’s kind of a yawn if you think about it. Of course cheese is fun but it’s not something I need every single day.

After a month of cutting dairy I can definitely say I had more energy, lost 5 pounds, tightened up, & was LESS BLOATED. Plus my skin was glowing more than usual.

workout and diet 24 | by The Skinny Confidential

( For the record a lot of celebs like Khloe Kardashian & Megan Fox are fans of cutting dairy for weight loss…they swear by it to tighten up ).

If you’re thinking of trying the whole no dairy thing, here are some tips that really helped me:

BUY THIS. In fact, get it even if you like dairy. It’s this nutritional yeast that tastes like cheese. It’s crazy really. I make this lemon-y, chili flake filled pasta dish with lentil pasta & this “cheese” a lot & it’s so damn good. Also you can use it as a delicious seasoning- sprinkle it on everything: salads, vegetables, potatoes, rice, pasta, zoodles, soups, & even popcorn! Thank me later for this gem.

♡ Almond milk FTW. Unsweetened almond milk goes in my smoothies, oatmeal, & cereal. For coffee, I prefer unsweetened coconut milk with cinnamon because I like a healthy fat with coffee for some reason- it just feels…fuller? I don’t know. Coconut milk is also so good to blend with espresso & pumpkin pie spice with ice. ENJOY. I love this organic canned coconut milk!

♡ BUTTER. I love grass-fed butter ( Kerry Gold, unsalted- specifically ). But for the month I did Ghee & it was all cool. This brand ROCKS. Highly recommend. I like to use it to cook eggs or on toast with avocado. Ghee is full of healthy fats & vitamins.

You should know I also like cooking with coconut oil ( really into the protein pancake that was just shared on @tscbombshellbody Instagram & I always cook it with raw/organic coconut oil! ).

♡ Make ‘nice cream’: simply blend a banana with coconut milk & a little maple syrup with a splash of vanilla extract. Then freeze. Enjoy later with some mashed berries. YES PLZ.

♡ Eat coconut yogurt, instead of regular yogurt. Add pomegranate seeds for some flair!

♡ Skip whey powder. I hate whey protein. I like plant-based! If you’re cutting dairy, stay away from whey.

** by the way: not a fan of soy at all- but that’s a whole different post. I like coconut or almond milk WAY better than soy.

Since I feel like TSC BYE, BLOAT MEAL PLAN isn’t heavy on dairy, I’m going to give away 15 meal plans to 15 of you! One lucky winner will ALSO win a 3 day Suja juice cleanse too. I think you guys will love the meal plan I created.

There are so many delicious, easy recipes like my favorite, go-to salad dressing, lemon/broccoli soup, skinny banana bread, & a probiotic drink! You can read all about here.

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workout and diet 15 | by The Skinny Confidentialworkout and diet 9 | by The Skinny Confidential

Here’s the thing about me: I’m not the “cut something out forever” type. Like next time I’m in Venice, you will find me with a huge-ass cheese plate sipping rosé, stuffing bread down my throat. And Florence? Well duh, I’m for sure getting some fucking heart-shaped pizza. Also I love me some grass-fed butter in my almond butter cookies, OK?

AND just very in love with goat cheese to be real.

So I’m just sharing what happened when I cut it out for a month. Maybe it will inspire you to try it? In any case, after this little experiment I will 100% be cutting back on dairy BIG time. I’ll save it for travel & my butter cookies.

Currently in bed, listening to meditation music on new noise canceling headphones Michael surprised me with. Imagine us in bed with matching noise canceling headphones- yah, not the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen. I’m going to get off the computer because my eyes are literally burning & watch the finale of The Imposters. Anyone seen it? So good.

We will be on INSTAGRAM LIVE tomorrow doing a Q & A at 11:30 am PST- come hang out. Also don’t forget to enter the meal plan giveaway.

Hope you all have a very productive weekend!

x lauryn

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workout and diet 5 | by The Skinny Confidential workout and diet 25 | by The Skinny Confidential


KEEPING SOCIAL MEDIA 1 | by the skinny confidential

BLOGGER TIP: Keep Your Social Media Consistent

Updated: March 28, 2017

KEEPING SOCIAL MEDIA 1 | by the skinny confidential

The other day I was speaking at a conference & someone asked me about the importance of keeping all social media platforms consistent.

For some reason I immediately felt compelled to write a blog post about this specific topic.


Think of it like this: YOU ARE A HOUSE. Or a building- whatever you prefer here. Each room should be cohesive with the other rooms. I mean unless you are Disneyland where there’s a new brand behind every door, keep your shit consistent. No one wants a modern house with a Western guest room, cartoon bedroom, bright pink bathroom, rainbow themed kids room, & antique kitchen.

I mean maybe some people do? But personally I like the story to flow. I like a good brand.

KEEPING SOCIAL MEDIA 3 | by the skinny confidential
KEEPING SOCIAL MEDIA 4 | by the skinny confidential

Let me explain further.

Say you’re a blogger.

On your blog all your photos are super dark & kind of mysterious, let’s say even fashion-y…loving it. Your writing is kind of guarded too. So then I head over to your Instagram to follow you because I’m loving it & all your photos are light, bright, airy, feminine & your captions are super open with a bunch of food pictures. Ok. Hmmm. AND then I decide to check out your Snapchat & it’s all about makeup. Instead of doing the font in your typical black & white, your fonts are yellow & red. Lastly, I go to Pinterest & it’s all Pins of the Kardashians.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

It’s all over the fucking place.

If you’re going to go for the dark, mysterious, fashion-y feel have it reflect on all mediums.

To create a brand, a platform, a community, a strong foundation- the brand needs to shine through on each medium.

And this is why it is so IMPORTANT on social media to do you. Not do anyone else but you. Because here’s the thing, if you’re doing someone else- it comes across as confusing. It’s almost like an awkward identity crisis.

Ok so now I’m going to speak from my experience here. And just because this is my experience doesn’t mean it’s yours. Everyone is different.

KEEPING SOCIAL MEDIA 5 | by the skinny confidential

I built The Skinny Confidential carefully.

Before I launched the blog 6 years ago I literally took a huge-ass poster board from Rite-Aid and wrote 6 million words of how I wanted the site to “feel.” Feel meaning how I wanted you, the reader, to feel when they left the site. Like what was YOUR EXPERIENCE.

I picked a FEW ( a FEW guys out of 6 million ) of these to represent the brand of TSC.

Words like: inspirational, feminine, FUNNY, casual, easy-going, & even a phrase: “leave feeling like they can live life on their own terms by being the best version of themselves” or “beat to the tune of your own drum.”

I mean I certainly didn’t want you guys to leave the site feeling shitty or bad about yourself. In fact, I wanted the opposite. For you to feel empowered & inspired. For you to feel like you YOU WANT TO GO DO YOU in every way. FOR YOU TO LIVE ENTIRELY ON YOUR TERMS. To not listen to your parents, your friends, your live-in BF ( who may or may not be a loser? ), or even to me.

I wanted you to leave the site feeling like you- yes you, can be the best damn version of yourself. And you can start today…Or maybe tomorrow- because you might need a glass of wine first?

So everything I do with each medium needs to portray that very TSC message.

Simply sharing my outfit & my lunch with you day after day is not enough. It’s just not.

For the record: beautiful fashion & lunch shots work for a lot of people’s blog & brand. It didn’t for mine. Know your audience. Know your brand.

I wanted you guys to leave with tips, tricks, hacks, any kind of value that revs your engine.

Ok so that was kind of a tangent but you get the drift.


The point is every medium, whether it’s the podcast, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or the blog needs to reflect my message.

To take it a step further it also needs to represent my brand.

My pictures are bright, white, light, with a pop of color. I want them crisp & clear always. Also it’s important that they’re cool, I hate a warm tones. SO every single platform has the same airy feel.

The goal is when you see a TSC picture anywhere, you will recognize it.

As for something like Snapchat, I’m not going to start using colors like red & blue because it’s just not the brand’s colors. You know? This may sound stupid. You may think “who cares it’s Snapchat?” But no. Snapchat is a huge extension of the brand.

Little, small steps everyday create success.

Fonts & colors are little but they matter.

KEEPING SOCIAL MEDIA 7 | by the skinny confidential

Another extension? Captions. I want my Instagram captions to feel like you’re talking to me. If you meet me in person & I’m different from this exact voice on my blog & my Instagram, then I haven’t done my job properly. Because the way I write is the way I talk.

Overall my job is keep the brand going in the most cohesive way.

Ok wait though, let’s talk about the podcast. The podcast needed to GO WITH THE FLOW OF TSC. Of course I was bringing on masculine energy when Michael decided to be my co-host. That was thought out though. It wasn’t some random decision I made in the shower while dry-brushing. The decision to bring masculine energy into the brand was meticulous. There’s something Michael brings to the table that I can’t bring. I think it gives the brand a dynamic.

And if you know me, you know I LIVE for a good dynamic.

KEEPING SOCIAL MEDIA 8 | by the skinny confidential

Make sure when you pick your branding elements that you’re also evolving the elements simultaneously on all platforms. For instance you don’t want your Instagram to have professional, bright photos & your blog to have iPhone bright photos because you’re too lazy to take professional photos for the blog. Keep evolving while the brand grows while keeping the feel, experience, colors, shapes the same.

A smart woman told me a while ago: ALWAYS GROW. ALWAYS EVOLVE. ALWAYS GET BETTER.

KEEPING SOCIAL MEDIA 10 | by the skinny confidential

My hope is that in 5 years from now I look back on this post, even on my Instagram with where it’s at now, & I have evolved. Evolved in a way that is cohesive to the overall brand.

If you guys like posts like this PLEASE let me know because subjects like this get me going. I’m happy to answer any & all questions too.

On that note I am eating alone ( sushi & egg fried rice ) at a restaurant & I feel like they’re about to play Semisonic’s song CLOSING TIME. Like I gotta go. HA.

See ya tomorrow, lauryn x

KEEPING SOCIAL MEDIA 11 | by the skinny confidential
KEEPING SOCIAL MEDIA 2 | by the skinny confidential
KEEPING SOCIAL MEDIA 9 | by the skinny confidential

+ be sure to listen to the latest episode of the podcast because IT’S OUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY & we did call-ins.

how to start a blog | blogging tips.

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Building A Brand, Business, & Platform

Updated: September 6, 2016

mike cernovich podcast by the skinny confidential

Today we’re kind of getting aggressive, business-wise.

Recently we were invited to be on Mike Cernovich’s Podcast ( who also happens to be one of my favorite podcasters ) to talk biz. Specifically: building a brand, business, & platform online.

Bit of a background on Cernovich so you can understand why Michael & I were VERY excited to go on the show. Firstly, Mike Cernovich is the author of Gorilla Mindset, which happens to be one of Michael’s favorite books ( you know this though if you’re in the monthly book club! ). It’s a book that has helped millions of people change how they think and feel through his mindset techniques. His podcast is the most popular mindset podcast in the world. His writing has been covered in the Washington Post, MSNBC, and many other outlets. He runs a popular website called Danger And Play too.

His podcast just MOTIVATES THE HELL OUT OF ME. It’s one of those podcasts where you just run on the treadmill, dripping sweat, listening & learning while he talks. Mike calls it how it is. No bullshit. A real dose of reality if you know what I mean.

For some reason, people may assume his podcast is for men.

Well, I beg to differ because I like the aggressive, in your face realities he podcasts about.

It makes me want to hustle & stay on brand & just kick ass.

Anyway, when we found out we were going on his podcast, we definitely did a little champagne cheers.

Listen to the feature Podcast-button

The episode ended up being all about the realities of running a business. The truths, pulling the curtain off of the Wizard of OZ & seeing what’s really there. Mike works 7 days a week on his craft. To be a master, you do what you gotta do.

I agree with Mike there. I’m always trying to do the work – it builds habit & persistence, which in my opinion, eventually builds success.

This interview with Mike is raw, to-the-point, & contains no fake BS. All realities.

If you like it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW because then I will do more blog posts on the truths/BTS of building a brand, business, & platform. WARNING: will not be sugar coated.

mike cernovich podcast | by the skinny confidential

Oh, & get excited because Cernovich will be coming on our podcast in late August. Questions for him? Got ya covered, just leave them below.

If you’re interested in listening to the episode, you can subscribe to Mike Cernovich Podcast & listen here. Android users can listen on SoundCloud.

All of you entrepreneurs will love it!

OTHER PODCAST NEWS: latest episode of TSC HIM & HER Podcast is LIVE. We spoke with a celebrity trainer & wellness guru, Seth Browning. He’s also the badass trainer who whipped Scheana Marie from Vanderpump Rules into AMAZING SHAPE. Some topics discussed? Carb cycling, mental toughness, & a break down of our daily routines, step by step. OH! & I share a 20% off discount code for TSC Meal Plan on the podcast ; ). Fun, right?

Happy listening guys!

– lauryn

+ another post on podcasting here.

Listen to the feature Podcast-button

the skinny confidential lately | by the skinny confidential

So Much Newness on The Skinny Confidential

Updated: September 6, 2016

the skinny confidential lately | by the skinny confidential


Been meaning to do a post on TSC’s latest for a while but as you know things get crazy & shit gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list.

Of course, being me, I have the bright idea that 4th of July is just the ideal day to write a post on what’s been going on.

Nothing better than scrambling around on a holiday.

Oh my, I must love what I do ; ).

Anyway, there’s a lot of newness going on at The Skinny Confidential. If you are subscribed to TSC Newsletter, you know this, BUT if you aren’t, let me update you.

TSC Bombshell Body Guide:

First things first, THE 7 DAY MEAL PLAN IS COMING. That’s right, get excited because it’s going to be VERY easy & quick. This isn’t some crazy, cook for 2984523 hours in the kitchen meal plan. It’s straight to the point. I literally kept a diary for 2 weeks of EXACTLY what I eat to share with you guys. It will be out this week. You can also get the scoop on my workouts here.

Be sure to follow @tscbombshellbody on Instagram for all meal plan details.

The blog:

Giveaways, meet-ups, SPICY spa water, AND Kylie Jenner? YES PLZ.

Giveaways, because I love you guys SO much. Really. Giveaways are fun because it allows me to give back to YOU. You guys give me your attention, so presents are well deserved. Enter here.

TSC meet-up!! I still need more info from you guys on where we should go. Fill out this 3 second form, please!!

Recently I blogged about my favorite spa water AND Kylie Jenner. These were probably my two favorite posts this month.

TSC HIM & HER Podcast:

We are on Episode 17 and LOVING every second. Podcasting is just so much fun. I cannot even stand it. On our last two episodes: The Nanz being oh-so cool, everything to know about press kits, Instagram’s updates, why comparing yourself to others sucks ass,  AND our thoughts on women making the first move.

If you want your question answered on the next episode, e-mail podcast@theskinnyconfidential.com. We want to make sure we are answering your questions! Expect a new episode every Tuesday.

Subscribe on iTunes here ( if you have an Android, check us out on PodOmatic or PodcastOne ). It takes two seconds, see?

the latest 1 by The Skinny Confidential


If you read the latest exclusive post on TSC app, you know Twitter is making a HUGE-ASS comeback. That’s right. I’ve been talking to a bunch of 17-year-olds ( I do this to stay hip ) & they all told me they love Twitter. Lately I’ve been super active on the platform. I always make sure to answer any questions on Twitter too. See you there: @laurynevarts.

Facebook & Snapchat:

Ohhhhh so nervous, but I’m thinking about hitting it up on Facebook Live. Should we make a date? What do you guys want to see? I’m thinking makeup? Something simple to start.

As for Snapchat, it’s still my favorite. There’s nothing I love more than Snapchat really. It’s so much fun to connect one-on-one. When we talk via Snap messenger, I feel like I’m texting a friend. Also, I love making fun of Susan too much. Follow along: @laurynevarts.

the skinny confidential the app | by the skinny confidential

The Skinny Confidential App:

Last but not least: TSC app. Expect about 8 posts a month on the exclusive section. Michael is also writing some business advice posts too. We’re having fun with this. It’s more of a ‘if you want more of TSC’ kind of space. ALSO as you can see above, ( 1st pic, lower right hand corner ) there’s a discussion forum where we can chit chat one-on-one. Funnnnnn.

Just added fresh new content:

+ a post on constipation
+ four tips for the worker bee
+ my rosehip oil obsession
+ Twitter’s comeback by Michael.

Download the app here. Enjoy!

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡

There you have it. I think it’s about time for me to go have a skinny margarita & bake some peach pie. Correct, I’ve turned into Suzy Homemaker.

Nothing makes me happier than sipping a skinny marg while baking.

If you’re interested, I’ll share the pie recipe but I really can’t leave you without the skinny margarita recipe on 4th of July, can I?

Trust me on this one: 1 1/2 ounces of 100% agave tequila, 1 lime, 1/2 lemon, 1/2 ounce of Cointreau. Shake all the ingredients in a shaker & pour over ice. I love salt on the rim AND lately I’ve been sprinkling a few pomegranate seeds on top. HEAVEN.

Just so we’re clear: tequila is the ONLY alcohol that gives you energy. I’m all about the energy.

Happy 4th of July! Cheers kittens, lauryn.

P.S. be sure to enter the $2500 giveaway, it’s a good one!!

+ if you liked this update, subscribe to TSC Newsletter where you’ll get updated weekly.

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Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential talks tea.

Strawberry Boozy Sweet Tea <3

Updated: September 29, 2015

Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential talks tea.

Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential talks tea.

Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential talks tea.


& lately, for some reason…I’VE BEEN A REAL TEA DRINKER.

My champagne consumption has decreased lately ( needed a little break! ) so I’ve been loading up on the TEA ( basically the holidays have ended & alcohol hasn’t really been around too much ).

Anyway, I’m very, VERY specific about which teas I drink. So when I discovered Celestial Seasonings Strawberry Champagne tea, I nearly fainted.


Well the reasons are endless: Valentine’s Day is next week…so UH DUH, the perfect tea for V-Day, right?! And it’s champagne (!!!) tea without the guilt. LOVE.

Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential talks tea.

Oh, & it’s delicious iced OR hot. YUMMM.

Seriously though, this Strawberry Champagne black tea is kinda like a full dessert without the cals.

But let’s get real here: you can’t give me Strawberry Champagne tea & expect me to never actually add the champagne. Since I needed to ‘test’ recipes for Valentine’s Day, I made this quick, easy sweet tea recipe.

♡ The Skinny Confidential’s Pink Sweet Tea ♡

1 strawberry/champagne tea bag
1 cup champagne
1/2 cup strawberries, muddled
Lemon, squeezed

Directions: grab a glass & add ice and champagne. Add 1-2 tea bags to champagne. Let sit for five minutes. Muddle strawberries with lemon juice. Add to champagne ‘tea’. Remove tea bag. Garnish with lemon. Cheers!

Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential talks tea.

By the way, if you’re looking for a Valentine’s tea, these teas also come in Red Velvet Rooibos ( YUMMM!! ) & Chocolate Carmel Herbal Tea ( << way to a man’s heart right here ) so add a little Bailey’s to either & thank me later. Plus, they come in super cute, festive containers that are adorable to use all year round ( or for birthdays/holidays/parties, not just V-Day ).

You can find these teas at your local Target ( I LOVVVVE Target, like really it’s the best store EVER ) but hurry – because they’re only available for a limited time!

What’s your favorite, flirty way to spice up V-Day?! Tell, tell.

Cheers! – Lauryn, xx

{ vintage looking champs glass }

 Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential talks tea.