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How To Keep Your Manicure Fresh and Pristine

So here’s a weird question I get asked a lot on Snapchat: how do you keep your manicure looking so

Wedding Wear Tips Coming At Cha

Ok, so I guess wedding season is technically over. But since I’m the worst bride-to-be on the planet, it’s very

blog-doo Giveaway ( it’s SOOOOooo Good )

BOO! I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to share this giveaway, GUYS! But first a little

Some Springtime Obsessions…Like, Seriously-It’s-Prob Kinda Obsessions

I love black and white…everything. I really, honestly can’t help it. So the other day I had a one of

My Summer 2014 Bikini…

With Summer 2014 around the corner I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bikini. & welp, it looks like

Mini DeLites

{ The cutest, lil print } { Obsessed with this face spray…so good in the AM } So. After making fun

How to Style a Coffee Table…TSC-Style

Hi, hi. Today I’m sharing a lil peak inside my living room. I’m kinda weird sometimes about sharing my personal

Mini DeLites

{ My lil bug in her teepee <3 } { Using shoes for home decor } { Seriously in love with this

WTF To Wear on ThanksGivs

Ideas for clothes on TGivs? Look no further: I.} I just bought these lace platforms & they’ Thanks ASOS! II.} Nordstroms

Mini DeLites + A Lil Blogiversary

{ Pretty lil souvenirs from our recent LA trip } { Loving my new wolf martini shaker } This past month

MWAH! Vacay Lips <3

Hey guys! If you follow TSConf on Instagram, then you know I’m on a much-needed vacay ; ))). ( ::sigh/sigh/sigh

Mini DeLites | Carly’s Bach

[ Summer turquoise nails ] [ Crack balls…LMAO ] [ Saturday’s view ] [ Fresh juice for skinny cocktails ]

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