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How To Host A Last Minute Holiday Soiree

Ohhhhh yes. I am always last minute. Alwaysssss. Count on me to be the one who texts all my friends

Bridal Shower Ponytail Moment

I love a good ponytail. Really nothing better. I feel like so many women hide behind their hair ( I


Ok, FOR THE RECORD?!! I LOVEEEEE, LAHHHH, LOVVVEE ZELLA. If I had to describe my PERFECT workout wear it would

Sooo Good it Hurts!!! Bomb-Ass Cinnamon/Cider Brussels Sprouts

Yesterday I had a pre-Thanksgivs meltdown. Well, not really, but kinda. I wanted to post the PERFECT Skinny Confidential recipe

Easy-Ass, Not So Pretty, Vegan Quinoa Salad

This recipe rocks my world. I have literally made this quinoa salad five times a week for linner ( linner=

Mini DeLites: Juice Cleanse Challenge

[ Door decor ] [ A birthday gift handmade by my friend, Carly ] Umm…after BBQ, light beer, & lots

Skinny Ideas for Sassy Summer Fruits

Summer’s comingggggg! Yaaayyy! I’m so excited to get my hands on all of the colorful, delicious summertime fruit. I mean,

100 Calories for Ice Cream AND Cookies??! Yesssss Indeed.

Are you ready for me to rock your world? How’s this sounding to ya: 100 cals for mint chocolate chip

Don’t Binge on Thanksgiving— Bake These THREE Ingredient Cookies!!!

Ummmm….hello three ingredient cookie! Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you have to shove your face full of shit. Be

Better Than Sickie Oreos! A Healthy Dessert that Takes 10 Seconds

Ok…who’s as sucked into Homeland as I am? We just started the show & So, naturally I needed a

Delisshhhhh Vegan Pumpkin Froyo

Today has been ‘one of those days.’ You know the kind where you feel like jumping right back into bed,

Bagel Apple Rings…But Without the Carbs & Cals

I’ Meals are overwhelming- that three meal-a-day concept is BS. When I saw these on Pinterest, I decided to add

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