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A Day In The Life With Sweats & The City: Their Favorite Snacks, Meals & Drinks

Oooo la la… Today on the blog Elizabeth & Dale from Sweats & The City are here to share what

WTF Are Kelp Noodles & Should You Be Eating Them?

Holy fuck you guys need to know about kelp noodles, ASAP! This skinny hack is brought to you by my

Everyday Tips, Tricks & Hacks For a Healthier You

Hey guys, I hope everyone had a great weekend & if you indulged a little too much, well I got

Backstage At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show…Full Lowdown!!

Going backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was a dream come true. When I received the invitation I was super

Later, Bloat!

Sometimes I have a lil love-handlie, muffin top that comes over my black skinny jeans ( thanks to my last

Fitness Expert Lydia Millen Talks Stretching, Protein, & Eyebrows

Ok so, after reading through this interview there’s two things I’ll be doing differently tomorrow: stretching first thing & doubling

AHHH! SO Excited! Meet My Absolute Favorite Fitness Guru: Kayla Itsines

OMG. Like, OMG-OMG-OMG. GUYS. I’m stoked!!! Literally so, so excited to introduce you to my all-time favorite fitness guru: Kayla

I Mean, REALLY? Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Does It Again

Is it just me or does depression sink in during this time of year? I’m not talking the holiday season,

Gettin’ Sporty with Victoria’s Secret <3

Victoria’s Secret is killing it with their latest fitness wear. Like, I’m seriously loving every piece. Ahhh. Check it: I.}

Let’s Play the Guessing Game! Pick Which Food is Healthier

[ Trop 50 or Simply Orange Juice? ] [ Mayo with olive oil or light mayo? ] [ Lite syrup

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