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Some Labor Day Cocktails For Ya and A ‘No Hangover’ Wine

Hello hello. Happy 3 day weekend! Tomorrow is Labor Day & I’m sure the alcohol options are in full effect.

Typical At-Home Date With Boone, Pixy, & Michael

As you know, the theme around my house lately has been date night IN…Definitely not date night out. My recovery

Mint Kombucha Vodkas…Because Hey, It’s A Holiday

I am overwhelmed. Overwhelmed because of YOU. Your support & comments made me cry on my post about jaw surgery.

Spicy White Peach Margaritas!!

OOOOhhh have I got a treat for YOU guys! Spicy peach margaritas. Cha-cha-cha! Just in time for spring/summer/poolside/beach days. I’m

Rosé Skinny Sangria Bar

In my experience, Sangria has always been meh. ( ‘Meh’ is my new word, by the way. Definition: Indifference; to be

How To Style a Summer Patio

My summer patio has been my project lately. I wanted it to evoke a super calming atmosphere where I could

Lil Pretty, Sparkly Be Mine Cookies <3

Ok, so it’s Valentine’s Day & Michael is totally ‘making’ me get off the computer. Because I’m a serious addict.

Badass Kombucha

Kombucha is so bad ass. I literally drink it every day. Why? Because, duh: the benefits are insane. Plus it tastes

San Diego’s Most Delicious Sushi: Katsuya by SBE

The best ambience/sushi in San Diego? Katsuya by SBE. It turns out, this restaurant made it entirely possible for me

Healthy Hummus Dip Appetizer

My odd food obsession? Meyer lemons. Ask anyone who knows me well- lemon complements everything I eat [ or drink

Vodka Pomegranate Mojito’s

Lately, I have taken a huge interest in herbs. Mint has so many benefits [ it has tons of minerals,

The Grapefruit Thin-tini

This drink is ideal when I am out in a club and have limited options. Bartending at Delicias, I tend to

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