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charlie brown christmas tree 1 | by the skinny confidential


Updated: December 28, 2015

charlie brown christmas tree 1 | by the skinny confidential
charlie brown christmas tree 2 | by the skinny confidential

We got our first Christmas tree together this year.

And it’s perfectly, imperfect.

We sort of, kind of copied Kylie Jenner on Snapchat & found a Charlie Brown-esque tree.

Honestly, it really was just so sweet & perfect that we couldn’t resist. The tree probably would have died because it was definitely the least attractive of the lot…anyway, Michael & I both zoned in on it immediately because of its imperfections.

Both of us were like, ‘THAT’S IT!!!’

So we brought it home & now it’s sitting pretty in our living room full of twinkle lights with a hefty bowl of water.

Pretty, pretty. I love all that kind of holiday stuff.
charlie brown christmas tree 7 | by the skinny confidential
On another note, you guys know we’ve been hanging out in colder weather lately ( anyone who lives in Southern California knows that we’re total wusses when it comes to anything semi-chilling, LOL ) & clearly, I’m totally embracing the change.

As I mentioned in a previous post Eddie Bauer kindly sent Michael & me some rad gear ( thank God, because my cold weather clothes were SLIM PICKINGS before receiving new outerwear ). And since it was COLD while tree shopping, I rocked this amazing hot reddish-orange MicroTherm StormDown Jacket with some tight, form-fitting leggings by Mr. EB. Also, how cute are my fingerless gloves? I wore them today too with a leather jacket.

BADASS times guys.

charlie brown christmas tree 3 | by the skinny confidential
charlie brown christmas tree 6 | by the skinny confidential
Michael wore this black StormDown Vest, which he hasn’t taken off since Aspen. I highly recommend it as a cute Christmas gift for your man. Michael has styled the vest with a red flannel ( seen here ), a blue ski shirt, AND even rocked it over a Heather grey sweater ( COOL!! ). It’s super versatile in all the right ways.

On that note, I’ll keep you guys updated on our Charlie Brown tree— I’m headed to the drugstore to grab traditional bulb ornaments. Keeping it simple & traditional this year.

How are you guys decorating for the holidays? DO TELL.

Until next time!

CHEERS, lauryn x

Shop Lauryn’s outfit: fingerless gloves | black top | red down jacket | leggings
Shop Michael’s outfit: black vest | red flannelboots

+ this post is in collaboration with Eddie Bauer | photos.

charlie brown christmas tree 5 | by the skinny confidential
charlie brown christmas tree 6 | by the skinny confidential

Mini DeLites- holidays 4 | by the skinny confidential

Mini DeLites: Holiday CRAZYTOWN

Updated: December 22, 2015

Mini DeLites- holidays 9 | by the skinny confidential

{ office peppermints }

Mini DeLites- holidays | by the skinny confidential

{ holiday cards for family & friends }

Well happy Monday!

It’s ALREADY DECEMBER 21ST. How are we here already? And how is it that Christmas is in 3 ( 4? ) days? I have to really get my ass in gear with gifts, man…LIKE I have hardly started. Is anyone else as bad as me?

Anyway, can we talk about garlic.

BECAUSE here’s how holiday madness has affected me: the other day I was casually shopping at Target. You know, getting the usuals: dollar section baby pink folders, fake eyelashes, spearmint gum, an extra set of Keds…& makeup remover.

I’m pretty specific when it comes to makeup remover. Remember I literally call down to room service when I’m traveling for olive oil. I’m not even going to pretend I’m not a weirdo because yes, I do remove my makeup with food-ish oils. Some of my favorite makeup removers include: avocado, grape seed, or olive OIL. Like from the supermarket.

But back to Target.

So I’m picking up my essentials, getting a couple of presents too…& I grab these SUPER CUTE mini bottles of olive oil.

I’m thinking “OMG these are perfect for traveling.”

My ideal makeup remover, travel size. So I grab 2. Couldn’t resist a 2 for 1.

Mini DeLites- holidays 2 | by the skinny confidential

{ this year’s wrapping theme }

Mini DeLites holidays 8 | by the skinny confidential

{ Pixy & Boone’s tiny chihuahua tree }

On Saturday morning we went up to our condo in LA, so DUH I brought my mini olive oil. That day we met up with my parents & our friends for margaritas, chips, & salsa– I’m wearing some foundation, highlighter, & mascara. When we got home, I went into the bathroom to take off my makeup.

Typical nighttime routine: I washed my face real quick with the oil & water, towel dried my face, & then proceeded to rub oil everywhere— face, arms, legs, etc. I AM WEIRD, YES.

OK SO I hopped into bed & all of a sudden there’s this smell.

IT’S NOT LIKE A LITTLE SMELL. It’s a like ‘WTF IS THAT SMELL’ kind of smell. Michael is making faces ( gagging sounds to be more specific ). HELL, I’m making faces…because GUYS, I made a mistake & bought GARLIC INFUSED olive oil.

& shit, did it smell like shit.

It was all over our sheets, pillows, my hair, you can imagine.

Lucky Michael!!! Blessed.

Obviously I did what I could but there’s not exactly a lot of solutions on Google for this. I mean, people don’t typically rub garlic olive oil all over their body, right? Let’s just say it’s been three days & I still smell like garlic. Kind of how a skunk smell doesn’t leave? Can you imagine? That’s how garlic is.

…Lesson learned, I’ll be reaching for the avocado oil next time.

The highlight today was smelling like a garlic clove. It was particularly fun when I went to the chiropractor & he clearly held his breath during the adjustment.

So how’s the holiday madness treating you?

– lauryn x

mini delites 1 | the skinny confidential

{ holiday goodies | PC }

Mini DeLites- holidays 5 | by the skinny confidential

{ my FAVORITE all natural oil scrub, recommended by a sweet reader }

gifts for him by michael | by the skinny confidential

HIM Gifts | by Michael

Updated: March 15, 2016

gifts for him by michael | by the skinny confidential

Hey Guys, I’m back with an even better list!

Everything I write on here gets progressively better which is why you need to keep reading everything I write as soon as it goes live! I kid, I kid.

Ok so here we go, I picked a list that works for every guy— everything on this list is something I’d wear or use or do wear.

I hope this helps!

Star Wars Video Games:

In keeping up with the Star Wars theme ( I just saw the movie and I f*ing loved it! ) I have combined yet another passion of mine with Star Wars, video games! I have been having a lot of fun with this game. So pick this up for your man & have him come find old SnakePlisken ( you know Kurt Russel in the movie Escape from New York, that’s my badass gamertag ) in the Xbox live universe for an ass kicking.

Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen:

Are you someone that has 16 remotes in your living room or bedroom? We were for years until I found this remote. It’s an all-in-one remote control that controls every electronic item in your TV/audio system. If you plug it in to the computer you can do all the programming yourself ( or your man can ) very easily. We love it.

James Perse t-shirts:

I wear two t-shirts, a black James Perse t-shirt and a white James Perse t-shirt. I keep 3 of each in my closet at all times. Best in the game, so comfortable.

Flannel Shirt:

Every self respecting guy needs a solid flannel in his round up. Wear it with a badass leather jacket ( post to follow ) or a blazer, or just wear it fully buttoned up to the throat to keep it G.

Anything from Mr Porter, I love Tom For Cologne & Tom For Beard Oil:

I have listed two items here, Tom Ford cologne and some Tom Ford beard oil. I love Mr Porter because they have everything to keep your wardrobe up to date. Also, customer service is amazing and the boxes come saying “Mr. Bosstick” which makes me feel really important. HA!

Dark Green Nylon Bomber:

As most of you know, green is the color of the season ( I called it months ago on Snapchat ). Do yourself a favor and get the guy in your life this bomber. It’s badass.

The Kindle:

We have already touched on some books, I really love a paper book but having my kindle when traveling is awesome. I don’t have to lug around five books in a bag, with this I can bring an extremely lightweight reader & purchase books on the go. It’s so much better than an iPad for reading and the price is unbeatable for the value.

Black Duffle Bag:

Every guy needs a simple black duffel that he can throw all of his gear in for an easy weekend trip. I always travel with a black duffel carry on bag.

I hope you guys are liking these guides, I really try to put some genuine thought in to what I really think would be great gifts for guys.

Happy holidays and let me know in the comments if you have any specific questions!


– Michael

holiday party 13 | by the skinny confidential


Updated: December 21, 2015

holiday party 16 | by the skinny confidential

holiday party 5 | by the skinny confidential


Can’t you tell?

I certainly can, I mean 1.) people are driving like absolute nuts. Some psycho cut me off 3 times today 2.) pumpkin flavored everything ( like no thanks I don’t need a pumpkin flavored car freshener ), and eer, 3.) my bank account. LOL.

Amid the nuttiness, there’s holiday parties! Parties on Monday, parties on Tuesday, on Wednesday, you get it.

I feel like everyone is on the same page when I say, for the next two weeks we all may be semi hungover. Not just from alcohol either, there’s cookies, crackers, cheese…oh my.

Anyway, since the next two weeks seems to be heavy on the holiday party theme, I thought I’d show you guys how I like to set up for a holiday party.

holiday party 3 | by the skinny confidential
holiday party 15 | by the skinny confidential

Don’t worry you don’t have to be Martha freaking Stewart either. My tips are super simple, quick, & EASY.

Really though, I set up this whole soirée in literally 30 minutes. And if we’re counting the time, I went to Cost Plus World Market and it took an hour. In & out. That’s how I like it. ANYONE ELSE?

So here’s the breakdown of my 1 hour holiday party prep…


1.) I ran into Cost Plus World Market & grabbed a bunch of goodies. They’re awesome for a one stop shop. Why I prefer this market: you can get everything at once. SO NICE. It’s so much easier than running to the market for crackers/cheese/wine & then having to go to a party store. I ran in with a friend grabbed candles, candle stands ( do you die for these horn candle holders or WHAT? ), candy, homemade potpourri materials, gingerbread men kits, tiny Brie cheeses,jalapeño chips, spicy pumpkin salsa, tiny Christmas trees, twinkle lights, wine/champagne/more wine, AND super cute glasses.

2.) After quickly checking out, I went home to set up! As you can see my set up is straight to the point with a touch of TSC flair. I kept the colors holiday-esque with a pop of pink ( hello sparkling rosé & tall, sexy candles! ).

holiday party 13 | by the skinny confidential

holiday party 2 | by the skinny confidential

3.) As you guys know I’M ALLLLLL ABOUT different heights, dimensions, & sizes. I believe that’s what makes a table set up SPARKLE. I use things like tall plants, tall candles, or bottles for the height & then keep the coasters, candies, food, & holiday decor shorter. I know that sounds weird, but trust me. When it comes to home decor or party design, different heights make ALL the difference.

holiday party 9 | by the skinny confidential

holiday party 11 | by the skinny confidential

4.) I always like to give my guests something to do that’s interactive but not douche-y. To be honest, I have no interested in playing ‘Pin the Diaper on the Baby’ when I’m at a baby shower…& when it comes to holiday parties, I love to do cookie decorating. It’s a rad way to keep the group talking, drinking, eating, & having fun while doing something that they can bring home as a souvenir.

Hence the gingerbread men kits:

holiday party 10 | by the skinny confidential

holiday party 4 | by the skinny confidential

5.) I’m also a huge fan of keeping the food snack-y. I never serve some huge chicken. I like tiny cheeses, chips, fruit kabobs, crackers, caviar ( shocker ), etc.

6.) Let’s talk drinks— shall we? I wanted to do something simple with a little holiday sparkle. When I found PEPPERMINT DUST SPARKLE at Cost Plus World market, I was more thrilled than when Michael proposed. BECAUSE ummmm, how cute & fun does it look around the rim of a cocktail glass!!! YES. To make my cocktails red, I just did vodka, pomegranate juice, & a little bit of raw, local honey. In each drink, I added a rock candy stick too!

holiday party 14 | by the skinny confidential

holiday party 12 | by the skinny confidential

holiday party 12 | by the skinny confidential

7.) Make sure you do the obvious like: light the candles, add some Frank Sinatra holiday music, take an Instagram, & put out plenty of napkins/plates too.

8.) Lastly, along with the cookies I like the guests to leave with a little something something. In this case I found delicious holiday body scrubs ( like ‘honey almond’!! ) & mini champagne bottles.

Definitely would want each of the guests to take home a little sparkle with them. Fun, right?

holiday party 7 | by the skinny confidential

Ok, shoot— your turn: how do you throw together a quick, fun party? Would love to hear any of your fun, easy additions!

On that note, I’m off to drink some tea with a leftover peppermint candy stick ; ).

Cheers to the holiday madness, lauryn x

{ photos }

holiday party 17 | by the skinny confidential

The Skinny Confidential talks Christmas.

Mini DeLites: Holidayzzzz

Updated: December 30, 2014

The Skinny Confidential talks Christmas.

{ Christmas day ( red skirt || black crop || lipstick ) }

The Skinny Confidential talks Christmas.

{ post-Christmas grapefruit mimosas at my favorite place on earth ( TRUE FOODS!!! ) }

‘Mini DeLites’ is definitely one of my favorite ways to connect with you guys.

When everything seems so crazy ( AKA the holidays!! ) it’s nice to have my small spot on the Internet to share. For whatever reason the Mini DeLites series are some my most personal posts…so warning this post is a lot of family/dogs/etc. from my iPhone.

So quick Christmas recap: Michael & I started our own traditions this year which include watching Home Alone on Christmas Eve with eggnog because what would Christmas Eve be without Macaulay circa 1990 & the thickest, creamiest drink in the world. On Christmas Day we unwrapped gifts in ‘footie’ pajamas before we had to run around to family events.

Ok so, last year I got Michael a painting done by a fourteen year old.

… (about to share how I weird am ). The painting was of Pixy stabbing his heart with her dewclaw & black blood squirting everywhere.

The Skinny Confidential talks Christmas.

He loved it.

Symbolism: Pixy controls his universe.

Yes, but no, but yes.

So naturally this year I kind of had to up my game.

The Skinny Confidential talks Christmas.

{ our holiday card…sending it virtually to you guys }

The Skinny Confidential talks Christmas.

{ ‘The Nanz’ loved this mug }

I had another artist ( Michael loves art! ) pen-draw an arm with tattoos all over it ( will share pictures soon!! ).

& then of course, Pixy & Boone received way too many toys. My favorite gift was definitely the raptor costume we got Boone because he looked like he should be cast in Jurassic Park #3.

So ya, we also ate some ham with honey mustard, exchanged gifts, hung out with family, & chilled.

I’m soooo excited to get on track for the New Year and I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE TSC FITNESS/DIET SUBSCRIPTION with you guys ( which is coming soon, promise!!! ). I’ve tested it out…I’ve really tightened up, lost a couple LB’s, & overall I feel great.

What did you do for the holidays? I’d love to hear!!

Chat soon, Lauryn

{ this red skirt looks exactly like the one I’m wearing but it’s on sale for $5 bucks ; ) }

The Skinny Confidential talks Christmas.

{ Christmas day }

The Skinny Confidential talks Christmas.

{ post-holiday pizza & Brussels sprout salad }

The Skinny Confidential talks Christmas.

{ my bugs }