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Maybe The Weirdest, Most FLATTERING Halloween Tip EVER?

LET’S FACE IT: Halloween costumes can be um, on the tighter, more revealing side. I mean have you guys seen

How To Throw A Festive Baby Shower

Baby showers! Fun, festive !! But if I have anything to do with it, I’m not going to let the

My Eyebrow Routine + Tinting Questions Answered

Let’s talk about my favorite subject, shall we? Eyebrows. Eyebrows seem like they’re simple but honestly they’re actually far from

Winter-Ish Hot Buttered Rum…To Drink Before Those Resolutions 

BUTTERED RUM. What a way to end the year though. I feel like I’m not being a bad influence here,

Barefoot In The Kitchen…For 2 Minutes Though: Thanksgiving Fake Cake

Let me set the scene: Thanksgiving hits you in the face like a ton of bricks ( what’s new though,

Pomegranate, Goat Cheese Spaghetti Squash

So I’m feeling very pomegranate-y for Thanksgiving this year. Really though, pomegranate seeds have just been a real theme around


BOY OH BOY. If this isn’t a Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide recipe, then I don’t know what is? Also


{ a swollen snapchat snippet } SWOLLEN. I am still very, very swollen. Those of you who read my blog

Yum! Copycat Orange Julius Recipe

I found this post entirely appropriate for the month of October because this drink is ORANGE. Halloween-ish, no? It also

How To Sex Up Your AM Coffee

YOU GUYS—!!! ALMOND MILK ICE CUBES. I MEAN. Pretty much, my coffee is a total loser without almond milk ice

Setting Up A Sexy Valentine’s Table

Later this week I’ll be sharing a girlfriend V-day par-tay, BUT TONIGHT I’M TALKING ROMANTIC, MUSHY GUSHY STUFF… So ta-da: how

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