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MMMMmmm Apple Pie (!!!)

Having apple pie for breakfast whenever you want, guilt-free sounds better than…ANYTHING? WELL. I’ve been eating this apple pie every morning for

Tropical Mouth Party

When we went to Thailand, we had THE BEST DAMN smoothies. I attribute this to their wide selection of fruits


Hi, hi, hi. Heard of charcoal pills? Chances are you haven’t, or you have & you’re super obsessed. If you

Supermodel Skinny Secrets…Bee Pollen x Magic Seeds x ENERGY

First things first, WHAT IS THE DIVA CUP THAT YOU ALL SPEAK OF? Yesterday’s post on organic tampons had a bunch

Too Busy To Deal? Try This 5 Second Chia Seed Jam

Ohhhh yes. You that read that right: chia seed jam. Made by yours truly. Which can be VERY easily whipped

Just Thank Me Later: Three Ingredient Apple Pie ‘Dip’

I’m going to get all Caption Obvious for a sec…k? An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But really though.

Yummm: Rolled Oats with Homemade “Five Second Jam”

Oatmeal is rad…but I feel like it’s sort of the forgotten breakfast food. Lately I’ve been reallllllll into rolled oats. Why?

Mini DeLites…& Instagram Politics

{ Flamingo cocktail picks…summer 2014!!! } { So excited about these red Tieks } Ok, so my friend was over tonight

Muddled Spa Water on Crack

You know what’s fun? Making DIY spa water. I swear, try it. Today the sun was shining so I opened

Skinny Grocery Essentials That Should be In Everyone’s Cupboard

[soliloquy id=”10090″] [ Press the pictures to scroll through the lists quicker ] Hi, hi, hi! After reading this article

A Little Day One Detox Recap

You know what’s seriously the best day ever? Moving, cleansing, & being on your period. I know, right?! OMG- so

Three Ingredient Cinnamon, Almond, Vanilla Suja Pudding

Discovering this little recipe dime was like striking gold at the end of a rainbow. I literally ran my ass

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