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  Did you know that there’s a The Skinny Confidential Facebook Group that’s dedicated to a book club? You have

The Bitch Bible Gets Married (And Goes Psycho Like Me!)

Two years ago I was combing through the Internet & stumbled upon Jackie Schimmel of The Bitch Bible which provoked me

Mega Babe Jessica Sepel Talking ALL Things Wellness

How cute is Jessica Sepel? Not only is she cute, but her story is super interesting. As you can see,

TSC Book Club | by lauryn

HI from FRANCE! Let me start by saying that Michael & I have been thoroughly enjoying our vacation ( can

The Actual Hangover Elixir

Wait, what if I told you that I had the ACTUAL hangover cure? That’s right, would you be excited?… Promise,

The Emergency Wedding Kit…Plus A Little Giveaway

Some of you guys saw that I shared my daytime makeup routine on Snapchat the other day, & one of

RICH BITCH. Let’s Discuss MONEY, Budgeting, & Saving

I’m going to go ahead & be real honest here: I AM NOT THE BEST WITH MONEY MANAGEMENT. Michael is

Seriously (!!!) Simple PM Skincare Routine

We discussed the importance of anti-aging, so now let’s discuss┬ámaintenance. I’m a huge fan of keeping it simple. I love

Sleep…The Best Beauty Tip On The Planet

You guys know my biggest beauty tip is sunscreen. BUT I ACTUALLY HAVE ONE THAT COMES BEFORE SUNSCREEN. In fact,

Getting All Lovey-Dovey With A Little Picnic ( PLUS A GIVEAWAY! )

The other day Michael & I grabbed a blanket, the dogs, some snacks, & a chilled bottle of pinto Grigio

Mini DeLites…+ A Naked Saturday

{ new Kate print } { quite possibly the cutest candle ever? Plus it smells like champs! } The following

Behind The Scenes Of Nasty Gal’s Headquarters

Obviously the creator of the Nasty Gal empire, Sophia Amoruso, is a HUGE inspiration to woman entrepreneurs everywhere. Not only

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