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OMG!! Kate Moss for Topshop at Nordstrom? I’m In!

Um….Kate Moss just designed a collection for TopShop available at Nordstrom. OMG. I can’t evennnnn. I mean, when it comes

Mini DeLites

{ Salad essentials: bean sprouts & Tessemae’s all-natural lemon garlic dressing } { Blogger-life books } You know what makes me happy? Like,

Blogger Babe Carolyn Pinson from Always Against The Grain

Ummm…if Carolyn Pinson from Always Against the Grain isn’t babe town x a bill, then I don’t know what is.

My Summer 2014 Bikini…

With Summer 2014 around the corner I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bikini. & welp, it looks like

Q x A Sesh

{ Wearing my absolute fav workout top found here } Hey guys, It bugs the hell outta me when big

Ciao Egg Whites! Why I’m Totally For Team Yolk

Let’s talk about egg yolk. If eggs were a boy, I’d have a serious crush. I’m so over hearing girls

Meet My Latest Crush: Zella

Ummm, so I’m obsessed with Nordstrom’s new activewear, Zella. My crush on Zella started when I bought their leggings a

Just Some January Swoons

Hey, hey. For January I’m feeling sorta grey/black/white with a tiny pop of color. Check it: I.} I know, I

Mini DeLites: True Foods Kitchen

{ Today’s refresher } { Fresh tortilla soup…sprinkled with my favorite herb } OMFG. Can we just talk about True

Benefit Cosmetics x TSConf Sex Kitten Giveaway—!

Another day, another giveaway. Since you guys are just the most amazing readers ever, I decided to host two giveaways

My Favorite Online Shopping…Lately

I.} Nasty Gal…b/c sometimes getting nasty is fun- plus this bad ass is my favorite dress I own. II.} Revolve Clothing…saving for

Child of Wild x The Skinny Conf: A Halloween Gothy Giveaway

I’m sure you all remember Eileen Lofgren, creator of Child of Wild, from this post. Also, if you want to

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