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How To Start A Blog

Updated: October 4, 2016

everything you need to know about how to start a blog | by the skinny confidential

Want to start a blog? I’ve got you covered.

About two years ago, my best friend & fashion blogger, Erica of Fashionlush, and I were having coffee & talking shop. We were both eating/sleeping/breathing blogging… but wanted to take it a step further. Erica’s a coder & I love branding — we wanted to bring everything together sort of?

So we created a little something called blog-doo.

& the blog making magic began. We offer various design packages to either help start you from scratch or give your existing blog a magical makeover. If you’re interested in working with us to get your blog up & running, you can learn more about the process here. If you have any questions — please feel free to reach out!

If you’re more of the DIY type… you’re in the right place! Today’s post will help all of you DIY-ers get on the road to blogging in the big leagues. Read on for a simple step-by-step guide to help get you started.

If, down the road you want to up your blogging game, blog-doo will still be here to help!

Ok so let’s get down & dirty with the first steps to getting your blog up & running. Erica & I wrote down everything you need to know below!



At this point, you probably have a name chosen, but take it a step further & formulate a plan. What are your top-level categories, lower-level categories, target audience, etc.

Nailing down these details with a small business plan will help you get an idea of how you want your blog to look, what you will be blogging about, & your audience.


First of all, let’s talk WordPress. WordPress is your CMS ( content management system ). It’s where you will go to write posts and manage your content.

There are many content management systems out there (Blogger, Squarespace, WIX, etc.), but we are all about WordPress for those wanting to blog professionally.

There are two different WordPress sites to choose from: WordPress.com & WordPress.org. We ONLY recommend .org as it gives you more control over your site & has great features to give you the ability to evolve in the future.

WordPress.org seems scary to some because you gotta do some tech-y stuff all by yourself, but really, once I break it down for you, it will be a breeze.


1. Choose a domain name: If you’re just starting out, we recommend you keep things as simple as possible and take advantage of the free domain name with Bluehost ( which is where you will be getting your hosting ). First, be sure to check if your domain name is available. If it’s not, try adding “blog” to the end, or go back to the drawing board.

2. Choose hosting: If you think of it like a house, your domain name is the land you are on, the hosting is the framework of the house, & WordPress is the furniture. So for the framework, you want something reliable & trustworthy. If your site goes down, you want a hosting company who can be on call at all hours to help figure out the issue. At blog-doo, we always recommend  Bluehost as they offer a combo of great pricing, speed, & amazing support. LOVE THIS HOST.


1. Head over to Bluehost & when you get to the site, hit that big green “GET STARTED” button. Easy enough.

2. Next, you will come to a page that asks you to choose your package. You’ll see three options – if you’re a beginner blogger, the ‘PLUS’ package is perfect. Hit select.

3. Sign up now! You will see two options: a “new domain” box and a “I already have a domain” box. If you bought your domain elsewhere, you would use the latter option. If you want to register through Bluehost to keep all your stuff in one place, register your new domain — which Bluehost offers you for free.


4. Next, it will take you through the typical checkout information. First, it will ask for your account info, then it will ask you for your package info, which is where you will choose your account plan & add-ons ( check whichever ones you want – but typically we just recommend domain privacy! ). Then, it will ask you for your billing info. Easy enough.

5. You’re almost there! Set up your password & log in to your new hosting account. YES!


6. Once you’re logged in, you will find your dashboard. The first thing we are gonna do is get WordPress installed! This is where things get kinda intimidating but trust me, follow these steps & photos and you’ll see, it’s very straightforward:

» in the dashboard, locate the icon that says “install wordpress” & click on that.

» next, it will take you to an install page where you will simply click the big green ‘start’ button.

» the next window will provide you with a drop down to choose the domain you are working with. If you only have one domain, you will only have one easy choice!

» lastly, you will be asked to name your blog & set up your login information.

** I RECOMMEND this hosting company if you’re starting out. Be specific when it comes to hosting.

7. OK, you’re all signed up. Now, head over to your email inbox & find a welcome letter that includes your login + a link to your WordPress dashboard (i.e. www.yoursite.com/wp-admin). Click this URL to be taken to your WordPress login page ( bookmark this link – you will visit it everyday! ). Log in & there you have it – your shiny new WordPress dashboard!



Ok, so you’ve got the bare bones of the blog set up, & you can definitely start blogging ( getting content up before launch is a great idea ), but you will need to figure out a design.

There are a few options here:

You can find a theme you like & buy it – there are tons of themes on Etsy & you can also search for themes on Pinterest. These themes are templates that you can customize with your logo & colors. This works for some people if they are just starting out, but if you are looking for a more original design…. that’s where a blog design company, like blog-doo, will come into play.

This may not be something you want to do right away as you’re feeling out the whole blogging thing, but down the road, a professional & original blog design is definitely the way to go. Whenever you’re ready – feel free to contact blog-doo & mention you read this post for a 10% off discount.

ALSOblog-doo will be launching an eBook shortly that will cover EVERYTHING you need to know about starting a blog, including ( but not limited to: branding basics, Google Analytics, case studies from brands, & SO MUCH MORE! ). We have been working on this eBook for months & we promise it will be a real game changer in your blogging career. If you want to know when the eBook is live, sign up for our newsletter ON THIS POST at the bottom!

For more info, scope blog-doo. Happy weekend!

lauryn x



Working On Your Business, Not In Your Business

Updated: October 4, 2016


Well hello.

A little nude moment going on here.

You should know there’s nothing better than a nude dress, especially one that holds you in all the right places. This one is sexy but kind of professional at the same time.

Speaking of professional, let’s get professional & talk about business. My business, your business, any business.

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve discussed the subject & as promised from yesterday’s post, I told you we were sticking with the whole strategic future by design.

Like I’ve said, my friend Steve is a coach for CEOs.

Yes, that’s a thing & man, um HELLO – what a cool job right? Basically, he helps CEOs gain serious control over their calendars, time, & business. Steve has recently been REALLY helping me create a strategic business future by design.

& we’ve been discussing a very interesting topic that I wanted to share with YOU!…


The subject is one Michael has discussed on the exclusive section of TSC App, but I wanted to go deeper, & of course, hear all of your opinions.

So: what’s the difference between working ON your business and working IN your business?

For me, I had to learn this the hard way. This wasn’t something I learned in school. I’ve learned it through experience as a business owner.

The difference is simple: working ON your business is building a game plan, creating a strategic future, & focusing energy towards main priorities.

Working IN your business is getting caught up in the day the day. The e-mails, the pointless conference calls, the things that can be delegated: tasks that are not essential to the growth of the business.

As Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook ( no big deal? ) says: “I spend more of my time thinking about how to connect the world and serve our community better, but a lot of that time isn’t in our office or meeting with people or doing what you’d call real work. I take a lot of time just to read and think about things by myself. If you count the time I’m in the office, it’s probably no more than 50 to 60 hours a week. But if you count all the time I’m focused on our mission, that’s basically my whole life.”



For the last year, this is how I’ve worked. I work when I’m reading, I work in yoga class, I work on the treadmill, I work on a walk with a green juice. Half of my work is strategizing and thinking of creative ways to build The Skinny Confidential & its community.

Work does not always mean you’re behind a desk answering a million e-mails.

Of course e-mails are a HUGE part of my job, HOWEVER I’ve learned to time-block & answer them for only an hour & a half each day. If I sat behind the computer all day, there would be no time to create or move or travel or strategize.

For 3 years I did every job in my company. From e-mails to contracts to creating to photography to newsletters to writing a book, etc. AND then for a year I micro-managed everyone around me. Now I am slowly learning to let go, unless of course it has to do with building the business or writing & creating content. I mean, there’s no reason that I should be picking up food for a recipe post when I could be writing a blog post or making plans for the next step in the brand.

Time is your currency, use it wisely.

This article states: “As the leader of your business, you are responsible for spotting problems and delegating solutions. You are responsible for setting goals and thinking about the future. The only person in your company who will be genuinely motivated to grow your company is you. Every minute that you spend working on tasks that can be delegated is a minute that you are not planning, strategizing and building the best business possible.”

Could not be more accurate, in my opinion.

Growth happens when you create a strategic plan of attack.


I feel like there’s another post coming after this because a large part of growth happens in day-to-day habits AKA your calendar. My calendar is very gnarly & color-coded – down to driving time ( like from appointment to appointment ), winding down time, & even when I eat. Really, I plan it out every night like a psycho…oh, & by the way, if I didn’t do this, I’d be a disaster. Literally, a full-blown nightmare. I’d be so distracted all day long; a real mess. Late, off track, & overall a big NO. Strict calendaring keeps my ass in line.

Alright – as always, just sharing what’s worked for me, everyone is different!

Are you working ON your business or IN your business? Weigh in!

Talk soon, lauryn x

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best places in Florence 8 by the skinny confidential

Mini DeLites: Florence, Italy…LOTS OF PIZZA

Updated: June 21, 2016

best places in Florence 1 by the skinny confidentialbest places in Florence 8 by the skinny confidential


No surprise that Italy was full of carbs.

& I loved every second.

Because nothing is more fun than eating pasta & pizza…and walking everywhere. I actually came back 5 pounds lighter. Cool.

Besides carbs, Florence was full of BEAUTY. The vineyards, sights, & architecture was absolutely breathtaking!

Really, I am already dying to go back.

ALSO! We ran into four Skinny Confidential readers which made my life! Running into TSC readers around the world blows my mind…they even called Michael “Susan.” So good, so good.

best places in Florence 9 by the skinny confidentialbest places in Florence 7 by the skinny confidential

Straight from Venice we took the train to Florence. It was a whole different vibe but very MUCH welcomed. Michael planned his itinerary down to a T but of course I had to shake it up & give him extreme anxiety. The hotel we stayed at provided us with a list of restaurants………..let’s just say they were all WAY too, eer, hmm, much?

I mean when the waiter tells me they’re known for their quail? It’s just not my thing. YOU KNOW, quail.

So I ask him as nicely as possible while batting my eyelashes & trying to push up my cleavage “what other options are there?”

He tells me “yes, of course- don’t worry!”

…Worried though.

“There’s also deer, frog, & PIGEON.”


Have any of you eaten pigeon?

I feel like pigeon just isn’t my thing. Like, it’s fine if it’s someone else’s thing – but for me… pigeon sounds about as appetizing as POO.

Ended up with the salad with olive oil & vinegar. ROOM SERVICE, PLZ.

best places in Florence 2 by the skinny confidentialbest places in Florence 6 by the skinny confidential

Immediately after the pigeon situation, I went STRAIGHT to the lovely concierge & said, “I understand you’re trying to send us to nice places but I would much rather prefer where YOU & your friends go when you’re off work. Give us the real deal, hole in the wall spots!”

He totally got our vibe & totally hooked it up from there on out.

PHEW, no more quail.

Of course we will do a full-blown itinerary for you but I just wanted to showcase some pictures of the trip. Florence is a must-see. Highly recommended.

SO! That’s all.

Need to get some rest because we’re recording TSC Podcast tomorrow with The Nanz. She’s going to be FIRE. Hopefully she’ll provide more relationship tips. I feel like her smothering tip needs to be gold foiled & hung in a thick black lacquer frame in my office.

See you tomorrow! lauryn

best places in Florence 5 by the skinny confidentialbest places in Florence 3 by the skinny confidentialbest places in Florence 4 by the skinny confidential

Florence, Italy Feels:


HIM SERIES: Following Up With All My Single Ladies ( + Where To Meet A Date ) | By Michael

Updated: February 25, 2016

michael bosstick's HIM series | by the skinny confidential
michael bosstick's HIM series | by the skinny confidential

Hi, hi it’s me, Lauryn. HELLO.

This has been a VERY much requested post so I figured what a perfect time to post it because, FUCK, I’m sick. UGH.

Throat Coat & silver ( yes, silver ) on repeat over here.

In the meantime, my better, not as witty half will be posting on The Skinny Confidential tonight.

Anyway, we talked last time & I told you guys we launched the ‘HIM’ series so today Michael wrote a follow up post along with advice on where the hell to meet men.

( I mean I feel like if I were single, I’d just camp out in front of the library? Like ‘hey anyone got a library card?’ Really though, no thanks clubbing, creepy after hours clubs, or weird guy on a random dating site flexing the mirror with olive oil on your abs.

Ok, I’ll let Michael take it from here:

Hey Guys, Lauryn let me hop back on here to follow up with all of you on my last post!

I have to be honest, writing that last post gave me a little bit of anxiety which is really strange for me because I am really not the guy to get shy or nervous about speaking my mind ( as you can see if you follow my Snapchat, shameless plug: @michaelbosstick, hahaha! )

I really thought I was going to get my head torn off after that last one.

I debated softening it up or changing it around or making it less harsh ( does that make sense? ) but after I read it I just couldn’t and I’ll tell you why. I firmly believe in what I wrote, I lived a lot of those experiences myself. I have friends ( both girls and guys ) that are living them now! I have two sisters that I have constantly coached on these topics and I felt like delivering anything less than what I wrote before would be an unauthentic version of what I would actually tell the women in my life.

Am I 100% right on what I wrote? Probably not, but anyone that spouts off advice and tells you they are is full of shit. Do I believe I am mostly right? Hell yea I do! I firmly believe that the advice in my previous post can help the majority of single women in the dating circuit and that was my overall goal. To help.

michael bosstick's HIM series | by the skinny confidential

So now that we got that off my chest, did my advice help anyone? Were any of you able to apply these tips to your current dating situations? Were you able to help a sibling or friend? Did any light switches go off that provided insight on any of your past dating experiences? I would be really interested to hear if any of these things happened.

This brings me to my next topic, how do you meet the right guy?! Where do you meet him and what do you do when you do meet him?

First let me tell you that you can’t force this. If you are set on meeting someone quick and jumping right into a relationship, it may end up being a bad move. There are a lot of Mr. Wrongs out there lurking in the last call section of the bar waiting to pounce on desperation.

Just like business, you need to be patient.

You need to wait for the right moment. You will feel it when it comes but don’t try to convince yourself, just let it happen.

So what do you do when you see someone you may be interested in?

michael bosstick's HIM series | by the skinny confidential

First, I can guarantee you that we’re just as nervous as you. I got a lot of questions asking if it was inappropriate to make the first move on a guy? Yea, it probably is if you live in 1927. Lucky for you, you don’t.

If you see someone that you think you could develop a connection with, go ahead and approach. I personally think it’s rad when a girl takes initiative. What’s the worst that can happen? You get denied and move on with your life? Welcome to our lives. Or maybe it turns out to be something and all it took was a simple ‘hello.’ That being said you still need to make it a challenge after the approach, don’t blast in like a hungry beaver ready for war.

Second, can you guys please make it a little easier for us to know when you’re interested? Women do this thing where they expect men to know what they’re thinking. We don’t, we never have, & we never will. If you’re interested, make it known so that we can work up the courage to make a move.

So back to where you should meet guys.

This is a tricky question. I think that all depends on the type of person you are. If you hate night clubs and dive bars, then why the hell are you going to a night club and dive bar expecting to meet your dream guy? What about dating apps? Do you like guys on dating apps? Maybe, again depends what you’re looking for. I have heard horror stories and I also know people who have met online and are happily married. Maybe you will meet someone at the park? Or maybe on a river rafting trip, or maybe at a concert to save the whales. I DON’T KNOW! The point is, you will meet someone when you meet them and trying to set the stage won’t work.

michael bosstick's HIM series | by the skinny confidential
michael bosstick's HIM series | by the skinny confidential

I think the more important topic here is on not settling.

Be patient & get with the person that actually makes sense to YOU. Don’t settle for someone that doesn’t treat you right. Don’t stay in a relationship just to be in a relationship. What a waste of time! If you get lonely get a pet (or a Chihuahua, trust me they’re great ), hang out with friends, read a book!

But don’t settle.

When you do meet someone, take your time— develop a real relationship. Maybe think about some of the advice in my last post. I find that when I really force something, it usually backfires in my face. Life is funny that way. So take your time, be yourself, don’t settle and you won’t have to look for a place to meet someone. You will both find each other. I promise. It just might not happen right away.

Let me know what you guys want to see next, – Michael

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michael bosstick's HIM series | by the skinny confidential

Lauren Conrad chocolate spoons 7 | by the skinny confidential

Lauren Conrad’s Chocolate Coffee Stirring Spoons

Updated: January 5, 2016

Lauren Conrad chocolate spoons 8 | by the skinny confidential

Lauren Conrad chocolate spoons | by the skinny confidential

Remember when Lauren Conrad had that perfect single tear mascara cry?

…damn her, because now she has the perfect holiday dessert: peppermint chocolate coffee stirring spoons.


Really though, these LC-approved treats were such a hit in our house that I couldn’t NOT share the recipe with you guys.

Firstly, if you’re into tea, coffee, & hot chocolate – like the rest of the world – you’ll DIE FOR THESE. And they take like 4 seconds to make. YES, me & my 4 second recipes— the quicker the better, really.

Lauren Conrad chocolate spoons 3 | by the skinny confidentialLauren Conrad chocolate spoons 6 | by the skinny confidential

Lauren raves about this unconventional dessert & after testing out these minty spoons, they’re definitely TSC approved. Basically these are portion controlled chocolate treats that you can eat alone ( I may have had 3 to 4 ) OR infuse them in any warm drink ( how good does a hot toddy sound with this?? ).

LC says you need:

Metal spoons
Microwavable bowl
Baking sheet
Parchment paper
White & milk chocolate melting chocolate
Candy cane pieces

Lauren Conrad chocolate spoons 4 | by the skinny confidential

How To:

♡ Line a baking sheet with parchment paper & set aside.

♡ Melt either your white or milk chocolate in a bowl in the microwave. Tip: Be sure not to overheat your melting chocolate or else the whole batch will be ruined!

♡ Take your spoons and dip each one in the melting chocolate. Be sure to get as much chocolate as you can on the spoon.

♡ Set each spoon on the baking sheet and sprinkle each one with the candy cane pieces.

♡ Once you’ve repeated these steps for each spoon, allow each spoon to harden completely.

♡ Serve the spoons at place settings, deliver them on cookie plates, or dip them straight into a mug of coffee or hot chocolate. Enjoy!
{ recipe via }

Lauren Conrad chocolate spoons 7 | by the skinny confidential

Ultimately I feel like Lauren Conrad’s chocolate coffee stirring spoons are more memorable that her blackened tear? I mean I guess anything having to do with chocolate outweighs everything.

Too bad Spencer was such an ass to LC, he could have been stuffing chocolate spoons down his throat every Christmas.

Sucks for Speidi.

On that note, happy holidays to the best readers on the planet. Get buzzed, enjoy some chocolate spoons, AND BE MERRY.

X lauryn

{ spoons & coffee }

Lauren Conrad chocolate spoons 9 | by the skinny confidential