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A Major Makeover For The Skinny Confidential

WOOHOO!! Today is a BIG day for The Skinny Confidential team because we redesigned the site. The new site design

20 Years of Friendship: Then & Now

Fun fact: Erica of Fashionlush & I met when we were 12 years old. It’s just wild because we are


ABOUT 4 YEARS AGO Erica ( AKA @fashionlush ) & I were sitting at the DMV. We, of course, were

How To Start A Blog

Want to start a blog? I’ve got you covered. About two years ago, my best friend & fashion blogger, Erica

Snacks To Throw In Your Purse When You’re Running Out The Door Like A Lunatic

If you know me you know I’m always running out the door in a pure, utter panic. ALWAYS. Sparkling water,

YOU ASKED!!! Blogger Tips, Detox Drink, Tricks For Washing Your Hair Once A Week

{ white scalloped dress | sunglasses | watch | ring } You guys asked me some GREAT questions via Instagram.

Mini DeLites x A Witch Doctor

{ Sunday with the homies || outfit deets below } { sunset from our balcony } Coming live to you from

blog-doo Giveaway Winners

Woot-woot. Winners of the blog-doo giveaway have been picked! The grand prize, which includes a serious gift basket x a FREE

blog-doo Giveaway ( it’s SOOOOooo Good )

BOO! I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to share this giveaway, GUYS! But first a little

The Haunted

Recently TSC teamed up with Andrea Van Vort from the popular boutique, Van De Vort and Kaitlynn Carter from The

Lately I’ve Been Eyeing…

black tank || rose gold ring || pinstripe top || white handbag || BLK DMN perfume || chambray top Today

Mini DeLites | Zen Place

{ Japanese tiny candies } { Prepping for the blogger workshop; more here } { Farmer’s Market spicy kale kimichi

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