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When Should You Apply Facial Oil?

You guys may know by now that I LOVE OILS. OILS OILS OILS. They’re QUEEN. A moisturized face means a

Sephora Sale Must-Haves That’ll Make You All Dewy and Glowy

Hi hello what’s up? A lot of you guys have DM’d me on Stories for my Sephora picks because they’re

How To Exfoliate Your Lips For a Plump & Sexy Pout

Well hello hello. It’s winter & let me tell you, it’s getting DRY around here. Anyone else feel like a

GTFOOTS Podcast: Jenna Rennert on Vogue, Tried & True Beauty Products, Authenticity & Creating a Beauty Routine That’s Right For You

The final guest on the limited series podcst GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN is Jenna Rennert. She is a

GTFOOTS Podcast: Amber Fillerup Clark On How Her Skincare Routine Has Evolved, Why Less Is More When It Comes To Beauty, Hair Extension Safety and How To Grow Healthier Hair

This week on GTFOOTS podcast we have Amber Fillerup Clark. Just so excited for this episode because we get into


THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HOT SHAVE FACE RAZOR IS HERE. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you know

Alyssa Lynch’s Morning Routine, Healthy Hacks & Ride-or-Die Skincare Products

Alyssa Lynch is on The Skinny Confidential today! She is someone who I’ve totally admired in the influencer space. She always

GTFOOTS Podcast: Sean Garrette On Ice Rolling, The Benefits of Microcurrent & How Facial Massage Can Affect Your Botox/Filler

Well well well…. Pull up a chair because today we’re sitting down with Sean Garrette on the GET THE FUCK OUT

GTFOOTS Podcast: Justin Anderson On Botox & Filler, A Secret Hack For Fighting Baldness, Fighting Inflammation, & Why Men Should Trim Their Pubes

THE MASTER OF BLONDE himself was on the latest episode of the GTFOOTS Podcast… Justin Anderson. You might remember him

How To Use an Ice Roller

There have been so many questions online about exactly how to use an ice roller. After having 16 hour jaw

GTFOOTS Podcast: Kristin Cavallari on Evolving Your Self Care Routine, Her Facialist’s Secrets & Why She Isn’t Getting Botox

The first episode of GTFOOTS Podcast is LIVE !! If you’ve already listened then you know that the badass hustler

Colostrum Moisturizer For The Most Dewy Skin

This is so random but I had to do a post on it because.I.cannot.stop.using.this.moisturizer, you guys. I mean…. It’s my

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