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Yummm…A Halloween Candy Bar Cart

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you know I love a SET UP. A themed table is


Usually I am a MAJOR procrastinator. It’s a problem… NOT THIS YEAR THOUGH. I’m shopping EARLY. Getting it done, turning

Give Your Bar Cart A Cool Ass Upgrade

Don’t you just LOVE a good bar cart moment? If I had it my way, our house would have a bar

Top 6 Sale Picks ( You’ll Die Over This Dress Especially )

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 Yessss. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially open to

The Tight Ass, Hot Abs Dragon Fruit Smoothie…For The Lazy Girl

Ok so when I first saw a dragon fruit smoothie on Instagram over a year ago, it IMMEDIATELY caught my eye.

Mini DeLites

{ Weekend wear } { Seriously obsessed with this new mouse…rad, right? } So I spent my weekend crying. But not like

Ummm…Because Who Doesn’t Want Longer Lashes?

Thissssssss. Thisssss DIY is liquid gold. This isn’t some random-ass DIY that will sit on your office desk & collect

Styling The Home

Ahhh!! Prepare for picture overload. Since the cat’s outta the bag that Michael & I don’t live together, today I

Rosé Skinny Sangria Bar

In my experience, Sangria has always been meh. ( ‘Meh’ is my new word, by the way. Definition: Indifference; to be

Mini DeLites

[ Snip, snip…loving these gold scissors ] [ Just because-flowers ] [ A peak at my copper cooking set ]

How to Style a Skinny Bar Cart

Styling my new sixties-inspired, gold bar cart was literally the highlight of my life year month week. Since moving into

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