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Zaza Princeton Bosstick is Here!

Zaza has arrived !! Well shit, if this post doesn’t explain mommyhood, I don’t know what does. Little late on

Celebrity Sleep Training Expert and Nursery Designer Tips

It’s not really a weird story anymore to say you met someone on Instagram. Everyone meets on Instagram these days.

Baby Shower Details Part 4 – The Invitations

When it came to my baby shower invites, I was just as picky as I was with my wedding invites,

Baby Shower Playlist Coming At Ya

To fit the vibe of a baby shower, or any party if we’re being honest, you need a good playlist.

10 Reasons I Love Pregnancy

This post has been a long time coming. I feel like I’ve really tried to pull The Wizard of Oz

Getting Ready To Give Birth: What’s In My Hospital Bag

Hey guys, what’s up! The other day I did a hospital bag breakdown on my Instagram Stories. So many DMs

Baby Shower: Theme, Decor, Planning Tips & Details – Part 2

Hey guys, whats up? We’re back for part 2 of my alligator pastel themed baby shower. If you missed part 1,

How To Throw A Pastel & Alligator Themed Baby Shower – Part 1

PASTELS ! ALLIGATORS ! WATERMELON MIMOSAS ! OH MY. If you know me, you know I love a detail &

Lauryn’s Psycho Specific Green Smoothie For Pregnancy and Optimal Health

When I first got pregnant there was nothing I wanted less than a salad. A salad sounded fucking horrible. All

The Non-GMO, Lemony Prenatal Vitamin With No Shady Additives

Before you stop reading this because you’re not pregnant &/or not planning on pregnancy any time soon, HOLD UP. You

3 Random Standout Products For Pregnancy

BUT WAIT. You can also use these 3 must haves if you’re not pregnant. Like I’ve said before, I want

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